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EVOLUTION of GODZILLA: Size Comparison

EVOLUTION of GODZILLA: Size Comparison

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Gloria Riffo
Gloria Riffo 2 months ago


Noah Wong
Noah Wong 2 months ago

but you still did a good job

Noah Wong
Noah Wong 2 months ago

you should make the fire effects come out from the mouth.

pea55 2 months ago

The statue if liberty isn’t that tall with her entire pedestal. Without the pedestal, the statue itself us shorter than Showa Godzilla. That part is inaccurate

Bobi Islam
Bobi Islam 2 months ago

Aren’t we gonna talk about the poor man

ToyotaUchiha 2 months ago


Ay Shir
Ay Shir 2 months ago

ngl 2014 big G theme kinda sounds like ultraman music.
Or im obseesed with ultraman music. Yh prob

terrorofraois 2 months ago

I gonna be Nathanzilla Legendary

Maximiliano Ayala
Maximiliano Ayala 2 months ago


Gehop Matt
Gehop Matt 2 months ago

It hasss
no music 👹👹👹👹👹👹😭👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Edgar Jimenez
Edgar Jimenez 2 months ago

i cant hear nothing

your tickle chicken
your tickle chicken 2 months ago

Godzilla in 2050
1000 tall 10,000 metric tons

Pestilenssi 2 months ago

The solemn apocalyptic music when shin shows up

Dino Games
Dino Games 2 months ago

Audio bug

Qwerty tam
Qwerty tam 2 months ago


ItsMeDan 2 months ago

Damn the old godzilla filius and earth models suck

Legendary Gaming
Legendary Gaming 2 months ago

No sound! Cant hear anything!

elreymayito yt
elreymayito yt 2 months ago

audio problem :/

Godzilla Legendary
Godzilla Legendary 2 months ago

Arregla el video tiene fallos de el sonido(no se ablar ingles)

DAT SCORPION 2 months ago

I like how u write zilla but (godzilla)

Team GodzillaThermo
Team GodzillaThermo 2 months ago


Remember that ( Xd)

Always Emmett
Always Emmett 2 months ago

My sound was glitching when I watched this

BlandGland 2 months ago

Godzillas stomp is so powerful that even the audio stopped

wild neighborhood
wild neighborhood 2 months ago

I feel like this deserves a remake with the better models. I like the video👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Diane Lambert
Diane Lambert 2 months ago


Venting Cloud
Venting Cloud 2 months ago

Godzilla cs u 1”2

Gary黃家浚 2 months ago

i like 3:45

Jaqueline Rodríguez
Jaqueline Rodríguez 2 months ago

The copyright

yourlocalkucontent 2 months ago

shin godzilla: apears
height: 1095FT
some weird 100+FT godzilla

Yahea Khan 2nd Yanus Zax


Helena Alvarado Santiago

Zilla from Godzilla American looks like a t-Rex and a lizard and is also my least favorite for some reason

CODY GUILFORD 2 months ago

I didn't hear 1998 godzilla roar

Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul 2 months ago

this sucks now, where tf is the music

Jr Plays and Vlogs
Jr Plays and Vlogs 2 months ago

Why you cut the music!!!


put the sounds at the start

Eva Henry
Eva Henry 2 months ago

godzilla vs sculkrawer

Rexasaurus 10
Rexasaurus 10 2 months ago

O never mind I can hear

Rexasaurus 10
Rexasaurus 10 2 months ago

I can’t hear anything

CyberGame Extreme
CyberGame Extreme 2 months ago

For f*ck sake, why youtube block the showa music? :(
I watch this video 2 years ago and the music is not blocked, damn youtube

kahina boufares
kahina boufares 2 months ago


DeMarco C. Krewina
DeMarco C. Krewina 2 months ago

Look at shins leg and you’ll see a mistake literally

Zyniel Plays
Zyniel Plays 2 months ago

It's now kong vs godzilla I new movie

Genoveva Huerta Aguero

54, Goji, Goji!

Miguel Arthur De Souza Costa

shin godzila !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vs siren read

Ijan but B face
Ijan but B face 2 months ago

is it just me or does the sound cut out at the beginning

Amog us
Amog us 2 months ago

Ah yes my favourite Godzilla
Liberty Statute

Blame Haru
Blame Haru 2 months ago

Papipo papipo papipopopapipapipo


Yeet 2 months ago

Me and the boys on our way to kill the entirety of japan

Rehan shaikh
Rehan shaikh 2 months ago

What brave women/man who goes there and checked there height and weight

GaBTzy Plays
GaBTzy Plays 2 months ago

I I thought there was no sound, I was shocked when that sound suddenly came out

Alma Mague
Alma Mague 2 months ago

Why it's muted??

Godzilla 2 months ago

Omg, Earth Godzilla must be like 500 meters long.

