The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World


Brady Shearer

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Information The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World

Title : The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World

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Frames The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World

Description The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World

The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World

The NEW RULES For CHURCH GROWTH In A Post-Pandemic World

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Brady Shearer
Brady Shearer 2 months ago

WARNING: This is an in-depth video! Because I think it matters so much to our churches - we go deep on this one. Comment below if you make it all the way to the end! 馃挭

Russell Springs United Methodist Church

I'm a video hero! I made it to the end and took lots of notes along the way :-) Thank you for such great information!

NoSleep4U 2 months ago

Great video. Very thought provoking.

Rudy Ferrell
Rudy Ferrell 2 months ago

It's all about Jesus

Don Hunter
Don Hunter 2 months ago

Thanks for the video Brady. Very much appreciated!

Yoel Sukardi
Yoel Sukardi 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing! Great insight!

Kurt Gray
Kurt Gray 2 months ago

Made it to the end! Awesome stuff!

Arno's Adventure
Arno's Adventure 2 months ago

Hey Brady, quick question (from south Germany)! Love the idea and are very willing to implement it.聽

I'm right now wondering how to insert the numbers and get a reasonable result. E.g. I have one decision for christ in a week an have 10 points for that it is 10 points. So far so good. I also want to track service attendance (or small group attendance or anything with a much higher count number). But if I type in 100 as service attendance with the factor 6 I will get 600. The most important thing - people finding Christ - is rated with 10, a way less import number overwhelms with 600.

Do you have a smart solution for that?

JoScoNathan 2 months ago

Thank you

Mt Zion East Baptist Church

made it to the end! Thanks for the "7 rules"!

JustB Goldman
JustB Goldman 2 months ago

Thank you all the way from SA. I needed this

James Catford
James Catford 2 months ago

Thank you Brady... this is seriously the best metrics tool I have seen in all my many years of ministry! Your metaphor of the meaningless metric of weighing ourselves is how I have always felt about just measuring the three 'B's (Buildings, Bucks & Butts on seats). Your tool helps us measure the things that are at the heart of our discipleship journey as Jesus' followers.

Life's Journey Church

My only issue with this is that the Pharisees would have been able to check all of these boxes, and Jesus said their father was the devil. So, having a church full of box-checkers does not necessarily mean it's a healthy church.

Josh Posey
Josh Posey 2 months ago

Can you show your lighting configuration for this particular video set up?

Fremaser 2 months ago

Good job! I鈥檒l share it with the leadership.

Brandon Morton
Brandon Morton 2 months ago


Leon Louis Walker
Leon Louis Walker 2 months ago

Yes! I made it to the end of the biggest communication shift in 500 years!
whoOop WhOoOp! Great content. Thank you!

darrel q
darrel q 2 months ago

Great stuff!

David Allen
David Allen 2 months ago

Made it... The doc is not here in YouTube

Experience Church
Experience Church 2 months ago

Brady thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts. We've wrestled with this as well. Glad to see content online to help the global church navigate this unprecedented time

Frank Seydel
Frank Seydel 2 months ago

The church's purpose should be defined by the cycle of harvest:
-Call people to Jesus and thus into the Kingdom
-Establish the newly converts in Kingdom principles
-Help them find their place in calling more people into the Kingdom this making them disciples
-Turn them loose to call more to Jesus and thus into the kingdom

prakriti Neupane
prakriti Neupane 2 months ago

tomorrow i have church growth exam.. i am going to give exam by going through this video.. it is very helpful for me.. thank you brother..<3

Len Moore
Len Moore 2 months ago

Thank you

david sera josef
david sera josef 2 months ago

Hi Brady, can you please send me the link for the google docs? Thank you for your ministry.

Tasha Morrison
Tasha Morrison 2 months ago

Brand new to not only church communications, but as its director (day 10 today). Your videos really got me thinking and realizing we have a LONG ways to go but now I'm equipped with the tools to do so. So... thanks!

Heather from New Life

Fantastic info - thank you!

Rhodnnie TV
Rhodnnie TV 2 months ago

i am starting a ministry in the philippines in a post pandemic world and these topics will be of great help. i look into the website and check also the month subscription it cost a lot in comparison to ph. pesos we hope there are different price list for different parts of the world to make it more accessible all over the globe. thanks again.

Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks 2 months ago

Hey I'm Danny Brooks from India..!! Your videos are very useful to create a strategy for my Church 馃檪 I promise you that I'll keep you posted about our progress 馃檹

Chris Rexroad
Chris Rexroad 2 months ago

Great information on tracking individual church growth. Thank you!馃槑

Ace Garcera Gucela
Ace Garcera Gucela 2 months ago

I made it to the end.. I am not the pastor of my church but I support our pastors very much. Because of the pandemic our church migrated to online with live streams of our weekly service but I know it's just a pivot out of necessity. We have a vision for church growth but without church attendance to rely on, we don't know how to know if we are growing. This video definitely gave me a fresh perspective which I am excited to share with my pastors! Thank you for the work you do Brady! Will definitely share how it pans out with our church!

