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valencio stephen
valencio stephen 2 months ago

Hey just finish watching your wonder woman make over very nice love the details they was better or even top notch, was wondering can you do the same make up and body make up and out fit to a TBLeague S38A 1/6 Female Phicen Body Flexible Pale Big Bust 12" Figure Action

El dron 29-A
El dron 29-A 2 months ago

Beautiful. 💖❄️🌟💜

Miss MJ
Miss MJ 2 months ago

You are AMAZING.... using acetone and not completely destroying your own nail polish!!!!

Lynn Modest
Lynn Modest 2 months ago

It would be cool to make a ice cube doll with that kind of melty skin

Random Me
Random Me 2 months ago

I want that bag!

Everything looks AMAZING! Really beautiful. All your dolls and projects look stunning but I am in love with this one. (And the theme)

Makayla Haverluk
Makayla Haverluk 2 months ago

A lot of people are saying this doll looks like snow white, but I think because it's a big red ribbon she looks a lot like Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.
Also for Christmas my dad got me a digital drawing tablet so now I can finally try it out. I've always wanted to do digital drawing because traditional art is so permanent and my perfectionist mindset makes it really hard to get started on anything.

cecily boyd
cecily boyd 2 months ago

She looks like Kiki from Kiki's delivery service.

Diamond Vanessa
Diamond Vanessa 2 months ago

You should do disney princesses on 17 inch monster high dolls

Bonny Purac
Bonny Purac 2 months ago

She is gorgeous anyone would love to receive her for Xmas and her beautiful presents.

Seulgi 2 months ago


FairyHedgehog 2 months ago

I got a galaxy lamp!

Bonnie 2 months ago

You should be designing and building Christmas windows in huge department stores!

Bonnie 2 months ago

Your attention detail details and imagination blows my mind!

Jerica Barnhill
Jerica Barnhill 2 months ago

Amazing and delightful! I shared the video to my mom it was too cute not to hahaha

Moufflette 2 months ago

So so beautiful!

Wendy Reinmiller
Wendy Reinmiller 2 months ago

Ok, I want that hand bag in life size!! You could start a whole other business!

Kristen Andria
Kristen Andria 2 months ago

Seeing her open the gifts just made my day. Too cute.

Well wouldn’t You like to know

Does anyone else think this doll looks like Aubrey Plaza?

Eda Yalcin
Eda Yalcin 2 months ago

pls pls pls never stop doing this amazing job u are so sweet ❤️

Randi Page
Randi Page 2 months ago


Alison Williams
Alison Williams 2 months ago

I loved how you told a story with the stills at the end. Thank you!!

wara cespedes
wara cespedes 2 months ago

I loved the pictures at the end!!! They really told a story

Nasya Peralta
Nasya Peralta 2 months ago

Can you please do more lol omg dolls 🤞🏻🙏🏻

Eve_Loves_ Cats!
Eve_Loves_ Cats! 2 months ago

Merry christmas!🎄 Happy new year!🎉
Little challenge! Can you try to make a pet out of scratch? Like, not a doll in animal form, sculpting a pet like a cat, or a dog, or a bird! You choose! I just think it would be nice to achieve someting new for 2021!😊

Divine Mischief
Divine Mischief 2 months ago

She's absolutely adorable

Ismael Rodriguez
Ismael Rodriguez 2 months ago

Gorgeous!! This doll reminds me of my younger niece. Her face always reminded me of the monster high face sculpt. :-)

Amani Jackson
Amani Jackson 2 months ago

I would really like to see a lolita doll with a darker skin tone

Margherita Mariano
Margherita Mariano 2 months ago

Pleaseee! Make an Albino doll! ♥️🥺🌼 With red eyes, withe eyelashes and all the stuff 😍
Maybe an Afro Albino doll.. It wuld be Amazing

AbbyB. 2 months ago

OMG, loved the photoshoot!!! So cute!! So many details! Beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

holloweenloid2 2 months ago

I love how the doll turned out, though with the drippy details on the body maybe something like a Snow Miser could have worked as an alternative. For me it's always fun to come up with ways to include the unique details the monster high dolls have

Sparrowberry 2 months ago

So cute! I love watch you create and I love the festive music you chose💛

Pandatrix 2 months ago

Photoshoot is precious :)

M. 2 months ago

Omggg you should’ve made it one of those cookie tins instead of a purse because that’s what it looks like

Jacquie McGlothlen
Jacquie McGlothlen 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous, she is stunning. Love your work and your artistry

xLaraLeex 2 months ago

I’m blown away at the detail you’re able to add to these larger dolls. Those eyes are stunning!

xLaraLeex 2 months ago

Can someone who does this or understands better than me explain why you do the hair then mask it off and spray the face? There’s always a little bit of overspray on the roots of the hair. I never see her remove it but I don’t notice it at the end.
Could it also be done in a different order? Spraying the face, then painting the scalp and adding the hair? Or does that risk messing up the face paint?

