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Dr4gon 2 months ago

the fuzz is unreal. Sort out your setup fella. It's either that or you are just fretting like a noob!...... NOpe defo the setup as it does it on open strings. Also swan lake is a terrible composition for the melody it's actually just plain wrong!

Omri UY
Omri UY 2 months ago

Amazing guide thank you.

Tubedog8 2 months ago

Very nice. Thank You!

RougePlayer3912 2 months ago

I played the first one without the video as soon as I heard it with no knowledge of how to play it I can play songs by ear it’s just chords I need 😂 but great video overall

gitaris ngasal
gitaris ngasal 2 months ago

most guitar player know Romance d'amor

Jimmy Demello
Jimmy Demello 2 months ago

Lost me a drop D tuning. Hate doing that.

Curt Piazza
Curt Piazza 2 months ago

I think I'm going to enjoy classical guitar!

Slawomir Trawicki
Slawomir Trawicki 2 months ago

thank you soooo much

Francesca Bluemoon
Francesca Bluemoon 2 months ago

I'm grade 6 in guitar and I'm wacthing this 😂

Izaac Aliston
Izaac Aliston 2 months ago

no way

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 2 months ago

11:24 what is the hammer on? still dont get it

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 2 months ago

5:15 it's like the song took a turn to a dark place, a murder-ish kinda dark place

Straßenläufer Dreamer

You are Under rated sir

metalguyn 2 months ago

why is the tabs upside down? confusing

Rene Tilinski
Rene Tilinski 2 months ago

Why , in the hall of the mounting king, are we in the key of FMajor/DMinor but use Ab and Db which are both not in the scale? Are these notes out of key or am I understanding something wrong?

gabriel dias
gabriel dias 2 months ago

He has 666k subs

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl 2 months ago

in what tuning is this?

Mpilo Mbayise
Mpilo Mbayise 2 months ago


c4sb2008 2 months ago

easy if you already are decent at finger style

Crispy C
Crispy C 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me good begginer classical guitars?

Hania Khan
Hania Khan 2 months ago

w h a t

Zoul Hairy
Zoul Hairy 2 months ago

arigatou senseii !!

Barend Bats
Barend Bats 2 months ago

Using the same finger more then once on the same string isnt the best way forward.

Rain Chen
Rain Chen 2 months ago


E.O.A 2 months ago

When you did the harmonics, I just don't understand when you touched the lower end of the fretboard it sounded high pitched. @15:33

EDIT: Okay I get it now, I think I just need a better guitar that's all. When I played the fifth fret on the High E, It sounded like an E note, but an octave higher) but I could barely hear it....etc

Mili Adhikary
Mili Adhikary 2 months ago

What is name of your guitar ??

GrimReaper_09 991
GrimReaper_09 991 2 months ago


Ithmiths 2 months ago

Dose a half tied nylon half 14 gauge electric string 17 year old no brand made in usa count as classic?

kaarma senpai
kaarma senpai 2 months ago

It's been 4 month I've been learning guitar nI can play these perfectly

Do u think i should've improved more? :/
Bcs my family tells me so

Schleppy Silberman
Schleppy Silberman 2 months ago

That Godin sounds beautiful. My dad has one of their electrics and it's a great guitar for the price he paid.

metallicweeb 2 months ago

jeez that's a bent wrist

Ricardo Silaban
Ricardo Silaban 2 months ago

Thanks Darrel❤️❤️🔥🔥

It's Me
It's Me 2 months ago

The end of swan lake sounds like nothing else matters

2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago


Mauro Lima
Mauro Lima 2 months ago

Beautiful songs! Thanks!

Mix'N'Sing Kit
Mix'N'Sing Kit 2 months ago

Aggggghhhh! Looking up a guitar repair and see an unrelated Darrell Braun video. Always compelled to watch as he's unique in cutting through the usual bull$#!% found on gear posts as well as being straight forward in song tutorials. Now find myself playing Swan Lake instead of repairing a freind's guitar. Thanks Darrell, got me again! Love your stuff, wish you'd been around when I started learning in the 70's.

