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Just Shan
Just Shan 2 months ago

I really love this sort of cars rather than supercars no offence. My dream is to own a classic car with modern tech with a bit of old taste like from the 1900s.

John Hooper
John Hooper 2 months ago

Wonderful. If I had the money, a classic car converted to electric power would be my choice. Just imagine an electric 1950s classic Cadilac!

Alfredo A. Potthoff
Alfredo A. Potthoff 2 months ago

How can you change such a fantastically classic car to "electric"?? terrible.. ;,(

Retro Lad
Retro Lad 2 months ago

Electric really works with something that's supposed to be quiet, luxurious and powerful. Incredible

fact gasm
fact gasm 2 months ago

They could have gone a bit further and replaced the gauge cluster and switches with a screen - and a more modern steering wheel.

John Lunnun
John Lunnun 2 months ago

Such a beautiful car! You don’t come more elegant and gracious as this show stopper!

Zah Kam
Zah Kam 2 months ago

This is amazing !

munnypoltric 2 months ago

there's room for everything in this shopping centre we call life

munnypoltric 2 months ago

great video

Moses Alazzawi
Moses Alazzawi 2 months ago

Too many ignorant petrolheads on this channel. What do I expect from Top Gear?
Cars aren't toys! Get a life other than the sound and smell and maintenance of a dumb engine!
Rare cars shouldn't be electrified? Well they shouldn't be on roads, but in museums.

Bob Eden
Bob Eden 2 months ago

waffability, hey?

yeahproductions 2 months ago

Yep... Well, your really don't have to convert your classic to electric and waste all that money. When driving a classic that which usually isn't driven many miles in a year, which doesn't pollute anywhere near what the creation of one new electric car does. Classic cars with original drive trains will be around forever. Besides ..all electric driven cars are essentially the same, no differences in say.. different engine capacities and sounds, no gears etc = no fun. Electric cars are boring. Keep the classic original. Watch this video on how the ban on ICE cars in the UK and the effect it will have on classic cars..

William Fahey
William Fahey 2 months ago

This is fantastic. I Love the old Bentleys. They
really are some of the most Beautiful Cars on he road.
I had hoped that somebody would be able to take
cars like that and make them Electric, making them
Eco-Friendly. I am very Happy it is Happening.
I hope to have one myself someday.
Thank You for the enjoyable video.

Neil Kittipalo
Neil Kittipalo 2 months ago

Pity the fit of the front of the bonnet behind the flying B was less than perfect.

THE ANTRIX WORLD 2 months ago

am in love with this!❤❤😍

SandhoeFlyer 2 months ago

Like it, what a shame the speedo is period too, flicking about like an old one.

arkhsm ford
arkhsm ford 2 months ago

Superb quality, and so regal to watch it glide past !!

Peter Element
Peter Element 2 months ago

Fewer presenter words would be lovely. Great great car. What on earth would you need to be to prefer the modern crap ?

Andrew Burke
Andrew Burke 2 months ago

The sense of detail is amazing... Apart from the 'Mind of its Own' speedometer needle. 7:39

Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins 2 months ago

You never showed the motor. Bad form indeed.

SPEC LORD 2 months ago

One should ask this question before buying this.
Do I care about the chatter around it being a real vintage?  
Go for it, its amazing.

The Porschefile
The Porschefile 2 months ago

All fine, but to an xk 120... that’s a crime

cell pat
cell pat 2 months ago

I'll watch this after I win the lottery. Right now I'm shrinking with envy.

squire haggard
squire haggard 2 months ago

I'm disappointed that he didn't mention if the conversion is reversible, or at the very least what happens to the original drivetrain. In addition to their style these cars also reflected a high level of engineering (for the time) and are, in their way, historical artefacts. One interesting point is that most of these cars started out as playthings for the rich, then eventually (decades later) became useable artefacts maintained by dedicated enthusiasts (usually with deep pockets). Now we're coming full circle and these same cars are again becoming playthings for the rich, who are as disinclined to have to tinker with them as their original owners were.