Get Comfortable
Get Comfortable 2 months ago

Could you create some dolls to represent the 12 zodiac spirits? I think it would be an interesting concept. We're now in the year of the Ox 🐂😁

Miroslava Pobjecka
Miroslava Pobjecka 2 months ago

Happy healthy and joyful New Year 2021 🎉❤️

Angel 2 months ago

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. This year i got some silver earrings i'd been wanting to match some necklaces i already owned. So i think your doll will also love her earrings. The handbag is my favorite, it turned out so cute! It looked a lot like those adorable old fashioned hat boxes. My grandmother had a whole bunch of gorgeous hatboxes that looked like they were covered in types of wallpaper and inside were hats from the 20's and 30's. As a kid i loved putting on the hats and pretending i was an elegant lady or a flapper.

Tamiko B
Tamiko B 2 months ago

She is beautiful, seasons greetings and a happy new year 🎊

kawaii panda
kawaii panda 2 months ago

Happy new year!

kawaii panda
kawaii panda 2 months ago

I love it this doll so.much can u do a new years doll

Quirky Crafts and Collectibles

Happy New Year love your Channel thank you, I mentioned you on my channel thanking you for inspiring me to start my channel "Quirky Crafts and Collectables"

Marie-Anne Mormina
Marie-Anne Mormina 2 months ago

Beautiful work ! Merry christmas !

M M 2 months ago

Poppen i love your dolls, i would like to see more skintone variety in your style 🥺

Ratty Chick Trisha
Ratty Chick Trisha 2 months ago

I love the doll makeover but not her name Lolita . Would prefer to have no connection to that character when it’s a Christmas themed doll .

Sparky 12
Sparky 12 2 months ago

Poppen, while watching this I turned and asked my girls if a candle doll would look good because of the drips this doll has on her skin. My youngest one upped me with what if she was ice cream! I figured this was too good of a response to not let you know and see what your thoughts were on it! Happy New Year!

Tammy McIntyre
Tammy McIntyre 2 months ago

She is so cute. Great job!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jois Valdivia
Jois Valdivia 2 months ago

Merry christmas honey !

Jois Valdivia
Jois Valdivia 2 months ago

Hello, do you make dolls to order? I would like you to make me one !

Robin Underwood
Robin Underwood 2 months ago

This has to be my favorite video so far! This was so nice to watch, and the final product was so cute and adorable, with all her presents!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!

Douglas Hubbard
Douglas Hubbard 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!! Beautiful work .. always inspiring!

Katie Roush
Katie Roush 2 months ago

I noticed not many people talked about what they received for Christmas. This year is particularly challenging for us as we lost our home to hurricane Laura. We are currently living in a camper and waiting to close on our new home. My favorite gifts were items my friends and family knew would provide comfort. We were gifted an electric blanket that both my husband and I have really appreciated. I received cozy socks, lovely candles, and even a fire pit for our future home. These gifts gave me something to enjoy immediately and also things to look forward to in the future.

Melanie Shelton
Melanie Shelton 2 months ago

I love that you gave the doll brown eyes. Thank you! And the Christmas tree purse is amazing 💜

Katie Roush
Katie Roush 2 months ago

Wow!! You never cease to amaze me! Just beautiful and the detail is incredible. Merry Christmas 🎄

Samantha Dean
Samantha Dean 2 months ago

This was adorable!!!

But I still would love to see your take on Smurfette...

Serena H
Serena H 2 months ago

OK I know that she is not a Live New Born Baby doll but when she was finishing the face that is where my brain went.

Vanessa Larios
Vanessa Larios 2 months ago

When you said you were giving her brown eyes I thought they were going to be darker, those are honey/ambar eyes, they even look green... but anyways, beautiful work as always, so flawless ♥️

Cele Brodwen
Cele Brodwen 2 months ago

❤❤ how you made the handbag

goatanarchy69 2 months ago

This is
all really pretty! but I have a question. Does your mom get paid for making the dresses?

Alyssa Figueroa
Alyssa Figueroa 2 months ago

You barely go for brown skin as well as the brown eyes 😫

Eir'melana 2 months ago

I got Cyberpunk 2077 for Christmas lol. Also she looks lovely! I bet you could make an AMAZING Morgana doll, from League of Legends.

Kelly Bell
Kelly Bell 2 months ago

Wow wow wow, the work you put into your dolls & videos is outstanding! Just when I thought you were done, you added more, then more & then you treat us with the cute stop motion Christmas scene at the end! Thank you for all your hard work xx

bzbeauty 2 months ago

Your dolls are awesome. You should totally sell prints (pictures) of your dolls especially the way you posed this one by the tree with the gifts at the end.

Annette Rose
Annette Rose 2 months ago

I was sad you had to cut her original hair. I actually liked it. Not Christmas themed though.

Thalia Sampedro Thomas

Unbelievable, every doll you make becomes my favorite. Loved it!

