LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide


The Lawn Care Nut

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Information LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide

Title : LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide

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Frames LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide

Description LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide

LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide

LED Christmas Lights for Beginners // C3, C6, C7, C9 LED Holiday Lights Buyers Guide

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The Lawn Care Nut
The Lawn Care Nut 2 months ago

Here are the Christmas Lights I have (C9) that go around my roofline:

Here are the shingle and gutter clips I recommend:

cameltoast 2 months ago

Them eleCTRICKLE things! 😂😂 Great video thanks

Md.Omar Faruque
Md.Omar Faruque 2 months ago


Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma 2 months ago

Awesome video btw..

Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma 2 months ago

All those P65 cancer warnings on these lights, should I be worried? Thoughts?

Silmarillion Tolkien
Silmarillion Tolkien 2 months ago

I prefer warm white. Looks classy.

Jamie Sturgell
Jamie Sturgell 2 months ago

❄️I like the screw in C9’s!💡

mark kessler
mark kessler 2 months ago

Where did you get those specific clips?

Lawn Care Lady
Lawn Care Lady 2 months ago

Awesome video! Thanks for the info.

Taya Howard
Taya Howard 2 months ago

Literally Thank you so much for posting this

sp lina
sp lina 2 months ago

"Warm" white vs "cool" white refers to the tone of the colour. A warm toned white, beige, red, grey has some yellow tinge...making it a warm, sunny or soft toned colour. A cool toned white, taupe, red, grey has some blue tinge...becoming a cool, wintery or crisp toned colour. Warm vs cool is used to describe this subtle difference in lighting, skin, paint, clothing and indeed colour in general. Wishing you all a toasty warm and fun cool holiday 🌟😎

Chase Gregor
Chase Gregor 2 months ago

Led lol the worst

YAMAHA KING 2 months ago

Good info. Thanks

The Coleman Twinz
The Coleman Twinz 2 months ago

Any tips on hanging lights when you have gutter guards?

Karthik Thangamani
Karthik Thangamani 2 months ago

so which one was the brightest and most reliable ?

R/C McGuyver
R/C McGuyver 2 months ago

The way the light cuts out on your camera from the cheaper lights it's kind of like with a LCD or LED TV when you go to a certain angle the screen blacks out but when you go to the center of the screen it's nice and bright and vibrant

Anne Marie
Anne Marie 2 months ago

Came here to find out if bigger number meant a bigger bulb, and found out quickly from you that it does. Thank you!

Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts 2 months ago

Great video. Thank you. Looking to get lights to decorate outdoors for the first time for our family! I didn't know much about outdoor lights, so this was a big help! I DO know quite a bit about filmmaking. :) There are several factors why they lights can dip in and out in camera. It can be the FPS, but more importantly is what shutter speed you are filming at. I'm not an electrician either so may not say this correctly... but essentially you have to match the shutter speed to the frequency the lights are conducting electricity. So play with the shutter and you'll see different rows of lights flickering SUPER fast or rolling slow until you find the correct one.

vids4anand 2 months ago

Best video ever

nfn7121 2 months ago

The yellow wood.

dskokos77 2 months ago

I love that these days you have to preface everything with "I'm not an expert," or "Now I will show you my ignorance on the matter," or 'Not that I'm an electrician," etc, etc. It shows how sensitive people have become and how likely they are to assign liability for their own mistakes. Great video, but I'm sorry that the evolving American culture requires all the fine print..!

Ryan Mcgouirk
Ryan Mcgouirk 2 months ago

Go to Lowe's and get Christmas lights they have really great lights
Never had any problems

Kristen Davidson
Kristen Davidson 2 months ago

I agree - small detail- but it’s a candle shape not strawberry! Lol. Great video, ty.

NicKy Diamondz
NicKy Diamondz 2 months ago

Can you connect from c9 to c7 or c6 string of led lights

Warrior Link
Warrior Link 2 months ago

Hmmm, I have had the C7 faceted lights from HD for a long time, I'm now thinking of switching to C9 smooth lights. Thanks for this video!!!

Mr. Gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez 2 months ago

65k views on this video and only 1k likes?
The audacity of some ppl.
Thank you for sharing this video.

