Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose


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Information Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose

Title : Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose

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Frames Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose

Description Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose

Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose

Christmas pudding recipe from Waitrose

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Heather Gittens
Heather Gittens 2 months ago

Christmas pudding gets such a bad rep. But now that I've seen it, I will like to taste it. It looks so delicious. Thank you.

Neranjie Galagedara
Neranjie Galagedara 2 months ago

Can I know the quantities?

Raini Stefni
Raini Stefni 2 months ago

Do i really need to use breadcrumbs ?

Clara Knott
Clara Knott 2 months ago

Fantastic thank you

빨간 피크민
빨간 피크민 2 months ago

Cristmas Puding is Not Wiggly Is a Bread

bonnie lee
bonnie lee 2 months ago

I have never seen “mixed vine fruit” sold in our supermarkets. What fruits does the Mix contain?

Roving Punster
Roving Punster 2 months ago

ASIDE: whether or not the dried apricots are brown has nothing whatsoever to do with being organic, and everything to do with being oxidized. Standard methods to keep them golden are (if I recall) applying lemon juice or ascorbic acid (vit c) as an anti oxidant, and usually a little winemaker's sulfite (potassium metabisulfide, aka water purification powder), and storing in a low oxygen environment during processing until dried. Personally, if theyre brown, I dont buy them (prunes yes, apricots NO).

Last, although im sure the combo of prunes and apricots tastes great, im constantly amazed at how few recipes for figgy pudding actually have any figs in them. I guess it must be like hamburgers not containing ham, or hot dogs not containing dog meat.

andy kent
andy kent 2 months ago

8 hrs??? Wow simple.recipe gonna try it

Suds P
Suds P 2 months ago

8 hours!?

Жанна Блаживская

I'd be thankful for the written recipe of it! I 'll learn this example with my students in Ukraine

Natalie P
Natalie P 2 months ago

Will the pudding taste better if you cook it for 8 hours?

lmturmenne 2 months ago

The fact that you ACTUALLY USED PLUMS in this plum pudding is fantastic! Now THIS sounds like a Christmas pudding I could eat! And sliced, it looks wonderfully moist and full of plumped fruit. Most recipes I've come across sound so much like our American fruit cake, dry and tasteless, which is another tradition I avoid. Thank you for omitting the suet and raisins. I much prefer plump fruit over shrivelled and dry. Very excellent! This one I may try.

avilahugo 2 months ago

Superb. Thanks for uploading!