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Abi Normac
Abi Normac 2 months ago

Where in Australia did you live?

Angela Topping
Angela Topping 2 months ago

If you like the Spode place, may I recommend World of Wedgewood? They have a wonderful free museum, a seconds shop on site, the most amazing tea room, and loads of parking, as well as the factory tour. You'd love it.

Elaine Male
Elaine Male 2 months ago

I do wish more items were shown with the prices .

Deborah Lee
Deborah Lee 2 months ago

I love all this .. And I adore your red hounds tooth coat and your red beret ...

Deborah Lee
Deborah Lee 2 months ago

Thank you fur a lovely time I love this video your wonderful you two !!! I watched this with lemon ginger tea I don't get to go places I loved this trip I felt I was there with you both

Dolores J. Rush
Dolores J. Rush 2 months ago

I've always wanted to visit an English china works. It's nice that Spode has a museum. My mother was a ceramic teacher since I was 8 yrs old, had her own kiln although she worked for a small ceramic shop and I, you might say, grew up in the business. Loved looking at all the lovely designs. Thank you for taking us with you.

Maureen Lowther
Maureen Lowther 2 months ago

Love your vlogs you are a lovely couple.

Rickey Donald
Rickey Donald 2 months ago

It is so nice to have lovely things. So nice you both enjoy putting them to use. That store was fabulous. Thanks for taking us along.

Nancy Call
Nancy Call 2 months ago

Thank you. I was motivated to get my Christmas teapot out of the China cabinet and use it today.

Virginia Soskin
Virginia Soskin 2 months ago

Everyone's Christmas travel is curtailed this year. We are in Florida and our kids are in Virginia and Montreal. NOBODY is going to travel so we will open our Christmas presents on Skype this year. the US has the same problems with historical sites not receiving monetary support. When the kids decide on family vacations they want to go to Disneyworld instead of colonial Williamsburg, Civil War battlefields, or even national parks. Parents need to teach their children how interesting and important historical sites are and they need to visit them to help them earn money for upkeep and preservation and continuing archeological studies.

Virginia Soskin
Virginia Soskin 2 months ago

You are in your lovely olive green tweed woolens. Reminds me of my life up north in the US. I love antique malls and usually buy interesting linens or embroidered items rather than dishes or baskets or figurines. And if you only buy something you absolutely adore, then you are more likely not to hoard. Buying something you are only lukewarm about means it will end up stashed in a cupboard somewhere and you will run across it five years from now and wonder why you ever bought it. I am at the point that if I bring something into my home I get rid of an equivalent item. And at age 69, I am starting to really want to get rid of stuff and give a lot to my kids. i never use my china so am ready to give that to one of my kids, but who nowadays collects china? It's not like in the 1950s when everyone would have a full set of at least one pattern of china, sometimes more. I do not entertain enough to justify keeping it....I donate a lot to local Goodwill shops and take a lot to my church's rummage sales held twice a year. I do have Spode Christmas tree china.

timothy hopkins
timothy hopkins 2 months ago

So very interesting. Loved it .

The China Repair Studio

Visiting the Spode factory was fascinating. 🥰

Mechelle Douresseaua
Mechelle Douresseaua 2 months ago

Im in love with those dishes

Annie 2 months ago

Wow! Spode China is so beautiful & unique! Amazing! I couldn't believe a China "Museum" could be so awesome. I loved it! So many beautiful pieces.The Antique Store was also amazing! Lots of treasure there. I loved the biscuit jar you were looking at. Even although it was too large for your needs it was really lovely.Thank you for another awesome experience! All your videos are treasures & so are both of you. God bless!