Bluegrass Magee
Bluegrass Magee 2 months ago

Great songs & super funThank You!

Fat_ducc 2 months ago

What type of guitar is that?

head boom
head boom 2 months ago

You've messed the first few bass notes during the replay at 6:00. Not that I know anything but I'm just stating what you teach us.

Thanks a lot for the easy songs. I'm learning electric guitar and hall of the mountain king which I had known since my childhood is the first song that I pluck with my fingers instad of a pick. I was on all fours yesterday when I tried to learn that classical technique. I don't think I'll ever use my fingers for a long while after this song but HotMK is great and it is really woth practicing that classical technique at least for a single song.

You're both knowledgable, skilled, passionate to teach and also a humble teacher. I love your channel and I've really learned a lot from you (meaning of different gauges of strings, smoothing the sharp fret edges of my squire strat, etc...) Thanks again a lot.

St Albans Salvation Army

Thank you. stay safe all. god bless

helo ahaha
helo ahaha 2 months ago

0:44 Hall of the mountain king
7:19 Minuet in G
11:40 Swan Lake

sweety pompom
sweety pompom 2 months ago

Love it

Beka Firefox
Beka Firefox 2 months ago

Gonna learn it tonight, thanks!

Atharva Dharmadhikari

Anyone please explain me how to read those traditional notations for guitar above the tabs!! Can't figure out from which string to start

Hades Eye
Hades Eye 2 months ago

I've learned In the hall of Mountain King by chance, while learning Death's Crystal Mountain.

Mrs Watts’ Kidneys
Mrs Watts’ Kidneys 2 months ago


Bùi Minh Khôi - 9A10 - 14

Why do you call these "pieces" "songs", song is for the pop culture

B Vino-Rosso
B Vino-Rosso 2 months ago

Sorry what a terrible guitar sound. Sounds like a wooden box with electric guitar pickup and strings. Godin I will avoid in the future

Jarl Esteban
Jarl Esteban 2 months ago


N Escudero
N Escudero 2 months ago

Are you fingerpicking these exercises or using rest stroke?

genatzvale' 2 months ago

Very cool! It'll take me some practice... and a good classical guitar instead of my new acoustic Epiphone PRO-1 with its ridiculously narrow fretboard and VERY narrow space between strings. I regret buying it. Only after getting it I understaood that it's uncomfortable, not my thing, and later I got a wish to learn fingerstyle and classical pieces. And, ya know, I'm not even a newbie, I've played on and off since 1997. Gave it up 6 years ago, then got a ukulele 3 years ago and now getting back to guitar which turns out really painful. Sorry for venting!

Queen De De De
Queen De De De 2 months ago

This is really cool for begginers . I’ve been doing courses , but if I haden’t , this would’ve been really helpful!!! I staryed about 6 years ago , but I started out with a classical book with songs by Matteo Carcassi . It has great songs to play that just sound awesome . It goes from easy to really hard . Through all the bases and teaches you everything . :))

PaRaDoX 2 months ago

Great lesson Darrell/I need a Godin-I'm in live with the sound and comfortable size...

Ric Mel
Ric Mel 2 months ago

What is the best classical song to help me improve on my guitar soloing skills?

Slacky 2 months ago

Amp: "How much reverb do you want?"

Darrell: "Yes."

Music es un Voyage
Music es un Voyage 2 months ago

Nice! Thanks Darrell! Loved your channel!

Unbelievable Dog
Unbelievable Dog 2 months ago

Your guitar is fake

Atmosphere Audio
Atmosphere Audio 2 months ago

is it wrong that i used my thumb for the bass note on the 4th bar of the first song?

Calliope 2 months ago

I'm so frustrated... I just can't seem to learn by watching people play. I feel like crying.

Nicholas Paganini
Nicholas Paganini 2 months ago

just broke my E string trying to tune to D, what did I do wrong?

