Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark



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Title : Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark

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Description Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark

Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark

Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark

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Joann Robinson
Joann Robinson 2 months ago


John Ferguson
John Ferguson 2 months ago

A brilliant performance of the Master work at just the right tempo.

Frank Winslade
Frank Winslade 2 months ago

this is how it is written to be played brilliant

Natale Azzan
Natale Azzan 2 months ago


marelicainavokado 2 months ago

This is the best version I've found here on Youtube. It's just the right speed and you can actually hear the music. Other versions are either too fast or the tones get drowned in one loud mess.

david edwards
david edwards 2 months ago

very rythmic

Patricia Gunnell
Patricia Gunnell 2 months ago

Stunning. No other words for it.

Trompette harmonique
Trompette harmonique 2 months ago

Best interpretation in YouTube ;-D

Chris Michell Heath
Chris Michell Heath 2 months ago

Wonderful! Thank you.

Grant Leitma
Grant Leitma 2 months ago

Best recording on YouTube!

Beth Feisel
Beth Feisel 2 months ago

Splendid performance of this piece. Right tempo, crisp technique--heavenly! Used this for my wedding recessional 28 years ago; it was perfect although my mom hated it!

mickwable 2 months ago

Solid. This chap makes it alive. Without taking it too fast.

eduardo chavez padilla

extraordinarios bellisimos

David Bower
David Bower 2 months ago

The CD adds the first four movements producing a package of which I am very fond.

Charles Brown
Charles Brown 2 months ago

I love this magnificent instrument! The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a wonderfully complimentary acoustical environment for the organ. Listen to those awesome pedal pipes speaking from their towers at the back of the nave. WOW!
It reminds me quite a bit of some of those churches in Paris.

dreadnaught90 2 months ago

Excellent playing. Nice tempo. Great organ. I would loved to have been there to hear it all live.

stéphane testart
stéphane testart 2 months ago


May1south 2 months ago

This is my favorite performance of the Toccata.

peter41203 2 months ago

One of my very FAVORITE pieces of organ work. My GrandDad played this quite often for postludes at my church I grew up in. He played this the best, imo. Love it!

Marc Zehnacker
Marc Zehnacker 2 months ago


CJ SB 2 months ago

Christ Jesus be praised, in the Heaven, and in the earth, and under the earth, and let all Creation praise His Holy Name.

Eduard Mas Marín
Eduard Mas Marín 2 months ago


Del Cross
Del Cross 2 months ago


Andork Kuomo
Andork Kuomo 2 months ago

Saw him many years back when he performed on a decent organ we have nearby in a little podunk town. Really nice guy I remember. I bought that CD that they plug in this video (French 5ths) and had him sign it for me.

SeriousCuillin 2 months ago

This is the one recital, I keep coming back to. A truly great rendition!

Mephisto Waltz
Mephisto Waltz 2 months ago

Mr. Hohman plays the new 4 manual console near the front altar. The organ is the masterpiece of the Schantz Organ company. It has 50 ranks, or sets of pipes near the altar and 100 ranks near the back of the cathedral. Two organs really. Both playable from consoles in the front and back of the building. The building itself has some of the most impressive carved marble inside, and stained glass of any church in America.

Barbara 53
Barbara 53 2 months ago

THANK YOU, Mr. Hohman!  To God be the glory!!!

Rick Miller
Rick Miller 2 months ago

Hats off to Schantz and the young man. The 32 foot stops had time to speak clearly.
This is the very best performance of the Widor.

Martin Haigh
Martin Haigh 2 months ago

Diane Bish should listen to this and she might learn how to play this piece. Bravo Mr. Hohman! Tempo, articulation, registration, a little "rubato"... everything spot on.

Ant 2 months ago

So accurate, a real pro. With the computer you can never hear everything comparing to being there in the building though.

Tom Sturgis
Tom Sturgis 2 months ago

Search "Ch. M. Widor" to hear the composer play this. This is the most majestic organ composition ever written.

Val Lamon
Val Lamon 2 months ago

have to chime in and agree - a most satisfying aural experience in every aspect of a great work that often gets rushed or muddled up

Geneviève Bauer
Geneviève Bauer 2 months ago


M Stults
M Stults 2 months ago


Mark Nicholson
Mark Nicholson 2 months ago

Cameron Carpenter needs to watch this.