Tavia Redburn
Tavia Redburn 2 months ago

This was SO HELPFUL!! Thanks so much!!

ALO & CESAR 2 months ago

Which lights are the ones that go on roof and are chasing lights

jack The engine guy
jack The engine guy 2 months ago

Nice video

pranay palande
pranay palande 2 months ago

How to get his in India

Donald Robbins
Donald Robbins 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. I'm making the jump from mini to C9, it's that time of year again!

Kate G
Kate G 2 months ago

Thank you for this!!! I was just looking at C3 and thinking how great they look - but they are so tiny in comparison for a roofline.

Luis Marquez
Luis Marquez 2 months ago

Would it be a bad idea to use c3 led cool white lights around the roof line or are they to small????

Kevin Watkins
Kevin Watkins 2 months ago

I’ve been the “going overboard” guy of our street re: Christmas lights for quite a few years.
Cool video. After all the years/products I’ve personally used/gone through, over the years, what I’m always wondering is:..like the “better mouse-trap” stories......when is some smart company going to come up with inventing a completely weatherproof, single-strand (or “wrapped” single wire) “guaranteed to stay-lit” Christmas light set, that has all the lights facing the same direction, and that comes with a proper “keep your set wrapped properly for storage” piece of hardware?.......(we can dream, can’t we?:-)

Johnnyboy 2 months ago

You didn’t even talk about the brightest c9s you just shows the price ....

Miles Molloy
Miles Molloy 2 months ago

This is exactly what I was looking for

Matthew Boehm
Matthew Boehm 2 months ago

How much are C9 LED Christmas lights the lights u put around ur roof line

PinchnerHouse 2 months ago

White lights are just lights, not Christmas lights. Where’s the color?

Sharon Hryndza
Sharon Hryndza 2 months ago

Indoor lights or outdoor lights? Do they state on the box?

Peter L
Peter L 2 months ago

Cost per foot should be cost per bulb.

Jimi. 2 months ago

I used the tiny blue lights for my roof line and they look great check them out on my ch. ty for your video

Andrew the official cat videos

I use c9 for roof line c7’s for trees mini leds for wrapping trunks and others things like that. And mini led in the form of a net lights for bushes. Also I use multi colors and not white

Mastoura 2 months ago

if one bulbs burns out does it kill the whole string? thanks

Elton 2 months ago

Nice i went with the multicolor 3mm ultra bright ones they truly are 10x brighter

Chalino Corona
Chalino Corona 2 months ago

First Christmas in our new construction home. Had previously gone to Lowe’s and was bewildered by the options. Today thanks to your video and God willing I will set out to buy and tackle this task. Thanks!

Gtmustangmt 2 months ago

I’ve never learned so much about Christmas 🎄 lights and electricity ⚡️ in such a short amount of time

Steve Davis
Steve Davis 2 months ago

I have no idea about bulbs for Christmas stuff. However I know how to string popcorn for tree decorations and as well know how to make a tree bells ornaments out of egg cartons and a bit of tin foil. Christmas is about the celebration of CHRIST. Give socks and bloomers. Oranges and apples are good also. Great video and happy holidays to you and yors.

Chris W
Chris W 2 months ago

@8:20 - The lighted length has effectively nothing to do with brightness vs. power usage. Only the number of lights, which are the same***. As for the camera "losing the lights", yes, it has to do with the camera frame rate. The cheaper ones are using straight AC from the plug, with maybe a capacitive voltage dropper (just changes the voltage, it's still 60 Hz AC). The more expensive ones probably convert AC to DC, using a switching supply to keep the voltage more stable.
***Yes, Virginia, for identical LEDs very long strings will be slightly dimmer for the same power - too small to notice in most cases. Even less noticeable for AC strings than DC, but at 120 volts... I'd be surprised if you could tell the difference with your eyes alone. Unless the string was half a mile long or something equally outrageous.

Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez 2 months ago

Excellent video, thanks.

daniel waldrip
daniel waldrip 2 months ago

My problem these days is the non replaceable bulbs. I bought some at the big box store and a few have burned out. I asked if I could replace one with new bulb and was told no. This is the 2nd season I have had these and think its crazy I can't replace the bulb. Can you look into hacks on how to replace burned led bulb in christmas lights?

