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jbell0243 2 months ago

This hymn almost always makes me weep, but this is performance/arrangement is incredible!

Peter Mcnabb
Peter Mcnabb 2 months ago

Beautiful testimony! With your permission, I would like to play "What Wondrous Love is This" in our virtual Ash Wednesday Service at First United Methodist Church of Terrell, Texas.

david mann
david mann 2 months ago

This is what happens when you set your expectations to the highest level.

Mark Cruz
Mark Cruz 2 months ago


Whitney Maslak
Whitney Maslak 2 months ago

Absolutely magnificent. Thank you.

Jim Denny
Jim Denny 2 months ago

Wow! The best the rendition I've ever heard of this wonderful hymn.

Teniyah 2 months ago

this flows so well!

Renuka Paul
Renuka Paul 2 months ago

This is my most favorite song from this choir. The very first thing I do after my devotions and before beginning my job every morning, is to listen to this song and just be in the presence of my Savior with Praise and worship. God bless each one and the superb Conductor...

R. kjlbey
R. kjlbey 2 months ago

Let the Angels sing the Lord a new song, in our Savior's Christ's name, Amen!

Danae Welling
Danae Welling 2 months ago

Incredible! I will definitely be using this as an example of a "great choir" for my ensembles.

The Guido K. Group
The Guido K. Group 2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic. Warm and intense. Thanks for that.

Tomas Romero Mendez
Tomas Romero Mendez 2 months ago

Un grandisimo coro. Maravilloso

Misael Capone
Misael Capone 2 months ago

"To God and to the Lamb, I will sing!"

GERDASO 2 months ago

Que hermoso himno y bello coro, What wonderful hymn and amazing choir.

Arnold Ronning
Arnold Ronning 2 months ago

Glory be to God for this music and this choir. And yes, thanks to YouTube for bringing it to a wider audience. Christ laid aside his crown for all our souls, thanks be to God.

OWOT1966 2 months ago

A blessed event to attend their concert

Angela Hanchey
Angela Hanchey 2 months ago

Volume low....but beautiful

Danette Littleton
Danette Littleton 2 months ago

Breathtaking performance. Masterful conductor.

Juan Williams
Juan Williams 2 months ago

Is there anyway to own this recording? If anyone know pls let me know! Thanks

Elizabeth Dillard
Elizabeth Dillard 2 months ago

This is a piece I love to sing. Nicely done

The Robot Boogie
The Robot Boogie 2 months ago

that's a lot of people performing in perfect sync. most excellent

kittycasino29 2 months ago

That was beautiful 😍

crochetcatcrafty 2 months ago

So beautiful. Brings tears (happy) to my eyes.

Garry Frost
Garry Frost 2 months ago

Only God Almighty could've arranged such unity among chorus participants! God bless y'all

J BALENTYN 2 months ago

Kickass choir

Life In The Dollhouse - Chelsea’s World #mindymila

This always brings to mind Revelations 5: 9-14

Bert Morris
Bert Morris 2 months ago

This really is my favourite choir. I have sung in choirs for 78 years and I thought I had heard the best BUT the rest are only beginners compared with St Olaf's. A wonderful performance. Thank you.

Juan Williams
Juan Williams 2 months ago

This is superb!

Henry Horne
Henry Horne 2 months ago

If you enjoyed this look up Southern Harmony movement 2

Karras Johnson
Karras Johnson 2 months ago

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary Ingersoll
Gary Ingersoll 2 months ago

amazingly beautiful...

Paul Duffy
Paul Duffy 2 months ago

0:41 ‘Dreadful’ — can’t imagine that being performed any better.

Sarah Sapp
Sarah Sapp 2 months ago

Had the chance to be led by Anton at an Augsburg clinic one much to teach and so little time to learn!

johnnyj0104 2 months ago

Absolutely Stunning!

Ken W Anderson
Ken W Anderson 2 months ago


NipkowDisk 2 months ago

Extraordinary to say the very least.

Alexander Menzies
Alexander Menzies 2 months ago

Who is the lovely Nordic princess?

Arthur Duncan
Arthur Duncan 2 months ago

I will often go back and listen to this same arrangement because of how peaceful and restful it makes me feel. Great job!

Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas 2 months ago

What a superb rendering of this lovely hymn. Does one good, what wondrous love indeed!

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

What? No praise band drowning out the choir?!

mojokiss 2 months ago

anyone else crying?

Jonathan Lunsford
Jonathan Lunsford 2 months ago

That was incredible

a. banks.
a. banks. 2 months ago

So very beautiful....

Samuel Matos
Samuel Matos 2 months ago

Belíssima versão de um clássico, vozes angelicais... lindo, lindo!

Continuo Basso
Continuo Basso 2 months ago

We love this hymn, and it is a pleasure to find this arrangement by Dr Scholz, a director we admired very much at St Olaf.

Tuyen Pham
Tuyen Pham 2 months ago

Beautiful! So Beautiful! But my praise and compliment mean nothing. Instead, listen to what the lord say to you: Mat 25:23, "Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."

Char Breitbarth
Char Breitbarth 2 months ago

So beautiful, it touches the heart and soul.

Randy Bridgeman
Randy Bridgeman 2 months ago

If humans can sing so wonderfully, imagine what singing in Heaven is like!

Michael Wallingford
Michael Wallingford 2 months ago

Very nice as usual! I love the movement of the member's bodies as they sing! beautifully performed!

Susie Fairchild Lott
Susie Fairchild Lott 2 months ago

Beautiful. Even the gentle sway speaks beauty.

Edmond Beatty
Edmond Beatty 2 months ago


N609B 2 months ago

Praise God!

Richard Dorsey
Richard Dorsey 2 months ago

This is truly a worshipful experience!

Mark S. Nelson
Mark S. Nelson 2 months ago

Perfect blend and balance of voices , carefully articulated ....
I can see a pair of dancers making loving gestures... what wondrous love...

William Ripley
William Ripley 2 months ago

Like the crispness of these young voices!

The Plant
The Plant 2 months ago

My choir teacher was in this ensemble, and we were all gawking when he showed us this clip. Such a beautiful piece! <3

Lucinda McWeeney
Lucinda McWeeney 2 months ago

The voices raise my spirit.

cp77 2 months ago

I totally do not understand how anyone can give a thumbs down to this. The St. Olaf Choir does this arrangement as well as I have ever heard it done. A sound this good can lift a person out of their time and space and literally catch them away for the duration. Stellar job, St Olaf Choir and Anton Armstrong!

Arun Joshi
Arun Joshi 2 months ago

21 dislikes,Whats wrong with those people ? Huhh Jealous thats y😠

Chris Lambers
Chris Lambers 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

A Piece Of Paper
A Piece Of Paper 2 months ago

Amazing. I would REALLY love to attend this college for the music program, but all the negativity I've heard about it - in addition to research I conducted myself - is stopping me from applying.

Gabe 2 months ago

The dynamics and rubato is simply amazing wow

Samuel Birmingham
Samuel Birmingham 2 months ago


E Nash
E Nash 2 months ago

The vowels! PERFECTION. Dynamics so excellent. Plus, this choir is beautiful to watch-- the discipline, the attention to the conductor, very responsive, obviously listening to one another as they sing... When I get to heaven, I am going to sing in the St Olaf choir.

Michael Heintz
Michael Heintz 2 months ago

It doesn't get any better than this!

George Hofmann
George Hofmann 2 months ago


Treasures 'N Nature
Treasures 'N Nature 2 months ago

My mom is a chef and prepared the meal for St. Olaf choir before one of their performances in Charlotte. You guys.... they SANG their grace!!!! it was stunningly awesome to hear! And then they called my mom out after they ate and sang their thank you to her in such harmony and unity, I could hear them sing forever. I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of hearing that

Eric Winter
Eric Winter 2 months ago

Once you've heard the St. Olaf Choir, you listen to most other choirs and just say "yeah, they're pretty good". The blend here is incredible—the dynamics—electrifying. Hats off to Anton Armstrong and these talented kids.

Cee Dee
Cee Dee 2 months ago

This is simply lovely! I did not even notice they were holding hands until I watched it the 2nd time. Beautiful!!