Nihal 2 months ago

target customers..... rich white people

gmail gmail
gmail gmail 2 months ago

What is the name of this house ? My first 3 picks were incorrect

gmail gmail
gmail gmail 2 months ago

I love this car , classy .

Crillian Contour
Crillian Contour 2 months ago

Beautiful flowing lines. I'm really keen about the motivation. I don't like the entertainment screen/box, should have been covered in walnut (or what ever veneer is on the dashboard ) better still have it retracting from the top of the dash. As it is, sorry but looks like a boy racer made and fitted it. Row of toggle switches for the added features, they look old, not in a classic style. Years ago I put fog lights on my Mk 1 Cortina, bought a couple of universal switches, and yup they looked exactly like the S1. Fantastic car and particularly the concept, just a few design glitches need sorting. Kind Regards

Sree 2 months ago

Wait... Where are the dislikes??

Edelmiro Paspán
Edelmiro Paspán 2 months ago

I believe classic cars are better left the way they are but, if for whatever reason someone wanted to make this their daily driver, it's pretty interesting.

Nils 2 months ago

Did he wear white gloves or are his hands realy that unhealthy white?

Dragos Cutian
Dragos Cutian 2 months ago

If I had 350k I’d buy it in a heartbeat

jejednb 2 months ago

Nicely presented !

Quint de Gourd
Quint de Gourd 2 months ago

Jeez, don't gimme that b.s. about heavy batteries. Have you ever notices how heavy an 8 cilinder 7 liter motor is with drive train? That is gone, then. And if they put electric motors in each of the four wheels, there are hardly any moving parts. Wear and tear is almost zero. Compare that to the mess with oil, gasoline, gaskets, differential, gears and all that mess. When people got from horse carts to motor cars, they were happy to be ridden of the manure. Now we are happy to be ridden of this oil leak, grease and gasoline mess.

SAMSCAMERA.COM 2 months ago

Beautifully done piece mate.

Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith 2 months ago

You can achieve anything you put your mind to, you just have to take the first step.

Jonathan Pearson
Jonathan Pearson 2 months ago

I'll be avoiding putting my morgan through this unless theres absolutely no choice

JSD HK 2 months ago

The car is a Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur. It is not an S1 or an S3.

I admire Lunaz’s concept and the way they utilised traditional Bentley switchgear and gauges for modern controls and read outs, but the upholstery is absolutely sup par. It is incorrect hide (should be Vaumol, which is available) and the pleats are sloppy and flat (they should be plump and individually stuffed). The front door handles should point forward up at a 45° angle.

If Lunaz can ever get the details right, particularly with regards to upholstery and trim, they’ll have my vote. At this time, I remain disappointed — their upholstery and woodwork in the James Young Phantom V was absolutely awful, and they even got the fine lines wrong. That’s inexcusable, particularly as period brochures and publicity photographs are available which clearly show how the cars were originally done.

pearlgarden29 2 months ago

Reach the main gate then push it back in to the house

Curtis Bryce
Curtis Bryce 2 months ago

The stupidity surrounding electric cars is beyond the size of the universe.

Ted thesailor
Ted thesailor 2 months ago

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

Galahad 2 months ago

Dont really know what to think about it. I think its a waste of time. electirc vehicles are already sort of outdated. to be fair, hydrogen might be more interesting, as it is more sustainable. A classic bentley should keeps its old engine, or be converted to a hydrogen powered car.

Timo Lustig
Timo Lustig 2 months ago

Bentley Spoiled 1



David Thompson
David Thompson 2 months ago

I am the owner of this car

Pat Eldridge
Pat Eldridge 2 months ago

They look very nice, but they have lost their souls. The sound of a Jaguar mk2, or the XK120 40 and 50. The beautiful sounds, and experience.
Sorry, not for me.