Man vs Most
Man vs Most 2 months ago

Great comparison video… good job

CraigA wetherell
CraigA wetherell 2 months ago

lawn looks great! your lights are so bad. no jesus, cross, or something to say thankyou for the person responsible for life! the looks horrible. not catholic enough. north star maybe? needs more light story.

Brenda T
Brenda T 2 months ago

Enjoyed getting lit with you. Thanks!

Matthew Boehm
Matthew Boehm 2 months ago

How many strands of led lights should I use to light a large pine tree

Matthew Boehm
Matthew Boehm 2 months ago

What kind of led colored lights would I use to light a pine tree

Briana B
Briana B 2 months ago

You are a Christmas angel for doing this. Thank you for saving me hours of personal research.

Jazz This
Jazz This 2 months ago

The brightness of an LED comes down to the quality of the LED diode itself - not so much the texture on the lense. Cheaper LED Christmas light sets are only half-wave rectified.. meaning they cycle on and off at 60hz or less (which is why you see that weird phasing effect on the camera).. Premium LED sets use a full wave rectifier that cycles at 120hz, so the flicker is not visible to us. Color consistency has always been a problem with warm white LEDs. It's mostly a problem with quality control. Professional christmas light vendors have to monitor their product to ensure color consistency between batches but most big box store brands don't do this.

Noah Houghtaling
Noah Houghtaling 2 months ago

Got my lights done thanks for the video used everything recommended

Colbi Stowers
Colbi Stowers 2 months ago

I'm not seeing the link for how to put up the lights?

Andrew Kirwan
Andrew Kirwan 2 months ago

This is the MOST EPIC video you have ever produced!!!!! Congratulations! Now how is someone this organized and who pays this much attention to details the same person who leaves the irrigation head laying in his rock bed for over a year!>!>!>! HAHAHAHAHAH

Grimwulf 2 months ago

My 2 cents worth of info. If you buy the regular incandescent c-9 lights the length is 25 ft and the bulbs are spaced 12 in apart. A bonus to using these are you can cut them to length to fit your roof line very Easy. They now have led bulbs you can buy to replace the original ones when they burn out.

Fuen Duno
Fuen Duno 2 months ago

Thank you so much I’ve been struggling with what to get for the house. First time decorating and I wanted to get the right ones. So helpful.

james sanders
james sanders 2 months ago

thanks for the video, does any of the lights have a slight flicker i know some of the led's i buy from dollar general or family dollar have a slight flicker and it's really annoying, im looking for leds that don't have that slight flicker or vibration you can not really notice it far back but when you get kinda close to the leds you see the slight flicker vibration within the led. not talking about an actual flicker it's like a slight vibration in the led. looking for leds that are calm steady like an incandescent.

Jconn39 2 months ago

Why not pink lights to match your pink flamingos?

Fescue Freddy
Fescue Freddy 2 months ago

pretty sure it's the flicker that some LED's usually cheaper exhibit

Dan 2 months ago

Do the inflatable decorations do damage to a dormant lawn?

Reasonable Person
Reasonable Person 2 months ago

For wrapping conical bushes like hollys etc, go with 12 inch placing. This year I switched to a 4 inch pattern and it strips like a candy cane vs. just blending in.... I don't like it because it's hard to make look good.

Kris Carter
Kris Carter 2 months ago

What are you using for a clip?? Gutter? Shingle etc. About to start this project haha

Timber Hills
Timber Hills 2 months ago

I put up my icicle lights today 🙂

Bill Roads
Bill Roads 2 months ago

I hate Christmas but I like celebrating it.

Nick Young
Nick Young 2 months ago

As a newbie to the X-mas lights last year, I made the mistake of getting the C6s at 4" spacing for my roof line. Clipping that many lights takes forever with them spaced that close together. Also buying so many boxes of clips, I could have probably gotten away a lot cheaper overall buying the C9s. At the time there was a huge sale at the Menards and I was starting brand new and was only looking at cost per lighted length when looking at the spools. Trying to get enough all in the blue that I wanted was also a challenge.

M Baker
M Baker 2 months ago

Excellent, switch for usefule winter content for those who want to dominate the neighbors. Nailed it!

