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Stevethebungee 2 months ago


AZRIEL AZRIEL 2 months ago

With the number of deaths increasing (and how could they decrease, resurrection?) country officials are asking ,,what will happen to all those ghosts,, Experts expect global increase in poltergeist activity with about 69 percent.

Jonathan D.
Jonathan D. 2 months ago

So Trump's rallies spread Covid, but protests do not. I guess up is down and down is up, huh?

Time Jack
Time Jack 2 months ago

99% of covid deaths are because doctors give sleep sedatives to patients!

Love Hearts
Love Hearts 2 months ago

✌ God says, If My people which are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked (unbelief) ways then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14😇

Unknown Profile
Unknown Profile 2 months ago

One year
But still not a single evidence
They are just treating people like children
And they in return do nothing
Society is overly pathetic

Donald Edward
Donald Edward 2 months ago

‘’Yeah, yeah, don’t bore us within another story about how to choose good leadership.’’
SYDNEY — The Sydney Opera House has reopened. Almost 40,000 spectators attended the city's rugby league grand final. Workers are being urged to return to their offices.
Australia has become a pandemic success story.
The nation of 26 million is close to eliminating community transmission of the coronavirus, having defeated a second wave just as infections surge again in Europe and the United States.
No new cases were reported on the island continent Thursday, and only seven since Saturday, besides travelers in hotel quarantine. Eighteen patients are hospitalized with covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. One is in an intensive care unit. Melbourne, the main hotbed of Australia's outbreak that recently emerged from lockdown, has not reported a case since Oct. 30.
5 billion investment in the
Novavax and the Pfizer vaccines.
Australia agreed to purchase two more coronavirus vaccines in development Nov. 5 as it aims to complete a mass inoculation program within months. (Reuters)
Meanwhile, in the United States, 52,049 people are hospitalized and 10,445 are in an ICU, according to the Covid Tracking Project, a volunteer effort to document the pandemic. America's daily new cases topped 100,000 on Wednesday, and its death toll exceeds 234,000, a staggering figure even accounting for its greater population than Australia, which has recorded 907 deaths.
"I never thought we would ¬really get to zero, which is amazing," said Sharon Lewin, the ¬Melbourne-based director of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, which provided forecasts in February that formed the basis of the Australian government's response. "I've been going out nonstop, booking restaurants, shopping, getting my nails done and my hair cut."
Australia’s coronavirus ‘dictator’ enforces a drastic lockdown. He’s still popular.
As North America, Europe, India, Brazil and other regions and countries struggle to bring tens of thousands of daily infections under control, Australia provides a real-time road map for democracies to manage the pandemic. Its experience, along with New Zealand's, also shows that success in containing the virus isn't limited to East Asian states (Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan) or those with authoritarian leaders (China, Vietnam).
Racegoers celebrate at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens on Oct. 31. (Jenny Evans/Getty Images)
Several practical measures contributed to Australia's success, experts say. The country chose to quickly and tightly seal its borders, a step some others, notably in Europe, did not take. Health officials rapidly built up the manpower to track down and isolate outbreaks. And unlike the U.S. approach, all of Australia's states either shut their domestic borders or severely limited movement for interstate and, in some cases, intra¬state travelers.
Perhaps most important, though, leaders from across the ideological spectrum persuaded Australians to take the pandemic seriously early on and prepared them to give up civil liberties they had never lost before, even during two world wars.
"We told the public: 'This is serious; we want your cooperation,' " said Marylouise McLaws, a Sydney-based epidemiologist at the University of New South Wales and a World Health Organization adviser.
A lack of partisan rancor increased the effectiveness of the message, McLaws said in an interview.
The conservative prime minister, Scott Morrison, formed a national cabinet with state leaders — known as premiers — from all parties to coordinate decisions. Political conflict was largely suspended, at least initially, and many Australians saw their politicians working together to avert a health crisis.
Eat your heart out Donald.

