*NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨


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Date of publication
Information *NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨

Title : *NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨

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Frames *NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨

Description *NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨

*NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨

*NEW IN/GIFT IDEAS*: Come Shopping In.. Boots, New Look, Lush, The Body Shop + More ✨

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Roisin Cooley
Roisin Cooley 2 months ago

is anyone else watching this in novemerr 2020

Sadaf Afaq
Sadaf Afaq 2 months ago

Why people do plastic surgery? original is beautiful...

Chloe Davies
Chloe Davies 2 months ago

It’s 18th September and I saw your vids and now I’m soooo excited for Christmas it’s 3 months awayyy I love all of your thumbnails aswell I just gravitate to your vids!!!

jayluxx 2 months ago

it’s a chest of dreams!!😂😂

Bethanys Tropic Skincare

Gemma: 2020 is going to be a good year
Watching in 2020 ... 😭😭😭☹

Petallyflushed 2 months ago

I screamed at the Disney store. It's literally LIFE for me!!! thank u so much, Gemma!

tookie cookie
tookie cookie 2 months ago

My favourite store is the Disney store!!!! Awesome video as usual!!!!!!!!

Juliaax Sara
Juliaax Sara 2 months ago

I want to travel to the UK so bad right now and I wish it was Christmas season 😭🎄🎅🏼

Ellie Carlton
Ellie Carlton 2 months ago

You need to sniff the candle lids not the candle, you smell the scent a lot easier.

Source: a Yankee Candle fanatic 😂

Cass A.B
Cass A.B 2 months ago

"2020 is gonna be a good year"
2020: LMAO

millie edmundson
millie edmundson 2 months ago

Anyone else here in July waching Christmas vidoes and Christmas films I'm that obsessed 😂😂

Alisha Xxx
Alisha Xxx 2 months ago

4:05 well that didnt age very well😂

Lil_ Yoongles
Lil_ Yoongles 2 months ago

I can’t be the only one watching this in July 😅😅

emma Elisabeth carano

i am watching this in 2020 and i LOVE when she says 'i just think that 2020 is gonna be a good year' i thought that too :(((

Marley Griggs
Marley Griggs 2 months ago

Is no one going to talk about the song Boomx4 song in the backround in the mall? Literally the best mall I've ever seen

Cryxtals 2 months ago

I am watching this is may 2020 but your are making me in the mood! I love you and your videos soo much I have been binge watching all of your videos and when I grow up I want to be like you!😚🌱love you lots! Xxx

abbeysister b&s
abbeysister b&s 2 months ago

A Christmas time I was just buying and buying xx

Bella Edwards
Bella Edwards 2 months ago

Your Christmas content is literally the best thing to watch in lockdown! Thank you 😊

Izzy LS
Izzy LS 2 months ago

Why am I watching this in March

Corrinne Adkinson
Corrinne Adkinson 2 months ago

That’s sooo lucky guys when birds do that,lol.x

Aurora xo
Aurora xo 2 months ago

Omg, my jaw dropped when you said Peterborough. I was born and used to live there, I wish I still did! :( I love your videos! <3

JT vlogs uk
JT vlogs uk 2 months ago


GothicVegan 05
GothicVegan 05 2 months ago

We both got shat on!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ love you two!!!! ♥️♥️ xxxxx

Glamour Today
Glamour Today 2 months ago

What's inside??👇👇


melissa johns
melissa johns 2 months ago

Hi Gemma, you’ve made me feel so festive!😂 I work for a small luxury candle company called Owen drew candles, and we do a black opium candle! You should have a look it smells amazing and is my favourite too!!😍❤️

Amie Batchelor-watkins

Omg Gemma, this is one of my favourite uploads to date..loving your vlogs but I was in such desperate need of inspiration this has done the trick....prior to this watched the New in B&M I just want to hit the shops...stuff Amazon!

CindyRose 2 months ago

What is wrong with your upper lip? On the right side it seems like it’s deflated

Sarah Fowler
Sarah Fowler 2 months ago

Thank u for the code i saved loads and managed to make 2 books one with my wedding photos and a lovely one of my uncle who sadly not here anymore thank u for all the great gift ideas x

Sindi A.x
Sindi A.x 2 months ago

Where ur thumb ring from ? Love it xxx

Chloe Yeatman
Chloe Yeatman 2 months ago

is soph your sister?? x

Lauren 2 months ago

This made me feel so Christmassy and I’m pretty sure boots are now doing 2 for 2 offer ❤️

Becks Sid
Becks Sid 2 months ago

You are my favourite influencer/YouTuber but Gemma I need guidance for gifts for aunty and uncle if you already have I’m sorry I have a terrible memory ⭐️