NotBhumzXD 2 months ago

I love the Godzilla Earth 🌎

niharika shukla
niharika shukla 2 months ago

Where is Space Godzilla?

ali Christianto
ali Christianto 2 months ago

Sorry I'm mine I can't here it🙁

Tomala Trent
Tomala Trent 2 months ago

Godzilla back in the 80s used to look like he was stupid and ugly in this other one in 1954 Godzilla does look like he was stupid and after that he doesn’t look like he was all weed

Pius the pro
Pius the pro 2 months ago

I just wish this wasn’t copyrighted

Siberian Snake
Siberian Snake 2 months ago

Everybody gangsta till the 2:29 starts playing

YLOZINHO GAME 2 months ago

2:43 Godzilla Legendary❤

Leo Torres
Leo Torres 2 months ago


Evan S
Evan S 2 months ago

America: makes horrific Godzilla. Japan be like lol u suck. 2014 2019 and 2021 Godzilla movies from America. Japan be like dang here we go again

Big Dex Media
Big Dex Media 2 months ago

Godzilla Earth will always be the tallest Godzilla incarnation ever or until another incarnation of the animal comes out that is bigger than Godzilla Earth.

༒CUTE NIGHTMARE༒ 2 months ago

For a second I saw that tiny godzilla behind the big one
I thought the name said "Godzilla Prius" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 3:20

Cybernetic Raptor
Cybernetic Raptor 2 months ago

Shin Godzilla will kick you in the shin

Devon Norcross
Devon Norcross 2 months ago


Sickkale 2 months ago

rip for my I have the copirate

Elayadevan Sarish
Elayadevan Sarish 2 months ago

The original theme the old one was the best

LW43 2 months ago

I'm just trying to figure out how Godzilla Earth just barely outweighs Legendary Godzilla, and yet is about a third of Godzilla Earths' size. Godzilla Earth weighs 100,000 metric tons, and Legendary Godzilla when converted to metric, weighs just over 90,000. I know that non-Japanese versions have never been based on weight, and Legendary probably decided to give him such an enormous weight to make him seem like that much more of a badass. People also don't usually know that with a weight that high, Legendary Godzilla would be ultra dense, which leads me to wonder if he would win, or at the very least put up a fight against Godzilla Earth.

MODODAVI 2 months ago

godzilla vs kong

Amal Manohar
Amal Manohar 2 months ago

Why godzilla always breaks the bridges😂

Isaac Halley
Isaac Halley 2 months ago

1:25 still my favorite design

Alejandro Mendez
Alejandro Mendez 2 months ago

Didn’t know Godzilla was the Statue of Liberty 🗽🤔

Euphoric YT
Euphoric YT 2 months ago

And where is godzilla 2014

Euphoric YT
Euphoric YT 2 months ago

Where is godzilla 1955

Thị Xuân Trần
Thị Xuân Trần 2 months ago

Wait , godzilla earth is 100000 tons but shin and legendary are 90000 tons , godzilla earth is broken

Johnnys Account
Johnnys Account 2 months ago

I don’t hear anything when it starts at godzila 1954

Johnnys Account
Johnnys Account 2 months ago

I dint hear anything when it starts at god

Emiliano Corne Lara Morales

What cool

Michael Litle
Michael Litle 2 months ago

Oh man, all those early years in which godzilla looked like a retarded frog haha. Original 54 design was great but it was all downhill after that until the heisei period.

Victor Kuhn
Victor Kuhn 2 months ago

3:25 I love the Godzilla Earth reveal

Sam 2 months ago

I love your work so much! These videos are my life💖

Growlie26 2 months ago

Damnit why did it Mute!!?

Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago


Carzilla 7
Carzilla 7 2 months ago

What happen to music of the video because it just cuts out, did you got copyright clam or why

godzilla o canal
godzilla o canal 2 months ago


Dylan Barnett
Dylan Barnett 2 months ago

This is how tall women expect us being on tinder

pucketo jacetni
pucketo jacetni 2 months ago

The trite nepal regionally own because singer dfly admit at a cute step. unique, flawless hair

Legendary Wolverine
Legendary Wolverine 2 months ago

So, there's only four eras of godzilla? I'm trying to differentiate them by eras, so I know which is which.

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It’s Ok If You Don’t

Astrony 2 months ago

Okay those SFX and Music kinda make my speaker not working not gonna lie

dethe balagot
dethe balagot 2 months ago


Allen Conner
Allen Conner 2 months ago

Not only did the 98 Godzilla have no affiliation of Godzilla whatsoever nor even looked like him at all....but that movie alone should've never been called Godzilla in general... lol!!!

rahimuddin mohammed
rahimuddin mohammed 2 months ago

Mah dude running from nothing, except for 0:48

Noel D.
Noel D. 2 months ago

Why is godzilla earth the big boi

Le Tuyet
Le Tuyet 2 months ago

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Moisturizer 2 months ago

Imagine what the people in those buildings are thinking.

Eric Medeiros
Eric Medeiros 2 months ago

In 2014 Godzilla was standing next to Golden gate Bridge. The 300 foot deep water came to his knees. Then there's the 700 foot tall bridge that was barley over his head! So don't tell me Godzilla was only 350 feet tall!

Jerilee Protacio
Jerilee Protacio 2 months ago

theres no music because of software and photoshop error the chance of that are 9% so call it lucky

ROBERT Alcala 2 months ago

Taller size Godzilla than medium size !