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Johanna Clough

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Information Christmas Journals | Traveler's Notebook Inserts | Junk Journals | ETSY RESTOCK

Title : Christmas Journals | Traveler's Notebook Inserts | Junk Journals | ETSY RESTOCK

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Frames Christmas Journals | Traveler's Notebook Inserts | Junk Journals | ETSY RESTOCK

Description Christmas Journals | Traveler's Notebook Inserts | Junk Journals | ETSY RESTOCK

Christmas Journals | Traveler's Notebook Inserts | Junk Journals | ETSY RESTOCK

Christmas Journals | Traveler's Notebook Inserts | Junk Journals | ETSY RESTOCK

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Mel PinkBuJo
Mel PinkBuJo 2 months ago

All of them are so beautiful!

Becky Dorian
Becky Dorian 2 months ago

So beautiful

Art Journalicious
Art Journalicious 2 months ago

hi, I like all the videos on your channel. keep up to good work. Recently I started my youtube channel,

Amanda 2 months ago

I would love to know how to hand stitch. I don’t have sewing machine but would really love to had that look In my journals.

Laurel Bianco
Laurel Bianco 2 months ago

How do you cut your circles so perfectly?

teresita lamas
teresita lamas 2 months ago

Sorry I have to send another comment. Just heard the good news!!! So exited for you, congratulations for the new baby that’s coming at such a beautiful time of the year.

teresita lamas
teresita lamas 2 months ago

Lovely journals did they sold out? I could not find them in your Etsy store.

baycast 2 months ago

Hi Johanna, I'm so glad that I have found your channel albeit now the last day of 2018. You are so inspirational and it never fails to amaze me the talent that there is here on You Tube. Thank you for sharing your life in your journals.

Ang 2 months ago

Would you ever do a tutorial on this?

Kady Sousa
Kady Sousa 2 months ago

Absolutely love these Johanna! You inspire me so much! Lol the other day I was outside watching one of your vids and my fiancée came outside and said ‘she must have a lot of videos, I can always hear you watching the same girl “
Can you please tell me what the cover is made from?

wqwzwz qqwzqw
wqwzwz qqwzqw 2 months ago

You’re the best for making junk journals.You should do some giveaway video dear Johanna.

Sally Hoobey
Sally Hoobey 2 months ago

You should make multi pocket accordion envelope for xmas dear,check ı am a cool mom videos , she did,perfect thing for junk journals xoxoxo

wellergurl 2 months ago

Johanna..... Those tags, Xmas bells and buttons are EVERYYYYYYTHING!!! How creative and beautiful! YOU ROCK!

Manjula Perera
Manjula Perera 2 months ago

Hi can u please tell me wat is the cover made of? Thanks

kitaptarihi tarihi
kitaptarihi tarihi 2 months ago

You should seeeellll them on etsy pleaseeee do moore and selll them for us ı wannaa buy asap for my journal cover

samanta 2 months ago

I love theese videos 💕💕💞

Erica Scott
Erica Scott 2 months ago

These are fantastic!!

Angela M
Angela M 2 months ago

Your alittle talkative but, your work is beautiful. Merry Christmas

Ellen Hawkins
Ellen Hawkins 2 months ago

Hi Johanna, Im from Australia also! :D I just wanted to say after binge watching a bunch of your videos, I've made an art journal and have already finished a few pages. I used to do so much art in school and was so passionate about it but now I've been out of school a few years it kind of slipped away with all the busyness in life. Thanks so so much for inspiring me to start creating again. <3 <3

theFULLMoonKnight 2 months ago

Beautiful beautiful journals, I'm happy after just watching a flip through hahaha. However, I wanted to ask about your Etsy shop. Perhaps it's just my connection, but every time I try and visit your shop, Etsy tells me that you don't exist? The page that pops up says "Uh Oh! Sorry, the member you are looking for does not exist." but I can see your The Little Bindy header just behind the pop up? I can't close this window either, and refreshing doesn't seem to help.
I wanted to let you know in case this is happening to other people who wish to visit your shop and/or in case this is a problem on Etsy's end that may need correcting so you could contact them about it.
Have a lovely day/week/month haha, and I am excited for you for the new addition to your family!
- Jo

Cristiana Silva
Cristiana Silva 2 months ago

Just came across this video. Do you plan on making more?

Ralph Garrett
Ralph Garrett 2 months ago

Keep up the great work in The Lord!!

xy 2 months ago

When I look on your etsy shop I don't see any actual journals....someone please explain

Maddie Bowerman
Maddie Bowerman 2 months ago

These are stunning!!!

