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Title : Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go)

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Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go)

Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go)

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Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez 2 months ago

Good!,!!!,! It so good

Gaming Ki ZZ
Gaming Ki ZZ 2 months ago

How do you do that

Mạch Điều Khiển LED

LED effect simulation software for buildings

ben philipson
ben philipson 2 months ago

Is this new Zealand

Rivera Vlogs
Rivera Vlogs 2 months ago

Can u leave links of where u got the lights please

nomanslife 2 months ago

Nicely done and well programmed show. Tons of hours in getting in right. Good job. Merry Christmas to all of you out there.

zhyljen zhura
zhyljen zhura 2 months ago


Illegalquantity 2 months ago

I love Christmas, I love the lights, but this is a huge kitsch. Cactus doesn't fit for winter holidays.

Aidyl C
Aidyl C 2 months ago

I like it so cool and amazing

yana tybilevich
yana tybilevich 2 months ago


yana tybilevich
yana tybilevich 2 months ago


Katie Kostelancik
Katie Kostelancik 2 months ago

Can I ask where you got the wire frame for the trees? Thanks.

Martin Schmidt
Martin Schmidt 2 months ago

How much does it costs?

Veris Mejia
Veris Mejia 2 months ago


G M 2 months ago

Where did you get the trees?

LaReina Rose
LaReina Rose 2 months ago

Its alll about that cactus hahah weeerkk it🎄✨❄🌵❄🌵🎤🎶

Stephanie Montelongo
Stephanie Montelongo 2 months ago

Nice but a lil lost with the cactus now they should of let that go no pun

Japan Videography
Japan Videography 2 months ago

Very Nice!

_C҉loud N҉ightingale_

Elsa the cactus 🌵😂🤣

Blinky Lights
Blinky Lights 2 months ago

I love the cactus. I used to live in Texas, and I bought an inflatable cactus for our house. It looks a little out of place now that I up north, but that's alright.

Eva Fesperman
Eva Fesperman 2 months ago


Carmela Szymanski
Carmela Szymanski 2 months ago

LOL..Cactus..Love it.!!!

Christmas Radio Live
Christmas Radio Live 2 months ago

I like the cactus!!

Slavica Vukanic
Slavica Vukanic 2 months ago

Outdoor LED Snowflake Christmas Light Projector with Remote Control

Kyle King
Kyle King 2 months ago


mukhtiar dawach
mukhtiar dawach 2 months ago

how much this all setup gonna cost us..?

Maddison Innes
Maddison Innes 2 months ago


Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez 2 months ago

i love this song....

Kimberly Abrams
Kimberly Abrams 2 months ago

why the f*** is there a cactus?

AAron Hinman
AAron Hinman 2 months ago

Where did the cactus come from?

Marta Tauber
Marta Tauber 2 months ago


Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez 2 months ago


Nick Maniccia
Nick Maniccia 2 months ago

I hate Frozen but let it go isn't that bad of a song

Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders 2 months ago

I'm currently working on one of these for my house.

canadiancatgreen 2 months ago

this is cool neat light song ? um well the way it goes together so what song is it going to be this year

elle way
elle way 2 months ago

There's a cactus😂

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 2 months ago

Great video, great job. Looks fantastic. I`ve recorded a light show, too.

Jody Stephens
Jody Stephens 2 months ago

where did you get all the snowflakes? I have been looking for a few years now. Let me know...thanks.....64 ch LOR

TheRobertpyoung 2 months ago

In much of this song, there really isnt much going on with the lights, and there arent any memorably exciting parts associated with the lights, even as the energy in the music picks up dramatically.

Koda Luna
Koda Luna 2 months ago

oh god kill me

Frida Valdovinos
Frida Valdovinos 2 months ago

Wow it's so beautiful

Alecto Anarchy
Alecto Anarchy 2 months ago

Cool light show. Criungeworthy song.

Jacquelyn Driscoll
Jacquelyn Driscoll 2 months ago


Sarah Snow
Sarah Snow 2 months ago


Heba Sandozi
Heba Sandozi 2 months ago

Came for the music, stayed for the cactus

Erik Really
Erik Really 2 months ago

should walked around the house or something

Erik Really
Erik Really 2 months ago

should walked around the house or something

Argerine Jordan
Argerine Jordan 2 months ago


Shaina Cole
Shaina Cole 2 months ago

The decorations alone are beautiful. I especially love the little trees and big snow flakes!

Tieryen LaPlant
Tieryen LaPlant 2 months ago

what's with the cactus?

