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Matthew morrisdon
Matthew morrisdon 2 months ago

Actually, many Libertarians are becoming increasingly Republican.๐Ÿ˜

Thomas Busse
Thomas Busse 2 months ago

This is BRILLIANT and OH SO TRUE ... No "L" .... Luv It.

Jonathan Jurasek
Jonathan Jurasek 2 months ago

We approved rank choice voting so thatโ€™s going wellโ€ฆ both teams seem to be against reasonable people lol.

Aryeh Holzer
Aryeh Holzer 2 months ago

I wish he actually would run for president.

Feeble_Goblin 2 months ago

Never thought that the libertarian animal would be a porcupine

Bad Uncle
Bad Uncle 2 months ago

1:02 The balanced budget proposal appears to be composed of trading cards.

Lyle Dean
Lyle Dean 2 months ago

Since I bought my wife... Man hes really becoming anarcho capitalist! exercise bike. Oh l see

ajax1137 2 months ago

I identify with this so strongly. I am politically homeless in this country.

Bastien Clarke
Bastien Clarke 2 months ago


GovernAmerica 2 months ago

Surprise ending.

Nathan Roos
Nathan Roos 2 months ago

After spending more than 2 hours on the web searching without satifaction, I have come back here to ask: wtf is โ€œLโ€? What is this secret American code?

Alexander Bumbu
Alexander Bumbu 2 months ago

At 0:28: "Commonwealth of Virginia. Come. See. Do Blackface. TM"

Right Wing Safety Squad

If you're a libertarian in 2020, just run as a Republican. The Republican's domestic policy has been completely conquered by libertarians, and other than the President, you'll have so little influence over foreign policy it doesn't matter much anyway.

The Libertarian party is dying because the Republicans are a stronger vehicle for right leaning libertarians and a large contingent of left leaning libertarians would unironically ask if the child consents.

pollywollydo 2 months ago

Come on it's been about 7 weeks now we MUST be due for another Remy๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

J. Sanchez
J. Sanchez 2 months ago

Commonwealth of Virginia: come, see, do blackface (TM) anybody else catch that little gem in the candidacy application form?

Jbs93 2 months ago

Never knew Remy was from McLean, Va where I'm from. Keep representing Va Remy!

Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 months ago


Mike Williams
Mike Williams 2 months ago

Love it!!!

Matthew Mazzetti
Matthew Mazzetti 2 months ago

George Washington wanted two things! Don't get involved in other countries' conflicts, and don't have a 2-party system.

censorship bites
censorship bites 2 months ago

If an actual libertarian, like Dave Smith or someone from the Mises Caucus, was running, I'd be inclined to push for inclusion. But if it's Libertarianism+ , i.e. Reason's left libertarianism/the LP today with a smattering of Social Justice, no thanks. Seeking to minimize state intervention and protect freedom of assn means that libertarianism cannot, by definition, use govt to remedy racism, sexism, etc., nor can libertarianism necessarily take as a default that abortion must be a protected right (it's competing interests of mother & child).

GeorgenotSmith2 2 months ago

Pretty funny; wish that I'd said all this.

Note Pad
Note Pad 2 months ago

Remy's right as rain as usual, about ballot access this time. But I sure hope his character's interest in the LP is just a fictional rhetorical device, a convenient example. Remy being an LPer for real would be the first real time he has truly disappointed!

Pam Boyle
Pam Boyle 2 months ago

Glad tidings to all for unto us is given a fresh satirical gem from the Amazing Remy!

Polack Talks
Polack Talks 2 months ago

Hes just a damn good singer

George Madeh
George Madeh 2 months ago

Still remember watching GoRemy McDonaldโ€™s rap when I was 12 so many years ago

Steve Dudenhoeffer
Steve Dudenhoeffer 2 months ago

Loved the application for candidacy in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Come. See. Do Blackface. Too funny.

Mark 2 months ago

I had to re-watch this video just so I could get it. This is brilliant.

Thebluefus 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!!! Get you conservative friends registered to vote and vote every dem out 2020

Zach Chaffin
Zach Chaffin 2 months ago

Three words.Ranked choice voting.

Jimmy jack
Jimmy jack 2 months ago

I think it would be awfu

D. Frank Robinson
D. Frank Robinson 2 months ago

Yes, D Frank is incensed! Well done.

Samantha 2 months ago

Oh man the Prince Andrew cracks were priceless! It must be easier for Libertarians to get on the ballot where I live. I regularly see them (and vote for them)

Michael Boyles
Michael Boyles 2 months ago

Just sit back enjoy the false binary political structure. Will Stillspendit is the perfect GOP name, although I do vote for them depending on the guy I want to disappoint me. Even the L guys tend to turn around and disappoint too so what can you do. ๐Ÿคท

Ya Boi Presty
Ya Boi Presty 2 months ago

Remy made me a Libertarian

Opher Simani
Opher Simani 2 months ago

Brings a tear to my eye

sarysa 2 months ago

You had me early on but sold it with the sign.

