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Macon, GA Oprah's Favorite Things 2007

Macon, GA Oprah's Favorite Things 2007

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princepeterwolf 2 months ago

3:07 I almost died XD She was like "wth is going on" and her friend be like "IT'S MY FAVORITE THINGS GURL"

Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill 2 months ago

Why am I clapping

EJ Rose
EJ Rose 2 months ago


EJ Rose
EJ Rose 2 months ago

1:11 kazoo (everybody is laughing)

EJ Rose
EJ Rose 2 months ago

One small town that neeever saw dis comin’

EJ Rose
EJ Rose 2 months ago

And the proud
Birthplace of the [blows kazoo] kazoo. ((Everybody laughs 😂😂))

Penny Parham
Penny Parham 2 months ago

Miss those shows

david brown
david brown 2 months ago

Bat shit crazy

Jasmine Haskins
Jasmine Haskins 2 months ago

When I saw this episode, that woman was clueless until another woman told her it's Oprah's favorite things. That was funny.😂

Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander 2 months ago

When they open the door for Oprah to walk out and the crowd starts screaming even more 🤣😂

e Rika
e Rika 2 months ago

Watching during the pandemic /holiday season 2020.. This made me smile

Yoav Elizur
Yoav Elizur 2 months ago

Where is the car ? I want a damn car

Anitta Fan
Anitta Fan 2 months ago

who's here because of Kathy Griffin? haha. y'all gotta listen to her bit about this


I watch this every year to get my favorite thing fix! I miss the show

Sefa Kolubah
Sefa Kolubah 2 months ago

Has she always talked with a southern accent??

Daaz Dmc
Daaz Dmc 2 months ago

We as humans are pathetic.We get excited over expensive materials that'll be obsolete in a couple of years.I bet all those items aren't even useful anymore.

Jacqueline E
Jacqueline E 2 months ago

All these people secretly panicking.. "how am I going to get that fridge in my apartment?!" lol

abyssal waters
abyssal waters 2 months ago

The audience reactions are so hilarious.

Bulbulaya AH
Bulbulaya AH 2 months ago

What is the soap brand ? Please ?!!

Mohamed Hargeisawi
Mohamed Hargeisawi 2 months ago


Jennifer Atwood
Jennifer Atwood 2 months ago

God it feels good to see so many ppl filled with joy .. especially right now 💜

Jenn Ross
Jenn Ross 2 months ago

How did Oprah know which sizes of Uggs to give each person?

Brenda Gray
Brenda Gray 2 months ago

What she meant by yall know I'm talkin like yall. Oprah did you forget you're from the South? We are both from the same state. Mississippi

Amber Nicole
Amber Nicole 2 months ago

Everyone going crazy over the smallest things... half of these people don’t even know what william Sonoma is. And about the fridge everyone freaking out but the reality is some of those people won’t be able to keep it because it won’t fit into their kitchen fridge spot with their cabinets. And why anyone needs a fridge with a tv on it is beyond me I’ll never understand it 🤦🏻‍♀️

Amber Nicole
Amber Nicole 2 months ago

I’m from Macon and lived there all my life and never knew she came to Macon

Lovejazz01 2 months ago

I’m glad we have OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network that is! But I really do miss the Oprah Winfrey Show, we miss shows like this!

VanDogRoadLife 2 months ago

2007 and posted in 2015... Why was this recommended to me?

xone sim
xone sim 2 months ago

A whole show of giving out gifts, this lady is incredible.

K Deloris
K Deloris 2 months ago

I wish I was in that audience getting all those good gifts

spcbell3246 2 months ago

Oprah hates white people

7.5M views 2 months ago

They built that whole set in the beginning just for the first 3 minutes?! Wow. Oprah money is real

Nia Snow
Nia Snow 2 months ago

19:53 I called that number lol

Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson 2 months ago

This was the one of best experiences of my life. Oprah is truly the best! Thanks Oprah for my wonderful gifts😘

Courtney J
Courtney J 2 months ago

When I watch these I don't feel jealous at all. I just feel pure joy for them!

Rainmaker Amadeus
Rainmaker Amadeus 2 months ago

By the way, people cheering for uggs boots? That's tremendously cruel to animals. They mistreat and torture the sheep. Noone should take pride in anything that is made on the backs of our beloved Earth animals. That's SHAMEFUL! How ironic she offers the planet earth DVD, on a clear day they should see animals being tortured in it.

Rainmaker Amadeus
Rainmaker Amadeus 2 months ago

Are people too stupid to know oprah doesn't pay for those gifts? The manufacturers are getting free promotion. Btw, an 800 video camera that shoots HORRIBLE VIDEO! LOL and cannot rival anything today in a cell phone but was disastrously overpriced and taking advantage of consumers way back then. Priceless.

Dave Beveridge
Dave Beveridge 2 months ago

And I want my bf here with me for my birthday, Dec.18th, 2019.

Dave Beveridge
Dave Beveridge 2 months ago

Opara please I want a Red Kitchen aid mixture.
[email protected]

Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom

My shoes were $10. My watch was $10 and my submersible camera was $40.