Aryadeep 2 months ago

Plssss do Rapunzel/elsa the snow queen I would to see how your mom recreates elsa's snow queen outfit! Love your vids!

Yasmim Maia
Yasmim Maia 2 months ago

The eye that shoud be brown, turned into a green eye. 🤣

Mithson Cardona
Mithson Cardona 2 months ago


Makayla Rillamas
Makayla Rillamas 2 months ago

I love your art always! I would love to see more dolls with brown eyes and darker skin though!

Osmin Alix
Osmin Alix 2 months ago

Beautiful job. Your mom did a great job with the dress. I loved her little handbag. So cute.

Joyce I
Joyce I 2 months ago

I’m so excited!!!!!!!my daughter just bought this doll for me🥰💕💕I can’t wait to see it you’re the best artist ever❤️She’s coming to a wonderful home I will treasure her for ever💕

tracy taylor
tracy taylor 2 months ago

she makes my day! Merry Christmas Poppen! Your talent blows me away!!!

Doris Ramos
Doris Ramos 2 months ago

Waaaa what a beautiful doll and such a lovely face.

Fire Dust
Fire Dust 2 months ago

The doll looks great!You should do a past present and future dolls from the Christmas carol

Petra de Groot
Petra de Groot 2 months ago

Who els needs that handbag?! It’s soooo pretty😍😄

Meowlodie H-L
Meowlodie H-L 2 months ago

What a wonderful doll! That handbag is amazing!

Duane Algard
Duane Algard 2 months ago

Hey the store five below has tons of BTS Male dolls would that be something you could use

Angel Clarke
Angel Clarke 2 months ago

You should try doing a doll repaint with a boxy girl doll. I'm trying to find references but I haven't found a single boxy girl repaint to reference off of

Toka Hitsujikai
Toka Hitsujikai 2 months ago

I got a Katana for christmas.
Well, a Iaito. Which is a Katana but the blade is made out of a metal you can't sharpen

Toka Hitsujikai
Toka Hitsujikai 2 months ago

True ott Lolita

None of your business

It is so inspiring to see you use products meant for other uses (nail art or cosplay) to create doll related items. Many crafters, jewelry makers, book nook makers, miniature enthusiasts, or doll house creators could learn a lot from watching your videos!

Katya Roberts
Katya Roberts 2 months ago

What material was her hair? It looks absolutely amazing!

Katya Roberts
Katya Roberts 2 months ago

The shoes you made reminded me of Snow White!! Really cute :))

Eloïse FOURNIER 2 months ago

OMG one of my favorite so far ! She’s so damn beautiful !

Jenny Ray Art
Jenny Ray Art 2 months ago

HOW are you able to use pure acetone and not mess up your manicure??? I wonder that every time I watch your videos. I just look at a bottle of acetone and my nail polish leaps off my fingernails.

Tiyarna Sheahan
Tiyarna Sheahan 2 months ago

Absolutely loved this one!! Thank you!! Merry Christmas

Avani's_fp 2 months ago

Really beautiful 💖💖💖

Jazzy S.
Jazzy S. 2 months ago

The lolita Christmas doll is so cute!! I love the face and the dress! It's funny because I actually got a lolita dress for Christmas! 😂

11_2244 2 months ago

She's Beautiful!

Lacie Sethney
Lacie Sethney 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Maryna! I hope you had a lovely holiday. My parents got me custom painted tennis shoes with my dogs faces and names on them!

PlayLyss Aka Ayssa Leiby

What kind of glossy varnish do you use? Just realized it is the only thing I forgot to buy! Do you have a link I could buy it from?

Akili Amethyst
Akili Amethyst 2 months ago

Shriekwrecked Gooliope! OUCH. Let us know if you plan on selling any of the accessories from the box. I had to buy her second-hand for my collection and there are a lot of missing pieces.

Lori Dresser
Lori Dresser 2 months ago

Ms.Poppen, could you please share the shoe pattern you used here? We have all 5 “big” MH dolls and would love to give them some variety. Thanks

Kristanie Norris
Kristanie Norris 2 months ago

She reminds me of a Christmasy snow white and I like that

Cyriel_G 2 months ago

It sucks! We can only put one blue thumb... Your doll deserve at least 1000 thumbs up! <3 <3 <3
Thank you so much for this video, sharing your art with us is such a beautiful gift!

Michele MM
Michele MM 2 months ago

Beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

victoria b
victoria b 2 months ago

Shes absolutely stunning 😍😍😍
Would love to see a swan lake or nutcracker ballerina one day! 🩰

Lichtspuren 2 months ago

Wow, how beautiful she is! ❤️🎄🥰🎅🏼🤶🏼❤️😍 I wish you a Happy New Year! ⭐️✨

The Fnaf Database
The Fnaf Database 2 months ago

Is it possible to do a male doll repaint? I think most of them have plastic hair.