Juliett Montes de Oca

I must say this is the best video ever!!!!’ It’s like window shopping but in my cosy pijamas and tea :)

Erica P
Erica P 2 months ago

To the Christmas queen! Any ideas on a gift for a work colleague you’ve only known a couple of months? No more than £20? I’m struggling, with only a week to go 😔😔 xx

Gem Bradley
Gem Bradley 2 months ago

Could Boots be any more overpriced!?

katieboo666 2 months ago

Everyone from sept to march should just wear pjs and dressing gowns wherever they go !! It would save a lot of time and give more time for watching tv and eating lol what do you think Gemma and Sophie? 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki 2 months ago


Toni Bates
Toni Bates 2 months ago

Hey girl. Loving the Christmas content! This is completely random but how do you deal with a breakup?? I’m your age and have recently split up with my boyfriend , I am struggling and would love to know how you stay so positive ? X

Samantha Barona
Samantha Barona 2 months ago

I love you two together. It’s goals. It just occurred to me who Sophie looks like. She’s like a young Princess Diana. The face, the eyes, the expressions. Gorgeous. Gemma you are like a young Melinda Messenger. Stunning.

Hithere 2 months ago

Nice ideas thank you

Cat & Jess
Cat & Jess 2 months ago

Where is Sophie's leather jacket from? Love It! ❤

Sarah Verwei
Sarah Verwei 2 months ago

thank you for sharing the new updated ideas beautiful I love your way of presence and your way of just exploring

Christy Lynn Lake Erie

Me and my daughter both watch you. Helpful video! Thanks girls.

Kiran Rafi
Kiran Rafi 2 months ago

Love this vlog so much Christmas shopping 😍 you made my day xx

Gucci Mayne
Gucci Mayne 2 months ago

England has THE best shops ever! Omg

Paula Hatch
Paula Hatch 2 months ago


Kallie Hill
Kallie Hill 2 months ago

Hearing billies song in lush just made me tear up ahhhh

Kelly Bowen
Kelly Bowen 2 months ago

Oh no! I’ve already done my shopping...now I need to buy more! Haven’t seen most of these lovely things 😔💖x

Frani Read
Frani Read 2 months ago

have u a discount code for the 360 place in bedford 😍😍 fab vid 😇

Nikki Thomson
Nikki Thomson 2 months ago

I like your video ht s cool 😎 to watching your YouTube video from Nikki Thomson xxxx

RED xoxo
RED xoxo 2 months ago

I ❤ Disney store 😻

James Royle
James Royle 2 months ago

The cutest and funniest 2 ever

James Royle
James Royle 2 months ago

Lol you 2 🥰🥰

Lorna Anderson
Lorna Anderson 2 months ago

Love 💖 The Disney Store....You need a Disney Paris Trip for 2020✨✨✨

N1kk1 2 months ago

I always love the gift sets from boots they have so many nice ones Gemma!🥰

Jane Friel
Jane Friel 2 months ago


Ella Taylor
Ella Taylor 2 months ago

Omg wait u went to the same place I always go to queens gate 😱🥰x

Maria G.
Maria G. 2 months ago

Gemma you have a lovely shaped face 👌 Love the 2 of you shopping

Eve beinguniquebeingme

Who doesn't get socks of pyjamas for Christmas?! 😂 great video! 💖

lucy c
lucy c 2 months ago

Super cute PJ's💖love the Disney shop ty for sharing much appreciated💗

Molly Brown
Molly Brown 2 months ago

black friday is gone😂😂😂

Emma Lilley
Emma Lilley 2 months ago

I’ve seen you so many times in town but still don’t want to go up and say hi because you look busy lol!!! ❤️❤️

Chloe O’Leary
Chloe O’Leary 2 months ago

Would love to know what perfumes are you’re favs . Love all ur videos 💖

Aditi Kulkarni
Aditi Kulkarni 2 months ago

21:43..ikr they were my favorite too. Still love them😍😍💝

Niamh Webb
Niamh Webb 2 months ago

When you went into boots I thought I recognized the set up and then realized you were in Peterborough and was shocked that I’d been watching you a while now and didn’t realize you were from near there!! X

Jessica May
Jessica May 2 months ago

My grandad got me a little mermaid paint set when I was little! He's still got it at his house! <3

Lauryn 2 months ago

19:50 I thought the shopping centre guard man behind you was gonna tel you to stop filming or something 🤣😭

Leah Money
Leah Money 2 months ago

*pauses video to go apply Himalayan charcoal mask*
Wow I’m the same, so behind this year, I’m usually done and wrapped by now! X

VicksStyles 2 months ago

never watch gemma video before you go shopping , you will end up buying everything she says loool great vlog 💕

Rach Riri
Rach Riri 2 months ago

OBSESSED with your videos. Ive been binge watching. Youre my role model 💖

Dani Ngo
Dani Ngo 2 months ago

your christmas content is the besttt! i cant wait for the rest! xo

Mae Lutz
Mae Lutz 2 months ago

You def. need merch. Posi calendars, quote book, anything!! Omg a cute posi sweatshirt!!!