Renan David
Renan David 2 months ago

I do need this sheet music!!! Does anyone have one to share for me? :)

Evelyn Thibaudeau
Evelyn Thibaudeau 2 months ago

praise Him the Lamb of God! who took away my sin.

butchtheiw 2 months ago

Beautiful. Heavenly.

William Walker
William Walker 2 months ago

No shit; I had no idea this was ever heard outside of the shape-note crowd in the US (well, FROM the US). THe Southern Harmony was an old shape-note hymnal (look it up shape note singing, it's pretty cool: search "Sacred Harp Wonderous Love 159"). It's a very old tune though, goes back hundreds of years (the words are newer). The same tune is used in old ballads like "Captain Kidd", and others I can't recall right now. Never realized it was still in modern hymnals and is still being sung by choirs! Not sure it qualifies as a "Christmas song" though (referring to it being in a playlist of Christmas music).

Crandaddy 2 months ago

I first heard this hymn in chapel services when I was in college, where it was sung frequently, and I fell in love with it right away! Today it remains one of my very favorite hymns, and this is probably the most beautiful performance I've ever heard!

William Ripley
William Ripley 2 months ago

Wonderful sound of highest quality.

John Wentworth
John Wentworth 2 months ago

Bravo, magnificent! This performance is deeply moving, and so well done. Thank you.

Gordon Zaft
Gordon Zaft 2 months ago

One of America's best choirs. Love this arrangement.

Anita Satkiewicz
Anita Satkiewicz 2 months ago


sarah stengle
sarah stengle 2 months ago

As a singer, I love the conductor, he really communicates so precisely and clearly

Jean Connal
Jean Connal 2 months ago

voted hymn of the day May 10th, 2016

Stephen Oni
Stephen Oni 2 months ago

the way the music swells is amazing! amazing! what a great God we have...what wondrous love indeed!

John Florentino
John Florentino 2 months ago

Fantastic performance, brings tears to my eyes.................................

Deborah Sumo
Deborah Sumo 2 months ago

This is so beautiful and peaceful!

Jim Maslowski
Jim Maslowski 2 months ago

Mr. Armstrong gives them great leadership. Wonderful performance.
Thank you for sharing.

singing4hope 2 months ago

I love how they're holding hands while singing as a choir.

Shelly H
Shelly H 2 months ago

Wonderfully executed with a beautiful arrangement. #AudioBliss

Katelyn Pitts
Katelyn Pitts 2 months ago

This is truly beautiful with the parts complimenting each other and the sound that the st.olafs choir makes is so incredible

Pari Kim
Pari Kim 2 months ago

Pure beauty and perfection. I love listening to choir music! 😊

Tayssa Botelho
Tayssa Botelho 2 months ago

Sweet, beautiful, inspiring... You have touched my soul.

Noel Brown
Noel Brown 2 months ago

Can a choir get any closer to perfection. Perfectly wonderful to listen to, and carry in one's heart. Thanks to everyone, Armstrong, and the choir members.

dsthorp 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful and pristine. Love it!

Mike Horton
Mike Horton 2 months ago

What a wondrous sound from a wonderful chorus.   Thanks to an incredible conductor as well.

rkgk1517 2 months ago

I like that they hold hands when they sing. No fidgeters that way

JJ 2 months ago


TrachyCarpus Takil
TrachyCarpus Takil 2 months ago

So Beautiful - One of my favorite Sacred Harp - Shape note tunes and such a beautiful A' Capella Chamber choir version.  Congrats on spinning off those overtones on the final chords.  To me that's the ultimate synergy when all the parts come together and produce something in addition to the actual parts being sung.  Those are the goosebumps.. ;-)   Man I miss singing small ensemble.

Matthew Wyskiel
Matthew Wyskiel 2 months ago

This is so good. My high school choir just a version of this last week for our spring concert but this arrangement is amazing.

Shadofx 2 months ago

Very well done!..loved it!

Jerome B
Jerome B 2 months ago

absolutely breathtaking in imaginative and beautiful harmonies, congratulations St. Olaf Choir

Debby Wells
Debby Wells 2 months ago

Perfection -- replaces "Sing Me to Heaven" as a choral response to my Mom's Memorial Service. Any chance St. Olaf Choir is available April 19th in Maryland? :)

Linda Hurst
Linda Hurst 2 months ago


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