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Information American REACTS to Dutch Lifestyle | The Netherlands Is Amazing

Title : American REACTS to Dutch Lifestyle | The Netherlands Is Amazing

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Frames American REACTS to Dutch Lifestyle | The Netherlands Is Amazing

Description American REACTS to Dutch Lifestyle | The Netherlands Is Amazing

American REACTS to Dutch Lifestyle | The Netherlands Is Amazing

American REACTS to Dutch Lifestyle | The Netherlands Is Amazing

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Ronin Warrior
Ronin Warrior 2 months ago

And another reaction section have been colonized 🇳🇱

glow productions
glow productions 2 months ago

Love how you know our language so well!! Greetings from the NL

Raphdroid T
Raphdroid T 2 months ago

Haha. A lot of compagnies will set up shop because we are a tax haven!

Duif Met mayo
Duif Met mayo 2 months ago


Frans Uitenhoven
Frans Uitenhoven 2 months ago

The reason my flag is the same as the grrrr french is that we are to stingy to make a new one we just turn it around😉

stein joosten
stein joosten 2 months ago

The dutchs flag was first than the frenchs flag came after revolution

kyan YT
kyan YT 2 months ago

Easy Learning Dutch because I'm Dutch

Suzanrubi 2 months ago

To be fair Dutch is pretty difficult to learn and when he said that I spent two years on learning to speak Dutch. Well that’s why we dutchie’s We spent eight years in elementary school.And the Dutch culture is very down to earth and honest because that’s how people always does and that’s what we know like when you’re a kid you could talk like that and you act like that that’s how it is and there’s no other way to put it.

Sylke /
Sylke / 2 months ago

We do take tips in restaurants

mick bergman
mick bergman 2 months ago

Hallo ik ben een nederlander

manon hoeben
manon hoeben 2 months ago

I live in Alkmaar

elise stokman
elise stokman 2 months ago

Dat deze man vrijwillig Nederlands wilde leren 😂

Kate vlroux
Kate vlroux 2 months ago

2 minutes into the video and I must say I'm pretty impressed with your Dutch! Keep up the good work! =)

{Foxy_gamer} 2 months ago


Think positive always

You so cool brother... I'm Dutch hahahaha 😂✌️🇺🇸🇳🇱🇺🇸🇳🇱💪

Melissa Kalberg
Melissa Kalberg 2 months ago

Tip: some of the prettiest canals in the netherlands are in utrecht, i think u'll like it

Inge Markerink
Inge Markerink 2 months ago

The “almond butter” is called Amandel Spijs. And the bread a Stol

tjeerd oosinga
tjeerd oosinga 2 months ago

I'm a dutch guy that lives in.alaska and I've a funny American accent that's what the Locals tell me 😂

Lot 2 months ago

Whats his ig?

Charlotte SPN
Charlotte SPN 2 months ago

It’s funny that you start out talking about the vowels and the american accent, bc to me dutch sounds like an American speaking Flemish (Belgian here!)

Lindy Lund
Lindy Lund 2 months ago

Enjoyed this. My daughter lives in Hilversum near Amsterdam. I LOVE it there. They do almost everything better than in the US IMO. Beautiful! So many people in such a small space yet wide open fields and I believe the second in the world in exports. So many progressive yet earth-friendly ideas like their recycling, for instance.

Iris B
Iris B 2 months ago

Can I marry him?

ZaphiraX 2 months ago

We were part of spain . . . not france

RH P 2 months ago

the colours of the flag have a special meaning other countries also used. The Sugar bread is called spijsstol (sugar bread is something else, Frisian actually).

Max Meester
Max Meester 2 months ago

Hey, my school is in alkmaar.
Nice video, nice explanation.
Have you bin in the vest? (a theater)

KILLER ZWEG 2 months ago

The bread you referring to is called a stol. We eat it mostly around christmas and easter so we say it is a: kerststol or paasstol. Its really nice!

cyrez Is Bad
cyrez Is Bad 2 months ago

we were par of spain (80 year war), france (some guy) germany (ww2)

Cola-eter D
Cola-eter D 2 months ago

I’m Dutch and it’s really fun to watch this for me.

Sjakie07 2 months ago

Wat het mooiste is aan Alkmaar is AZ Alkmaar

Max Kerbert
Max Kerbert 2 months ago

Our flag is older than the French flag. They copied us not the other way around

Esmee J
Esmee J 2 months ago

The French flag is created after the French Revolution 1794, the Dutch flag is instated in 1596, so 2 years short of 200 years before the French

Microwaved 2 months ago

Wow hoe cool kan hij onze taal

Anne Heerikhuisen
Anne Heerikhuisen 2 months ago

Small correction: the 'french' influences are actually coming from Latin

Sjoerd Koerts
Sjoerd Koerts 2 months ago

Frech stole the dutch vlag

Marieke Melchers
Marieke Melchers 2 months ago

He is too cute. I live in Alkmaar and sad I didn't bump into him. Also, his Dutch is really good?! I'm shocked

Django Jilderda
Django Jilderda 2 months ago

I really love these video's. It gives me a great feeling about my people! Thank you sir for taking your time to integrate into our society!

