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Ralphie's Bunny Suit | A Christmas Story | TBS

Ralphie's Bunny Suit | A Christmas Story | TBS

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Johnny Allright
Johnny Allright 2 months ago

"Pink Nightmare"

That's what Joy Behar's Gynecologist say's every time she's due for an appointment.

indytechconsultant 2 months ago

15 second commercial. KMA

Bhoxz Myke
Bhoxz Myke 2 months ago

I would glad to have that pajamas

Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 2 months ago

It’s the guy from fortnite!

Michelle Licari
Michelle Licari 2 months ago

This movie a masterpiece bc No matter what error you grew up in 20 is 40s 50s 70s 80s.... we all that had to wear that ugly ass sweater, jeans, socks, hat and knitted whatever whenever that aunt came over

Lorilovesgreen#9 Looking up

It's so cold the last few days here in South East Alabama that I'm wearing my bunny outfit proudly, all it's missing is the gloves the white fluffy tail and the bunny shoes.

MichaelMorbius4ever 2 months ago

The best part other than Peter himself not wanting to wear the pj's is that they're too big so he can grow into them!!😈🤣🤣

BloodhoundPreston 2 months ago

I wouldn't want to wear that, either.

Eric 609
Eric 609 2 months ago

He looks like a pink nightmare lol 😂 2020? 2021?

Dayna Cooper
Dayna Cooper 2 months ago

Ralphie was horrified he doesn’t want his 2 best friends in the world to see that flick and Schwartz because ralphie flick and Schwartz are bff randy laugh is so funny and cute I laugh so much when I hear randy laugh a Christmas story in my opinion Is the best Christmas movie ever and best movie ever

Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins 2 months ago

I am SO glad my Mother never pulled this kind of bullshit...

LightSideEndings 2 months ago

I always lose it at the Old Man's horrified face.

3dbadboy1 2 months ago

Oh I'm SURE there are Aunt Claras out there in the world, ugh.

Foot Soldier Zombie
Foot Soldier Zombie 2 months ago

He looks like a pink nightmare!

Solid Snake
Solid Snake 2 months ago

I have a shirt with him in his bunny suit on it and it says merry Christmas

furrygamer 922
furrygamer 922 2 months ago

Fyi in the sequel aunt clair give to andy a suit

furrygamer 922
furrygamer 922 2 months ago

Omg i really love this movie
Is really perfect to watch during norad's santa tracker

Jaiden Mccorkle
Jaiden Mccorkle 2 months ago


Ralph Cobb
Ralph Cobb 2 months ago

As a Ralph(ie) myself who’s had one of these bunny suits for years, I can agree it looks like a deranged Easter Bunny.

Brent Neal
Brent Neal 2 months ago

It's not funny I have one

Ludas 2 months ago

Nice! Perfect for Ralphie's bedtime.

dkamphaus43 2 months ago

It would've been interesting to have had Aunt Clara appear in the movie, because any adult who thinks an 8 or 9 year old would want a gift like that would make for a pretty fascinating character. Just imagine the possibilities.

Hakdog 2 months ago


Sanyk 2 months ago

Looks perfect for Easter.

Nate Christensen
Nate Christensen 2 months ago

Ralphie's like, "I don't want to wear this stupid bunny outfit! It's embarrassing!"

roblox man
roblox man 2 months ago


Mitchell Hodack
Mitchell Hodack 2 months ago

I got that for Christmas in 2018.

Resident Evil Umbrella

It looks like a Snuggy with bunny ears.

[email protected] 2 months ago

In 2019 all kids want to wear one of these!

Marvin the Maniac
Marvin the Maniac 2 months ago

Who the hell gives their 9-year-old nephew a pink bunny suit for Christmas!??

Kayleigh Natasha
Kayleigh Natasha 2 months ago

Randy in the background laughing

Harper Craven
Harper Craven 2 months ago

I think we’re all with the old man. That just looks horrible on him

Hope O'Connor
Hope O'Connor 2 months ago

If Ralphie doesn't like the costume, I'll take it. I think that bunny costume is cute.

Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh 2 months ago

I don't understand why they made Ralphie wear that 'pink nightmare' right then...

ReeseMac 2 months ago

I liked that his pop's saved him from further humiliation.

NWR Studios
NWR Studios 2 months ago

You look like a deranged Easter bunny.

Walter Schivo
Walter Schivo 2 months ago

Could Aunt Clara actually be the bumbling witch from Betwitched?

Mibevan 2 months ago

I like how in a modern day age that bunny suit would actually be kinda cool. Ralphie was a hipster

S L 2 months ago


Jason Lawrence
Jason Lawrence 2 months ago

My cousin got this suit for Christmas she in it right now

X Axštrø X
X Axštrø X 2 months ago

I bet now he won’t say anything if he gets a Jason mask to go with it

Patrick Star
Patrick Star 2 months ago

He looks like the Energizer bunny's deformed twin brother

Booklover 2 months ago

"Do you like wearing this? Do you wanna take it off? GO!"

AJ Domaszewicz AKA Scrooge Overgolder McDecidueye

Now that’s what I call someone who REALLY despises autism because Ralphie hates his outfit and his mom thinks it’s adorable and he wants him to wear it out in front in public.