Everything Nature
Everything Nature 2 months ago

Stressed? Anxious? Need to relax? Try listening to smooth jazz music 🎶 while watching Nature. Getting out into nature doesn't have to be a big event!
You can do it here:

Reuben Osei
Reuben Osei 2 months ago

Corona virus was man made

Reuben Osei
Reuben Osei 2 months ago

For us every day is Christmas is corona virus

Dan Hobson
Dan Hobson 2 months ago

Global deaths from Covid-19 is somewhere from 320,000-350,000. It is definitely confirmed to be higher than 315,000 and lower than 350,000

Jimmy ZHOU
Jimmy ZHOU 2 months ago

“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Drazic 2 months ago

17 November 2019 first case. Why didn't the Chinese Communist Party allow the WHO investigation representatives to examine blood samples and water samples prior to 31 December 2019? Are they trying to rewrite history? No mention of 2019? 55-year-old Hubei resident, who contracted coronavirus on the 17 November 2019, could have been the 'patient zero', says Chinese media. South China Morning Post. Chinese authorities have so far identified at least 266 people who were infected in 2019. Is the world health organisation blind to these facts?

mr jones
mr jones 2 months ago

On the plus side nobody dies of the flu or cancer anymore

Miya 2 months ago

1 million in september and now 2 million in january 4 months later

Gustavo Emannuel De Angola Silva

Why the midia to hidden all truth,negate goods informantion the people ,but by opposin.Want the theory of fear,because have medical ,exist immunization and are in our blood .Athlets are use the prp all efecct good against covid 19 but not want solution want terro,stay home and death of hungry.

Ambrož Oblak
Ambrož Oblak 2 months ago

Man season 2020 of earth was pretty tough but oh boy u havent seen season 2022 dont read the below stuff if u dont want spoilers

-going outside is deadly cuz it spreads through air
-70% of world s population is infected and 69% of the infected people are dead
-we all live in prison like cells except they are biger and more comfortable
We are allowed to do anything in them, including call others by phone or other stuff like discord
- the glass on the walls allows us to see each other
- the good thing is that crimes, wars, and infections are mostly stoped, so we will probably be covid 19 free and will return to normal lives

Kimsey Clyde
Kimsey Clyde 2 months ago

May this year be better. Bless everyone!

ซัน อาทิตย์

Let the real virus creator go to hell.

Trickzy Were U at
Trickzy Were U at 2 months ago

And now it’s almost 2 mil

Owsow Muskwa Naistus
Owsow Muskwa Naistus 2 months ago

Wave three is coming

Schmacks 2 months ago

So guys we did it

Alondra Zamora
Alondra Zamora 2 months ago

Me using this video to write a 7 page paper🙃

Matt-Man 2 months ago

Why did this have to happen? And who should I blame for it? It really is hopeless.

Andy Tan
Andy Tan 2 months ago

It’s going to be written in history textbooks

K Cuba
K Cuba 2 months ago

Meanwhile in Africa... with these countries with “dirty,” underdeveloped infrastructure... they don’t wear masks, no social distancing, no sanitization protocols, immunocomprised, malnourished people....

can scientists explain what’s happening there? why isn’t coronavirus affecting them?

leo limas
leo limas 2 months ago

Obama was president during H1N1 and Ebola virus but I didn't worry about it because THINGS WERE BETTER WHEN OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT

Patthon Sirilim
Patthon Sirilim 2 months ago

maybe us blm and all that riot dident help out the covid issue as well as the whole nation not cordanaiting a covid response.

John B
John B 2 months ago

2017 Almost 600,000 deaths from cancers in the US alone. (Almost a million.) Where was the huge shut down of life as people knew it there? Where was the worldwide collective effort there for a cure or preventative medicine? Ah well of course we know the answer there dont we. None of this is about cures or cares. Its about population reductions and controls. And again. People dont care about each other. If they did theyd look out for one another and be willing to do away with the things found to be responsible for creating cancer. But the studies wont happen or even be funded for those things because again.. Its about keeping people dying just enough to keep the pyramid scheme going.

John B
John B 2 months ago

Still not as many deaths as Car accidents per year.. did i emphasize PER YEAR there? Oh and thats also a worldwide study. Not taking your vaccine. no matter how many stats you throw up on the screen. If people were truly worried about mass deaths per year they would already care about all the stuff that kills people on a daily basis. People dont care. Care is DOA.

Chille Liu
Chille Liu 2 months ago

China was honest and transparent. The western media enjoys twisting the narrative to pretend they didn’t know the seriousness of the virus. Instead they laughed and mocked at China until the first cases was confirmed in their own country. Then the blame game began. You know that’s true.

