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Gil Pineda
Gil Pineda 2 months ago

epstein biopic?

Natalie 2 months ago


CHRIS SAVAGE 2 months ago

The Return to Epsteins 🏝

Josie Perez
Josie Perez 2 months ago

Still happening in real life with no happy ending, everyone is going to hell

Bruce 2 months ago

On the very unlikely chance that anyone asks me if I saw this movie I can say "I have" after watching this trailer.

Ezra Neal
Ezra Neal 2 months ago

this was filmed like a reality tv show and edited like a school project

TSG Barcode
TSG Barcode 2 months ago

Another free movie

Valy Telu
Valy Telu 2 months ago

Please What is the name of the movie

Stupid Key
Stupid Key 2 months ago

this some R Kelly shi-

Amani Nichole
Amani Nichole 2 months ago

This looks like the movie taken

Rachelle Joseph
Rachelle Joseph 2 months ago

Dude: Who are You?
Blake's Mom: I'm her mother you piece of garbage

Me: u mean "U mean shit"

Chanre Skein
Chanre Skein 2 months ago

Loving this, finally a woman who saves the day

honeybear 2 months ago

What's sad about this is probably there are women and men who are going through this or who went through this :(

sophiav16 2 months ago

You piece of garbage was way too light man

Dickyi Lhamo
Dickyi Lhamo 2 months ago

loved it, although I wish there was a trailer added to it

Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez 2 months ago

Jeffery Epstein meets 'Taken' movie

S J.
S J. 2 months ago

They might make more money with the YouTube views than when people watch it on tv

Pinky ii
Pinky ii 2 months ago

Best mom ever

Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong 2 months ago

this is like the jeffrey epstein story but a lifetime movie version

Jacob Gentry
Jacob Gentry 2 months ago

I want to watch it now

Vanessa YT
Vanessa YT 2 months ago

Man, thanks for the whole movie!!! :D

Anna-Sophia de León
Anna-Sophia de León 2 months ago

The mum calls: “i will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you”

Little Sushi Roll
Little Sushi Roll 2 months ago

I don't need to see the movie anymore, it just told me the whole plot.

The-brownies-play 2 months ago

this movie isn’t even that good i mean we basically know the whole plot

yessir yessir
yessir yessir 2 months ago

nice movie wheres the trailer?

Sariah Kaipat
Sariah Kaipat 2 months ago

cool concept, bad trailer

N S 2 months ago

i feel like i watched the whole movie in under 2:30

Vijay Naik
Vijay Naik 2 months ago

No need to watch the movie. Watched it right here in 2 mins & 30 secs!!

Mary Taylor
Mary Taylor 2 months ago

Piece of garbage?C'mon you sneaked all that way.We all know you would swear & shout

Lakeem Sample
Lakeem Sample 2 months ago

Is this based on Epstein

Georgia Atlanta
Georgia Atlanta 2 months ago

So its basically R Kelly and Epstein Island in one

Carm 2 months ago

It's the royalty free music for me lmaooo

kawyla jay update
kawyla jay update 2 months ago

thanks for showing us all of the movie before i watch it or if i watch it because i just watched it already

Lote Do
Lote Do 2 months ago

Wow. I just saw the whole entire movie. Thank you.

thatperson 2 months ago

Evolution of trailors:

Stage 1: amazing and were able to capture people
Stage 2: reveal the plot in the trailor
Stage 3:reveal the plot in the movie title

Congrats hollywood

Glitterpop785 2 months ago

Why is this so cringy...

Rhy Thm
Rhy Thm 2 months ago

tnxz for the movie lol

angel patti
angel patti 2 months ago

bro this is some jeffery epstein island shit

Jay C
Jay C 2 months ago

Is this epstein

Rashieda Mohamed
Rashieda Mohamed 2 months ago

Vata kak is de

Shivon Felix
Shivon Felix 2 months ago

And I just watched the show 2:30

cocoberrymochi 2 months ago

this looks awful dfhjkkk to the point where i’m laughing 😭😭

Peep 2 months ago

The trailer should’ve been the start but when she got to the island it was just quick scenes of dead people and fighting, no explanation

HateNeverCeasesHate 2 months ago

Great film, though a little short and a bit too fast in the pacing. I bet you could have extended the film to 5 minutes or longer, and the pacing would be better.

DaleMurph 2 months ago

Its not called Kidnapped to the Island. Lifetime did this movie with a different name.

Atiyah Ebrahim
Atiyah Ebrahim 2 months ago

Isn’t that Hayden summerall brother???

Deborah Ruth Espiritu

the story has great potential for an action movie tho but his is not it

Ryan Ram3279
Ryan Ram3279 2 months ago

This could be an svu episode.

Kajal Umaria
Kajal Umaria 2 months ago

" I waNNa BE soMeBoDY"

Charlie Thomas
Charlie Thomas 2 months ago

Can’t wait for the sequel!

