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Information Simple Painting in acrylic Holiday Ornaments Live Streaming | TheArtSherpa

Title : Simple Painting in acrylic Holiday Ornaments Live Streaming | TheArtSherpa

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Frames Simple Painting in acrylic Holiday Ornaments Live Streaming | TheArtSherpa

Description Simple Painting in acrylic Holiday Ornaments Live Streaming | TheArtSherpa

Simple Painting in acrylic Holiday Ornaments Live Streaming | TheArtSherpa

Simple Painting in acrylic Holiday Ornaments Live Streaming | TheArtSherpa

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Ruth Colon
Ruth Colon 2 months ago

Absolutely loving this “ metallic painting lesson !
Can’t wait to see the end for me ... thank you

hela6208 2 months ago

Greetings from India. Bless you for you sheer joy and enthusiasm while you teach such beautiful paintings.You bring joy to more than you will ever know ❤️

Smay 2 months ago

Love this! 🎨♥️

john small
john small 2 months ago

Three hours? THREE HOURS??????!?

Cody Gilbert
Cody Gilbert 2 months ago

I wasn't expecting to have as much fun with this one as I did! So cool to paint transparent objects. Thanks so much for teaching!

RaheelShah 2 months ago


Brandy Taylor
Brandy Taylor 2 months ago

Could I always water the white down and try to get a transparent effect like zinc white

Mary Tallerico
Mary Tallerico 2 months ago

Wow this taught me so much about highlighting love his painting thank you so much.

Jennifer Sweeney
Jennifer Sweeney 2 months ago

Thank you again.!! It took me hours.!! Almost gave up but I finished it.!! I love it.!! Is this 3 hoot?

Rosemary Mayes
Rosemary Mayes 2 months ago

I loved painting this. The colors really pop. Just finished varnishing it and declaring it done. Can’t wait till next Christmas to put it up!

deborah brookshier
deborah brookshier 2 months ago

Oooh I can't wait for the book! I sincerely wish I was your neighbor and spent my days helping out in the Sherpa Studio. That's my idea of bliss.

Anita Robertson
Anita Robertson 2 months ago

You mentioned metallics oxidizing. If you varnish or seal the painting does it still do that? I love this painting. Thank you 💜💜💜

orrmarie 2 months ago

This painting has been tremendously helpful for me! Especially painting the shimmering gold and the gems on the ornament & the sheer white ribbon. There are so many different techniques in this one painting. It is amazing!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful tutorials!!

Tatyana M
Tatyana M 2 months ago

Thank you for this lesson. It was difficult, really, but the result was perfect.

Firewolf Bizahaloni-Wong

While you were 1st chalking in your ornament outlines, just after you added the egg shaped one at the bottom, I swear it looked like those characters from Mad Magazine, Spy vs Spy. Without their wide brimmed hats & one behind the other but it gave me a good giggle fit :-)

Nancy Glatz
Nancy Glatz 2 months ago

love this but think it is more advanced not beginner

Shar Tinez
Shar Tinez 2 months ago

I've been away for awhile and do not have the time to watch or participate that I had before, but Cinnamon! You are such a great teacher and artist. Lovely design!

Kim York
Kim York 2 months ago

Morning Sherpa! This was one of the best and most fun paintings! Great learning lesson <3

Melanie Thompson
Melanie Thompson 2 months ago

Howdy, Cinnamon and John from a fellow Texan! So excited to become a Subscriber to your channel. Starting at Square 1 with your original Big Art Quest but had to fast forward to this year’s holiday paintings for inspiration. Great instructional videos and an awesome community.

Gillian Foran
Gillian Foran 2 months ago

I keep forgetting to "like" the video's !!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Frankford
Kathy Frankford 2 months ago

John is having to much fun with camera. lol

Geril ZLGALI 2 months ago


Moon_Chaser 2 months ago

I suffer with anxiety. So, I’ve started painting with you. You have helped me so much. I’m so proud of the work I’ve done, with your carefully guided teaching. Thank you so much. And thanks to John also!

Dr. Rosie Kuhn of the Paradigm Shifts

What a great exercise for learning and practicing EVERYTHING. Thank You!

Sandy 2 months ago

This seems like such a simple piece, but there's so much to learn about reflections, and light in this piece. Can't wait to try it.

Christine Crapper
Christine Crapper 2 months ago

hello ciniman nice to see you iv not been well but am getting there see you soon xxxxx

Jayne Brown
Jayne Brown 2 months ago

Fantastic painting Cinnamon <3 it

Mel E
Mel E 2 months ago

Wonderful tutorial, very inspiring. Totally Bionic!! Thanks guys

Dawn 2 months ago

I have to say this was one of the most informative tutorials I've watched yet. Thank you so much for going into such detail, and for being patient with those of us who are beginners. I LOVE that you showed how to paint gold, and glitter. I will probably paint a couple other paintings from your Christmas tutorials this year. But I will try this one, eventually. It's a bit beyond what I can handle right now.. LOL. Your painting turned out so much better than the picture. sigh I really want to paint this. If I can get a couple of days of free time soon, I am going to try it!

