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Rise in number of coronavirus cases globally

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Information Rise in number of coronavirus cases globally

Title :  Rise in number of coronavirus cases globally
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Frames Rise in number of coronavirus cases globally

Description Rise in number of coronavirus cases globally

Comments Rise in number of coronavirus cases globally

hothifha nsaria
Comment from : hothifha nsaria

Hema Shirke
Comment from : Hema Shirke

Android Technology
Voice is like Google assistant 😂🤔
Comment from : Android Technology

The ThreeKids
Well now USA has 200,000+ cases of Coronavirus
Comment from : The ThreeKids

Big Hero 6
I really hate china after this massacre.
Comment from : Big Hero 6

Josefina Magallanes
Road accidents in Italy. In 2017, 174,933 road accidents occurred in Italy resulting in death or injury with 3,378 deaths (within 30 days) and 246,750 injured. After the decrease in the last year, the number of deaths increased again, compared to 2016 (+95 units, +2.9%)
Comment from : Josefina Magallanes

The virus will last thanks to the amount of stupid people who not only expose themselves, but everyone else, too
Comment from : NUWA TORRES

Udaya Prakash
Hi. My. Name.is. Udaya
Comment from : Udaya Prakash

Aicee Amper
I only watched this to just see my country
Comment from : Aicee Amper

Geert Wilders
Well that escalated quickly
Comment from : Geert Wilders

Robbie Knight
Note : Russia is not listed, middle east countries, not listed! this is more than just an outbreak! its a directed War.
Comment from : Robbie Knight

P Track
SERIOUSLY .how does that work a month later? Canada had no cases yet, EXPLAIN. While were in March almost APRIL. webs
Comment from : P Track

Benzamin Darlong
Where is Israel. Do any notice that Israel people get corona or not
Comment from : Benzamin Darlong

G Mon
Our country and Laos are the only countries that I know without the virus
Comment from : G Mon

bing wing
Comparing this chart and the current situation imply one thing
governments of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Iran and USA are the most stupid governments in the world

Comment from : bing wing

Vysakh M
Damn.. Italy had only 2 infections at that time
Comment from : Vysakh M

Amen Wanaagjecel
Try to become islam Muslim Person COZ There is only one GOD To Win In HereAfter Allah Said If You Know The World You Will See In HereAfter
Comment from : Amen Wanaagjecel

resti diana
God please protect my country

Comment from : resti diana

chiru g
West indes no various why temperature heavy that's check
Comment from : chiru g

amir ali
Corona virus was a US biogeographic weapon against Iran and China, out of control
Comment from : amir ali

I've said it for many years: France does NOT have the best healthcare system in the world, not even Europe! Let's look at the stats:
If we compare France to countrioes with the same amount of cases:
France: 4500 cases, 91 deaths, 12 recovered
Germany:4525 cases, 8 deaths, 46 recovered

Now let's look at countries with less cases but more recoveries than deaths unlike France:

Malaysia: 238 cases, 0 deaths, 35 recovered
Singapore: 212 cases, 0 deaths, 105 recovered
Poland: 103 cases, 3 deaths, 13 recovered
Canada: 226 cases, 1 death, 11 recovered
Romania: 113 cases, 0 deaths, 9 recovered

As you can see some countries have 0 deaths ( Malaysia, Singapore & Romania)

Here a few countries who have 0 deaths & few cases:

Lithuania: 8 cases, 0 deaths, 1 recovered
Slovakia: 32 cases, 0 deaths, 0 recovered
Russia: 59 cases, 0 deaths, 8 recovered

Tbh I'd rather be in one of the countries above: Lithuania & Slovakia for example instead of France because it's a country with a lower population, very few Chineese or Italian people, so less cases. Also I don't think many, if any, Slovakians or Lithuanians travel or have travelled to China ( not because they're racist ) therefore there are less cases in those countries.

I live in France not far from the Italy border: the 2 European countries with the most cases & deaths!