Yvonne Elizondo
Yvonne Elizondo 2 months ago

I can't get into your shop

megha athnikar
megha athnikar 2 months ago

Loved leather cover book, festive book, enjoyed watching 💜💟

Vicki Lanegan
Vicki Lanegan 2 months ago

They're so pretty! ♡ :) TFS! :)

Judy Norman
Judy Norman 2 months ago

Oops..ribbon pieces not prices..ugh! 😉

Judy Norman
Judy Norman 2 months ago

Love the ribbon tabs, great way to use my excess scrap ribbon prices! I too don't use tea dyed papers. Love to find old boxes of linen or parchment writing paper at thrift stores. Your Christmas Daily note books are so pleasing to the eye and love the variety, room to write, room for pictures,; very nice! I wish you the very best as you welcome new baby into your life. Hugs!

Shirley S
Shirley S 2 months ago

Oh ived started one...they won't look like yours but yours are beauitful

MyAGPlayroom 2 months ago

Beautiful ! Maybe you should post some items on Ebay (with bidding), to give more change to whoever want to buy them...

Antonella Scaglia
Antonella Scaglia 2 months ago

Nice journals Johanna!! I didn't get what material the cover is made of though!

Anna Brim
Anna Brim 2 months ago

Will you be making any more?

Juliana Beasley
Juliana Beasley 2 months ago

Fabulous-ness, Johanna!! I love them even though I am not really a Christmas person. Good take on the TN!!

winterlude100 2 months ago

A beautiful collection of inserts..Too late to buy but I loved the video! Are the inserts done with one signature? What do you use to make the covers?

Dolores James
Dolores James 2 months ago

i always miss them. I'm here in the USA and the time you said was 8pm AEST which i missed . maybe next time set a time that not 6am Pacific time the day after you show them or maybe let us american followers know what time it would be

Chrissie VanDyke
Chrissie VanDyke 2 months ago

Hi Johanna,
Did you just say you no longer tea dye your papers or did you mean just for these journals??? Always love your art. Congratulations on your growing family. Love the video of your son eating his sandwich and when the boys are in the background of your videos and you just continue on. I think it is great! Blessings!

Donna Northway
Donna Northway 2 months ago

Beautiful journals, Johanna! I can tell so much love and work went into each one. And I liked the Christmas music playing in the video. 🎶 Very inspiring. 🎅🏼🌲😊 Now I'm excited to make my own December Daily! I did a TN insert last year but I want to make a junk journal from an old book this year. I already have the book picked out. It's thin and small so it will be the perfect size for a DD. I just created an Instagram account so I could start sharing my work. I'll get in touch with you over there so you can have a look once I get some photos posted. So excited for you and your little one on the way. 👶 Can't think of a more wonderful Christmas blessing. 💖

Monica Tureau
Monica Tureau 2 months ago

You are amazing and such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

KittyNeko7 2 months ago

I think the larger ones are pronounced "kye-yay". It's a French word.

Sunshine Alexander
Sunshine Alexander 2 months ago

I missed them :( i was at work. I am so disappointed :(

Erin Thomas Lawrence
Erin Thomas Lawrence 2 months ago

Oh no I missed it again!! Truly lovely!!!

Ana' Fiches de Lectures

Oh no 😩, I missed it. I just have electricity back from Hurricane Irma...

Sheila Y
Sheila Y 2 months ago

Truly beautiful!  I love your work!

Tori Bissell
Tori Bissell 2 months ago


Manuela Muñoz
Manuela Muñoz 2 months ago

Me encanta todos tus proyectos maravillosos !! 💐 y con ganas siempre de seguir aprendiendo

riteasrain 2 months ago

You can't really control when listings go live, the fickleness of internet shops re immediacy or pending. And you'd have to put up dozens of books to please everyone and even that wouldn't be enough. Gorgeous journals, Johanna, and the poinsettia cloth is a nice touch.

patriciadawn76 2 months ago

Love these!! Love the tabs, the jingle jangles, the music book pages and the kid's book pages!!!

phennec 2 months ago

These are amazingly gorgeous! I love the gray wide insert with the map. One day I will get one. lol. Are the four larger ones an A5 size? Like a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper folded in half? Is that size of your junk journals? After a few years you could bind all your Christmas journals for each year into a book!

Ines Harrison
Ines Harrison 2 months ago

The first wider one that you flipped through was my fave. Its beautiful ^^

susankayej88 2 months ago

Beyond beautiful Johanna, amazing and inspirational as always. I can only imagine how many hours of effort and imagination went into creating these treasures. Love the bells, the peephole idea, the extras and the different sized journals. I was a bit naughty last night taking my iPad to a family dinner and watching on silent waiting for 8pm but it turned out to be a special part of the occasion when some of my technology savvy children quickly stepped in to assist. Congratulations on selling your work quickly, not surprisingly! You are a brilliant artist. Happy to be tuning in again this morning to hear your flip through description and the wonderful background music. Never too early to enjoy and appreciate the magic of Christmas :) xo

deanna first
deanna first 2 months ago

Beautiful !!!❤!

