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Information Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

Title : Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

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Frames Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

Description Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

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KT TK 2 months ago

Hello, is there the option to change fonts on both calendar and card? Thank you

Evan Wood
Evan Wood 2 months ago

An you add text pages?

arthur schwartz
arthur schwartz 2 months ago

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Kristal. YouTube Rivera

Watching photo. Book. Pic. My L. Listening. Mac.

Seba Lopdel
Seba Lopdel 2 months ago

Can we do something to gate back the old version? It´s too painful to lose the perfect old iPhoto...

Alfred Bannor
Alfred Bannor 2 months ago

can you d some video on how to make business cards with photos on a mac using pages thanks

Sonam Choetso
Sonam Choetso 2 months ago

I am really interesting it and I tried it in my Mac book but I have to download app first. there is no plus icon on my photo so do you have idea for that ? thank you

Utkan Salman
Utkan Salman 2 months ago

David. You should take this one off line. It is no longer pertinent

OldMatesClub 2 months ago

just been through the whole process of making a photo book in mac photos, to find you cant now buy the bluddy thing with them - got to remake it on an app.. 98 pages.. took ages.

BeilaD 2 months ago

no more printing from apple as sept 30 2018 booo

Deborah Stennes
Deborah Stennes 2 months ago

What to do now that Apple is no longer offering print service. I see complaints about mimeo. Ideas? Will you offer a tutorial to help us who have used Apple services in the past to create books and calendars? Thanks!

L H 2 months ago

Looking forward to update on Mac Photo's with the new third party app Mimeo. . . .maybe in time for Christmas🤔Thanks.

Valerie Mcleod
Valerie Mcleod 2 months ago

what now? I have been experimenting with several apps. It's all pathetic - difficult to navigate and more expensive. Plus in Canada, many of the options don't cross the border. Sigh... I've ordered so many books/cards etc over the years. So disappointing.....

Gaddes Henry
Gaddes Henry 2 months ago

I but mine and enjoy it contact

sut2910 2 months ago

Apple no longer prints beautiful products. They have put some 3rd party apps in place of what used to be a flagship product. Dismal ratings and reviews. Really sad what they've done since Jobs is no longer around to guide Apple.

Kirsty Smith
Kirsty Smith 2 months ago

For some reason iPhoto is not showing to be able to add more than one pic per page anymore?

Irene Stuttard
Irene Stuttard 2 months ago

great lesson! Can Apple print multiple cards for you ?

Dawnelle Schellenberg

I don't have the plus button anywhere

Carol Hughes
Carol Hughes 2 months ago

Love your tutorials!!!

4McApples 2 months ago

HI David, I just got my new (used Macbook) with iPhoto on Sierra, and it won't let me drag and drop pictures like my old Mac OS did... any suggestions?

Eugene Fraccaro
Eugene Fraccaro 2 months ago

Is there an updated version for photos 3.0?

ThePurpleUFO 2 months ago

Really great, detailed tutorial...thanks.

Tim Crowley
Tim Crowley 2 months ago

how do you make a calendar in 2018.  Did mac delete this feature?

Linda Humphries
Linda Humphries 2 months ago

The plus symbol does not appear in my photos. How do I get it?

Ben Corwin
Ben Corwin 2 months ago

Thank you sooo much!

Lucía Fdz Calleja
Lucía Fdz Calleja 2 months ago

Mac doesn't deliver to my country. Do you know of any comparable apps?

RO SE 2 months ago


Sharon Nimmer
Sharon Nimmer 2 months ago

I created a photo book on the iMac. Is there a way I can share it with others so THEY can purchase it, and I don't have to go through the gathering payments, shipping, etc.?
Thank you.

Tawny Cleveland
Tawny Cleveland 2 months ago

Thank you! Very easy to follow. Is there a way to autofill an album after I make the photos favorites, in the order of event. In other words, for a book about a trip, the first page is the first day, the last is the last day.

David Karamian
David Karamian 2 months ago

Hi David, I have a photo project that I would like to collaborate with another person so that they can add other content, is that possible in Mac Photo tool?

Alan Cohn
Alan Cohn 2 months ago

Just completed a photo book using the Photos app to make a hardcover large size book. I don't see how to show which photos I want to use for the wrap around on the book itself. Do they just automatically use the Photo I have selected for the paper cover (to the left of the flap cover)? Thanks.

Alhehs Jsjsj
Alhehs Jsjsj 2 months ago

can you please make a tutorial of how you edit your videos? i just want to know how you record yourself in the screen. thanks!

ilikeiek 2 months ago

It's very very very good tip.