Mark Nicholson
Mark Nicholson 2 months ago

Truly a masterpiece of technical prowess, musicality and artistry. It is a rare pleasure to hear this so well played on such a great instrument. A huge compliment to the organist, the composer and the organ builder. The 32 foot pipes are very demanding on the organ's wind reserves, so big up to the organ builder -- this beautiful instrument kept up flawlessly. The 32 foot pipes also take time to sound given the amount of air required. The timing and clarity of the notes and in particular the pedals are testament to the organist’s and the organ builder’s skills. This is the first time I've heard this piece played at the correct tempo. Diane Bish plays it way too fast! This rendition brought a tear to my eye -- sheer majesty. The pedals need time for their sheer majesty.

Excello 2 months ago

Very enjoyable. Thank you. (I swear, those toe pistons look lethal.)

Anson Yeung
Anson Yeung 2 months ago

Perfect art!

Theodore Biele
Theodore Biele 2 months ago

fantastic, bright organ and excellent playing!

Mr. Rogers Park
Mr. Rogers Park 2 months ago

So beautiful, and so beautifully done! Hats off to Mr. Hohman for making my heart leap with his uncanny performance.

KPO6859 2 months ago

Whee! Thank you, I love it.

John C
John C 2 months ago


Robert Gift
Robert Gift 2 months ago


Marco C.
Marco C. 2 months ago

ma gni fi cent

mudgebauer 2 months ago

This is still the best recording of this piece on Youtube, even though Gert Van Hoef does a nice one too, this is still the best.

Phoebe13ism 2 months ago

I`m no expert .Just love this piece. It makes the hairs at the back of my neck stand up and a shiver down the spine every time.

Norman Downe
Norman Downe 2 months ago

I never ceased to be amazed at this work - how it captures the imagination in the immensity and intensity of its power.

Walter Vella
Walter Vella 2 months ago

great performance

Christina 2 months ago

Love this...one of my favourites

Stephen Hutton
Stephen Hutton 2 months ago

Awesome :)

organpipe8 2 months ago

Beautiful - GREATest performance I have heard or should I say it was SWELL. Thanks for sharing. Lance

Scott Mathews
Scott Mathews 2 months ago

Bravo! The finest performance on YouTube.

Allen Warrender
Allen Warrender 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this.

Stephen Pennell
Stephen Pennell 2 months ago

excellent playing and the end cadence was spot on.....

pearl blues
pearl blues 2 months ago

I think Widor himself would be pleased with this version. Bravo!

Snyder Anne
Snyder Anne 2 months ago

That is what heaven sounds like.

Bobby Watt
Bobby Watt 2 months ago

I love the sound of every note being played...

Michael Denton
Michael Denton 2 months ago

This is truly an amazing performance.  Wonderfully played...and all from memory!  Bravo good sir!  I first heard this piece when I was about 11 yrs old played by Simon Preston for the Royal wedding of one of the Princesses way back in 1960.  It has been my favourite piece since then and I'm now 66!  All I can play of this is a few of the opening chords....lol

Christian Wisskirchen


Hilary Lewis
Hilary Lewis 2 months ago

I chose this piece as the one I would have played at my funeral because it is absolutely wonderful. Frederick thank you so much for your rendition. HAL

David Dunst
David Dunst 2 months ago

Sometimes it is simply wrong to click the 'dislike' button on a video. This is one of those times.

Robert Volbrecht
Robert Volbrecht 2 months ago

Absolutely stunning!  I agree with Thomas (below)... best version of this I've ever heard, not just on YouTube, but anywhere.  Your playing is brilliant.  To finally hear this piece played at a tempo that makes sense considering the acoustics and articulation (and honoring the composer's wish) is SO musical and SO refreshing.  I would love to hear you play a full recital someday, Mr. Hohman.  You are a magnificent musician.  Thank you.

Peter Davies
Peter Davies 2 months ago


Music4 Ron
Music4 Ron 2 months ago

This is fantastic! Registration, tempo and clarity are all excellent. Another big difference compared to other recordings is his smooth transition from one major section to another and when changing stops. In some recordings the organist either slows down or takes a momentary break between sections.

