Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics


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Information Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics

Title : Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics

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Frames Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics

Description Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics

Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics

Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff \u0026 Singers w/lyrics

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Allen Black
Allen Black 2 months ago

We need this more than ever in 2020

Billy Certified Personal Trainer

This is a beautiful song.

Sarah Plain and Tall
Sarah Plain and Tall 2 months ago

I love it!

Paul Jay
Paul Jay 2 months ago

Thanks again to everyone who has commented below on this song, which was written by my mother, Miidge Jay. I can't tell you how deeply touched I am to know that her song has been enjoyed by so many of you. The stories here are just wonderful. She was a prolific songwriter, but this is the only song of hers that was ever recorded. It's great to know it made such a deep impression on so many.


It just isn't Christmas without playing this arrangement to start the Christmas season & then play it over & over for several weeks.

juan martimez
juan martimez 2 months ago


Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer Wagner 2 months ago

This was our wedding song that I walked down the aisle to

Mark Herron
Mark Herron 2 months ago

Happy birthday to Ray Conniff his birthday verse is Hebrews 11:6 Rest in peace ✌️✌️ Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄 Blessings and hugs 🤗💞😂💘❤️💕🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏!

dks13827 2 months ago

Still love this, since 1959. The entire album is very good.

dks13827 2 months ago

Back to the 60's, for me. My favorite Christmas song. Sadly, real life is often another matter.

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross 2 months ago

Who the hell could vote thumbs down on such sweetness?

ejcecil1305 2 months ago

Reminds me of my Grand Parents....Bitter sweet

Jacqueline Lobato
Jacqueline Lobato 2 months ago

Santa, a need a beautiful bride for this christmas.

Jennie B.
Jennie B. 2 months ago

I love this Chistmas sing

Larry W
Larry W 2 months ago

I too love this song. I have someone too I want as my Christmas Bride.
Marry me Deb
Really sucks living in Florida. Hard to get in the spirit with it 90* on Christmas.
Bring on the snow!!!

William Cooke
William Cooke 2 months ago

My favorite Christmas Song.....Love everyone......Smiles

Tim Roebuck
Tim Roebuck 2 months ago

Sibelius Fifth Symphony anyone?

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 2 months ago

I preparing for Christmas 2019 with this one

Jojo Marcelo
Jojo Marcelo 2 months ago

I only heard this song with this version. Thanks Ray Connif

Brad Lovett
Brad Lovett 2 months ago

I was re-acquainted with this song at my Dad and stepmom's house in 2012 one Christmas, with my then girlfriend, now wife. I thought it was about time to make my girlfriend my bride, though she became my Easter bride the following year. Sadly, my Dad and stepmom have both passed away since then.

50's Group Harmony
50's Group Harmony 2 months ago

Beautiful!   The Most Romantic Christmas Song Ever!

Clifford Steckman
Clifford Steckman 2 months ago

Yes beautiful song Dec. 18th 2018

Karen Blohm
Karen Blohm 2 months ago

I'd love a Christmas like this.

Yareni Torres
Yareni Torres 2 months ago

I love this Christmas song. It has a very beautiful lyric.

Tess Ocampo
Tess Ocampo 2 months ago

In love this christmas song❤

TheAudivisioner 2 months ago

I found this on a Columbia Special Products compilation.
Great song.

buffalosabrefan 2 months ago

I remember this song from when I was a very young child. Oh, the memories it brings back makes me wish for those days again.


Ray Conniff and friends at their best. You notice how powerful the singers are when you note the song is mostly acapella, little more orchestra then a gentle bass line.

Steve Zinser
Steve Zinser 2 months ago

This is great stereo music at its best!! AND it's over 50 years old! What great music! Thank You, Ray and singers!! Steve

Carrie Bohnsack
Carrie Bohnsack 2 months ago

My mom's favorite Christmas song. Didn't realize until I was older that she was married on Christmas Eve. RIP. Love you, mom.


TFP ....Thanks for Posting !! BTW .... I'm afraid to ask what "reindeer dust" is. Ha ha .... Cheers !!

Linda Ricciardi
Linda Ricciardi 2 months ago

I love this song.. My husband and I heard it for the first time in 1967, our first married Christmas, and he called me " his Christmas Bride". I have never forgotten that moment. He has been deceased for six years and I hold on to that memory dearly.

Tammy Christley
Tammy Christley 2 months ago

I love this song so much. Christmas Bride. I always imagined a beautiful Christmas wedding with snow falling around me and stars in the night velvet sky. Though Christmas is gone and a new one awaits, I miss it so very much. Christmas is extra special, God gave me good health to learn to walk. I had polio as a child and took my first step Christmas day. Thank precious Lord.

Judith Black
Judith Black 2 months ago

Celebrating 54 years of being a Christmas bride! Listening to this song brings back so many memories!

Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch 2 months ago

Oh where was this song hiding, its great and should be sung each day !!

Joe Sampson
Joe Sampson 2 months ago

The melody sounds like a classical piece.

Oscar Escobedo Lagunes

Me fascina esta canción, siento que me hace llorar, me hace recordar a la persona que amaba mucho, pero decidió terminar.
Es una excelente composición del gran maestro Ray Connif.

lisa maharaj
lisa maharaj 2 months ago

love this song

Edu Cald
Edu Cald 2 months ago

I feel that Arnold uploaded this song with love in his heart.

Thank you very much!

Merry Christmas!

Daniel Buentello
Daniel Buentello 2 months ago

Thank you for this... Love it! Very much. Merry CHRISTMAS!!!

Dawn Adams
Dawn Adams 2 months ago

I have loved this song since I was a little girl.  My parents had it on an 8-track tape!  LOL!  I wish it was a song that was still played on the radio at Christmas.  I'd love to hear a remake of it by a country singer as well!

goodrich gonzalez-damn ds song is so beautiful

pretty much nice ,love ds one.....