Lesley Rothrock
Lesley Rothrock 2 months ago

Supposedly, it’s good luck when a bird craps on you.😊

Teetee Iren
Teetee Iren 2 months ago

Late viewing this; but, wanted to say "it was very helpful" 🎅 Thanks Gemma!!!

Lady VIP
Lady VIP 2 months ago

💖💖💖Am now ordering new pj's tanks Gemma😂😂😂

Sarah Siobhan
Sarah Siobhan 2 months ago

Are you even British if you don't buy or recieve a Lynx Africa. I'm with Soph, absolute staple 😂 x

Honey Bebee
Honey Bebee 2 months ago

Im coming out with some gift guides soon! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Jasmine Draper
Jasmine Draper 2 months ago

You’re just goals😍💋

Annette Breton
Annette Breton 2 months ago

Gemma you look so nice after your shower with no make up! You really have a great look. Thanks for sharing so many stores and items that were so festive and relevant for this time of year and I love that you brought your side kick and bff Sophie along for the shopping- such a great sales woman! Keep it up! Love it! ❤️

Sue x
Sue x 2 months ago

Pollen allergy 😭😭😭

Patty 2 months ago

I am so glad when you post a video 😊. It makes me happy 💕

Beverly Wilkinson
Beverly Wilkinson 2 months ago

I love and enjoyed this video so much, really great gift ideas, felt like I was shopping with you guys, was so much fun and helpful at the same time🙏❤️🎄⛄️☃️❄️👍🏽👏🏼🇹🇹

Leah Percival
Leah Percival 2 months ago

I loved this video omg 🥺🥺🥺

Nazma Begum
Nazma Begum 2 months ago

Thanks Gemma really enjoyed your shopping video . Your video was very helpful 😘👌👌

Emily Daisy
Emily Daisy 2 months ago

If you make your egg too cosy it’ll hatch 🐣

Demi Mckenzie
Demi Mckenzie 2 months ago

You sound like molly mae bbe

nina stubrud
nina stubrud 2 months ago

Thank you … going to London Next  week on dec 12...

A Klop
A Klop 2 months ago

I buy gifts for myself. Nobody else will, I am single. I think even when I would not be single I would buy things for myself. So much cute things and bargains in holiday times.

Raya Azher
Raya Azher 2 months ago

My favourite person in the world ❤️

Aphrah A
Aphrah A 2 months ago

Liking the video before I even watch it for obvious reasons 😁🎄

Kelly lovejoy
Kelly lovejoy 2 months ago

Ommmmggggggt the Disney shop is amazing one of my fav places to go , bringing my child hood back so much I love it 🥰, I need to go ASAP ❤️❤️❤️ xxxxxxxx

A Klop
A Klop 2 months ago

How much do u spend on xmas gifts for everybody in total?

chellbie 2 months ago

Loving the vlogs! I’m actually from Peterborough, but live in the states now! Making me feel homesick seeing all he Christmas shopping and gifts sets in boots. I subscribed a few weeks ago 😀🎄⭐️💫

Grace A
Grace A 2 months ago

Love thiss❤️❤️ please do a drunk get ready with me with Sophie xx

Courtney Chilvers
Courtney Chilvers 2 months ago

Black Opium is my absolute fave! Although I’ve recently bought Superdrug’s own body spray called Exotic and no word of a lie it smells the exact same for £3.99! Love your videos btw! Have a lovely Christmas! Xx

Sarah Dalton
Sarah Dalton 2 months ago

Got so many great ideas from this video thank you!!! Xxx

Mel Nason
Mel Nason 2 months ago

Thank you for always going above and beyond, you always put so much effort into your content and it doesnt go unnoticed xx

Emily Clarkson
Emily Clarkson 2 months ago

Anything from lush is always a shout at christmas 💛

GG cams08
GG cams08 2 months ago

Wow Gemma I can just watch you everyday! Love you xx

Nikki Dumee
Nikki Dumee 2 months ago

Loved this❤️ Omg the disneystore maked me even cry🥰😱 xxx