ShaiAnn Montoya
ShaiAnn Montoya 2 months ago

Why is there a cactus in the window

Victoria Ciolek
Victoria Ciolek 2 months ago

MY, this was WONDERFUL! I have never seen anything like this and can't imagine the work that went into it...just beautiful~

Francine Hinton
Francine Hinton 2 months ago

I love it and it was a great show and. I Don't think that it was the best of the year. It was. Awesome day

Francine Hinton
Francine Hinton 2 months ago

I love it

Brittni 2 months ago

Why is elsa a cactus?

Delete me
Delete me 2 months ago

Read the description it says why the cactus is there

amanda moltke
amanda moltke 2 months ago

lmao the cactus Mt add couldn't handle that being there

Angelina Kim
Angelina Kim 2 months ago


pearl audelo
pearl audelo 2 months ago

I love this! I've watched it @ least a million times "EVERYTHING" is beautiful! I'm so trying to copy the snowflakes! very well done !

Rune Aetheria
Rune Aetheria 2 months ago

I like the whole set up. Amazingly done :)

Liv4 Sun
Liv4 Sun 2 months ago

haha that was bad ass!!!!

Foxbeastking 2 months ago


Kimberly Pegel
Kimberly Pegel 2 months ago

Where is this ?? my daughters would love to see it.

Ania Burnett
Ania Burnett 2 months ago

why is there a cactus?

vanessa 2 months ago

my daughter loved this!!! good job =]]

Teresa McAfee
Teresa McAfee 2 months ago

where is this display

PhuckHue2 2 months ago

waste of electricity. meanwhile the ozone is depleting

Fern 2 months ago

The cactus is Elsa

donna spain
donna spain 2 months ago

this is amazing

Nicholas Whitney
Nicholas Whitney 2 months ago

lose the cactus... the entire video i was sitting here saying ,"why the hell is there a cactus in lights in a xmas display?" took away from the whole thing for me.

Stephers Beyond 9000
Stephers Beyond 9000 2 months ago

So beautiful :D awesome!

Derryn Lowrey
Derryn Lowrey 2 months ago

Beware of an obsession with Xmas lights. I did stars...write or clear stars....hundreds....and my husband divorced me!!!!!

Military Veteran
Military Veteran 2 months ago

I think the long light display might be a wee bit too much. However, it's still REAL PRETTY to see (NOT liking the song)! :-D
I'd sure like to see this in person instead! :-)
So, this is in Texas--Cool (i'm in Texas too)! I thought it was maybe in New Mexico OR in Arizona (was just wondering because of the cactus, ha ha).

jemoeder 2 months ago

this really reminds me of the disney on ice show i've been followspotting altough i do miss the fireworks at 2:32 hehe very well done light display i really like it ^,^

Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Bean 2 months ago

Cool pretty light.-

Steve Coffland
Steve Coffland 2 months ago

I like this song I wish it was mine

Tyler Houston
Tyler Houston 2 months ago

Someone has to much time on their hands

Marianne Breau
Marianne Breau 2 months ago

I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurt Boutin
Kurt Boutin 2 months ago

Do you have a post somewhere as to how you put this together? What tech did you use? How hard was it to get the song sync'ed? Etc.

Blue Monday
Blue Monday 2 months ago

My daughter loved this!

Nature's Dichotomy
Nature's Dichotomy 2 months ago

that awkward moment when a cactus sings better than u XD

Chandler Drachman
Chandler Drachman 2 months ago

Are those c9 on the roof

TheRobertpyoung 2 months ago

Hard to see why this got over 6 million views

cassie jackson
cassie jackson 2 months ago

What's the cactus about? Lol

George Urban
George Urban 2 months ago

Why am I watching this?

Haruka Takahashi
Haruka Takahashi 2 months ago

is the music really playing outside or it's just a edit with the video? I can imagine the neighbors going insane

lily blossom
lily blossom 2 months ago

well that explains the cactus but really leave it out of the display. if it must be placed put in the back yard as it just throws off the frozen theme. otherwise, good show.

alexslingl13 2 months ago


Digby Bunnett
Digby Bunnett 2 months ago

A kangaroo snapped our chords in half 4 days after putting them up!

Kiana Shae
Kiana Shae 2 months ago

This is so cute. I got chills if that's wierd for me to say😂😂

Antonia Terrazas
Antonia Terrazas 2 months ago

I like it

Karena Veigel
Karena Veigel 2 months ago

even though i've seen the movie the songs are still cool

Texas Christmas Lights Installers

What an amazing Christmas light show!  Thank you for sharing.

emony murray
emony murray 2 months ago

i love this

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez 2 months ago

Was this in Windcrest?

Imman 2 months ago

 no words to say