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BARBRA STREISAND - Christmas Mem'ries

BARBRA STREISAND - Christmas Mem'ries

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skylilly1 2 months ago

I remember Mom saying "Let's drive downtown and look at the Window Displays". We'd all pack in the car with our boots, mittens and hats, singing carols and looking at everyone's lights on the way. We'd stop in Woolworths and sit at the bar and eat a grilled cheese and a coke. On the way home we'd stop at the Tree lot and pick out a tree. We'd get home and get the boxes out of the attic filled with Christmas bulbs, we'd be so excited to decorate the tree! Merry Christmas Mom (my favorite star)

JEFF WATERS 2 months ago

If that don't hit your heart you're dead from the neck down

Robert S. J. Hu
Robert S. J. Hu 2 months ago

Aloha Barbra Streisand and luckysmusic !!!!! Thank you for posting "Christmas Mem'ries." Your singing is most
beautiful and touching to my ole heart !!! Yes, I have been following your career as a teenager. Am now 78 yrs. old,
love all of your songs of love, hope, sadness, and how we all can try to live in peace with each other. We all need to stand
together to enable our children and their children to be able to survive the Covid-19 pandemic that is killing millions of people .
May the Good Lord bless and keep you safe. Sincerely, Robert S.J. Hu August 11, 2020.

Dee Jones
Dee Jones 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS SONG Everytime I Listen To This Song It Bring Back Memories Of My Great-grandmothers House Every Year For The Holiday Seasons.

Michael Call
Michael Call 2 months ago

My new "old favorite" Christmas song. Every line and every picture takes me to special precisous memories in my life.

Marc Ackerman
Marc Ackerman 2 months ago

Streisand is an amazing talent. Beautiful G-d-given voice, beautiful interpretation, phrasing. Perfection.

Denise Phelps
Denise Phelps 2 months ago

Barbra Streisand has the most beautiful voice in the world...beautiful song...

Фира Хейфец

Жизни чудесные моменты!!!!!

Rick Mays
Rick Mays 2 months ago

Best version of this song I've ever heard!!!

malcolm hensley
malcolm hensley 2 months ago

i could play it again,again and again up to the new year

Andy Haslam
Andy Haslam 2 months ago

Beautiful Christmas track. I play this during December on my Weekend Breakfast Show on 96.5 Bolton FM. A voice i feel we will never hear again.

Elaine Lotcpeich
Elaine Lotcpeich 2 months ago

Such a beautiful song!

Sinval Altermann
Sinval Altermann 2 months ago

I love this song.....

32nikral 2 months ago


Emelio Salazar
Emelio Salazar 2 months ago

I cried for no reason just listening to this song...

Katelyn Hamilton-picken

Thank you Luck for down loading all the Barbra Christmas, many thanks to you.

Katelyn Hamilton-picken

Brilliant, just Barbra.

véronique Leclerc
véronique Leclerc 2 months ago

superbe !

Jo Alex Sg
Jo Alex Sg 2 months ago

Christmas is already filling the air with its magic!

Robert Silvestri
Robert Silvestri 2 months ago

I love this song, my own Christmas memories.....I love Barbra and this title track from the album. I love the images you've set to this song. In short, I love it.

Lionel Thomas
Lionel Thomas 2 months ago

My favorite christmas song from her

Jo Alex Sg
Jo Alex Sg 2 months ago

Simply magical, thank you so much for this!!

George Estremera
George Estremera 2 months ago

Today is exactly 4 months after Christmas.

Mike Finnigan
Mike Finnigan 2 months ago

Just a beautiful song that sums up my Christmas memories. Great rendition by Barbara Streisand

Drake. Robey.
Drake. Robey. 2 months ago

Such a heart-warming song !

Andy Haslam
Andy Haslam 2 months ago

What a beautiful song sung by the greatest female singer of al time.Barbra has a voice that makes you stop and listen to every word.I don't think in our lifetime we will EVER hear a unique voice such as this.A wonderful talent and a voice that
only comes around once.Just perfection

Suzanne Costa
Suzanne Costa 2 months ago

only a costa could write such a beautiful song

Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 months ago

Barbra is at her very best when she is not trying to push the envelope with vocal pyrotechnics. Here she delivers the goods with tenderness and nuanced inflection.  

Nils B. C.
Nils B. C. 2 months ago


Robin Iveson
Robin Iveson 2 months ago

Song Bird: Have the CD and totally enjoy the season music.

piper463 2 months ago

Yes,I agree!

piper463 2 months ago

I love Barbara Streisand!

32nikral 2 months ago

Omg this song tore me to pieces....

George Estremera
George Estremera 2 months ago

Just love cuddling up listening to this song. It's incredible.

Raven 2 months ago

Today young people pick the best of the worst to listen to.... as opposed to the best of the best...

evolamade onort
evolamade onort 2 months ago

playing this october 07,2012

Kevin Falk
Kevin Falk 2 months ago

anya11090 sang this song in a christmas show from my talent academy and she di so great maybe even better then Barbra Striesand. everyomne subscribe to he channel because once you hear her voice youl know what inm talking about.

D RadarMan
D RadarMan 2 months ago

Barbara Streisand is a wonderful and talented singer. Young people take note! :)

Anya Kosachevich
Anya Kosachevich 2 months ago

have to sing this in a christmas show wish me luck! :) PS love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phialin Fernandez
Phialin Fernandez 2 months ago

It is making me CRY...I love this CD..

Hugo Gimenez
Hugo Gimenez 2 months ago


GTeofan 2 months ago

So Gorgeous!!! I Love This Song and I Love This Season!!!

monalisas11 2 months ago

Loppisloppan, this song is from BS's "Christmas Memories" cd

Filippa Hillerud
Filippa Hillerud 2 months ago

Fantastic song, arrengment and performance! Anyone knows where this comes from?

Filippa Hillerud
Filippa Hillerud 2 months ago

Fantastic song, arrangemant and performance! Anyone know where this song comes from?

Horta em Baldes
Horta em Baldes 2 months ago


billyboylb 2 months ago

Gorgeous song. Beautiful voice.

dannycychan 2 months ago

Beautiful song by my fav diva. The video is very nice.

patr70 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving.

ieguy3 2 months ago

Cold November nite .... sitting here with a cup of hot cocoa - otherwise totally in agreement with MrScottMadison's note below.

MrScottMadison 2 months ago

Cold October nite... sitting here with a cup of hot coffee and dreaming of Christmas. Thanks for the holiday cheer, Babs.... as always, you're fabulous!!

mary71257 2 months ago

Thank you for this, I love it!!!!!!