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2Pac - Ghetto Gospel (Official Music Video)

2Pac - Ghetto Gospel (Official Music Video)

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gardini100 2 months ago

his words hit deep

Самира Гулямова


Danny Harding
Danny Harding 2 months ago

2pac lives forever

Stonem001 2 months ago

Bodie got smoked!

Dato Kordzakhia
Dato Kordzakhia 2 months ago

2pac is rip

Lenese Grace
Lenese Grace 2 months ago

The Best Ever 🤍

JAEE MEE 2 months ago


Natalia Marinkovic
Natalia Marinkovic 2 months ago

Tu seras mon 2pac à vie. Paix à ton âme. 🕊️🙏❤️😘🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🗼

Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 2 months ago

This song is probably about what happens in the hood and 2Pac was against the gang culture from the black culture. He wanted it to be better but no one wants to listen to Martin Luther King Jr. or 2Pac.

Leaf_Fan_ B
Leaf_Fan_ B 2 months ago


Emily Cuthbert
Emily Cuthbert 2 months ago


collina referee
collina referee 2 months ago

music box-ზე რო 50 თეთრად უკვეთავდიიიიი 🖤🖤🖤

Dullah Mmebela
Dullah Mmebela 2 months ago

Pac world 🌎 we need u!!@

Leora FF
Leora FF 2 months ago

Soy El Unico Que No Sabe Ni M13rD4 Del Ingles Y Me Gusta Este Tipo De Canciones😍

Ant true
Ant true 2 months ago

Pain in his voice cuz the world messed up in this point of view.

Lucy Anna Nixon
Lucy Anna Nixon 2 months ago


Lucy Anna Nixon
Lucy Anna Nixon 2 months ago


Lucy Anna Nixon
Lucy Anna Nixon 2 months ago


Clear Stance
Clear Stance 2 months ago

The only one who stand for his rights love and peace

simran singh
simran singh 2 months ago


sami vähäniitty
sami vähäniitty 2 months ago


This is the original version. Not as good isn't it? This is made by Eminem!

Yellow Penetrator
Yellow Penetrator 2 months ago

holy thug

Jafar 2 months ago

Hit 'em with a Bitcoin Gospel!

Aidan Francis O'Flynn

If you believe Youtube 149millions you are a liberal..Biden is your devil.
Cause it was hit 500 million times.

Polly Pockets
Polly Pockets 2 months ago

He was amazing

Roman Hachaturyan
Roman Hachaturyan 2 months ago

2PAC легенда🙏🙏🙏🙏

Amy McClure
Amy McClure 2 months ago


Doğukan Çelebi
Doğukan Çelebi 2 months ago

Ölümden korkum yok, tek korkum yeniden dünyaya geri dönmek.

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Rest İn Peace pac...

Czarny Canal9
Czarny Canal9 2 months ago

lives on

kara omar
kara omar 2 months ago

Still here my dear tupac .....2021...my ghetto gospel😘😘😘😘😢😢😢😥😥😥😥

French Defence
French Defence 2 months ago

Tupac's first verse of all his songs are always fire.

Massimo Garavoglia
Massimo Garavoglia 2 months ago


Ryan Bowers
Ryan Bowers 2 months ago

Only if we could of had a Tom MacDonald and Tupac Collab these days

Ryan Bowers
Ryan Bowers 2 months ago

Eminem did this cd and it was so good

ELAY XB XO ZRAWHCS 2 months ago

The Panther Panzer Enigine Was Builded At MAN At Nürnberg And Nürnberg Is In Bavaria Where The Bigger Carrbrand BMW Builded Than The BMW Engines Of The Panther Panzer So The Lines To 2Pacs Murdering We Can Search! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panther_tank

Yannick Haha
Yannick Haha 2 months ago


Trae Barnes
Trae Barnes 2 months ago

Drink my own bottles...Good song been listening to this since I was a kid.

only me
only me 2 months ago

If you keep watching from this month, let’s praying for 2pac

ibnalahif 2 months ago

From u couzin

Hot special regards to ma couz almo😎❤️

Sometingyou Forgot
Sometingyou Forgot 2 months ago

He is alive

Oliver 2 months ago


Moshy 2 months ago

Young J.D. Williams from The Wire. Bodie <3

Jarvase dundy
Jarvase dundy 2 months ago

2pac music catalog is truly untouchable. There's not one song I can't go to his when I'm in a certain mood and wanna play. If I wanna feel inspire/motivated I come to many songs like this of his.

Iam Gay
Iam Gay 2 months ago

And the red sun sinks at last
Into the hills of gold

And peace to this young warrior
Without the sound of guns

VeGaZz GameZz
VeGaZz GameZz 2 months ago

Watching this makes me cry..

TROD KE 2 months ago

2 PAC ⏸️🇰🇪

angela jauregui
angela jauregui 2 months ago

Hello friends, how are you healthy? I hope you are well with your beloved families ... Someday I will return to the United States of America and listen to this beautiful music, which I have always liked. Blessings friends ... take care! You are a special treasure, by the grace of God !!