Also I think lots of French & Italian tourists visit China. Add to that the high number of Chineese people who live ( or are on holiday) in France or Italy. That explains why Fracne & Italy have the most cases in Europe. But also the statistics/numbers also proves that France doesn't have the best healthcare system. Numbers don't lie!


Comment from : James

Bentozal Ephraim
636+1 is 637.. look! Why 638?
Comment from : Bentozal Ephraim

Tomiņš gg
And now one month later is 126k infected....
Comment from : Tomiņš gg

2Gb Ram Guy
Why u put Nepal in that list even nepali people dont know about it
Comment from : 2Gb Ram Guy

James Lim
There are reports that China infected cases are drastically under-reported. There are estimates as high as 500,000 infected in China.
Comment from : James Lim

Johnston Steiner
Singapore always wanted to be the hub for everything. Now it's an infection hub with UK having it's first customer.
Comment from : Johnston Steiner

Tye Vance
North Korea is probably like see this is why we are isolated from the world
Comment from : Tye Vance

y y
Imported culture cause panic buying....?????
Comment from : y y

Jorge Gomez
the only way to containd this, is stopping the world for a month. Don’t think that’s possible.
Comment from : Jorge Gomez

🍍The Creator is the Destroyer Himself.


hyou zan ren
That strange!....No Case in Indonesia?
... 🤔🤔🤔

Comment from : hyou zan ren

jocelyn Villanueva
One Chinese national died already in the Philippines
Comment from : jocelyn Villanueva

Jenn Lim
The graph is wrong, 2 deaths outside of China but it did not put 1 from Philippines.
Comment from : Jenn Lim

Катерина Mother Russia
a poor error, there's one death confirmed in Philippine days ago and you forgot to put it on the chart
Comment from : Катерина Mother Russia

Blue Glacier Security & Intelligence LLC
Good update.
Comment from : Blue Glacier Security & Intelligence LLC

nyima panda123
OK x10 to the this data realeased by ccp then you will have the actual number
Comment from : nyima panda123

Indian numbers r incorrect.
India is extremely bad in keeping such records!
Only when it turns into epidemic. People will know
And so is nepal

Comment from : bhram

Jimpot Cuteboi
If I dont trust Chinese tourist, neither westerns. I see them everywhere, even in remote places in our countries.
Comment from : Jimpot Cuteboi

donaldlim lim
thailand 32. update pls
Comment from : donaldlim lim

Elder Lich
Theres one in North Korea
Comment from : Elder Lich

Netz Gallego
In Philippines just only 1 left in the country
Comment from : Netz Gallego

And now 722 total deaths 😫
Comment from : TOMOO ,

Theo Thistledon
No deaths outside of China accept Philipines. We need to prepare but not panic. The common flu kills 650'000 each year globally. Why are we panicking? Yes we need to be vigilant and prepared if it hits any continent and starts killing huge numbers but so far that has NOT happened yet. Calm down ! Prepare but dont panic.
Comment from : Theo Thistledon

Sang andi redfield
those country who infected by the virus is because of china national escape and run to other country end up the country they go get infected by the virus
Comment from : Sang andi redfield

Sang andi redfield
i thought singapore is 2nd place. how come japan is the 2nd place
Comment from : Sang andi redfield

Darlou DeLeon
Silk road one belt one virus to infect all members.
Comment from : Darlou DeLeon

Xrider YT
china numbawan
Comment from : Xrider YT

Mike OZ
Coronavirus now may be imported through Chinese foods. see 2nd last paragraph. Report does not refute the probability. www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2020/02/05/Can-coronavirus-be-transmitted-via-imported-food
Comment from : Mike OZ

Darcy Mcnabb
China is a disease on mankind one that will be eradicated, for the benefit of all mankind.
Comment from : Darcy Mcnabb


Comment from : LAYEZ

English Irish
Comment from : English Irish

What Happened On Saratoga Drive
Doesn't look like they are counting the cruise ships because one was quarentined a couple of days ago off Vietnam (now 3) and on the one ship 10 were first taken off confirmed then the next day 10 more.
Comment from : What Happened On Saratoga Drive