Sanquinity 2 months ago

I have an anecdote about our hospitality. (I'm Dutch) I work in a restaurant. One afternoon business was REALLY slow, until an American woman came in. While ordering she mentioned how she was looking for a place to stay, since the apartment she was supposed to start renting fell through. Since we didn't have much to do, me and a colleague proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes helping her find options for lodging as soon as possible. And my colleague went out for a smoke with get afterwards to have a bit of talk to help her calm down from a pretty stressful situation.

We Dutch might not be quick to make friends or strike a conversation with a stranger. But if we're asked, a lot of us are glad to be of help. And if we have the time, we often try to help as well.

MuZeSiCk77 2 months ago

It's amazing to hear how Americans behold or see The Netherlands. Your perceptions are realy fun to hear about. For us it's just normal but it's special to hear the suprise in your explaintions. Nice to know and to hear. Love it!!

Linda Raterink
Linda Raterink 2 months ago

Our waitresses and waiters are paid a livable wage, they don't depend on tips. If you do decide to tip them, because of excelent service, acceptable is to round the amound (like 21.30 will be 22 to 25 or so) or give a couple of euros. Most of the time this end up in a tip jar and personel has a team outing from this money or is split up evenly as a bonus.

Nick Janssen
Nick Janssen 2 months ago

He explains it quite well actually!

Richard Brinkerhoff
Richard Brinkerhoff 2 months ago

As an American-born Dutchman who moved to The Netherlands 46 years ago, I am impressed by how much you have learned in such a short time. Not all you say is correct, but it's wonderful that you are so positive about the Dutch culture.

Manon Elout
Manon Elout 2 months ago

You're always welcome in Alkmaar :) I loved this video but you had me when you started talking about Alkmaar! Also great job speaking dutch!

Niels Red
Niels Red 2 months ago

Im from Alkmaar ;) very funny 😊😊

Qorax 2 months ago


Squaqy 2 months ago


Shopgirl2000 2 months ago

Must be a mormon. Impressive!

Cora Ajbouni
Cora Ajbouni 2 months ago

I love that you love the Netherlands, agree with nearly everything you’ve said. Well done!

mark nvt
mark nvt 2 months ago

One thing that is really hard on the Dutch language is that you write of speak it with feeling. For example is it Fink or is it Vink. Same goes is it De huis, or is it het huis. Its something you cannot learn because there is no logic. You have too feel it if it is right or wrong.

John Lam
John Lam 2 months ago

Who wants tot speak Dutch 😂

Gert Huisman
Gert Huisman 2 months ago

The Dutch didn't copy the French flag, in fact the Dutch flag existed before the French flag.

De Nederlanders hebben de Franse vlag niet gekopieerd, in feite de Nederlandse vlag bestond al voor de Franse vlag.

Tijmen pro
Tijmen pro 2 months ago

Eyy 072 Alkmaar!!😂

Rebooted 2 months ago

Come live here a while, the Netherlands sucks to live in xD

Zorba Apollo
Zorba Apollo 2 months ago

Super leuk zijn enthusiasm :)

Myrthe tjhie
Myrthe tjhie 2 months ago

Our free standing houses would be considered a normal size in the U.S., but here people consider them to be pretty big.

Myrthe tjhie
Myrthe tjhie 2 months ago

Our flag used to be orange white and blue. The orange changed to red at some point, but not because of France.

Kevin Niemeijer
Kevin Niemeijer 2 months ago

Dat klinkt best goed

Ksenija Vassiltcheva
Ksenija Vassiltcheva 2 months ago

This guy knows more about my country than I do. I've been living here for 26 years.

fish with the tacky wacky

im Dutch

Nora Smith
Nora Smith 2 months ago

Niet suikerbrood jaar stol met spijs

weedler justme
weedler justme 2 months ago

1 thing you mistaking my friend.  even bin here in winter time  transportation is floekt :D:D:D

UnslaveHumanity 2 months ago

The Netherlands are "small" ... yeah but did you know Belgium & Luxembourg were originally officially PART of The Netherlands but after the war with France (invasion) it changed! ... Do you know that Manhattan was originally owned by The Dutch and called "New Amsterdam" (look it up!) ... The Dutch Fleet was 3 times bigger than the British that explains why the "Colonization Effect" worldwide is easy to see: Most of Australia met The Dutch before the British ... Indonesia (and part of India) was part of The Dutch Kingdom ... Suriname was part of The Dutch Kingdom ... The US Constitution is mostly based upon the Dutch Constitution ... Parts of Canada had many Dutch Settlers (influences) ... South Africa was part of The Dutch Kingdom and I can go on and on and on ... Like did you know that Japanese for a long time ONLY wanted to trade with the Dutch VOC (mostly Protestants) because they would not interfere in their culture like the Catholics want to do! ... The First Multinational Bank System Ever was created by the Dutch! ... So much that people do not realize!