Michelle Scherbarth
Michelle Scherbarth 2 months ago

I think it's gonna take about four days to paint this one. love it!

Louetta Huddleson
Louetta Huddleson 2 months ago

Oh wow! This is such an awesome lesson. I love the glitter and gem look. You are so amazing. Thank you and John. Great team

Becky Martin
Becky Martin 2 months ago

Good morning the new camera ,very detailed and extremely helpful.

OriginalKesha 2 months ago

Hello from Pearland, TX. Wow!!!! That pretty much sums everything up.... This is absolutely beautiful. I have been a subscriber for about a year. I basically just sat and watched or sometimes just listened to your videos mesmerized by your art and personality. Well now, I actually paint with you! I am more of an admirer of art and not a creator, as I struggled with being creative and NO natural artistic skills. I never thought I could paint anything even remotely decent but I am so proud of the progress I am making. Thank you so much for encouraging and teaching me how to find and grow my art confidence and creativity! Sending love and light your direction!

Cerabella Moanism
Cerabella Moanism 2 months ago

Gorgeous, Smiles

Sheila Hubbard
Sheila Hubbard 2 months ago


Lorraine Thomas
Lorraine Thomas 2 months ago

I live near Encinitas in Carlsbad. Yes, perfect conditions. I'm loving this painting. Thank you for spending the time to finish it.

Jacqui Pexton
Jacqui Pexton 2 months ago

So so beautiful Cinnamon, Thank you both.

Cathy & Mike Quimby Quimby

Wowee! Cinnamon you’ve outdone yourself here. So very stunning!

Jackie Fernandez
Jackie Fernandez 2 months ago

You said something while painting the background that really resonated with me. I can't quote you, but the jist was that when a new painter is excited and confident when the background comes out well it makes it easier for us newbies ( MY input* or those of us that suffer from adult ADHD) to move through any ugly stages with confidence and continue the painting. I have a very difficult time completing paintings. I must have 50 unfinished paintings that are just horribly stuck in the ugly stage. Brava Sherpa!

Susan Scott
Susan Scott 2 months ago

Great job!

Mandy A
Mandy A 2 months ago

This came out so gorgeous!! ♡🎄

Anne Keel
Anne Keel 2 months ago

You can learn to paint gems. glitter (without the actual glitter), Boca Effect and metalic reflections in this lesson. Here you can learn how brush strokes make the image and all the effects. This painting is not meant to be viewed up close. It is not photo realism. It is an example of how to paint in dabs and strokes like the old masters painted details.

This lesson is a long one with MANY layers of paint. Good art takes many layers of paint and although this is a simple image, the painting of the details takes patience and time. Those of you wanting expert results should watch this lesson for insights and tips...take notes and then paint it. You should at least try it because it is very valuable in many aspects. I appreciate all the secrets Cinnamon reveals about techniques that other artists do not ever share. <3

Denise Ricard
Denise Ricard 2 months ago

Im moving to San Diego lol

Denise Ricard
Denise Ricard 2 months ago

Cinnamon there was alot of detail in this project , you are so patient and You totally help us see the work it takes to be done , and you are so smiling and happy all the way through , you show us to have fun while creating and painting! Thanks so much for who you are :)

Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 2 months ago

Oh,!!!!!!sooooooooo!!!!!!!pretty. WOW!!!!!!!!

Denise Ricard
Denise Ricard 2 months ago

That was so funny when you said you hardly let John out of the house hahaha , you are so funny , you cracked me up

Denise Ricard
Denise Ricard 2 months ago

lol Cinnamon , I do that also add a color here n there not cause its there but cause its pretty awesome hahaha

Denise Ricard
Denise Ricard 2 months ago

For sure Cinnamon has given me self confidence I did not have till I started watching her , she has helped me enormally! I will never say it enough how much I love and appreciate her! :)

Tammy Biddle
Tammy Biddle 2 months ago

I love your videos, your smile, and your personality.