Melissa Christiano
Melissa Christiano 2 months ago

That car sucks

pectorialis 2 months ago

I love that the motoring enthusiasm industry is moving back to model of: car building + coach building
They are taking these older, beautifully build coaches, and pairing them with more modern car building technology
Seems to have the best of both worlds :)

K. Bakker
K. Bakker 2 months ago

Another brilliant classic review! Very well presented and super topic; this would be my ideal EV.

Les Wall
Les Wall 2 months ago

Just goes to show just how much money is out there

Gautam Ghosh
Gautam Ghosh 2 months ago

What a beautiful car.
Just Grand!

nkelly9 2 months ago

Why have the bonnet open when you don't show us what is in there?

computerjantje 2 months ago

The class and style when you come around in this car beats every freaking new car I have ever seen. If you have too much money but don't want to look American (To a European every rich American looks like a trailer trash person who has won the lottery in regards to eye for class and style) this is the car to drive.

Jan Krige
Jan Krige 2 months ago

In these Stately Old Girls, it was never about the engine - thát was merely there to drive the body - that's why Rolls Royce never even bothered with "performance" figures stating them as 'adequate'. Só this cars entire character fits an electric motor like a glove - SUPREMELY STATELY

Jan Krige
Jan Krige 2 months ago

Só thís is the SS Model : Supreme Silence

Jonathan Leong
Jonathan Leong 2 months ago

Comes with the period correct Speedo as well. Its cant decide wither the car is going 20 mph or 0 mph.

Kevin Baird
Kevin Baird 2 months ago

It's been a long time since was as aroused as now watching this.

bill boyd
bill boyd 2 months ago

Don't worry everyone, the motors from these classics are being sold to a company that installs them into old Tesla's.

Lili Stauber
Lili Stauber 2 months ago

Is it far fetched to say that Nazi Harry has a Bionic private part....?

nkelly9 2 months ago

These cars were beautifully engineered in the first place, without peer.
Only the poorly maintained or those repaired on a makeshift basis "leak oil everywhere".
Not dissing EV's but let us compare apples with apples.
Note the speedometer needle flopping all over the place through the test drive.
For the money that is being spent that is not a good indicator of the underlying quality of the job - front of house stuff. I hope I am wrong.
Folks these days seem to be more taken in by rear seat butt warming gimmicks and ipodery than by the beautiful looks and function of cars such as these.
Sorry, but I mark this reviewer as a lightweight.

Herr Unsinn
Herr Unsinn 2 months ago

A black suit and brown shoes.... really?

Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak 2 months ago

Can I have the old car with that new V8 twin turbo?

Daniel Lubaszka
Daniel Lubaszka 2 months ago

Top Gear is Clarkson, May and Hammond. This is not even a shadow!

otello zaniboni
otello zaniboni 2 months ago

the best way to destroy a classic from inside

Mariano 2 months ago

It would double, triple or more the actual price 🤔

adalbertobello 2 months ago

A crime.

Bonobo300 2 months ago

Such nonsense should be forbidden!!!

preston arclight
preston arclight 2 months ago

I just recently was searching to see if anyone had done this type of conversion on my favorite, the Mercedes Benz 600 (W100).
I hope this company makes it a reality.

Homieguerneville 2 months ago

That wite infotaiment thing doesn't fit with the rest.

Atheist Orphan
Atheist Orphan 2 months ago

Where was this filmed?

KONATAonPC - 2 months ago

This is really nice, but what I'm more hopeful for future EV designs. I hope carmakers use their zero emissions nature to move away from the hyper-aerodynamic samey designs of today.

Stevie G
Stevie G 2 months ago

Lunaz ~ I got five on it.

Dave Black
Dave Black 2 months ago

It's Fabulous.

Jean Notary - Auteur
Jean Notary - Auteur 2 months ago

the classic line, especially for Bentley, is much more elegant than the new one. The old one is the real one. Electric engine could be the solution to use it now.