Nathan Drawdy
Nathan Drawdy 2 months ago

I am low-key disappointed that this was the same point that you made in previous videos however I am High key - appreciative of the consistency and timelessness of truth. Thank you!

Gill Hawkins
Gill Hawkins 2 months ago

Brady, I like your ideas very much and will mull more on them. A question though; why are there so few inner life disciplines in your list of actions? I know they are difficult to measure but I think that's part of the topic here. Things like prayer, silence, Scripture, solitude, fasting and sabbath-keeping are THE foundation of much of our external actions indeed serving in any way cannot be 'counted' as a win unless we're sure it is done from good motives. . . . thoughts?

Jacquelyn Walker
Jacquelyn Walker 2 months ago

Thank you for the content. This is great info. Do you have any content around virtually opening the doors to the church? Text to join?

Andrew Amegatcher
Andrew Amegatcher 2 months ago

Timely and relevant.
I actively came searching for content to help deal with the challenge of membership decline and limited participation and this video has set my mind on the right path.
Time to share with everyone I know in ministry!

jsjjrichards 2 months ago

I鈥檓 a hero. Thanks Brady. Good work

Michael Carwile
Michael Carwile 2 months ago

Love this video!

Thomas aka D么M
Thomas aka D么M 2 months ago

Thx Brandy, im starting a church in my City. I'll try this tracking.

Keera Miller
Keera Miller 2 months ago

Really good, practical steps - got to the end, only took me 4 hours because ... life 馃榾

Timothy VanDouser
Timothy VanDouser 2 months ago

Great content! Thank you for sharing with others and being about the kingdom growing!

DeAnna Prather
DeAnna Prather 2 months ago

thank you thank you thank you

TheAssembly Florence
TheAssembly Florence 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing these resources. We look forward to working through them at The Assembly in Florence, SC.

K. A. Wallace
K. A. Wallace 2 months ago

Great video. I will be taking this to my church.

Sunridge Baptist Church

MADE IT! Thanks for all your help! Excellent!

Steve Giddens
Steve Giddens 2 months ago

This is VERY helpful. Many thanks.

rwdouglas04 2 months ago

These are so helpful Brady, thank you!

St. Matthew Lutheran Church and School Westland

We really need you to get to the States and come talk to us Lutheran Churches. Although stubbornness will be an issue, everything you say makes sense.

Edgar Alquinta
Edgar Alquinta 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this presentation!

Joshua Maxwell
Joshua Maxwell 2 months ago

that's real good stuff there...

Melanie Turner
Melanie Turner 2 months ago

Thanks for the helpful tips! Just FYI, the word pandemic has a typo at 16m (sorry, I hate to be that person 馃檲)

Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 2 months ago

Please help me here. Why would you award more points to a decision over a practice? Would not the actual act have higher value? Just trying to track your thinking. Thanks!

Heathmont Presbyterian Church

Thanks for the encouragement and challenge Brady. We know things will continue to change, so it's a good reminder that some things must not.
Thanks for resourcing churches too. You're a great help.

Craig Hargrow
Craig Hargrow 2 months ago

Made it to the end. Thank you for your help. You are a great resource for smaller churches with limited resources.

Wise Guy
Wise Guy 2 months ago

Looking for suggestion for reliable but economical device to convert 1/4鈥 audio from mixing board to usb for input to computer?? And also suggestions for SDI to usb and or HDMI to usb conversion??

Justin Quisumbing
Justin Quisumbing 2 months ago

Thanks Brady, this is great! Our church is aware of and tracks many of these now but not in an organized way that actually combines them and allows us to see trends. This is brilliant! We should have been doing this earlier.

Ashleigh Purton
Ashleigh Purton 2 months ago

Loved this, great thoughts and practical steps for implementation!

First Royse City
First Royse City 2 months ago

Thanks Brady! We started to use the "old" Church Growth calculator and this helps us to start over since Rona hit :(

Walter Tissen
Walter Tissen 2 months ago

Great Content. Thank you very much.

Nils Smith
Nils Smith 2 months ago

Good stuff Brady!

Trevor Atchley
Trevor Atchley 2 months ago

Just had a 2 hour convo with someone about this today, and then this vid popped up! So good & very timely man... I wish more people knew how to use their ChMS to track this stuff. Once I figured out how to use forms, workflows, & lists in PCO to keep track of people going through Growth Track, signing up for a small group, serving, etc, it was like a whole new world of metrics opened up and it鈥檚 been so rewarding. Our church launches in 7 weeks and our systems are ready to go 馃挭馃徏馃憦馃徏 Pray for us bro, pandemic church planting isn鈥檛 the easiest 馃槀

Nelson Nissley
Nelson Nissley 2 months ago

I am highly skeptical when people say "Church Growth". I listen with a very cynical ear, if I listen at all. Since I am subscribed to this channel, I know you ain't all bad ;) . This idea is not too bad. It's not some gimmick program. It's not even a program. It's just a tracking method that allows me to track what I want to track and weight it accordingly.