Jack v
Jack v 2 months ago

Nobody's buying into this crap, the means for managing this covid-19 is responsible for killing 14 people for every actual one death from the covid-19, somebody's going to be made to pay for this

Sukubi Dubidu
Sukubi Dubidu 2 months ago

Man life wouldn't been normal if everything was controled like SARS

Mario Rosales
Mario Rosales 2 months ago

What a awful year man...

Jeffrey Evans
Jeffrey Evans 2 months ago

Scam inflated numbers since the beginning. If someone dies and is SUSPECTED, but NOT DIAGNOSED, they are counted as a covid death. This is not science but an inflated number scam. You can read it on WebMD or NBC news. "If a loved one dies in Colorado, Ohio, Connecticut, and other states, and COVID-19 is suspected but there is no confirmed diagnosis, that death will now be included in the state’s death toll.

Brian D
Brian D 2 months ago

Now for something truly shocking.
After your dead no one will remember you. It may take a few days, weeks, maybe years. Unless you have some big endowment foundation, but even those people are forgotten eventually.
So this mentality of no one's allowed to die from COVID-19 is shooting ourselves in the foot.
Dying of pneumonia is an easy way to go, ask anyone who works in hospice. There's lots of wonderful medicines that take care of any panic of shortness of breath.
The nurses they show on TV crying have their own issues. The patient is surrendered and weak. The families in many cases are hysterical.
But I say let's take it a step further. I like the movie Soylent Green and I think that should be legal globally.
We should have assisted suicide centers as common as a hospital where you can go in, lay on a gurney, take a lethal dose of a medicine, perhaps opiates and watch nice movies until you drift into the great good night and meet the Almighty.
Now if you want to live, fine. But if you want to die, no questions asked.
Then I say let's even take it to the next level with the movie, where we make the bodies into protein chips. We could feed them to the poor or livestock or whatever. It's a win-win.
What will really happen is we'll have people that are homeless, dying in the street, sticking a gun in your face because they want a loaf of bread.

Meanwhile all the parishioners of the big mega churches will be telling Jesus how compassionate they are..

Langley J
Langley J 2 months ago

And 700,000 die from hiv/aids every year, a completely preventable illness. No one talks about. Children Deaths from starvation and malnutrition, 3.1 million per year. No one talks about it. Stop the covid Stories.

Alex Perez
Alex Perez 2 months ago

No acknowledgement of Taiwan's amazing response to the pandemic? Shame.

Fabio AFF
Fabio AFF 2 months ago

Realmente não quero vos perturbar...mas é um assunto muito importante, do qual todos devem estar conscientes.

Vossos dirigentes pretendem causar um "Great Reset" na economia mundial, devido ao nível de endividamento insustentável, em todos os países do mundo.

Para que isto fosse aceitável, precisavam criar uma falsa pandemia mundial. Na verdade podemos chamar de uma "PLAN"demia.

90% dos meios de comunicação, pertencem à "Elite Financeira Global", e estão juntos, nesta FARSA mundial.

Não importa para eles o pânico gerado na população, a quebradeira geral dos pequenos negócios, os suicídios, etc...

Tudo estaria aparentemente, sob controle. A meta é reduzir a população mundial em 80% (leia-se matar o povo), para então efetuarem o grande Reset econômico mundial.

A farsa foi implantada. E a vacinação será a segunda etapa, do plano maligno de extermínio, de "controle populacional".

Isto está sendo planejado há mais de 50 anos...

Pesquisem, e encontrarão informações sobre esta "PLANdemia" e sobre todos os "passos posteriores", postadas há mais de 10 anos atrás, no site do Fórum econômico mundial.

Resumindo: Quando aqueles que deveriam cuidar do povo, são descobertos como aqueles mentem, manipulam, e exterminam o povo, creio que chegou a hora do mundo abrir os olhos e se rebelar contra isto, ou então irá acabar, nas mãos destes pilantras malditos.

Esta será minha última mensagem sobre este assunto.

Se Deus está no controle, passou da hora dele agir. Podem ter absoluta certeza, que Ele agirá.

Sugiro muita atenção, aos vídeos abaixo.