Jameson Korb
Jameson Korb 2 months ago

The Sylvania LED C9s from Costco seem like the best option. $10 for a box of 50, 33ft total length.

A’s Lawn and Landscaping

Nice video! “let’s get lit”! 😂

Amplified Recoil
Amplified Recoil 2 months ago

Did he just say "lighted" up?

Lawn Radiance
Lawn Radiance 2 months ago

“Warm White”, “Cool White”, or “Daylight” is just referring to the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) that those LEDs emit. Residential products are often simplified to these words but commercial side of things (light fixtures) you can specify these, some typical ones are 2700K, 3000k, 3500k, 4000K, and 5000K. The lower the number, measured in Kelvins, indicates a warmer color temperature. So your “Warm White” is typically around 2700K or 3000K, which can cause the variation on the different products from different brands. And technically two brands can say their CCT is 3000K but when compared side by side they are different, I won’t go into depth on this but it has to do with the variation of LEDs used and the wavelengths that they emit.

Also a PSA for anybody thinking of buying “Daylight” bulbs for their house... DON’T!!! Those bulbs don’t emit anything close to the actual sun color temperature and there is no comparison at all! They make your interior home just cold and awful. Buy bulbs that are either 2700K or 3000K, which would be “Warm White”

Matt Becker
Matt Becker 2 months ago

Maybe a video about Christmas light storage?

Dadding All Day
Dadding All Day 2 months ago

I'm not ready to move to the "C" lights just yet. I enjoy my icicle lights too much!

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 2 months ago

Dear Lawn Care Nut: You light up my life.

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 2 months ago

Clark Griswold called, he wants his stapler back.

Jason G
Jason G 2 months ago

Oh Al.... You truly light up my life!!

Turf Therapy
Turf Therapy 2 months ago

Thanks for the Quick how to on this topic. Great stuff Allyn!

yaakov 2 months ago

It seems to me like you light your grass like a candle in the wind

Al Beebe
Al Beebe 2 months ago

C'mon out to my garage... lets get lit (i'm dying over here 😂)

David M
David M 2 months ago

60FPS and 60Hz will give that pulsing effect. Change the FPS. Remember the old western wagon wheels that appeared to turn backwards. Similar concept.

Dick Kennedy
Dick Kennedy 2 months ago

Yay for electrical stolons!

Mike R.
Mike R. 2 months ago

Santa Lawn Care Nut all dressed in his green Santa suit giving lawn and decorating tips to all of the good little boys and girls!! What a Christmas Day video that would be!!

Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 2 months ago


Macleod52 2 months ago

Do any of the packages list the lumens? Lumens are the brightness so the higher the number the brighter the lights. It'd be interesting to see what the difference is between them all.

Bryan Parker
Bryan Parker 2 months ago

Hey LCN, what are your thoughts on adding RGS, Microgreen, etc. to the water of your Christmas tree?

Gardening From Scratch

I want all new lights this year & thought about getting the micro mini lights for my tree, but unsure how they'll look or how many I'll actually need. I usually need 1200 lights of the regular little bulbs. Hope you'll do another light video! 😊

Kevin Bullington
Kevin Bullington 2 months ago

Look up PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)... it’s basically a rapid “flickering” of the LED (measured in Hz) in order to dim the LED. Normally, the flickering is so quick, it’s not observed by the human eye. Sometimes the flickering matches up with the FPS (frames per second) of the camera and is recorded as a dark/light frame.

Snn 2 months ago

You should consider getting commercial lights. You can customize lengths and splice in between runs. Plus they are MUCH MUCH brighter.

Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz 2 months ago

Shrubbery = rhododendron.

WeKnowEDKH 2 months ago

C for candelabra

Scorpio 2 months ago

Food for thought.

Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer 2 months ago

You know who’s pretty good at electrical enginerding? AvE.... combined Holiday special!

JimmyZNJ 2 months ago

Great video! Looking forward to decorating up here in the chilly north.

Chris Leona
Chris Leona 2 months ago

Hey LCN. You must talk about continuous on technology. It's one of the most important features to look for and I wont buy a set if they don't have it

Tony H
Tony H 2 months ago

Good vid allyn