Michelle S
Michelle S 2 months ago

That's near where I live it's been there for years 🙏

Narcisa Menegazzi
Narcisa Menegazzi 2 months ago


Gea van der Nagel
Gea van der Nagel 2 months ago


Susan Treston
Susan Treston 2 months ago

That was a wonderful tour of Spode. Love the pieces you picked and they will look very festive at Christmas time if England is still in lockdown. Joerg the Meat Pies are very good here in Australia and the Steak ones even better!!! 🇦🇺

Gena Neumann
Gena Neumann 2 months ago

I would’ve snapped up that biscuit tin and the girl marmalade jar!!!

Ирина Адмаева

Вещи старинные супер куклы пасуда .Я бы купила кукол и пасуду.

MKMB 2 months ago

This may be not the right video but I just thought you'd like to know that the woodland spode plates you bought can be purchased via this link, 4 plates for £20 with free delivery!!!! It's not spam, it's the company I work for here in Stoke on trent 😊

Chloe W
Chloe W 2 months ago

The beautiful yellow floral plates at the 4:14 point are really pretty and if I had been there it would have been hard to pass them up, I just may have to get the black and white teacup as well (from the previous episode) Thank you for a relaxing diversion

Mary O'Leary
Mary O'Leary 2 months ago

You take us to the most fascinating places. Thank you! I have been collecting blue and white china for about 30 years. My best dishes are Blue Mikado by Royal Crown Derby. I also have some blue and white Spode plus blue and white from several other china companies.


Мне понравилось, вы весёлые, настоящие.

Emine 2 months ago

Türkiyeden selam. Programinizi ilgiyle seyrediyorum. ..biraz daha yakından çekerseniz daha iyi olur.

Maria Canto
Maria Canto 2 months ago

I loved the dolls and the hand painted furniture!
It is nice of you and Joerg to take the time to show us these
beautiful objects of art!

Kim Luke
Kim Luke 2 months ago

Stories told through art on China . . . So interesting☺️🌲

CLASSY COCO 2 months ago

Thank you for showing us all this places. I just love your videos ♥️🌲♥️♥️

Cynthia Pate
Cynthia Pate 2 months ago

Your selections were my favorites, too.

Joanne Maurer
Joanne Maurer 2 months ago

The Spode Factory is amazing! Thank you for taking us along! Your video's are so educational! Love it! Hugs xoxxo

The Other Scully
The Other Scully 2 months ago

Hello Kirsten and Joerg - Greetings from Tasmania. I actually have that exact same biscuit barrel in a vintage display here in my home in the forests of Tasmanis - much love

chris beckstrom
chris beckstrom 2 months ago

Oh my gosh, I don't know what to think of the Brexitware at the Spode factory!

The Yees
The Yees 2 months ago

Just love it when you both Antique Shop!!! more please lol

Gypsy 2 months ago

Lovely video. Thank you Kristen and Joerg.

Dian Eka
Dian Eka 2 months ago

Hi Kirsten, I am Eka from Indonesia two days ago i just found this chanel, very enjoying to see your videos about England n etc, thank you for showing, i hope someday can go there, best Regard 🥰🙏

John sumattasay
John sumattasay 2 months ago

Antique hunting has been one of my favorite things to do, I've been doing it for fifty years and have some really lovely things. So watching your Antique browsing video's from the comfort of my chair is the best. We have some really large antique centers in Australia too where you can easily spend a whole day just browsing and eating. I loved seeing inside the Blue Room at Spode, their traditional patterns and shades of blue certainly have an interesting story to tell, and the china you purchased will give you lots of pleasure. btw I love your almost matching Jackets, that tweed style seems to have made a big come back. I bought a lovely large herringbone style long jacket in Leeds in the sixties and can still wear it although I don't, and it's still in a brand new condition. Loved your video although I couldn't quite make out what you were saying exactly because of your masks..thank you once again. John

Gisele Franca
Gisele Franca 2 months ago

I ♥️ this lovely sweet couple! God bless you!