Spagandhi 2 months ago

Wait the mascot for the libertarians is a porcupine/hedgehog?
Missed an opportunity to make it a snake

Take the L

A R 2 months ago

Stossel for president remy for vice president

Dave Davis
Dave Davis 2 months ago

When you buy your wife an exercise bike, you are saying sheโ€™s fat. Thatโ€™s the โ€œhidden message.โ€

Consumer Watch
Consumer Watch 2 months ago

Well this is why we need to change our political system

Cross-N-Eyed 2 months ago

Remy for president 2020!

gsdlmj 2 months ago

No L in NH :'(

TheCourier 2 months ago

Balanced Budget!? We can't have that!

sean o'leary
sean o'leary 2 months ago

Possibly the best one yet ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Paul Roehm
Paul Roehm 2 months ago

I live in Indiana. "L" is a valid option here. Any party that gets at least 2% of the vote in the secretary of state race is listable. So, I always vote libertarian for that office.

narnianhero 2 months ago

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul can oppose deficit spending on the Senate floor unlike the capital L libertarians.

Devon Marr
Devon Marr 2 months ago

Libertarians are a marginalized community that are underrepresented in politics.

Gotta use there language against em

elitemastergamer 2 months ago

Two party system doesnโ€™t work

Mason McElvain
Mason McElvain 2 months ago

And that's why us Minnesota libertarians are suing the state! Look up our BAIB lawsuit!

Everett Hines
Everett Hines 2 months ago

Remy is awesome! I don't even really know who he is but all his songs are great! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚

Lux Vult
Lux Vult 2 months ago

Remy is the only reason im subbed to his channel

Americo Pedroni
Americo Pedroni 2 months ago

Another priceless treasure, thank you Remy

Vote NO ONE 2020!

James D
James D 2 months ago

Very pithy...hahaha

Jake Leonard
Jake Leonard 2 months ago

Thank you, Remy -- and Reason -- for revealing how restrictive ballot access is in most states. Especially Illinois. Libertarians are forced to collect 3 to 5 times the threshold granted to Democrats and Republicans for Congressional, state legislative and statewide (statewide requires 25,000 minimum, often having to file 50,000+). Lesser political races where the Libertarian Party doesn't have major party status (currently only Kankakee and McLean counties have major party designations) require between 30 and 150 times the threshold set for the duopoly.

As political director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois, I am working to changing that in 2020 by actively being in Springfield to support pending legislation to significantly reduce the threshold to equal that of the Democratic and Republican parties (e.g. 500-1,500 for state house, 1,500-3,000 for state senate, 5,000 for statewide, etc.) Next would be to slash the major party threshold from 5% to the Midwestern standard of 2%, which is the standard in pretty much all of our neighboring states.

DeDraconis 2 months ago

Is that serious? I thought it was just the major debates, third parties can't get on the ballot in some places?

BaronSloth 2 months ago

Missed opportunity to rhyme "no L" with Epstein didn't kill himself.

Steve Fink
Steve Fink 2 months ago

Merry Christmas


mikeissweet 2 months ago

This may be the only reason I'm subscribed to this channel anymore

Luke Salazar
Luke Salazar 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!!!!

Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

Kirmie44 2 months ago


Tom Nally
Tom Nally 2 months ago

I've offered this advice to libertarians before: if they want to enter politics, they should join one of the two major parties, while retaining their libertarian ideals. It really doesn't matter which party. It's the "L" that makes them unelectable, not their ideas.

Randy Jones
Randy Jones 2 months ago

Nice your back

Hakan 2 months ago

Why u habe a new channel? Didnu forget your password from goremy?

holidayhouse03 2 months ago

And that is why I "throw away my vote" on third party candidates...Ballot Access!

That and the major party I used to vote for is all talk no action.

Jack Logansmith
Jack Logansmith 2 months ago

How has this not been demonetized by the Royal Family yet?


"Frank incensed" is the most ingenious line I've heard in quite a while.

flyinshallot 2 months ago

Well done...BRAVO !!#WinningGold !!!!

Kyle Amidon
Kyle Amidon 2 months ago

Well if we "Ls" could get a good person to run, we may actually stand a chance.

I really liked Gary Johnson though, it's too bad that gaffe pummeled him to the ground

Martin Stringer
Martin Stringer 2 months ago

We need a new electoral system. ranked voting and proportional representation would give a third party the ability to compete and not be shut out.

Knutacious Lindsley
Knutacious Lindsley 2 months ago

Now do Debates!

Suthin Anahkist
Suthin Anahkist 2 months ago

How is any real reform meant to take place with the duopoly that is the two party system? Quite frankly, both parties are two sides of the same Big Government coin!

Wesley Alth
Wesley Alth 2 months ago

Me at the dinner table at the family during the holidays. Everyone in my family does not agree on how much the government should be involved in our lives. This has me on the least government and the rest going from there.

Johnny Womer
Johnny Womer 2 months ago

We did our part in 17 and got the libertarian permanently on the ballots

Dave Killion
Dave Killion 2 months ago

Remy, you are a gifted lyricist. When will you write a musical?