Cal Bates
Cal Bates 2 months ago

LMAO at the people raising the roof! #2007

The Renegade
The Renegade 2 months ago

SNL brought me here...and it was completely accurate the way they re-enacted this show 🤣🤣🤣

Joshua Samuels
Joshua Samuels 2 months ago

2:55 "hottest ticket in television" iconic. 3:05 cracks me up.

Ms. Monique Brown
Ms. Monique Brown 2 months ago

What a queen. God blessed her to be a true queen.

Black Panther
Black Panther 2 months ago

I'm truly happy for those who really can't afford anything nice like all this! Many would have never had anything so grand!

Brandon Johnston
Brandon Johnston 2 months ago

Are we going to just ignore Oprah's accent?

Rhida D.D.
Rhida D.D. 2 months ago

This is the Best! I may not have a home, a place to keep such wonderful things, but it sure lifts my spirit to see this! THANK YOU, OPRAH!

Juju B
Juju B 2 months ago

This is so old and I’m rewatching it now 12 years later and I’m still getting excited with everyone lol

Cheryl McNeill
Cheryl McNeill 2 months ago

Oprah I love your outfit

CandyisAwesome86 2 months ago

This accent. 😂

Leonie Arries
Leonie Arries 2 months ago

LG is great

Leonie Arries
Leonie Arries 2 months ago

Wow....the people are ecstatic....shame

Timothy Kemei
Timothy Kemei 2 months ago

I am yet to see a happier crowd.. Oprah loved her fans

Jamie Kimsey
Jamie Kimsey 2 months ago

I remember when she gave away Volkswagen Beetles

Alex 2 months ago

3:05 WTF is going on??!??

Christina Davies
Christina Davies 2 months ago

God I miss this shit!!

Ms. Davis
Ms. Davis 2 months ago

I from Macon & I didn’t even know she Came & did a show 😭😭😭😭

Nyk- Regine
Nyk- Regine 2 months ago

Inspiring! ThANK YOU

Chris D.
Chris D. 2 months ago

The fridge is most expensive thing? Didn't she gave out brand new cars before this? Or was it prior to this?

Nicholas Olson
Nicholas Olson 2 months ago

This was 2007, it looks like 2000.

USUCKTOO 2 months ago

omfg, that set is beautiful

Saruman The White
Saruman The White 2 months ago

Her entrance makes me feel like there's only one queen of the universe: Oprah Winfrey.

KingAndPriest 2 months ago

love watching these! Giving is so fulfilling and satisfying! Thanks Oprah!

Jade Iman
Jade Iman 2 months ago

Oprah really took care of her audiences. I wanted to snatch that sandwich out someone hand through the screen 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ come back to us oprah.

Axis Fr
Axis Fr 2 months ago

Feels like watching a huge 30min commercial.
God Bless Consumerism and Advertising.

SinisterMud 2 months ago

Dont get me wrong, I love seeing people happy. But it saddens me to see people behave like sheep when they get a couple of gifts on television. Also, its all sponsored by the companies themselves because of the commerce the show provides so you do not have to thank god or Oprah. Thank the marketsystem.

Arainea CuteBrownNurse

She looks amazing. I'm watching this Dec 2017

Stu 2 months ago

What a horrible example of consumerism at its worst.

Death Star
Death Star 2 months ago

Crying over a video recorder lol

Scupacium 2 months ago

why am i watching this?

Mike Johns
Mike Johns 2 months ago

man I loved her show was too young to go back then will go see her now no questions asked

oswald perkins
oswald perkins 2 months ago

I love this so much and ladies are beautiful bones for days

TheOther 2 months ago

That fridge looks really tacky though. A fridge with a tv and radio tacked onto it? lol, we have more convenient things like ipads and smart phones now.

Rita Modestar
Rita Modestar 2 months ago

I can't help but to cry, so unbelievable

Morley 2 months ago

Oh! I want those scrabbles!!

Larry Banks
Larry Banks 2 months ago

Wow I remember she used to do this I hate I wasn't on the show when she did this!

Alex McGowan
Alex McGowan 2 months ago

i literally have no words for this

charlesdavid81 2 months ago

I have listened to Kathy Griffin's comedy bit about this 100 times. But I am couldn't remember the episode. The reaction of the of audience is exactly like she described (even though her description was a little bit racist). It's still funny.

nat danae
nat danae 2 months ago

Omg if I were her, after every thing and the people cheer I'd just be like SHADDAP IM SPEAKIN I GOTTA DO THIS FOR AN HOUR

DC Harding
DC Harding 2 months ago

Now, where did her accept come from? lol

Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen 2 months ago

Note in the very beginning and on the lower right that this was taped off the very station that aired Oprah in Macon: WMAZ!!!!!

(By the way...only 15% of those in Atlanta watched Oprah also at 4:00 pm on WSB (15% because of her competition on the other stations and that Atlanta is a top 10 market))

Jeremiah Spence
Jeremiah Spence 2 months ago

Everyone lip syncs on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She doesn't want the liability of a bad performance on her show's reputation.

Jeremiah Spence
Jeremiah Spence 2 months ago

I'm from Albany, GA. It's down the road from Macon.

Matt Knowles
Matt Knowles 2 months ago

Absolutely fucking ghastly

Yousef Hosny
Yousef Hosny 2 months ago


MrMoonlight222 2 months ago

How did they carry all that stuff out to their cars?

Hi 2 months ago

Kathy Griffin brought me here