Patricia Tivey
Patricia Tivey 2 months ago

Loved it, thank you.x

Kathryn Weill
Kathryn Weill 2 months ago

Loved it! So interesting! Thank you for sharing! 😍💐💕

Bryan East
Bryan East 2 months ago

That is an amazing place, it caters for all tastes. I thought some of the prices a little high, but overall, a very interesting place to rummage through. Spode is always fun, I really enjoy the historic side of Spode. Bryan

Metro Pcs
Metro Pcs 2 months ago

You guys rock, talk about treasuring moments, so special!!!
Great video!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Curlew -
Curlew - 2 months ago

It’s so interesting seeing our country through your eyes. 😁😍
Christmas dinner on Spode plates, that is something to look forward to 😁👍😍

Kathryn Weill
Kathryn Weill 2 months ago

I love your vlogs! Thank you for sharing🌻 What a treat! Maybe in the future, post covid, you guys could offer a tour of your favorite places in nature, villages and/or antique outlets in person.🤓

song제인 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing~♡

Fiona 2 months ago

Jörg "answering" the phone made me laugh so hard 🤣

MultiSirens 2 months ago

My uncle John was a master potter, curator late in life, for Barrats, a museum which I went to and bought soup plates! His daughter worked for Royal Dolton, she was a master at making their China roses? I love Stoke, very interesting love your videos! X

MultiSirens 2 months ago

Good Morgan to you! Sorry all the German I know lol probably not even spelled right! Love it! X

Magdastar 2 months ago

Love Antiques. Thank you for sharing. Vielen Herzlichen Dank :)

Thisoverstuffedhouse 2 months ago

That was lovely. Thank you for showing us the heritage place with all the porcelain. I have my great grandmothers blue willow pattern china from Staffordshire, England. There are a few earlier pieces of floral flow blue that have survived the generations as well and being shipped to the USA. I have just started my own channel of reselling a few months ago. I can only hope I get to the point where I can do such lovely videos as you two do.

Obie Castro
Obie Castro 2 months ago

Hell kirsten and Joerg ,,,,keep going ,,,

im just here present and enjoying with the two......

keep safe and healthy always..

Loving from Philippines....

DeAnna B
DeAnna B 2 months ago

Lovely 💞

L G 2 months ago

U had such respect turning the pages of the vintage girls books. I noticed that right away. Many ppl don’t handle vintage items properly. 👍🏻🙏

Donna Fitzgerald
Donna Fitzgerald 2 months ago

I enjoyed that very much, thank you!

Robert Orup
Robert Orup 2 months ago


Karen Mahn
Karen Mahn 2 months ago

Hello again! What a great visit you gave us all today. I also love to look at dishes and the special trip to the "blue room" was amazing! Thank you again Kirsten and Joerg. Love the idea of thinking of how to make our small holidays special this year. In the US, we also are facing our Thanksgiving Holiday as well as Christmas without being able to see family. Making it special by using your new plates is a great idea. As always, thank you for the visit and stay well. God Bless.

Terry Weisenfels
Terry Weisenfels 2 months ago

I LOVE dishes and glassware. I could easily hoard beautiful dishes.

Terry Weisenfels
Terry Weisenfels 2 months ago

I found lovely sets of silver on Ebay. Not too expensive either.

Jewel Copeland
Jewel Copeland 2 months ago

I loved the blue room , l'm so glad you got to go in there. My favorite china is called " blue willow ". I had a wonderful time with this video. Thank you.

Jan Kitteringham
Jan Kitteringham 2 months ago

Great video, Thankyou. 💓

Sigute Siksniene
Sigute Siksniene 2 months ago

I live in UK now 15 years and collecting like crazy everything of antique. My Englishman just laughing about my passion. Especially love my blue dishes and 20 diferent jars .😃Also vases,pictures,cups.
Lovely video, thanks

