Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain


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Information Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain

Title : Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain

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Frames Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain

Description Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain

Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain

Feliz Navidad,, Coca-Cola Christmas in the park 2019, Auckland Domain

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NaturesFairy 2 months ago

That was so much fun!! Seems like Christmas came and went so fast!! Happy New Year guys!

JERRY MAYUGA 2 months ago

If ever I am still here in New Zealand, I will attend this event in the park annually.

Remembering Elvis Presley

Wonderful Christmas Celebrations in the Park!!! Merry Christmas Phillip! Best Wishes Angeline🎄🎅

Carlos Pais
Carlos Pais 2 months ago

amazing Christmas event. beautiful song with great singer. I enjoyed watching to the end and loved it. thank you.
Phillip, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2020.

Çisenin Dünyası
Çisenin Dünyası 2 months ago

Wonderful Upload!Have a good day!⭐

KING JESHUA 2 months ago

Felix Navidad 🕺🏼💃🏼🌲👏🏽

菲常旅程 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Charoula Kostopoulou, τραγούδια ψυχής

Hello dear friend Phillip! Thank you for this Coca-Cola Christmas!
Like 55 and best regards, Charoula 🍀🍀🍀

정선동강tv 2 months ago

Good video 🤗

The Laughing Lion
The Laughing Lion 2 months ago

Feliz navidad, great performance, i like the dancing ladies!

BelksC 2 months ago

Очень интересно посмотреть!

Anatoly and Helen
Anatoly and Helen 2 months ago

Great! We like your video! Let's be friends!

Globetrot with Neel
Globetrot with Neel 2 months ago

I really enjoyed watching this video! You’ve got some really awesome talent at being a YouTube Creator! Red button pressed! Do you mind seeing my travel, aviation and railfanning videos? :) Don't forget to press the red button back mate. Thanks and cheers! Will always support you. :)

Sunny Art TV
Sunny Art TV 2 months ago

Very nice performance for Christmas🎅👍

Florinda's Family
Florinda's Family 2 months ago

Quite famous song, Feliz Navida, Phillip! 😻

UnspecGamer 2 months ago

That was great and fantastic work. Keep it up. I wish you a nice fresh day. See you my friend. Greetings UnspecGamer 😀👍.

Ardisia1234 2 months ago

Great video and very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing! Thumbs up! Happy Holidays, my friends!

Handmade Sophie Greece

Hello, my friend ..wonderful video ! all the best to you .GREETINGS !!!!

ceyo dayı
ceyo dayı 2 months ago

Beğendim! başarılı bir kanal, keyifle izliyorum. Kolay gelsin İyi günler 👍👍👍👏👏👏

ceyo dayı
ceyo dayı 2 months ago

Beğendim! başarılı bir kanal, keyifle izliyorum. Kolay gelsin İyi günler 👍👍👍👏👏👏

Wave and Ocean
Wave and Ocean 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your lovely video dear Phillip
L 27 Enjoyable to watch
Warm friendly greetings

Светлана Тимчук

Добрый день, Филипп! Очень красивое видео! Посмотрела с большим удовольствием! Спасибо большое! Солнечного денечка! *46

by Susan
by Susan 2 months ago

I like your wonderful work presentation , ★Mᴀʏ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛʏ ᴀɴᴅ ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜɪɴ ♥
.*`,Lovely season greetings🎅🎄🙏🤝🤝 hugs Susan-::-♥

ТС Kукушечка

Очень интересное видео! Посмотрела с большим удовольствием! Спасибо большое, Филипп!

Lyudmila Prokopeva Chepchugova

Класс, красиво конечно палец вверх.

Explore SweetEscape
Explore SweetEscape 2 months ago

wow christmas is just around. keep uploading.

Hun Hun
Hun Hun 2 months ago

Beğendim! başarılı bir kanal, keyifle izliyorum. Kolay gelsin İyi günler 👍👍👍👏👏👏

blackturtleshow 2 months ago

Classic Christmas tune! Cool video!!!

Emily and Ben in Wonderland

very nice, like it. Have a good day

esanhand 2 months ago

cool Christmas festival,Wednesday Morning friend

Ernest Kwok
Ernest Kwok 2 months ago

Hi dear Phillip, great song and performance! Great concert in the park...thanks for sharing 😊

Japan紅葉頻道 2 months ago

Let me see my friend's work😍
Look carefully🥫👏
Wonderful👍 39 + 1🌹
bless my friends good luck🙏


Hope i didnt break the LIKE button! ~@@~

Franny Becker
Franny Becker 2 months ago

Hello saudações 🇧🇷 obrigada por compartilhar ótimos vídeos 👍 🔔
Uma lindíssima abençoada Noite 🙏 Feliz Natal 🎄

Zosimo Pablo
Zosimo Pablo 2 months ago

It's a gorgeous Christmas celebration, it really makes the people happy

prince tv
prince tv 2 months ago

It is a very useful video and very interesting my friend keep sharing God bless you And grow your channel and keep sharing your beautiful experience i hope you support me back

It Starts With A Step...