Mart Ramirez
Mart Ramirez 2 months ago

Another great video!! Thank u!! Will have to make some cards n book

SkipsPromos 2 months ago

Hi David, You say in the tutorial, hit the period key? Which one is the period key?

Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 2 months ago

Fantastic tutorial David A. -- So thanks! I can't be happier with my 2017 badass calendar. The quality of the product makes me feel like a rock star. Best 20 bucks spent -- #PeaceOut P.S. Speedy delivery -

Maria Rosseeuw
Maria Rosseeuw 2 months ago

Thank you David for being so generous with your knowledge which is much appreciated .. wishing you all the best for the New Year. Aussie follower.

Mrs K
Mrs K 2 months ago

Help! David, I don't know what's happening with my devices contacts I get them set up just the way I want them and then the new ones disappear. Even when I don't hook them up to iTunes it seems to be doing it wirelessly. My husband's are loaded to my phone as well. We have separate accounts. I hate that? What can I do.???

Dawn Kinnear
Dawn Kinnear 2 months ago

Another great video and get straight to the issues making it simple for all

Shumial Mateen
Shumial Mateen 2 months ago

Hello David I just watch your iTunes video but it's 2 years old. I'm new Mac user everytime I download new song and I have separate folder for it to keep all my song. When I go to iTunes to put my new songs into my iPhone I go to File->Add to Library. It's duplicate all of the songs that has all been in my iTunes or in iPhone.

While I was using window computer I do the same thing and download music and Keep in one folder then go to iTunes > File>Add A Folder to Library and it's just get the new songs insisted of duplicating whole things.

Can to tell me what what doing wrong. Because after get duplicate I arrange my song according to Date added and delete all the duplicate 1500 songs expect then the latest songs.

I keep my music original Via song name, Album, Artist, Rating each song


Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 months ago

David your videos are the BEST! Happy New Year.

Dave T
Dave T 2 months ago

Excellent. I had no idea that you could add photos to individual days within the Calendar. Great tip.

Angela Golden
Angela Golden 2 months ago

Another great class - THANKS

mike goodchild
mike goodchild 2 months ago

As a new Imac user, thanks for all the tutorials, great help. Mike

Rafael Quesada Quesada

David, you are a great teacher. Love your tutorials!! Best wishes from Malaga, Spain.

Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris 2 months ago

Awesome David!!! thank you. Merry Christmas!!

Judy R
Judy R 2 months ago

I was interested in making greetings cards on a Mac and then printing them out using store bought half fold cards and envelopes. see this program relies on Apple to actually make and then sell you the cards. I'm disappointed. The Mac version of The Print Shop is terrible. I used different versions of The Print Shop for PC for years with wonderful results, using provided graphics as well as my own photos. I also made my own calendars. I really like my Macbook Pro, but the software is disappointing.

brandon moffitt
brandon moffitt 2 months ago

Thank you David you make my job easier

Ridefastorgetpassed 2 months ago

CAN YOU DO A NEW ITUNES TUTORIAL PLEASE !! A lot of people are having issues not seeing playlists and syncing. Btw your stuff is great keep it up 👍🏻

Michael Retchford
Michael Retchford 2 months ago

Thanks David Great Tutorial. I am currently working on a photo book. Theme "Our Bribie Island".

John Constable
John Constable 2 months ago

this video was really great. thank you guys

Barry 2 months ago

What happened to the XMAS card????



kwan yau
kwan yau 2 months ago

Great tutorial, thank you!

trainroomgary 2 months ago

Wow • Good information. I use Vista.
• Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

Danf 313
Danf 313 2 months ago

I have a mac mini late 2012.I updated to sierra I don't have photo or the wallpapers that comes with Sierra.

Tutorials4me 2 months ago

I saw you on Shark Tank

ThinkCleverAndSmart 2 months ago

Nice tutorial! Just ordered my own calendar! :D

Jamy McTaylor
Jamy McTaylor 2 months ago

"Mark hates it when he edits, these videos, I know."
Mark: WHO TOLD HIM!!!???

chuks chiedozie
chuks chiedozie 2 months ago

Do you know any safari extension auto refresh apps available. Ones where refresh can be time set?

Philip Chandler
Philip Chandler 2 months ago

I use Shutterfly for soft cover books. They really are amazing, much more customizable, and Shutterfly has AMAZING deals all the time. A couple of times a year they'll even have a free offer and just pay for shipping.
I haven't tried the Apple hard cover books yet, but I do want to eventually.

Mrjader Mir
Mrjader Mir 2 months ago

i dont own a mac,but this service looks there any other way to use this sevice without owning a mac?
i have a ipad,iphone and pc.
great video :)

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Glosta Guy
Glosta Guy 2 months ago