2 months ago

were is the pick ups

tsuday_93 2 months ago

Great, thanks for the lesson! Being playing electric for years but just starting my journey with classical guitar and just learnt these three. Does anyone know what guitar this is? I will be in the market for an electric classical in the future and this looks great.

funny vines
funny vines 2 months ago

I was your 6.9 like

ab Abhishek
ab Abhishek 2 months ago

I can't see the tab

Nigel Asane
Nigel Asane 2 months ago


Che Black
Che Black 2 months ago

This will never work for me...... I guess...

Ross Allan
Ross Allan 2 months ago

Remember guys , word and snippiing tool are your best friend when stealing tabs of youtube videos :D

Davy Vos
Davy Vos 2 months ago

Now I can play bard songs during D&D sessions!

Paul Strickland
Paul Strickland 2 months ago

How do I get my order?

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 2 months ago

I'm slow I need it a lil slower then that

revsys413 2 months ago

you’re telling me i get to tune to drop d AND play classical music? all my dreams have come true

Patrick Jan
Patrick Jan 2 months ago

Is that a godin?

SUDIP KONAI 2 months ago

I like the first one 🙌🏻...

Andres Trujillo
Andres Trujillo 2 months ago

Bla bla bla

ShastaMoonRanch 2 months ago

Ty so much, let you know in a week or 2 hiw I'm doing 😊

Ahmad's music -
Ahmad's music - 2 months ago

this is ammmmmazing ... thank you

Neighbourhood Idiot_668

Could you show how to physically do it more, didn't find this very helpful and you expect me to pay to download a PDF of songs you didn't even write??? Ever heard of Google? Get over yourself, I'm going back to Marty music thank you very much!

Dayan 2 months ago

Thank you very very much!

michael 2 months ago

Cant see tab as it chabge to new one. Before i can find beginning u are in second bar.


It's so difficult with bass for me lol

Đăng Tú Nguyễn
Đăng Tú Nguyễn 2 months ago

1:41 I think you got a mistake in music sheet right?

Alex 2 months ago

Weird guitar

Mas Gun
Mas Gun 2 months ago

your thumb should be hiding behind the neck :D

Julian Carmichael
Julian Carmichael 2 months ago

Nice lesson, made very easy to follow coupled with your friendly manner making it accessible for all abilities, good job.
Is there a bee on the A string? I'm sure I hear buzzing.

Iulia Iova
Iulia Iova 2 months ago

I will learn to sing this! 😊

A Paulo
A Paulo 2 months ago

Thanks for the great lesson!
However, Im a little confused about the the "f" means between the sheet music staff and the tab in the beginning and also the first bass note seems to be a "D" note instead of the "E" note played?
Much appreciated if anyone could help me out

Michael Barcus
Michael Barcus 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this lesson. It was nice to actually be able to play the songs rather than stressing myself out for hours on end learning complex arrangements. Thank you :)

GabbishLee Gifted
GabbishLee Gifted 2 months ago

Thanks for this. You really try to cover all bases on your channel. 🙏

chilled sloth music
chilled sloth music 2 months ago

i want to start to learn classical guitar can you do a video on realy easy songs whith tab also if you do this video please can you make it so there is no note changing

John shredder putu
John shredder putu 2 months ago

I learned all the songs in 30 minutes. 😂😂😂😂

Katherina Moller
Katherina Moller 2 months ago

Great lesson, but you are a little too quick. It would be helpful if you slowed down when first teaching the piece. I just keep stopping and starting measure by measure. Thanks, this is what I've been looking for.

Arka Banerjee
Arka Banerjee 2 months ago

Is there any way to get the classical guitar for free 😔

Saif Bakri
Saif Bakri 2 months ago

I asked for simple and easy not hard this is actually hard for me

psychdrdeni 2 months ago

Any suggestions for bar chords if you have ehlors-Danilo’s (double jointed)? Can’t hold the bar part. Subscribed and bought the music. Thx!

A wondering O'Neil
A wondering O'Neil 2 months ago

Moonlight sonata third moment.

There you go.

Edit: third movement lol, typos.

Andres Henn
Andres Henn 2 months ago

what about the classical guitar?

Sound Element
Sound Element 2 months ago

what is the name of the 1st song plz?