Ilya S.
Ilya S. 2 months ago

The song is mostly about Andrew Cuomo raising ballot thresholds in NYS to kill third parties. If you want to support LPNY's legal challenge, I urge you to donate.

ephidel285 2 months ago

I remember once I had read that people should have to write in the name of the candidate they are voting for. Helps deal with those that vote only for a D, R, or even the rare L beside their name.

Clemsnman 2 months ago

LIbertarians don't win elections because they would rather point out the flaws of the other parties in a debate than actually try to win and implement anything.

You want to become a really popular party really fast? Advocate for closing the border.

RyeOnHam 2 months ago

The Republican Party is a coalition of Crony Capitalist Robber Barons and Religious (as long as it's Protestant) Bible Thumper, WarHawk, Authoritarians. That's not that bad considering the Democrats are ALL OVER THE MAP. I joined the Libertarian party years ago because of my political principles. I'm both a libertarian and a Libertarian. I dislike 90% of what the Democrats stand for and 80% of what the Republicans stand for. You'd think that there would be a party for us?

neuromancer9k 2 months ago

Remy proving yet again why so many consider him to be a national treasure. Thank you, Remy!!! Cheers!

Cheydinal 2 months ago

The way to solve this is with ranked choice voting.

And ideally: With proportional representation, i.e. when a party gets 20% of the vote they get 20% of the seats.

And then also parliamentary democracy, so rather than a strong president, the executive is elected by a majority of parliament, which can also replace him at any time

In Europe, where we have both, the libertarians (called "liberals" here) have their own parties and are at about 10%-30% everywhere

David Van Loon
David Van Loon 2 months ago

"to be frank, incensed"

Dan Z
Dan Z 2 months ago

Libertarians should have a bigger voice. I support you. But if you cannot get your libertarian vote then do the next best thing. Make a democra-terian party that bring some more level headed democrats to the libertarian side and a republi-tarian party to bring some republicans too. Once those parties exist you can bridge the gap with libertarian and BOOM from 2 parties we get 5 with a great % of people wanting less government.

Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 2 months ago

love it, another banger

Catholic Conservative

Democrips and Rebloodlicans

Julian T.
Julian T. 2 months ago

Good. Less votes to steal from Republican candidates, and therefore less chances of Democrats winning power. You want to push for more liberty? Do it within the Republican Party (i.e. one that has a chance of winning) and you'll get my vote.

banderfargoyl 2 months ago

What wife wouldn't want an exercise bike for Christmas?!?

gizmofire 2 months ago


Pon Raul
Pon Raul 2 months ago

Iโ€™m a registered Republican waiting to vote for the next Ron Paul lol. Last person kind of worthy of a vote was Rand Paul in the 2016 primaries. I didnโ€™t vote for Trump nor will I in 2020. Anyways I wish everyone a Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

David Morton
David Morton 2 months ago


Stephen Bivens
Stephen Bivens 2 months ago

Monarchist here. I feel ya.

Steve Dudenhoeffer
Steve Dudenhoeffer 2 months ago

This great "Christmas" song goes well with this youtube video:

Charles Lumia
Charles Lumia 2 months ago

The two party system is a joke.

Faith returns
Faith returns 2 months ago

Of course there's no "L" because libertarianism is stupid! Libertarianism is the same as liberalism they just gave a stupid a little ending at the back end of the word! It is just as ignorant as being a liberal. It's just as foolish financially as being a liberal. Basically you're still a liberal! There's only two kind of people dummy -- you're either a liberal or you're a conservative. See people like you think there has to be a third party because you don't like some of the things that have happened within the two parties but that is really very ignorant! It doesn't matter in your stupid song Because anybody who doesn't vote for Trump will go down as the dumbest people on the face of the Earth

TheVideomaker2341 2 months ago

I bursted out laughing when it came to removing the "L" in "It is Lawful" and changing it to "It is Awful". I never thought of that happening. Man oh man, I love Remy.

TheVideomaker2341 2 months ago

I'm a moderate who's registered Republican. I'm not a big fan of either the two big political parties. I have more in common with Libertarians than the other 2 except a few major things (which made me not become a Libertarian). Libertarian Party should rise and offer us new people who propose new ideas that wasn't possible before that both parties can't offer.

EnhanceRaptor 2 months ago

That said, I've never seen a libertarian candidate going door to door trying to get support in my district.

I think they really need to pick out some smaller state like New Hampshire or Vermont and throw everything they've got into turning one of those states yellow. Then whichever one they didn't turn yellow, they hit hard on the next election.

Libertarians have this masochism fetish where they get 2% of the Presidential vote and call it a huge victory for Libertarians. Meanwhile what actually happens is a Democrat races toward a cliff or a Republican heads toward the same cliff, but at the legal speed limit.

Zersetzor 2 months ago

Kudos for the brilliant frankincense pun.

Kirmie44 2 months ago

Andrew Yang is pretty close!

LeonardMcCoy 2 months ago

Noel = No โ€œLโ€ lol

Kenny Andrews
Kenny Andrews 2 months ago

Yet another holiday classic from Remy