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Lucas Simonnet
Lucas Simonnet 2 months ago


LunaThePurpleDragon 2 months ago

great job kai you scared the old guys now your sister will be ok for now

anthonia olloh
anthonia olloh 2 months ago

It wasn't apple juice that they were drinking it was urein also known as wee

Hal Wesley Snarr
Hal Wesley Snarr 2 months ago

What the what!

Violet Cupcake
Violet Cupcake 2 months ago

AHHHH XD XD XD XD XD This one is off the charts!!!! XD Ha!!!!

Simone Ferreira
Simone Ferreira 2 months ago

Bem que o Kai tentou limpar a bagunça de Jay,mas não deu certo,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

V Barnett
V Barnett 2 months ago

Wait? What if it was jay

Pringle Productions
Pringle Productions 2 months ago

Where did you get
That coat for Kai?!? It's amazing just like the episode!

Jaime the master of the smoke

where is day 8

Airjitzu Jay
Airjitzu Jay 2 months ago

What happened to day 8

leo john Bell
leo john Bell 2 months ago

It's impossible to not like this video.. I'm really enjoying this series and the stop motion is getting better it's funny and the voicing is just 👌especially Cole and jay i love the way they talk to each other 😂

Agento 76
Agento 76 2 months ago

So is Kai going to guard Nya's house and Jay comes and Kai tells him all this stuff is happening and Jay runs away not knowing what to do

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