Fernando Valdez
Fernando Valdez 2 months ago

what a beautiful song.....

Robin Krebsbach
Robin Krebsbach 2 months ago

I am a wedding minister and on Christmas Eve I will marry a couple in their home and I want to play this song--funny thing is this picture is my daughter not me, Sandra LaRouche-EverAfter Weddings.

lisa maharaj
lisa maharaj 2 months ago

Heard this on the radio 2/12/[email protected]:am was the most beautiful song love the music

msr1046 2 months ago

Flew back home on leave from Germany 50 years ago to marry a certain little lady in Pennsylvania. While awaiting my connection in Frankfurt Germany, I was listening to Armed Forces Radio Europe and they kept repeating this Christmas song over and over. It stuck with me and I still like it. Thank you so much for posting this special song. ..................PS, Still got that little lady!

seendee 2 months ago

such a beautiful song..first time i heard this

Michael Keating
Michael Keating 2 months ago

I'm sitting here listening with my wife. When life gets tough, I try to take comfort from the small things. This is a great song.

Dean Durham
Dean Durham 2 months ago

I've loved this song ever since I was a kid... The pictures made it that much more beautiful.. Thanks for sharing...

Ronald Herrera
Ronald Herrera 2 months ago

Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh .....
Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh .....

Santa .... make her my bride for Christmas
Santa .... it wouldn't cost very much
Just a sprinkle of reindeer dust
A sprig of mistletoe ......
And the sound of your laughter
As you fly above the snow ....

Santa .... if you will use .... your magic
This Christmas eve
While I'm holding her titght !!
Then I'll whisper the proper thing
And offer her a ring !!
Please Santa .... make her my Christmas bride

Santa .... make me his bride for Christmas
Santa .... it wouldn't cost very much
Just a sprinkle of reindeer dust
And a sprig of mistletoe
And the sound of your laughter
As you fly above the snow

Santa .... if you will use your magic
This Christmas eve
While I'm holding her tight !!
Then we'll whisper the proper things !!
And wear each other's rings .....
Santa ..... make her my Christ- Christmas bride

Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh ......
Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh ......

Marykatyk 2 months ago

Thank you Arnold for posting this wonderful video.  I love this song, it always touched my heart since I used to dream of a Christmas wedding.

Deanna Robinson
Deanna Robinson 2 months ago

I have always loved this song at Christmas time.  We listen to it while we put up our Christmas tree every year.  My 2 daughters learned to love it in the 70's when they were little and it became a family tradition for tree trimming.  Now my granddaughter has also learned to love it and we still carry on the tradition.

TinaAnn Fontana
TinaAnn Fontana 2 months ago

This song reminds me of my mom may she rest in peace, she would play this album along with a bunch of others, my siblings and I would help her and often just watch her decorate the tree and the house, she would be in her own little world she loved Christmas and every time I hear this or any thing from Ray Coniff or Johnny Mathis or even her idol Elvis It just brings a warmth of love and happiness through out my whole house.

dkd fret
dkd fret 2 months ago

Oh...i love this's been years ince i heared this when my father sing it.....I love Ray Conniff And singers!

Ernani Romero
Ernani Romero 2 months ago

unforgettable song coz' my wish was granted when my wife then my GF went with me to elope Dec 1974 and we got married Jan 25 1975. Thanks Arnold for the upload and God Bless

John S
John S 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Everyone! I love you all! Mwuah Mwuah Chup Chup!! <3 <3 <3

Frann Marple
Frann Marple 2 months ago

Does any one know how to get a copy of the written sheet music for "Christmas Bride"?

Frann Marple
Frann Marple 2 months ago

Does any one know how to get a copy of the written sheet music for "Christmas Bride"?

Nova Caper
Nova Caper 2 months ago

I would like to get married at Christmas.

Ceebie Westwood
Ceebie Westwood 2 months ago

Thanks for this AB; loved the Ray Conniff sound in my youth, only heard occasionally in the last 50 years! Now directed to this by comments on Sibelius's 5th Symphony  Finale's French Horn melody which is the basis for Christmas's a theme which takes one to another place!

Vivien Mckinnon
Vivien Mckinnon 2 months ago

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs of Ray Conniff Singers and i'm learning the song  by heart.

Mary E
Mary E 2 months ago

I heard this on the radio the other day.  Never heard it before.  I love, love, love it.

Mike Garland
Mike Garland 2 months ago

Christmas Bride ...One of my favorite Xmas songs ....Sleighride was another excellent song on the LP.  Used to hear Conniff all the time in the stores during Christmas season.

Kay Boyer
Kay Boyer 2 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful songs.

Tommy Reamico
Tommy Reamico 2 months ago

classic! probably one of the best december wedding song. though i can't think of anything else in line with this

Jason Tachin
Jason Tachin 2 months ago

rw:this song makes me cry out tears of joy:^_^: T_T

Salli Wilson
Salli Wilson 2 months ago

I also remember playing this record over and over on my mother's little stereo.  It is one of my very very favorite Christmas songs.  I am very happy to have found it on YouTube.  Thank you.

MsLilacLover1 2 months ago

one of my favorite Christmas songs

Paul Jay
Paul Jay 2 months ago

Written by my wonderful mother, Midge Jay.

Havinsnest 2 months ago

I love this song. I grew up listening to it on LP on my parents stereo. I love Christmas and I'm glad I got to be a Christmas Bride.

Matt M
Matt M 2 months ago

Awesome to make someone your CHRISTmas Bride.

Geraldina Lagos
Geraldina Lagos 2 months ago

You brought so many tears to my eyes with that precious song, because I waited two years to be somebody christmas bride, but it didn't happen. I love this song.

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