Foxy313 2 months ago

Hi Kirsten and Joerg :-). Thanks so much for sharing this excellent video :-). I greatly appreciate it :-). Thanks so much indeed for sharing this it was really really fun to watch I have to say :-). Nice looking museums and I would so love to pay a visit there in the future :-). Hopefully in 2021 I'll pay a visit there since I'm not travelling up north at the moment. The only times I've ever travelled up north was whenever visiting Uncle John one of my really closely beloved relatives. I hope to see him in 2021, I should certainly think he'll still be alive by 2021 despite mobility issues but I shall certainly see you two :-). I like exploring museums or heritage locations very very much like you two Kirsten and Joerg I really really do :-). Thanks so much for sharing this excellent video I thoroughtly enjoyed every minute of this :-). Alright then, have a nice evening you two and take grave care of yourselves :-).
From your friend Foxy :-).

Lisa Glynn
Lisa Glynn 2 months ago

I just ordered my very first piece of Spode! It’s just a travel mug, but I’m very excited! Should be here tomorrow!

Carol Nixon
Carol Nixon 2 months ago

If you visit on a Sunday they have volunteers still making the transfer prints on the original printing press , framed prints of the designs are available to buy in limited editions . They are really beautiful.

Leslie Lutz
Leslie Lutz 2 months ago

OK. Since you bought that beautiful brown, white, green Spode (stunning) you have to go back and get the green and white poka dot set from the first shop. Yep. LOL

Shannon Odell
Shannon Odell 2 months ago

What a pleasant shopping day! I enjoy antique shops like Bygone Times and the Spode Heritage Center and Museum Shop was fun. My education is in Historical Archaeology so when (as a graduate student and early career) I see all that China, it would often be in the form of shards only. We were eager to find bits and pieces with trademarks. So much of the ceramics found in historic privies and fort communities in the US from 1800s was like what you see in the a Blue Room of the Spode Museum. I appreciate your last comments about supporting the museums that rely on visitors and their purchasing from the museum shop, especially now during uncertain times. I have worked for historical museums and funding is often weighing on their ability to offer more programs. Thank you❤️

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams 2 months ago

My great grandparents sold singer sewing machines. They were Norwegian

TRICKSHOTTERS 2 months ago

l totally enjoyed ya’ll. I live in Mississippiin the US. I would love to go antique hunting in the UK. Thank you so much.

T S 2 months ago

So great. Put both places on my ,places to see‘ list. Thank you for this.🥰

Sonya Gilfillan
Sonya Gilfillan 2 months ago

G'day mate to Joerg.So cool to hear you lived here in Australia. Always look forward to your videos!

Susan Henshaw
Susan Henshaw 2 months ago

What fun! I wish I was with you two! ( A new subscriber 🇨🇦)

Karen White
Karen White 2 months ago

Great video! Don’t drop the plates 😀

kristin burrup
kristin burrup 2 months ago

You two are adorable! Love blue and white Spode.❤️

Kathy Semrau
Kathy Semrau 2 months ago

Wow all the wonderful things. It's fun to watch an British antique shopping trip. Have a nice day.

Luz Ruiz
Luz Ruiz 2 months ago

I love your outfit!

Nora Courtney
Nora Courtney 2 months ago


bwiseok 2 months ago

So romantic really. I love Spode but I do not own one single piece. Maybe someday I could find some that I could afford. I think the favorite piece that I noticed on your little documentary here was the picture that had a Little man’s face on the end of it. That was very unusual in the Spode blue room. Keep upThe good work it’s so exciting to see you guys every week.

Linda Masson
Linda Masson 2 months ago

Antique shopping with ones spouse....a dream come true....lucky you! Sweet video. I love to find Spode in the US.

Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 2 months ago

I love the china pieces that you chose, just lovely and what a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing this lovely adventure.

Ann Molloy
Ann Molloy 2 months ago

I would love to see you visit the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, in Stoke-on-Trent. They have the most beautiful cafeteria/dining room where Joerg could eat to his heart’s content and all served on their finest China. It is beautifully landscaped and you can also do a factory tour where you will see ware being made and decorated. It is fascinating Must take the camera with you. I used to work in the offices there in the 1970s.