I love this song its fantastic so cute to see Santa and getting our spanish Christmas vibes together xx

[Wellbeing Life]웰빙라이프

Wow ~~~
Wonderful ~~~
Merry Christmas.

Franco Athos Music
Franco Athos Music 2 months ago

Interesting job my dear friend...♫♫ FEliz Navidad....♫♫♫♫
really impressive video....♪♪♪♪♫♫
congratulations my dear friend....♪♪♪ like care....♫♫♫♦

LIFE SOUL 2 months ago

Hello my friend, your channel is nice, regards✨✨

Act Naturally
Act Naturally 2 months ago

Awesome video & channel, thanks for sharing!! 👍💖 Happy times guys, great show! Have fun this Christmas!!

TheNorma 2 months ago

Wow very elaborate

Jose Manuel Hiniesto
Jose Manuel Hiniesto 2 months ago

Feliz Navidad, que disfrutes estos días rodeado de tu familia... un fuerte abrazo

João Dias de Carvalho

Good night Phillip, thanks for sharing your video with us, congratulations...best regards!!!

Niart BJ
Niart BJ 2 months ago

Super like 👍 30 💕💞🌟

Mina Nana
Mina Nana 2 months ago

Like 28 ✔️
Waw super vlog great music 🎶🎵 beautiful dance thank you for sharing Big kisses ♥️💚🌴🇲🇫🌲😘🇲🇦 have a good day

Trains Tunisie
Trains Tunisie 2 months ago

very nice video bro

baniorz trains
baniorz trains 2 months ago

super video my friend!

Engel Herz
Engel Herz 2 months ago

Cool Santa!! Like 25 and greetings

basennel 2 months ago

Beautiful video!! Merry Christmas.😊🎄

MAYGLI 2 months ago

Очень интересно посмотреть!

Danuta815 N
Danuta815 N 2 months ago

Super Filmik dziękuję Philipie pozdrawiam serdecznie 🌲🌲

patrizia piccirilli
patrizia piccirilli 2 months ago

Wow this is great😮 I enjoy watching your video, Phillip! 😀👍LIKE 21

Aimé GUTHLEBEN 2 months ago

Good evening.
Thank you for sharing this more. All your sharing are super.
I just love it. I like "20".
Good week. Sincerely

Gilbert Nutier
Gilbert Nutier 2 months ago

beautiful Christmas video that I like !
Have a nice week Phillip !

Karl-Heinz Lang
Karl-Heinz Lang 2 months ago

Great performance and video Have a wonderful week

William B161
William B161 2 months ago

Very nice video

Zen O
Zen O 2 months ago

wow amazing Christmas show

Manuell 2 months ago

Merci d'être venu à moi 👍 👍 👍
.⛄. Manuel ♥♥ ⛄ Belle saison de l'avent ⛄ ABO :)

Peaceful Streets Madinah

Interesting upload

BOOM & BIGZ TV 2 months ago

Really lovely performance! Great share!! :)

Sofia sound, nature & walks

Fun and cool performance with Santa Claus! Great event, so many people. Merry Christmas to you!!

ดาวประกาย DAOPRAKAl ทาเกอุจิ TAKEUSHI

Thank You
เต้นสนุกมากค่ะ คนก็เยอะดีค่ะ

De Todo un Poco
De Todo un Poco 2 months ago

Great Chistmas concert Phillip!!Happy Week.

Jarek 2 months ago

@ # Witam...super filmik...pozdrawiam serdecznie...cudownego i pięknego tygodnia...like 10 # @


Wonderful my dear friend.9

Ankes World
Ankes World 2 months ago

my dear friend, like this Coca-Cola Christmas, Happy Holidays

SUPERGENKI 2 months ago

This was great Philip, many thanks for sharing!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. ^^

RaCkeyboard 2 months ago

Great video my friend! Like
Thanks for sharing!

Diedrich Saathoff
Diedrich Saathoff 2 months ago

hello my friend,
thank you for the nice video.
I hope to see a lot more from you.
A like from DidiAurich

Opel Travel.
Opel Travel. 2 months ago

Great video!!!


🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄👍 🎄👍 👍
Thank you for sharing 🌺
I wish you a nice advent season 🎄⛄ 🎄⛄
Greetings from me Renate 🎄⛄ 🎄⛄

Giovanna Manca
Giovanna Manca 2 months ago

Troppo bello 😍 complimenti Phillip Buon Natale 🎄 a te e famiglia 👪🏻

Zax Drums
Zax Drums 2 months ago

Frohe Weihnachten Philip!! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!

beate steffi graf
beate steffi graf 2 months ago