DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns


Heliely Hyde

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Information DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns

Title : DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns

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Frames DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns

Description DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns

DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns

DIY Christmas String Ornaments and Lanterns

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Hina Fatima Vlogs
Hina Fatima Vlogs 2 months ago

Both hi zabrdest

Reshmi Biju
Reshmi Biju 2 months ago

I like this craft very very much 😍
So amazing!! For Christmas 🎄👼🚼🎅

Pearl Fernandes
Pearl Fernandes 2 months ago

What is the name of the gum please tell me

Ofelia Zamora
Ofelia Zamora 2 months ago

Where can we buy that kind of glue

Ofelia Zamora
Ofelia Zamora 2 months ago

There Beautiful great job! Can you please tell how much water used and glue and how long I live them hanging or days? Please let me know thanks 🙏

teddy7957 2 months ago

How come yours don't look as messy as others. Do you thin the glue til its quite watery? I notice after you take out the balloon there is no residue of excess glue between the string. Its a very clean finish..

Lucinda KM
Lucinda KM 2 months ago

I know this came out 6 years ago...but I have a question, did you put water in the glue? I couldn't tell if u did or not

Rajeswari Shankar
Rajeswari Shankar 2 months ago

Nice! #kolampaati has good Kolam design collection with step by step tutorial

Sunanda Patole
Sunanda Patole 2 months ago

Which thread do u use?

Rhythm 2 months ago

Merry christmas bois

Maty Boťanský
Maty Boťanský 2 months ago


NO. 10
NO. 10 2 months ago

You can use glitter of different colours

DANIEL MEDEIROS 2 months ago

Can it put outside, I really want yo make one of this outdoor decor to my deck

Adisa Preljevic
Adisa Preljevic 2 months ago


Adisa Preljevic
Adisa Preljevic 2 months ago

Baš je lepo.

Tanja Cigojevic
Tanja Cigojevic 2 months ago


Sarah Khalid
Sarah Khalid 2 months ago

Hamara phokana paat jata hy 😜

Mani Sharma
Mani Sharma 2 months ago

How to put bulb inside it

Sharmila Ch
Sharmila Ch 2 months ago

Very nice

Hope Amabelle
Hope Amabelle 2 months ago

Whats the name of that string thing you used

AB 2 months ago

Great idea thank you

Laurie Martin
Laurie Martin 2 months ago

what did you usefor the light inside, or should I say how. did you do it. did not show that. thank you.

Sowmya Ramakrishnan
Sowmya Ramakrishnan 2 months ago

Someone please tell.... As I have finished making it and don't know when to burst the balloon 😂

Sowmya Ramakrishnan
Sowmya Ramakrishnan 2 months ago

How much time should it be kept for drying?

hey ho
hey ho 2 months ago

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MaM NiVe VeRy

Lewis Harris
Lewis Harris 2 months ago

I am not a balloon expert, so forgive my misuse of terminology here, but if anyone is having trouble blowing up their balloons spherically a trick I found was to pinch the balloon very far down on its stem, and try to force air into where you imagine the top of the sphere to be as you blow. I ended up getting my balloons a lot rounder this way rather than sausage shapes or weird distorted teardrops..

Prathamesh Pawar
Prathamesh Pawar 2 months ago

nice work..
Check out my Popsicle stick lantern and do subscribe to my channel

Merylingrid123 Merylingrid123

Canete Perù

Nishi Siroya
Nishi Siroya 2 months ago

How much time would it take for it to dry?

Anuja Kanodia
Anuja Kanodia 2 months ago

Could I please know from the same person itself(it's Helen I believe) the name of the string used...

Rachel jose lawrence
Rachel jose lawrence 2 months ago


Mary Samson
Mary Samson 2 months ago

Can we use some other glue instead of pva glue?.....plz reply..

Sondra Bernich
Sondra Bernich 2 months ago

So easy got to make some. Thanks again!

Sondra Bernich
Sondra Bernich 2 months ago


Sanju Riya
Sanju Riya 2 months ago


Jayy Sanders
Jayy Sanders 2 months ago

These are adorable !

Robyn Rose
Robyn Rose 2 months ago

I used old fashioned string, blew my ballons up to full capacity and used PVA glue

Saba Naaz
Saba Naaz 2 months ago

Nyc i will try..

tanya jain
tanya jain 2 months ago

Can I use fevicol only without water instead of glue?

NICKY BABU 2 months ago

Super I Like it

Jea Grace
Jea Grace 2 months ago

Can I use elmer's glue?

Tluangpuii Mapui
Tluangpuii Mapui 2 months ago


khaoula mezhoud
khaoula mezhoud 2 months ago

Quel type de colle utilisez-vous, s'il vous plaît

Brook Gowin
Brook Gowin 2 months ago

What is the best glue to use for these? Are you using regular jute? or is this a craft string

Dots DIY
Dots DIY 2 months ago

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Taniya Madumali
Taniya Madumali 2 months ago

wich glue used.. i try to do this but its not work.