Barry Peck
Barry Peck 2 months ago

Only in my dreams could I play this maby one day......

KGAMDJ 2 months ago

Excellent, this could not have been played any better. Perfect timing, skill and registration.  Thank You for a truly emotional and enjoyable experience!

Janet ZZ Mckellow
Janet ZZ Mckellow 2 months ago

A wonderful version of this amazing piece of music.
Very well performed 😇

Bobbalew25 2 months ago

The GREATEST organ toccata ever written.

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson 2 months ago

this is the MOST beautiful ever!
love so much, thank you all!!

hawaiidispenser 2 months ago

Something about this piece makes me cry.  It's haunting, but awe-inspiring too. One of my very favorite organ pieces of all time.

William Shepard
William Shepard 2 months ago

Good tempo. Crisp phrasing. elegant & smooth fingering.  All this in Newark NJ?!!!.  what a surprise!  Un-self-conscious and relaxed ease of performance.  Organistas frequently resemble malicious little dogs nipping at superb organists' ankles.

Jim Maslowski
Jim Maslowski 2 months ago

True Passion, Thank you.

NSA66 2 months ago

One of the most imaginatively registered recordings of the Widor I've come across. Nice to hear the slightly more strident swell reeds raising their heads above the chorus. I liked this a lot. Thanks.

Albert peckham
Albert peckham 2 months ago

Wow! This fine musician has the control and the passion for this composition.  I admire his reserve in not rushing the notes but keeps his tempi intact.  Congratulations for a wonderful performance.

Londo 2 months ago

brilliant !

jonesorg 2 months ago

For the first time heard the Toccata at a good pace! And to play this exquisitely from memory - wow! Simply wow! This made my day today! :-)

Michel Downing
Michel Downing 2 months ago

Perfect tempo,  THIS is THE version,

KingofKingsELCA 2 months ago

Fantastic work.  Most moving !  Great performance.

#SUPERSTAR 2 months ago


mike clarke
mike clarke 2 months ago

brilliantly played... superbly performed  divine

Joe Lucas
Joe Lucas 2 months ago

It is nice to know that one organist can give so much pleasure to so many people.I enjoy listening to this piece very often

Mrphilharmonic 2 months ago

Glorious!! I can't choose between this or the Simon Preston version. Both just wonderful!

Ambienfinity Music
Ambienfinity Music 2 months ago

Perfect playing of a piece that always, always makes me smile.

Samuel Manka
Samuel Manka 2 months ago

Bravo e BRAVISSIMO! This great work has been played many times at my own Church, The Church of the Advent, in Boston, MA. This is truly a wonderful performance!

synalag 2 months ago


Kia Ceed
Kia Ceed 2 months ago

Just amazing. BRAVO !!!

Boatista Ista
Boatista Ista 2 months ago

Hohman has been my favorite pipe-organist for many years. This is the best rendition of this difficult piece ever played. I equate this to playing "flight of the bumblebee" on organ. It isn't without fault, because nobody is perfect, but Hohman is damn close.

Scott Reader
Scott Reader 2 months ago

Absolutely flawless.  

William Ollis
William Ollis 2 months ago

This is a very musical rendition of such a famous work.  It is nice to actually hear the notes.  Well done!!

Andy Young
Andy Young 2 months ago


Marion Lovett
Marion Lovett 2 months ago

Perfect speed. A masterpiece of French organ music. Thanks for posting this.

JUB669 2 months ago

A very very very good performance...and a wonderful organ! Thanx for posting!!!

Tony Simulinas
Tony Simulinas 2 months ago

Excellent rendition !!!!    Perfect instrument .... matched to one who knows how to use it !!!!

Prolinium 2 months ago

I echo Stephen Alhart: This is a stunning performance.

Krzysztof.M 1966
Krzysztof.M 1966 2 months ago

beautiful music

Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone 2 months ago

Organist has a cool mullet! 

Bernard Cromarty
Bernard Cromarty 2 months ago

Brilliant! The correct speed for the acoustics of the building!!

Rafael M
Rafael M 2 months ago

Best version I ever heard

Verheyen Vincent
Verheyen Vincent 2 months ago

Brilliant interpretation !  One of the best i've heard.

OldPost661 2 months ago

Just darned grand.  Nice playing, Fred.