David Gregory
David Gregory 2 months ago

In something that was designed to gently waft along, sure.... great idea. What about a Boss 429? Some classics, yes... others, definitely not.

kris angelus
kris angelus 2 months ago

Wow, gorgeous stuff

jamcoombes 2 months ago

Looking forward to Lunaz doing an electric Datsun 120Y (Sunny).

A K 2 months ago

This makes perfect sense. For decades Rolls, Bentley and other luxury cars have attempted to make their cars smoother, quieter and vibrationless. Building complex V8 and V12 engines that lacked character, were polluting, uneconomical and would break down when you sneezed at it. What better than replacing it properly with an electric motor? I fully understand some of the comments that it doesn't work for all classic cars. It wouldn't work for classics where the engine is the hero, inline 6 and V8 rumbles of a Jag or Mustang. But in a Citroen DS or Landrover Defender is improves the car significantly.

Tiago Ferreira
Tiago Ferreira 2 months ago

Sooooo boring 😴 😑

Omkar Bhadange
Omkar Bhadange 2 months ago

If only you had styled it with a Cartier tank instead of the smartwatch

m b
m b 2 months ago

Golly, an EV video without mentioning the limited range. Of course, owners of such cars wouldn't dream of been driven 100 miles, let alone 200, they'd use the helicopter instead.

RichieT5 2 months ago

This is utterly beautiful. I too feel that it is preserving classics!

Frits 2 months ago

What a masterpiece!

Henry VIII King of England

shite. Like having a £35k Patel Phillips Aquanaut removing the glorious mechanical innards replacing with a battery. Very 1970s.

nobody wants the ‘experience’ of a battery power making love via zoom.

suits BBC WOKEists.

Gustavo Salazar
Gustavo Salazar 2 months ago

“I’m astonished that Bentley and RR haven’t taken the plunge and released a pure electric model” Well, I’m not. People who buy that sort of cars simply don't follow trends, they impose it. They are not going to buy an appliance, especially since electric cars are becoming mainstream and mundane. Also, they don't need cars that are simple to maintain, they have people for that. They don’t need an electric, they are above that sort of needs.

Ian B
Ian B 2 months ago

How depressing.

tom conway
tom conway 2 months ago

Great apart from the infotainment silliness on the floor, looks ridiculous.

WILLY CT 2 months ago

Awesome stuff!!!!!

Nilofar A
Nilofar A 2 months ago

A proper fusion of old world charm and sustainable future. 👍

Peter Graphic
Peter Graphic 2 months ago

The title states S1, whereas the spoken one mentions S3?🤔

vinayak 2 months ago

They keep re-uploading it

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart 2 months ago

It’s an S2!

Emiliano Santizo
Emiliano Santizo 2 months ago

The PERFECT CONVERSION for such prestigious and beautiful vehicles!!!!

mat beech
mat beech 2 months ago

Couldn't do that to a classic like this still sounds like a cheaper option to but one with a petrol engine.

Richard Dower
Richard Dower 2 months ago

So glad to see. Thank-you you'll helping to keep motoring history for future generations to enjoy and keeping our Grandparents happy memories alive.

Thomas Albrecht
Thomas Albrecht 2 months ago

Perfect idea. All classic cars that were designed for maximum comfort are absolutely suited to be converted to electric.

Xxxdeelane Lane
Xxxdeelane Lane 2 months ago

I am having a meeting with Elon Musk regarding a new Tesla Boat next week

BostonJon420 2 months ago

I don't understand the appeal to any ev with less then 400 mile range.

Александр Гуров

I am sure they might convert a new car to electric thus saving a full restoration? A new Morgan plus 6 as an example, or an Aston Martin Vantage? They even think of going near a Lamborghini Miura or a Ferrari 250GT , then I'll call in a hitman...

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