Md vlog T.V.
Md vlog T.V. 2 months ago

i need this for art exhubition

Asha Ponns
Asha Ponns 2 months ago

balloon lose the air bfre it's drying got spoiled...wat shld v do

Mary 213
Mary 213 2 months ago

For how long I'm supposed to let the balloons dry ? I want to do this activity with kids but I only have 1 hour to do this

Craft with Creativity


Sunny Trehan
Sunny Trehan 2 months ago

Plz explin

Sunny Trehan
Sunny Trehan 2 months ago

Hi mane ye ghar par 3-4 Baar try kr lia lkin zaase hi mai ballon ko phodta hu toh yarn bhi kharab ho zaati hai or circle bhi nhi ban pata asa kyu

Bhumika palak Patel
Bhumika palak Patel 2 months ago

Which glue r u using i try with fevicall but not work

SAMRA -000
SAMRA -000 2 months ago

Wow 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😘😘😘
Nice work

yash 3
yash 3 2 months ago

what is name of code

Noga Adama
Noga Adama 2 months ago

all my balloons lost the air before drying and collapsed the whole thing...

Joana Fonseca
Joana Fonseca 2 months ago


Mariam Malik
Mariam Malik 2 months ago


Palanisamy Palanisamy

I love to watch your program in pogo. I wish to join with you to do. If I get that chance Rob I feel so so lucky.

Indrani Potnuru
Indrani Potnuru 2 months ago

very beautiful its awesome

moniquevillarta 2 months ago

checkout my diy yarn ball

ant0ine2 2 months ago

How hard is it when it dries?

Samra music
Samra music 2 months ago

very very nice

Rubellite Army
Rubellite Army 2 months ago

how long the time you need to dry the things??

Terri Rebecca Garvin
Terri Rebecca Garvin 2 months ago

Excellent! Thank you for sharing this. This is just one more thing I can learn for work. I work at Michael's. The more I learn the better chance of a promotion!!!!

Marco Russi
Marco Russi 2 months ago

Hello guys, I created a kit for creating a mood lamp based on this technique. Have a look if you like:

Telugu World
Telugu World 2 months ago


Shahd Saaed Alrefie
Shahd Saaed Alrefie 2 months ago

ما هي المادة التي وضعتها على الخيط ؟

Fake Fake
Fake Fake 2 months ago

can i use zoy?

neelam Sharma
neelam Sharma 2 months ago

you have to buy silicon glue

Priya Suraj
Priya Suraj 2 months ago

Pls tel me !!wat kinda glue I need to buy

Neetu Ranwa
Neetu Ranwa 2 months ago

how to insert light in this

Emily 2 months ago

Mine is soft in a few parts and I'm afraid it won't keep its shape. What can I do to harden it? I used several coats of mod podge and then with glue

Jc Santee
Jc Santee 2 months ago

What are the measurement of the water and glue

Lee C
Lee C 2 months ago

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The Art House
The Art House 2 months ago

I want to do this at school with my students but I have to find non latex balloons as I am severely allergic to latex. And I can't find non latex ones.

larisa duchin
larisa duchin 2 months ago


Babneet Singh
Babneet Singh 2 months ago

what type of glue we use

Stella Cayubit
Stella Cayubit 2 months ago

what kind of string is that?

syeada mussarat
syeada mussarat 2 months ago


Sahara Donato
Sahara Donato 2 months ago

What's that string called that she uses??

Annabelle Hunter
Annabelle Hunter 2 months ago

this is so helpful! thanks so much!

creativework 2 months ago

they are so amazing and great and worth a try you can see also similar work on my new channel on youtube have a good day...

marjorie claudel ortiz

Qué bellas gracias por compartir saludos desde Costa Rica

marjorie claudel ortiz

que bellas gracias por compartir

현아 2 months ago

What did you use for mix with glue??

Hoan Lee
Hoan Lee 2 months ago

well! its pretty cool DIY tutorial Lanterns though. But, please if u dont speak English at all or any reason, then at least put a English Subtitle (by google translation) will help. thanks - LIKED the video.

Carlyxoxlol 2 months ago

Wow! Thx all the other video were……crappy……this one actually works! :DDDD

Sun 2 months ago

can i use yarn for the string?

Jessabell Reynolds
Jessabell Reynolds 2 months ago

could it be a whichever thread?

mai kutsuna
mai kutsuna 2 months ago

no corn starch?

jeweltone1 2 months ago

this is the best video I've seen for this project! thanks!

jeweltone1 2 months ago

this is the best video I've seen for this project! thanks!

shafaq nadeem
shafaq nadeem 2 months ago


Maria Fernandes
Maria Fernandes 2 months ago

How did you get the balloons to be so round?

Crazy Mani
Crazy Mani 2 months ago

what is the amount of water

Ana Muharemi
Ana Muharemi 2 months ago

how hours do i let the ball dry ??

fun times
fun times 2 months ago

That's awesome and cute and turns awusamicute

fun times
fun times 2 months ago