Anne Nielsen
Anne Nielsen 2 months ago

Cinnamon you are a amazing artist and what a tutorial👏. Johnndid a splendid good camerajob congrats to both of you and thank you

Dorothy Radley
Dorothy Radley 2 months ago

Wow Cinnamon, this is a stupendous painting. As John said, when you zoom out from a distance it looks just like the photograph. You placed every brushstroke and every colour so precisely that the painting sings!
The new camera is fabulous and can zoom in very close to show us every brushstroke that you do. It's a brilliant piece of kit.
I am very intrigued about next year and what you are going to do. You gave us just enough information to make us crave a lot more, lol. Wherever you are going with your teaching then I am with you. Obviously I won't be at the places you visit on the road because I am in the UK but I will be following you to the end of the world if that's what it takes. Thank you for all the work you do to bring us excellent free acrylic painting tutorials and for always changing your game to make it better and better. I love you and John so much that I need you in my life to make it complete. I can't always be at the live show but I do get it on the replay. Love & hugs from England xxxxx

Erica Bowman
Erica Bowman 2 months ago

Are there anymore Hanukkah painting you are going to do? I did your last one and so many people loved it that I thought I'd do more and gift them to people this year

Abby Adams
Abby Adams 2 months ago


Ocean Painting
Ocean Painting 2 months ago

Beautiful painting

Renee Scherer
Renee Scherer 2 months ago

Will this live event be available later ?

Kim York
Kim York 2 months ago


Lyrics Lyrics
Lyrics Lyrics 2 months ago

Wow very nice

Mona L creates
Mona L creates 2 months ago

Beautiful!!!! <3

Linda Myers
Linda Myers 2 months ago

Cinnamon honey, I was vintage when vintage wasn't cool. Lol. 😎 I'm youth challenged.

I did this on mixed media paper with acrylic paint to send as a greeting card. I just need to paint because it is therapy for me to overcome grieving. Thanks for having such cute and lovely projects for me to try. It is helping me to find my happy place again.

Carolyn DeBacker
Carolyn DeBacker 2 months ago

Thank you for not playing music. It is terrible with hearing aids.

azra ayub
azra ayub 2 months ago

as there is a great time difference between us and i cant see you live but i really love your painting ideas

azra ayub
azra ayub 2 months ago

awesome magician of painting world

orrmarie 2 months ago

This is an awesome painting & tutorial! I can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and time with us. Your kind and encouraging remarks to us struggling artists are always uplifting. Thank you!

Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller 2 months ago

It came out marvelous Cinnamon! Thank you for showing us how to make this.

Rosemarie Perrotti
Rosemarie Perrotti 2 months ago


Cathy Painter
Cathy Painter 2 months ago

Amazing reflections and glitter effects.

Lisa Schrantz
Lisa Schrantz 2 months ago

So beautiful ! Love it !

Elena Knighton
Elena Knighton 2 months ago

I really love your singing but I really enjoyed singing with you to the "School House Rock ...It's a Bill only a Bill"!!😁

angela maxwell
angela maxwell 2 months ago

This is truly a gem 💎 of a painting, Cinnamon you out did yourself on this one👍 Love the camera work John, fantastic! Can’t wait to see you book next year! You all are so amazing I love you so much❤️🎨🌈🌒💫

gwen7005 2 months ago

I can’t paint, but you did such an awesome job on this tutorial. We enjoyed.

Jeniffer Khan-Beal
Jeniffer Khan-Beal 2 months ago

Love all ur painting..lots of love. From Trinidad and Tobago 😊

Florisabel Castillo
Florisabel Castillo 2 months ago

Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous! You're awesome!

Teri F
Teri F 2 months ago

Hi. Thanks for the holiday set of videos. I hope to do a few. On Amazon, I didn't find the "ball sponge" on your supplies lists. What are they called, please.? Happy holidays!

Christine Wolanin
Christine Wolanin 2 months ago

Magnificent painting! Took me back to my childhood and how Mum has cherished each ornament as she placed it on the tree. I miss those days and this is the best way to bring them back. Thank You Cinnamon, your Wnderful❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💯👌💯

zepguwl thistle
zepguwl thistle 2 months ago

i loved it, and would say it is a 4 hoot lol... still need to go back and finish the star jewels and the clear ornament on the right. Mine looks awful.

Rain Willow
Rain Willow 2 months ago

Love the new camera 🎥, love you both . Thank you for tutorials and teaching everyone your craft . You are an amazing soul 😊🖼

Sydney H
Sydney H 2 months ago

"Zincles" I love it! XD I'd also like to thank you for so many positive vibes. Really needed those today! Xx

marilyn chivers
marilyn chivers 2 months ago

It is so beautiful !! Congrats Cinnamon .

claudette Kiwan
claudette Kiwan 2 months ago

Need to know how do I dispose of the dirty water without damaging or clogging the pipes? Would appreciate your feedback! Thank you for your time and talent

sheila harvey
sheila harvey 2 months ago

So very pretty 💕

Lori Egolf
Lori Egolf 2 months ago

Wow, very beautiful.

Reta Bates
Reta Bates 2 months ago

I really love this painting, and I am going to do this one.

Rose Newbery
Rose Newbery 2 months ago

I like that ornaments, it's really beautiful and thank you. Happy Holiday to both of you and your husband.