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The Hapay Laiv
The Hapay Laiv 2 months ago

Hi BEAUTYFUL Mother ILOVE Your Fedeos ILOVE YOU Shyvonne ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹😊😊😊

Carla Ann
Carla Ann 2 months ago

Great haul as usual!😍
I didn't find much xmas clearance at all either! I found a few things at Homegoods. All the other stores I went to was picked over.

Catrina Mcgill
Catrina Mcgill 2 months ago

You got some great deals especially for the kids happy new yr lovely lady xx

Mattie Ruth
Mattie Ruth 2 months ago


Marsha Anderson
Marsha Anderson 2 months ago

Love the haul

gwen grayer
gwen grayer 2 months ago

Love ur channel and ur haut. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sonya Hubbard
Sonya Hubbard 2 months ago

Way to go Ayanna! Those guy ugg boots are the first ugg boots I haven’t hated lol.

patrice moore
patrice moore 2 months ago

I love going shopping after Christmas to catch all the sales. But if you're not quick everything sure will be picked over. You got some good deals .

Jazzy Jazz 1
Jazzy Jazz 1 2 months ago

I love shopping hauls. 👍🏼

Karen Ershadi
Karen Ershadi 2 months ago


Nylotis Slaughter
Nylotis Slaughter 2 months ago

Nice after Christmas Haul just saying

kendra Johnson
kendra Johnson 2 months ago


sonia kuru
sonia kuru 2 months ago

Love watching your videos all the way from new zealand.

Shannon Duplechain
Shannon Duplechain 2 months ago

I love the ugg boots , the twins' coats, and your boots. I live in Louisiana. Our Christmas was very warm. Tonight will be cooler than Christmas.

MarSweeta 2 months ago

Great haul!!!

Kay kay Walker
Kay kay Walker 2 months ago

Those are some cute shoes

tasha mason
tasha mason 2 months ago

Well done for getting maccys job 👍😁

SHEILA MARCH 2 months ago


tasha mason
tasha mason 2 months ago

Your a great mumma

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