WildBoys 2 months ago

truly a master piece even in 2021

Nicu Sava
Nicu Sava 2 months ago

Yeah, I'm the one who is listening this great song in 2021. I'm 27 years old from Romania, and this song change a lot for me !

Amoy Mundle
Amoy Mundle 2 months ago

Favorite of all time

David Aguilar
David Aguilar 2 months ago

No offense but I really don't see what yall see in his music

Tuku Watchdog
Tuku Watchdog 2 months ago

Think for a second how hip hop would be and it’s impact if 2 pac was still alive ,the man was living in the future !!

Starboy Boy
Starboy Boy 2 months ago


Stefano X
Stefano X 2 months ago

2pac entry is hands down the best I've heard in a long time

Smail Sr4
Smail Sr4 2 months ago


Tee Saw
Tee Saw 2 months ago

Your the fucking greatest t

Rodney Naicker
Rodney Naicker 2 months ago

Tupac ride or die... But I still love B. I. G... It was my Era... I couldn't choose.. Yall be see till the end

Justin Aceto
Justin Aceto 2 months ago

Rest In Peace

Sir_Estate 2 months ago

I don't believe in god unless Tupac is involved.

Stephanie Al-Salihi
Stephanie Al-Salihi 2 months ago

"Unsolved" on Netflix is very amusing : )

Breezy Style
Breezy Style 2 months ago

Never realized they used Bodie from The Wire for this vid... they picked 1 of the realest soldiers in that show, who also died tragically before he could get out the game.

Mikyle 2 months ago

jesus is lord

gazer_wolfhard. 2 months ago


Devon Abraham
Devon Abraham 2 months ago

I only prefer Authentic views to get views.

T 2 months ago

Love you all, brothers and sisters, peace

Opensouls H.M.D
Opensouls H.M.D 2 months ago

Listening to this master piece.... I always feel a drop flowing from my eyes😪

MEME ARTIST 2 months ago

It ain't bout black or white cuz we human -Tupac Shakur

Carlos m
Carlos m 2 months ago

Brasil ouvindo o rei do rap😁😁

AGHWAA FOOTBALL 2 months ago

توباك روح قتاليه

Terrence Mckenna
Terrence Mckenna 2 months ago

I hope we see the light..... before it's ruined.

KING KONG 2 months ago

work of art brings a tear to my eye everytime i watch this

kavkasits1 2 months ago

Это был реп. 💪

My Song
My Song 2 months ago

Türkçe :

Hit them with a little ghetto gospel
Küçük bir getto gerçeğiyle onlara vur

Koro-Elton John:
Those who wish to follow me
Şunlar, bana eşlik etmek isteyenler

I welcome with my hands
(onları)ellerimle selamlarım

And the red sun sinks at last
Ve kızıl güneş nihayet batar

İnto the hills of gold
Altın tepelerden içeriye

And peace to this young warrior
Ve bu genç savaşçıya barış(dilerim)

Without the sound of guns
Silah sesleri olmadan

If I could recollect before my hood days
Gangsterlik günlerimden öncesini hatırlayabilirsem

I'd sit and reminisce,
Oturabilir ve anılarımı anlatabilirim

Thinking of bliss of the good days
Güzel günlerin tam mutluluğunu düşünürken

I stop and stare at the younger,
Durur ve gençliği dikkatle izlerim

My heart goes to 'em
Kalbim onlara ulaşır

They tested, it was stress that they under
Onlar denediler, stres altındaydılar

And nowadays things changed
Ve şimdi durumlar değişti

Everyone's ashamed of the youth
Herkes gençlikten utandı

Cause the truth looks strange
Çünkü gerçek tuhaf gibi görünüyor

And for me it's reversed,
Ve benim için gerçek tersine döndü

We left them a world that's cursed, and it hurts
Onlara lanetlenmiş bir dünya bıraktık,ve bu acı veriyor

'cause any day they'll push the button
Çünkü birgün düğmeye basacaklar

and all good men like Malcolm X and Bobby Hutton,
Ve Malcolm X,Bobby Hutton gibi tüm iyi adamlar

Died for nothing
Bir hiç uğruna öldüler

Don't it make you get teary,
Bu durum seni ağlatmaz mı?