Our Sunday morning service is either drive-in and sit in your car, get out of your car and sit in the grass, go inside (with reservations and spaced out seats), or stay home and watch everything online. A couple of adult small groups are meeting or you can watch online. No children's ministries at all. Tracking online participation is impossible, unless you cracked that code on your Nucleus site.

I agree, this is a time that we can completely rethink how we are doing ministry, since we cannot do hardly anything we were doing before.

Hillhurst United Church

You have NO idea how much you are influencing our church in Calgary. We would love to connect with you and talk about how to recreate your message for mainline churches in Canada....specifically United Churches.

Andrew Beauman
Andrew Beauman 2 months ago

I just noticed that there's an error on your sheet. The total doesn't include all the cells it supposed to. It needs to be, "H5:H21"

Andrew Beauman
Andrew Beauman 2 months ago

This was amazing, Brady. Thanks for all you do.

Titus Terrebonne
Titus Terrebonne 2 months ago

Bro! Great stuff! LOVE IT! YOU DA MAN!

Ian Willsey
Ian Willsey 2 months ago


Jeff Lyon
Jeff Lyon 2 months ago

Thanks Brady. One of the best ones yet! I'm sharing this with our church leadership in hopes of at least starting a conversation!

Ron Daniels
Ron Daniels 2 months ago

I made it to the end of the video... Appreciate it! You're a lot taller than I thought...

Adrian Cousins
Adrian Cousins 2 months ago

M888 this was very good, thanks for posting your video.. Always timely and encouraging. Blessings

Dave Diaz
Dave Diaz 2 months ago

Thanks for this. So powerful, thoughtful and wise.

FirstUMCOnline 2 months ago

I鈥檓 a hero!

Mitch Hammond
Mitch Hammond 2 months ago

Thanks Brady, great video!

Troy Miller
Troy Miller 2 months ago

Thanks Brady. Great stuff here. We were in the process of planting and getting ready to do some community outreach and preview services when the pandemic hit. So we started doing online services 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔.

The question has been "how do we actually plant a church when we are still not known to our community?" Online feels so over-satured and connecting with people has been difficult. Especially because we want to reach unreached people.

Trinity Youth Walla Walla

Great stuff! Thanks! Made it to the end... Sub'd and liked

Mauricio Torres
Mauricio Torres 2 months ago

I am a freaking hero!

Madaznkid115 2 months ago

Number 3 is a massive I told you so haha

Vaughn Larson
Vaughn Larson 2 months ago

Sharing with our new senior pastor.

First General Baptist Church of Princeton, IN

Awesome stuff!! How do you recommend gathering the "next step" data? Connection card, online form, etc?, or is there a new way that you have experimented with?

Greg Moore
Greg Moore 2 months ago

Great approach, Brady! Frameworks are incredibly helpful tools to identifying what's truly important to our churches - Love it!

Adhee Lasala
Adhee Lasala 2 months ago

Thanks this is a great help

Justin Blankenship
Justin Blankenship 2 months ago

I really think that, if implemented properly, this could transform the overall reach & effectiveness of local church ministries.

Pastor Lyle Daily Renewal

Thanks Brady, this is very helpful!

Voltron Defender of the Universe

When you say say you don鈥檛 believe we鈥檒l ever go back to normal, are you referring to large gatherings?

Daniel Murrell
Daniel Murrell 2 months ago

Love what you do for us churches, always appreciated

The Refuge Church
The Refuge Church 2 months ago

Right on the money! Hit the nail on the head! (Plug in your cliche here) Brady, your right and helpful as always. Thx

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 2 months ago

Excellent as always. And can we talk about how beautifully this shot was framed for a second?!

Jason Austin
Jason Austin 2 months ago

I wish I could give this two thumbs-up! Great stuff, Brady!

Jeremy Lyon
Jeremy Lyon 2 months ago

Brady, thanks for putting this together! It's a cool paradigm shift for tracking growth.

Pamela Ennis
Pamela Ennis 2 months ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE this information! Can't wait to share with leaders!

Bethaniawow 2 months ago

very interesting this video and important information. I would like to share it with some friends of mine pastors but the only thing that they only speak Spanish. Do you planning to put caption in Spanish to the videos???

La'Juan 2 months ago

Great information! 馃敟馃敟馃敟

Ashley Spaustat
Ashley Spaustat 2 months ago

Thankful for your channel! 馃挄

Rick & Amy Cordova
Rick & Amy Cordova 2 months ago

I am second. 馃槀

Sam Russell
Sam Russell 2 months ago

1st :)