Emilee Bullock
Emilee Bullock 2 months ago

This looks like a trailer I could make on like imovie

Mandy Beus
Mandy Beus 2 months ago

WoOoWwwwWw what a great movie. A little too short in my opinion though

Tchuany Mbana
Tchuany Mbana 2 months ago

This movie looks B.O.R.I.N.G, nothing interesting,looks uninterested but hay i still didn't see the movie soo

Cill Dasho
Cill Dasho 2 months ago

oH tHaNk gOd. Now I don't have to watch the full movie now 🙄

angela 2 months ago

this literally told us the ENTIRE FRICKIN PLOT. it doesn't even look that good

Valentina @CESC
Valentina @CESC 2 months ago

"you piece of garbage" lmao😂

Mariah Smith 19
Mariah Smith 19 2 months ago

you know i watch to many lifetime movies when in the first 10 seconds i could tell this was one

Jasmine X
Jasmine X 2 months ago

“Y O U P I E C E O F G A R B A G E”

Aubrey Familia
Aubrey Familia 2 months ago

you pice of garbege

tea 2 months ago

Thought this was a trailor not the whole movie

Ariana _96
Ariana _96 2 months ago

Was that Brody Jenner lol 😂

Ella Sha
Ella Sha 2 months ago

wow those wattpad books trailers are really getting better

Zoë Graziella
Zoë Graziella 2 months ago

R Kelly meets Epstein

Alma L Angel
Alma L Angel 2 months ago

they filmed this movie in my highschool lmao

Jessa Winters
Jessa Winters 2 months ago

LMAO that's some Lifetime rough scripting right there

Rose Davis
Rose Davis 2 months ago

Just me or was the doorman from gossip girl in this? I've completely forgotten his name 🤷‍♀️

doNUTELLA paran
doNUTELLA paran 2 months ago

I dont believe this is a movie. this looks like a school project

Black Pink Luv
Black Pink Luv 2 months ago

Another trailer giving us the entire plot, didn’t see this coming

Margann Laurissa
Margann Laurissa 2 months ago

James O'Halloran is in this!

sara rjnejad
sara rjnejad 2 months ago

just watched the whole movie

starynight ugh
starynight ugh 2 months ago

sadly, this happens in real life, all the time. This honestly isn't a stretch. Pretty disgusting.

Fred 2 months ago

We just got to see the whole movie for free in 2 and a half minutes.

keith sprague
keith sprague 2 months ago

Looks pretty bad

Its_otie midnight
Its_otie midnight 2 months ago

I don't have to watch the movie anymore. The trailer showed me everything.

Jareth The Goblin King

U dont see too many movies with mom trying to rescue the daughter in a badass way

Ray Ray
Ray Ray 2 months ago

That was a good 2 minute movie. I might tell my friends, I don't know. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂😂

Graham Troy
Graham Troy 2 months ago

Time to take bets: is there a single actor below 20 in the cast?

Gollum de Maison
Gollum de Maison 2 months ago

J'avais vraiment envie de voir le film... jusqu'à ce qu'ils montrent la fin !!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Memphis 2 months ago

You piece of Garbage?
That's all you could come up with?

tatoune0802 2 months ago

Who is the genius who makes trailers nowadays? The trailer is suppose to reel me in and makes me want more, not show the entire movie plot! Smh

karmabitch xoxo
karmabitch xoxo 2 months ago

I saw the movie in trailer

Trailer Addict KD99
Trailer Addict KD99 2 months ago

Ohh I Am Going To Watch This When This Will Came Out?

Wailime 2 months ago

“I’m her piece of garbage”


이낸시 2 months ago

So basically a biopic of Jeffrey Epstein.

Lim Lim
Lim Lim 2 months ago

Woww. Such an interesting story. Can't wait here. Where I can watch the full vid of this movie? Anyone knows here?

Nathaniel Finestone
Nathaniel Finestone 2 months ago

What a great short film!

Asia Xx
Asia Xx 2 months ago

Surviving R Kelly : White Girl Edition

Ashley S
Ashley S 2 months ago

Movie about Epstein. Spoiler: He kills himself in the end. Post credit scene: He didn't kill himself.

Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 2 months ago

Is this a movie or some episode of a shitty tv series?

santanu roy
santanu roy 2 months ago

It showed the ending, so what? If the movie is great, people will still watch it.

Kio Asahi
Kio Asahi 2 months ago

i would've maybe actually wanted to watch the movie if the trailer would've stopped around when she didn't show up to school or when the cop showed up :/

John 2 months ago

Wow... So cool.

I can't wait to have dis out...great job

The Truth
The Truth 2 months ago

trailer left nothing to the imagination & nothing to the curious mind.. so do i wanna see something i already expect? (never give away the plot twist dummy)

PSYCHO 2 months ago


I was going to make a joke about Liam Neeson but holy shit the trailer showed the ending and everything else!!! 🤬🤬🤬

Palmstream_0825 2 months ago

Oh, man! Thanks for showing the trailer in sequential order.

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