Claire Jevron
Claire Jevron 2 months ago

Oh wow 🤩 that’s it I m going to visit that store. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

deb smith
deb smith 2 months ago

hi can i come visit you two? your coats match. next time show the art please.

Leslie solway boyd
Leslie solway boyd 2 months ago

Oh my goodness! This video made my heart go pitter patter❤

JoLynn Puente
JoLynn Puente 2 months ago

I have a smaller dish like the one at 19:50 with the holes in the insert. I can tell my plate is old but in very good condition. What did he say the plate was used for? I thought I heard him say for steaming but I’m not sure. I collect Blue and white, red and white and some black and white Spode. I’m obsessed! I also collect Green and White transfer ware if the color is right. I’m one of those “hoarders”. Lol. Love your videos.

Lori Terrill
Lori Terrill 2 months ago

Thank you!!!⚘
I love your videos!
Thank you for all of your hard work.
The ambience is incredibly Peaceful...God Bless you both...and all your Loved Ones...Take Care Dear People!🙏🥰💝🦋🌟

PR Heaton
PR Heaton 2 months ago

I'm so excited you went to Bygone Times....we were there in March when we visited our daughter, and have been there often in the past. The last time we were there my husband got a vintage AA badge for his '67 Beetle. It's a fun place!

Serenity R.
Serenity R. 2 months ago

I have the same Spode dishes. I LOVE them and the compliments I get on them are many!

CAROLE FREEMAN 2 months ago

Thank you, that was very interesting indeed. X

Village life style Hello India

Very nice didi so beutiful

Coolotzz Journey
Coolotzz Journey 2 months ago

Hello guys! New youtuber inviting you all to subscribe to my channel. Like kirsten and joerge , im also showcasing some places in UK. If you have a channel, I will support u as well.

Becky Kueng
Becky Kueng 2 months ago

Oh I LOVED the Spode collection !! I have the Buttercup china that I inherited from my mother who received it as wedding gifts in the 1940's . Many of the pieces were missing by the time I received it so I would have been thrilled to be there and purchase some of those lovely plates and serving pieces to replace the ones that have been broken or lost over the years!! Love the blue Spode too and having those would be a lovely addition to any home. Thanks so much for the tour !!!!!

Audie Os
Audie Os 2 months ago

Hello from the US. Lovely tour. I'm taking notes for when we can travel again. Really enjoy your videos. Thanks!

Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne 2 months ago

9:26- that cockatoo and Budgie porcelain 😍🤓❤️

Cat Fish
Cat Fish 2 months ago

I really love the Spode animal dishes. What a great place. Thanks for taking us there and to the large antiques center. 😺🐠

C Johnson
C Johnson 2 months ago

This was the best one yet!

Hayley CHARLES 2 months ago

Hi guys.. so glad you got those plates . I to have them. 2 pheasant. 2 red grouse. They are lovely. I'm not a fan of then blue spode though. Can't wait to see them in your home.. take care x

donna jackson
donna jackson 2 months ago

I noticed Copeland was never mentioned when you visited Spode, they became one house for many years.. my old antique plates are marked Copeland Spode, I have old the tower pattern. Love the blues

Philip Collins
Philip Collins 2 months ago

Very interesting Bric-a-brac I could wander around the Antique centre for hours even though I don't collect the stuff - as always I enjoy your posts here !!! - take care and be wise with your money

donna jackson
donna jackson 2 months ago

The small bowl is called a ramekin

wendy kelly
wendy kelly 2 months ago

when you were looking at the camera to see if it was one like you have... in the back ground was white and pink T or coffee pot and couple other things i was like screaming i need them .. haha ... i have all those type of pottery on my dark oak welsh dresser (which i had hand made by a craftsman when i was 17.). had a eye for things then.... ..... beautiful video as always xx............ also you should come down to devon and cornwall nice cornish pasties xx