Eilata Rochenko
Crematoriums are running 24/7 in Wuhan. This means if each crematorium can only do 100 bodies/day, then this week 7*100=700 deaths. That is a conservative estimate. Some are saying they can cremate 3x/amount...which would be in keeping with what the Lancet journal scientists have speculated as the true death rate.
Comment from : Eilata Rochenko

Pipe Tunes
Those cruise ships are floating incubators. They will all have it.
Comment from : Pipe Tunes

Joe Monroe
USA mask maker Alpha Pro tech (APT) increasing production exponentially to meet demand. 400 million Chinese locked down. Masks mandatory. Shortages world wide. During 2009, APT stock price increased 10x.
Comment from : Joe Monroe

Frankie Nieves
Im tired of this virus the world will live on stop being panic doctors do your jobs or just let it spread and see if the world will end cause thats impossible for the plague to wipe out everyone.
Comment from : Frankie Nieves

gaming beyond limit
Comment from : gaming beyond limit

jeff lim
Is singapore part of china?
Comment from : jeff lim

Mr. Frank
In Italy are 3. They say today on the news that the 2 chinese people have infected another people in Rome, Verona and Milan
Comment from : Mr. Frank

jeff lim
Philippines has 1 death
Comment from : jeff lim

Japan is diligent. They are reporting real numbers.
Comment from : W T

NatvidJamesX Videos
For your information.
The diamond princess is on Japanese waters, but that doesn't mean it adds up to the total count.
Japan only has 25 cases INSIDE their own country excluding the ones on the ship.
So it's actually only 25 + (86 from the ship, doesn't count and finalized by WHO/Japanese Govt.)

Comment from : NatvidJamesX Videos

Stanis Baratheon
Middle east, south America and africa untouched because they are poor wastelands to afford travel lol
Comment from : Stanis Baratheon

Aku Takbername
I'm from KL. Right now I'm in isolated island at the Pacific. I'm very happy and do not come here...
Comment from : Aku Takbername

Michael Wilson
I propose we just nuke china and nuke Iran for good measure
Comment from : Michael Wilson

Sophia’s Vlogs
It’s like any other viruses... it will rise. Not surprised. Tired of listening to this. China and other countries are trying hard day and night to contain and treat it. Want to hear some good news for once.
Comment from : Sophia’s Vlogs

africa has the best medical thats y no case reported there
Comment from : 1844junkercars

Joransisek SG
No surprise as Singapore has to many PRC workers and this is what happen when GOVT think they are ready to face it when in reality there are not....this few days is like 1 report case per day it could get increase thou.....to say Singapore on the ball to id cases i don't think so...anyway thanks to all nurses and doc's who had to stay and treat those who are infected you guy's shall be called BRAVE HEART SQUAD.
Comment from : Joransisek SG

Singapore and others please be okay
I dont want to be mad at China

Comment from : PL0986

Ami Chenel
Ya Tuhan lindungilah negara kami indonesia tercinta...dari virus ini Amin
Comment from : Ami Chenel

Great, now Singapore starts to appear one some country's list of caution. Good job, PAP!!! How about S'pore tries to overtake Japan? That'd make Singapore 1st outside China. (I'm being sarcastic). But China should really get my thanks but no thanks. Because of your painstaking efforts to cover up by silencing a doctor and not taking immediate action, you have spread the malaise all over the world. How to ever trust you like that> I can't even trust your fatalities numbers...maybe for every number you give, we should add 2 more 0s. And for God's sake, China ban the damn wildlife market for good!!!
Comment from : ymhktravel

and we have idiot government still wanting to invite china army to sg for airshow...
Comment from : OnAgAsUp

Andrew Wong
I thought there was one fatality in the Philippines, still no reporting from Africa or South America.
Comment from : Andrew Wong

Oisin Doherty
Coronavirus: infects UK
Also coronavirus: Imma skip Ireland because why not.