Cindy Harmon
Cindy Harmon 2 months ago

Aww boo! Missed them again! Beautiful journals though, Johanna!

gxknighton 2 months ago

How much do your journals typically cost (I'm new to your channel)?

Karla Triplett
Karla Triplett 2 months ago

these are all so lovely and inspiring!!! thank you for sharing and so jealous of all the people who got one :)

cha 2 months ago

Omg i missed everything! 💔 I dont understand why my notif is off! Beautiful journals as always Johanna! 😍

Afifah H
Afifah H 2 months ago

These are beautiful! You are definitely one of my favourite inspo on the internet!

TanyaL 2 months ago

These are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your process. I look forward to your videos. Cahier is pronounced Cii-yay.
Thanks again.

Carrots & Olives
Carrots & Olives 2 months ago

How much are the journals?

valmomster 2 months ago

These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Would love to get on a waiting list or something for one of these. They are precious and beautiful. What treasures.

Ammely Rose
Ammely Rose 2 months ago

can You make diy one of them? 😎 they're sooo beautiful!

rhonda w
rhonda w 2 months ago

So so pretty !!!!

Retro Christmas Chic
Retro Christmas Chic 2 months ago

Johanna! These are absolutely amazing! I am so happy to have one. They are stunning, and you can see how much work and love goes into these! My socks are knocked off. You are so genuine, so humble, and so real. Thank you for being you.

PaperTinks 2 months ago

They are so beautiful Johanna! Makes me want to start creating now 💕

Alissa Sousa
Alissa Sousa 2 months ago

Johanna! I really admire you, I wish I had more time to journal. You inpired me to junk journal & t do more art! Please make videos very often!

E De vries
E De vries 2 months ago

So great!!!!!!

Claudia29 2 months ago

Hi Johanna, first and foremost your creations are all beautiful. The more vintage the better 👍❤️. I wasn't fortunate to get one because at 8:04pm your time there was one left, but at select your payment step it kept buffering 😔. So whom ever got the last one congratulations. I wanted to know if you had any plans of maybe offering Christmas vintage linens or Christmas papers in a digital format? It would be lovely for the rest of us to own a piece of something Christmassy you have created. Thanks so much and congratulations on your business and blessings to you and your baby. 🙏

Aubree Shannon
Aubree Shannon 2 months ago

I wouldn't set an alarm at 6am for any other youtuber ❤️ SO excited to have snagged one! Thank you for always being so inspiring and intentional in your work. Elated to finally have a product of your heart and hard work. Thank you Johanna!

loretta_berith 2 months ago

Awesome, I like how the notebooks look!
Just at the start of this video, it reminds me , it was you who made me so addicted to TN! After watching your christmas TN last year, I really had to make an insert to try... And it was love at first sight ;) It's 1 of the reasons I did not even finish my PL last year... Now, not even a year later, I have so much tn inserts & covers and I love it! TNX for all inspiration! Wish you best for pregnacy these last months/weeks! Hugss

Pebbie J
Pebbie J 2 months ago

Cahier = kye-yayLove your journals, Johanna! Amazing work!

Carrie DosSantos
Carrie DosSantos 2 months ago

Sold in moments!!! Bummed I missed out, however I am very happy they all went. AMAZING work on these, congrats on the sales, and congrats to the lucky buyers!

Sophie Sun
Sophie Sun 2 months ago

8pm already but can not find them in your shop....

Annu Priya
Annu Priya 2 months ago

I just love love love them. Lovely journals

Teenyweenypeeny 2 months ago

Aww I love them they're so beautiful and Christmassy

Marilyn Garcia
Marilyn Garcia 2 months ago

They are all so beautiful!

MyLifeMits 2 months ago

They're all beautiful, Johanna!! It must have taken so much work and time to hand stitch all of those covers, wow!! Crossing my fingers to be able to get one for myself :) I'm so excited for your little one to arrive in November!! Xoxo

Sophie Sun
Sophie Sun 2 months ago

i want to get two of them!

Alice Adler
Alice Adler 2 months ago

Thank you Johanna!!! They are each more gorgeous than the other!!! So beautiful & so much detailed work!!!

Ebony Sanders
Ebony Sanders 2 months ago

Love them all! They are gorgeous Johanna.

CurlyHairAndDaisies 2 months ago

this will give me so much inspiration , just yesterday I uploaded my first Christmas TN YouTube video for this year too. I can't wait to make my Christmas insert this year :)

agirlwithajournal 2 months ago

I can't wait to watch this video. Maybe I will be able to get one of these beauties. :)

Johanna Clough
Johanna Clough 2 months ago

PLEASE READ: The notebooks will become available at 8pm AEST which will be just ONE HOUR after this video goes live (7pm AEST) 😊

UPDATE: All the notebooks have sold 😵 thank you all so much!