Dmanpoke88 MovieGuy
Dmanpoke88 MovieGuy 2 months ago

Randys laugh makes it even funnier 😂😂! Can't believe Ralphies mom made him wear that lol

Cashmere Funk
Cashmere Funk 2 months ago

Can't wait to see this on Christmas eve and Christmas day still wrapping my present for. My family and friends. 11-17 2018..cashmere

Kuro Cat
Kuro Cat 2 months ago

I kid you not, I heard Randy’s laugh today at Jo-Ann’s while looking for google eyes..

Disneyfan82 2 months ago

Aunt Clara went through all that trouble thinking Ralph was a girl? More like she wasted her time making the most humiliating outfit no child would ever want to wear.

ChampXs5 ツ
ChampXs5 ツ 2 months ago

I’m literally wearing that right now

Tyler Cheek
Tyler Cheek 2 months ago

Atleast this is a fortnite skin

Darlene Friedenbaum
Darlene Friedenbaum 2 months ago

I got this outfit for Christmas 2016. I love wearing it

Teresa Price
Teresa Price 2 months ago

I want it

Amber Crosland
Amber Crosland 2 months ago

We all have that one family member who gives the worst gifts 👯

AppleScotch Pie
AppleScotch Pie 2 months ago

"you look like a deranged Easter Bunny" 😂😂😂😂😂

Moby Dickies
Moby Dickies 2 months ago

I want that for my rabbit raider cosplay

Ciana Popolizio
Ciana Popolizio 2 months ago

Haha! Poor Ralphie! At least his dad doesn't like it either.

YouthFreedomFighters 2 months ago

The dad was the sensible one in this scene.

RVRSDark 2 months ago


RVRSDark 2 months ago

You are so gay

Jenn Mann
Jenn Mann 2 months ago

Awe come on Ralphie I'd say you look adorable in those bunny pajamas. Lol

Francine Sunshine Burlette

Ralphie looks like a girl in that bunny suit

Stephen Treadwell
Stephen Treadwell 2 months ago

I have the Christmas ornament for that.

shawn eldridge
shawn eldridge 2 months ago

You just got to feel sorry for Ralphie. I mean come on he is wearing a pink rabbit pajamas how embarrassing. I know it's just movie but still got to feel sorry for him. Anyway one more week to go until TBS plays a 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story.

Simtitan1's Gaming & Tech Talk

I would wear that! I love wearing onesies.

sea serpent 91
sea serpent 91 2 months ago

the bunny slippers are cute but the bunny pajamas and the ears are a bit much

diffany7 2 months ago

That was cute

Claire ForestGreenOrganGeek Dixon

Why did his mother yell at him about coming downstairs? Poor Ralphie didn't have to wear that costume. It's girly.

George Byers
George Byers 2 months ago

Lmao The dad is the best character in this

Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire 2 months ago

Poor ralphie. Glad I never had to go through that.

Hal Emmerich
Hal Emmerich 2 months ago

Has Aunt Clara been drinking the sauce and hallucinating Thom Avella videos?

Jackie McCann
Jackie McCann 2 months ago

"Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a GIRL."

Tranquilino Padilla
Tranquilino Padilla 2 months ago

Aunt Clara was way ahead of her time. Kawaii didn't come in for a few more decades.

Andy Barclay
Andy Barclay 2 months ago

he looks like a pink nightmare you want to take it off oh let him take it off

michael dyer
michael dyer 2 months ago


Billy Truong
Billy Truong 2 months ago

A deranged Easter bunny

sportsygirl8 2 months ago

Mr. Parker: "He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny."
Mrs. Parker: "He does not."
Mr. Parker: "He does too, he looks like a pink nightmare!" <3 it!!!

Edit Name
Edit Name 2 months ago

I love his brothers laugh. It's adorable!

MrCanyon94 2 months ago

Ralphie's mom is kind of a bimbo for thinking it's "sweet" to go along with that kind of embarrassment.

Mister Man
Mister Man 2 months ago

Anyone come here after buying the onesie?

BERSERK 2 months ago

I wore one of these for Halloween I loved it it was so comfortable and girls thought I was cute

Sjdeanrpb 2 months ago

Still a better gift than a NY Rangers jersey.

Rosie ASMR Whisperer Zephier

A deranged Easter Bunny HA! I burst out laughing every time I hear Mr. Parker saying that

ClassicMoviesYes MMCHNo

I would hate to wear that!

Hal Emmerich
Hal Emmerich 2 months ago

I'm with the Old Man here.

Craig S
Craig S 2 months ago

U look like a deranged easer bunny. ROFL.

Liam Funnyman
Liam Funnyman 2 months ago

Ralphie, I love your Donnie Darko costume. (More like Donnie Dorko.)

Andrew Toone
Andrew Toone 2 months ago

"Aunt Clara had for years, labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl!"
Man, where does the Adult Ralphie Coke up with this type of dialogue? LOL.

veryhairydoggo 2 months ago

take it off

BSGT2TREKFAN88 2 months ago

anyone els watching their 3rd showing or so on xmas eve? ;) I am!
Cape Cod, MA
Merry Xmas! 

GamerZero 2 months ago

A Donnie Dorko costume. (Any Homsetar Runner fan would get that reference.)