The world looks dreary
Dünya can sıkıcı gibi görünüyor

when you wipe your eyes, see it clearly
Gözlerini silip temizlediğinde bunu açıkça görürsün

there's no need for you to fear me
Benden korkmana gerek yok

if you take your time to hear me,
Beni dinlemeye zamanını ayırırsan

maybe you can learn to cheer me
Belki beni alkışlamayı öğrenebilirsin

it ain't about black or white,
(Beni alkışlaman)siyah ya da beyaz olmakla ilgili değil

cause we're human
Çünkü biz insanız

I hope we see the light before it's ruined
Umarım mahvolmadan önce ışığı görürüz

my ghetto gospel
Benim getto gerçeğim
Tell me do you see that old lady ain't it sad
Söyle bana şu yaşlı hanımefendinin üzgün olmadığını görüyor musun

Living outta bags,
Kalıpların dışında yaşıyor

but she's glad for the little things she has
Ama sahip olduğu küçük şeyler için mutlu

And over there there's a lady,
Ve orada bir hanımefendi var

crack got her crazy
Şiddetle vurma onu çılgına çeviriyor

Guess who's given birth to a baby
Tahmin et bir bebeği kim doğuruyor

I don't trip and let it fade me,
Hata yapmam ve beni soldurmasına izin vermem

from outta the frying pan
Saplı tavadan(belanın birinden) kaçarken

We jump to another form of slavery
Esaretin başka bir çeşidine atlıyoruz

Even now I get discouraged
Şimdi bile cesaretim kırıldı

Wonder if they take it all back
Hepsini geri alırlarsa harika

will I still keep the courage
Hala cesaretimi koruyacak mıyım?

I refuse to be a role model
Örnek alınan kişi olmayı reddediyorum

I set goals, take control,
Hedefleri belirliyor,kontrolü alıyorum

drink out my own bottles
Kendi şişemden içiyorum

I make mistakes but I learn from everyone
Hatalar yapıyorum ama herkesten öğreniyorum

And when it's said and done
Ve bu söylenip yapıldığı zaman

I bet this Brother be a better one
Eminim bu kardeşiniz daha iyi biri olacak

If I upset you, don't stress
Eğer canını sıkarsam üzülme

Never forget, that God hasn't finished with me yet
Tanrı'nın benimle henüz işini bitirmediğini asla unutma

I feel his hand on my brain
(Tanrı'nın) ellerini beynimde hissediyorum

when I write rhymes I go blind,
Şiirler yazarken kör olurum

and let the Lord do his thang
Ve bırakırım Tanrı işini yapar

But am I less holy?
Ama ben daha mı az kutsalım?

'cause I took a puff a blunt
Çünkü keskin olmayan bir nefes aldım

and drink a beer with my homies
Ve arkadaşlarımla bir bira içiyorum

Before we find world peace
Dünya barışını sağlamadan önce

We gotta find peace
Barışı sağlamalıyız

And end war on streets
Ve sokaklardaki savaşa son vermeliyiz

My ghetto gospel
Benim getto gerçeğim

Lord can you hear me speak!!
Tanrım konuştuğumu duyabiliyor musun

I paid the price of being hell bound.
Cehennemlik olmanın bedelini ödedim

Dil Vashi
Dil Vashi 2 months ago


Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham 2 months ago

Why brillant future is not coming to the world not for me it must to be for all the people

Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill 2 months ago

Lord can you hear me speak

Jonny D
Jonny D 2 months ago

I know you'll bring the light before were ruined! RIP Life saver!

Push Productions YoungOldSoul

Love this song got revisit often 💯🔥💪🏾

Samuel Seo
Samuel Seo 2 months ago

The wire bordie

Gugu silva
Gugu silva 2 months ago


- 2 months ago

People say Eminem isnt part of hip hop culture when he produced this song lol

Divine Wisdom
Divine Wisdom 2 months ago

Enemium didn't own this beat then!

Furkan Yaşar
Furkan Yaşar 2 months ago


mitat tülü
mitat tülü 2 months ago

No TikTok, No Fortnite, No Corona. Just good times

YU-GI-OH NERD 2 months ago

R.I.P to a legand every time i hear pac I cry we didn't deserve him

R.I.P juice wrld, Biggie,DMX,Proof,King von,XXX a d more

Kerry Ronan
Kerry Ronan 2 months ago

Caesy chamber music

Rajas Manapure
Rajas Manapure 2 months ago

This song gives me a purpose

Jaywitdatray 2 months ago


Samuel Springall
Samuel Springall 2 months ago

Bruv glad this is still a tune x

Álvaro Matos
Álvaro Matos 2 months ago

Who's listening in 2021? R.I.P 2Pac!

Nightcore World
Nightcore World 2 months ago

Like if you’re in 2025 listening to this

Dean Dawes
Dean Dawes 2 months ago

I cant be the only 13 year old listening to this song

Jermaine Price
Jermaine Price 2 months ago

2021 he spoke to us back in the 90s

fy 2 months ago

Rest in peace daunte write and kiyana bryant fuck this world you did not deserve this

Adam Greenfield
Adam Greenfield 2 months ago

2pac rip love this song

sharon wallace
sharon wallace 2 months ago

Legend words are powerful actions are powerful just imagine what he whould of done now two day x

Lalmuansanga khawlhring

Tupac fought for rights unlike todays rapper. A fan and will always be a fan from North East India. Mizoram. 2021

manaharav 2 months ago

Who checked this song out after the George Floyd decision....

Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips 2 months ago

Rest in peace

Kobe Bryant
Pop Smoke
Juice Wrld
Pop Smoke
Nipsey Hussle