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Azure Shade
Azure Shade 2 months ago

✨🌟shiny Turtwig after 14 days and 1692 SR’s 2:14:35🌟✨

Moonphased 2 months ago

You give me hope XD

BlacRoseKora 2 months ago

60+ hours ffs it sucks it takes that long

Monbryloc 2 months ago

I've been hunting for a shiny chimchar for 50 hours wish me luck

jdgamer 2 months ago

congrats on your shiny turtwig

Daviscarsss 2 months ago

i was like yelling at my phone LOOK YOU GOT THE SHINY!!!!!

Bryton Rimmer
Bryton Rimmer 2 months ago

I got my shiny chimchar while watching this video thank you for the luck and congratulations on the shiny Turtwig

Xavier Ng
Xavier Ng 2 months ago

The one day I didn't watch your stream and you finally got Turtwig! congrats!!! Gonna try SR a piplup on my Japanese account.

Wesley Hopkins
Wesley Hopkins 2 months ago

Bro how

MamaMia Family Gaming

I was watching last night too until like 1670 and then couldn’t stay awake longer. Shiny hype! Glad you got it before you moved! Congrats!

megodynamite 2 months ago

Sorry I missed it. If I didn’t feel sick last night I definitely would have watched longer

Rob Rodia
Rob Rodia 2 months ago

Bro I’ve been looking everyday hoping you get this 😂😂😂😂😂 congratulations bro

Malda Garcia
Malda Garcia 2 months ago

Congratulations! I can finally move on with my life! I was way too invested in this. Way to go!

Anurabius 2 months ago

Great way to end the day and stream. You totally deserved that shiny Jonno!

Dom Free
Dom Free 2 months ago


Steve 2 months ago

Can i still shiny hunt my starter even tho i updated my game to 1.12?

Lucariya 2 months ago

congrats on your shiny turtwig !! the dedication is unreal 💯 just started my first ever shiny hunting with shiny piplup and your streams have been helping me a lot ! keep it up !!

Killer X
Killer X 2 months ago

Does it matter if your switch is docked or not ? For shinny hunting

Tension Tamer
Tension Tamer 2 months ago

AH! I just missed it! Congrats!!!!

Mars Makes
Mars Makes 2 months ago


Shiny Hunter Alana
Shiny Hunter Alana 2 months ago

2:14:52 is the precise timestamp for turtwig
Yes I'm competitive when it comes to timestamps

mason 2 months ago

just broke 2k resets for my turtwig...... the struggle

Moogle- Ocelot
Moogle- Ocelot 2 months ago


* Emal *
* Emal * 2 months ago

Good luck with your move!