Bill 2 months ago

Dissenting doctors call for different Covid response:

Tari Blevins
Tari Blevins 2 months ago

Like anybody believes the numbers since hospitals and States and cities get federal money per covid death. Spare us.

aSky 2 months ago

1 million is a big number... very big number.. RIP.. :(

Archie S
Archie S 2 months ago

Its actually about 6% of that figure - so 60k worldwide- a big nothing burger in the grand scheme of things

Two-Fifty Gaming
Two-Fifty Gaming 2 months ago

And now they can add Trump to the list!!! Maybe now he'll see how real this virus is!

Jason Keller
Jason Keller 2 months ago

Yaaay! more “scary” numbers from the prog media! So are we supposed to get a cake or something for such a milestone??

Osem Valec
Osem Valec 2 months ago

Half of those people have died WITH coronavirus but weren't killed BY it.

S Steel
S Steel 2 months ago

LIES LIES LIES YO SCARE YOU TO FORCE A SHOT - a false ‘cure’ from the same man who maimed millions in the 3rd world with his ‘cure’

S Steel
S Steel 2 months ago

According to the CDC only 9k of the 180k died FROM cv the rest died WITH it. Every year 2.8 million die in US from all causes - now they only die from one cause. WAKE UP - THIS IS AN EXCUSE TO SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION . THE TESTING IS A SCAM W HIGH FALSE POSITIVES USED AS AN EXCUSE TO IMPRISON US.

Thundewr Fox
Thundewr Fox 2 months ago

Corona virus live update

NOMINUTES 2 months ago


Jessica Grant
Jessica Grant 2 months ago


Murf2 2 months ago

Leo Gt
Leo Gt 2 months ago

Id say covid is fake but youtube is known for deleting those kind of comments, see how long this one lasts.

R Mh
R Mh 2 months ago for Covid-19 world map count/news

Darian Gregory
Darian Gregory 2 months ago

In America they keep saying they anticipate the numbers of the dead to rise. It could get really bad they keep saying to prep us and seemingly to make sure their projections are correct they sent kids back to school, fully opened bars and want to get people back in stadiums and other Places where people gather in large numbers. That makes no sense and it's really suspect as if they want to give the virus a really good second wind.

WideAwake 2 months ago

Tiny hats. Big lies.


WHO Predicts Global COVID Death toll might reach 2 million(20200929No.0063)

Legioner Fury
Legioner Fury 2 months ago

30 million cases worldwide and 1 million deaths in just 9 months

MaximusW01 2 months ago

A YouTuber I like, who is also a friend of mine through Discord, lost her dad due to COVID...

Man 2020 sucks ass

Ripped Reaper
Ripped Reaper 2 months ago

All because some China man had bat soup 🦇🍵🤦🏽‍♂️

AngelTheVoo 2 months ago

our “leaders” are more like backseaters tbh

Ceviche 4 life
Ceviche 4 life 2 months ago


david dawes
david dawes 2 months ago

A Lil
A Lil 2 months ago

If you people didn’t commit your sins like you did for long times, God wouldn’t have sent a punishment like this upon you.

Trax_ AJ
Trax_ AJ 2 months ago

Alright bois, world virus 3 GET YOUR GUTS READY

B Whittaker
B Whittaker 2 months ago

Bull freaking crap

Elenex 2 months ago

Imagine if we stopped the economy (or jobs and quarantined) the moment WHO announced the very first health warning. If everyone was considerate (left politics and their ignorant beliefs to the side) we would have been way better, and it would have been contained. All of our ignorance and all of our greed ruin every thing on this earth.

rolback 2 months ago

More than a million people die of malaria every year. This is a big so what.

Jack Roy
Jack Roy 2 months ago

I do not owe anyone anything now with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Mister Celebrity
Mister Celebrity 2 months ago

Dear . Trump. China said they want their virus back, all of it

BOSSMxN305 2 months ago

Can I get 69 likes since the video ends at 4:20

Yuki Kim
Yuki Kim 2 months ago

It’s the Final Boss We ain’t gonna lose this battle

PUBGDork 2 months ago

Damn I thought it was 200,000

le trong dai le trong dai

area 51 raid

00SecretAgent 2 months ago

= o,ooo,ooo,oo8 of the world population... Insignificant..!

Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez 2 months ago

Why don't they report on who most susceptible to the virus?

connoris 3
connoris 3 2 months ago

I clicked here so I can say something more than half the deaths are not from Covid

Power Grid
Power Grid 2 months ago

0.08% death rate, biggest hoax ever. Most come from the elderly and underlying condition people. Here's an idea, you folks stay at home and let the rest of us live our lives

larry spizzirri
larry spizzirri 2 months ago

As Trump says, "it is what it is".

Tony C
Tony C 2 months ago


Im Fright
Im Fright 2 months ago

Howd it go from like 200k to a mil in a week lmao


So we’ve lied about the death toll in the US and got caught so now we will use global numbers that are almost impossible to check. The death toll was announced as passing 200,000 at least twice. Two months ago Florida had a a large increase in reported positives which coincided with Florida going to work more people in public logically leads to more people positive tests the story was huge, what wasn’t huge was the follow report about what happened. No reports about more people being put in the hospital no resorts of a a death toll increasing at the same rate. U of Georgia opens we heard that 11,000 new positives were reported we heard in great detail about how this was a disaster how this proved that the virus was still out of control and several media outlets screamed that parents were putting their kids lives at risks for political ideology. Of the 11,000 positives not one was hospitalized. The media has continued to scream the sky is falling when it supports the doom and gloom they are presenting but never the aftermath that proves it doesn’t. Every company, school, public venue that are open did so because it safe. The CDC was the go to source of information, we had almost daily updates on number of positives and deaths. When Trump doubted the validity of the virus the CDC was used to hammer him as the science he was denying. But after the CDC gave the report that pointed out that we know who gets it and lives and who gets it and dies. They gave us the age and conditions that put people most at risk which told us who we need to spend resources on and who we didn’t. After that report suddenly the CDC isn’t referred to anymore except last week when they said something they had to retract. Facebook, twitter and YouTube suspended accounts of people who were discussing the details of the report and how we are being mislead. The fact that a large amount of new positives with no increases in hospitalization or death proves this is nonsense and people’s lives are continuing to be destroyed because of a lie.

Ashton Urgiles
Ashton Urgiles 2 months ago

Lol and it ends at 420😂😅🥺

J D 2 months ago

And we aren’t getting a cure in a year

Jessica Zane
Jessica Zane 2 months ago

You're using a Memorial Day thumbnail? Wow, I'm really shocked, this coming from CBNC.

William Dunhan
William Dunhan 2 months ago

On a planet of 7 Billion, that's not pandemic levels. That's a bad flu.

Benjamin Allan
Benjamin Allan 2 months ago

The curb is about as flat as the earth

J B 2 months ago


shawn mitic
shawn mitic 2 months ago

I just wanted to see how they blame it on Trump...even though WHO was keeping tabs on China who was lying and we pay 25% of the overall funding for WHO...but yeah I'll just leave that there.

juan olivares
juan olivares 2 months ago

cyanide and happiness

Andi Muhammad Zihad Rabbani

Why are there so many dislikes wtf

Kaimel_ 2 months ago

Is the virus getting worse or better?

robotron17 2 months ago

So, I guess HOSPITALS GETTING PAID $10,000 PER PATIENT (CARES Act 2020) to say someone has "covid" had no effect on the numbers because hospitals are angels and would never act corrupt in any way, or overcharge for anything, or drain your entire life savings for an overnight stay? Okay, I'm sold.

Happy Man
Happy Man 2 months ago

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Rochelle Hentze
Rochelle Hentze 2 months ago

When are we going to be told the true numbers not the people who were just labeled covid who actually didn't have it

Ted Mitten
Ted Mitten 2 months ago

94% had underlying conditions and were old af

Emily Clarke
Emily Clarke 2 months ago

This is insane, here we were in America thinking this will die out in wuhan before it hits us just a few months ago, and now here we are with a million cases world wide in just a YEAR. A YEAR. This is out of control!!!

Cousin vlogs !
Cousin vlogs ! 2 months ago

But most of the deaths where people already dying and also I know several people who never even took the test and got an email that they tested positive! I just think they are trying to scare everyone. The people who actually get it and die from only that is Not 1 million

Mark Hrebik
Mark Hrebik 2 months ago