Comment from : Oisin Doherty

Where in the world is that 1 missing death case when i only see 637 death cases
Comment from : CloudySnow

I can't wait for the bullies to die from this virus.
Comment from : NoorAzmi

Dan Li
How true is the quantity reported by all those countries outside China is still a ???.
Comment from : Dan Li

and see who the lucky one still alive after this mess
Comment from : VI PHẠM NHÂN QUYỀN

farhan sadik
Thank you China.
Comment from : farhan sadik

Michael Hong
No big deal, it's just like another flu season, with a lot of reporting. Normal Flu season kills more than 8,000 in US alone.
Comment from : Michael Hong

Re Creator
Timestamp 1:06.. "as well as 2 deaths, 1 in the Philippines and the other in Hong Kong"..

But table puts Philippines 0 deaths...

Comment from : Re Creator

Singapore should also include the recovery rate.Check on a daily basis: If the recovery rate increases and death rate decreases day by day, that means the virus can be controlled. This will make the viewers feel better.
Comment from : 中華傲訣

Hexroad Ammo
Not enough dead people so nobody is terrified.
Comment from : Hexroad Ammo

zhengyang Gamer
Most singaporeans are now buying as many food now, The DORSCON LEVEL IS ORANGE!!! MAKE SURE YOU BUY FOOD IF YOU LIVE IN SINGAPORE, pls buy food, when it’s red, you can’t go out and trust me, school will definitely be suspended... I also donated some rice packets and some cup noodles to my neighbor
Comment from : zhengyang Gamer

sean lim
At this rate everyone don't produce baby sua lah... scarly later your next generation really kenna some apocalyptic virus, you want them to suffer meh?
Comment from : sean lim

dayy logg
A corona virus simulation exercise EVENT 201 held on 18th October, 2019 have now turn into reality exercise. Coincidentally, the first corona virus outbreak was reported on 01st December, 2019 from Wuhan, China. This planned pandemic will serve as a decoy to divert the masses away from a bigger catastrophic event of a global economic collapse.

Did Bill Gates & Davos World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!

Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

Comment from : dayy logg

Astuti Asri_army
Halal and Haram rules for food to eat is needed to be healthy
Comment from : Astuti Asri_army

Can't get infected when you're dead taps head
Comment from : M W

Stella Wong
Small country with just that few entry point still can manage to climb to 3rd spot.

Still can say “well prepared” “Singapore done well” “virus not as serious as sars” “healthy people no need mask”

I better not say who said those otherwise get POFMAed

Comment from : Stella Wong

my dude
Singapore 3rd in world ranking...hope you guys go to no. 1 🏆
majulah Singapura

Comment from : my dude

Taliskuji M
Inb4 plague Inc comments
Comment from : Taliskuji M

Philippines has already one death
Comment from : mitsos512

venga ram
Anyway do your best - govt of sngapore.
Comment from : venga ram

venga ram
Stupid Mistakes :
1) allow wuhan tourist to continue to enter singapore. They went touring n spread to Singaporeans.
2) brought back our Singaporeans from China via flight but never quarantine for 14days. Instead they freely went home.
3) keep telling the public not to wear masks n it's safe. But now Orange alert.
4) again planning to bring back more people from China.
5) so afraid to hurt China govt by turning back their country men.
6) just cannot seem to think ahead of the virus pattern. Always behind its progress.
7) supported by idiots like asuran...

What I would have done. Before CNY stop all flights or temp chk at airport. Every visitor if tourist send back. Locals send them straight to Q centres.
I would still bring back all Singaporeans but they should be quarantine at the centres for 2 weeks before going home.
I would undermine a virus n celebrate CNY ignoring what was beginning in China.
I would be honest n tell the people of singapore. WE SCREWED UP. as some of the 3rd world countries banned visitors from China...we were taking things too easy...

Comment from : venga ram

Thanks alot China
Or Winnie the pooh

Comment from : TheRanchSauce

Hippie Geek
Oh indeed, one belt one road.
Comment from : Hippie Geek

China is solely responsible and should be held accountable for the pandemic
Comment from : Altai TENGRI

Timothy M.A.
If it becomes widespread in India, it’s going to be really bad.
Comment from : Timothy M.A.

Jefferson Li
Seriously, 636+1 equals 638??
Comment from : Jefferson Li

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