Sillie the boy
Sillie the boy 2 months ago

Je kan goed nederlands spreken

Sillie the boy
Sillie the boy 2 months ago

Respect man echt

stephan duinker
stephan duinker 2 months ago

1:40 ik ga kapot xD

nividathomas 2 months ago


Thalia Jennifer
Thalia Jennifer 2 months ago

Goeie uitspraak!! Leuk om te horen hoe fijn je ons land vindt en hoe geïnteresseerd je erin bent :).

Rosan de Bie
Rosan de Bie 2 months ago

Your Dutch is really good!

Niels de Vries
Niels de Vries 2 months ago


Leon Verhagen
Leon Verhagen 2 months ago

They set there company in the netherlands 4 tax benifids nothing else

jlvanderwal 2 months ago

Awesome video! Imo you speak Dutch very well 👍🏻

Joris Bruijn
Joris Bruijn 2 months ago

Love the fact that most of the views of this video are from Dutch people 😅 americans should watch this sometime😉

Its_Squeezy 2 months ago

Love how hes so interested in The Netherlands, also the history of it

Dennis Verbruggen
Dennis Verbruggen 2 months ago

Do tip your waiter if he/she does a good job though!

Kas mucosmos
Kas mucosmos 2 months ago

people from the Netherlands are not always in windmills and almost never wear clogs

Richard Ermstrang
Richard Ermstrang 2 months ago

It's good to see how positive he is about us😋 mostly correct as well. Cute guy😉 The Hague is called the legal capital of the world because there are so many legal institutions seated there, like the icc for example.

Chickey 2 months ago

he has to come to brabant, we have normal g's were not cleaning our throat

M-L's World
M-L's World 2 months ago

then go to the Limburg region of the Netherlands, they speak way softer

JoyceMaria 2 months ago

Alkmaar is zo mooi!! Trots om er te wonen...

Joost Van Buuren
Joost Van Buuren 2 months ago

Deze gast houdt meer van Nederland dan ik 😆

chaoticgood gh0st
chaoticgood gh0st 2 months ago

Tipping isn't obligated, but usually if we feel the waiter/waitress was kind & the food tasted good, we do tip a fair amount 😊

haydenkicksass 2 months ago

I've lived in the Netherlands for 1 year now, the only good thing about this country is the woman are better looking but apart from that it's terrible

Carrot 2 months ago

the bread is called a "stol" :p sugarbread is white bread with like clusters of (kandij) sugar in it, really tasty

reine svenssons
reine svenssons 2 months ago

OMG! I think i wanna move back! ^_^

Karen 2 months ago

I am wondering how long you lived in Netherlands!

Robert Roelofs
Robert Roelofs 2 months ago

Mad respect for this man! To speak this level of Dutch and know all this, mad respect brother! English channel, see a lot of Dutch comments, not going to do that!

MrMezmerized 2 months ago


mastersjeng 2 months ago

Iam a dutchmen you are a great guy

Luckr 2 months ago

Awesome to see an american talking so passionate about the Netherlands. Groetjes uit Alkmaar!

MrThePatrik 2 months ago

Greatz from Amsterdam (Netherlands) nice story and your are right that the people that life in the netherlands need too now the language.....

Ingmar Neple
Ingmar Neple 2 months ago


ChristyNINdie 2 months ago

when I studied in the states as a dutchie I had a lot of trouble to speak English without an accent because I needed to change the cavity of my mouth to change the sound. And every time I went home every 6 months people thought I was English because I spoke dutch with an English accent just because I did not want to change the cavity because I would be back in the states within a couple of weeks. Now I am unable to change it within a small span of time. Plus my English got really bad since I am living here again.

5MB Builders
5MB Builders 2 months ago

It's called marsepein

upwk7 2 months ago

The Dutch society isnt perfect, not the American society is perfect. As a Dutch myself i know my country hade also its dark side.

joestoess 2 months ago

I'm Dutch and watching this American talk about my country is so fun

Floris Bastiaan
Floris Bastiaan 2 months ago

i live in Alkmaar. Do you know AZ? Their stadium collapsed. Luckily without anyone in it.

Floris Bastiaan
Floris Bastiaan 2 months ago

g e k o l o n i s e e r d

ProGamerNG14 2 months ago

G E K O L O N I S E E R D 🇳🇱

Martin van der Plas
Martin van der Plas 2 months ago

Belgium separated from the Netherlands in 1830

Jonas of Persia
Jonas of Persia 2 months ago

We did the flag thing first though

CHiLL_95 2 months ago

BRUH je klinkt EXACT als mijn Engels docent