UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm



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Information UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

Title : UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

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Frames UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

Description UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

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tacfoley 2 months ago

@1:00 - the large Christmas Tree you see here in Trafalgar Square is a thankyou gift from the people of Norway for giving shelter to King Hakon during WW2. I say thank you back to our Norwegian friends.

The Bangers
The Bangers 2 months ago

Wish I grew up in this period

Phillip Phillippson
Phillip Phillippson 2 months ago

No technology or mobile phones back then

The Truth
The Truth 2 months ago

My grandfather used to tell us how he'd go out with next to nothing in his pockets and yet still come home laden with toys and gifts.. He got arrested for shop lifting but... ...

smoath 2 months ago

What happened?

Abe Albion
Abe Albion 2 months ago


Jennifer Trathan
Jennifer Trathan 2 months ago

I was born the week before Christmas 1958. I really don't think my first Christmas will have been much like the ones shown above.

John Lamb
John Lamb 2 months ago

No mums in pj's taking the kids to school back then.

Valelacerte 2 months ago

Before the Marxists pigs launched a 70-year attack on white people, men, heterosexuality, marriage, sex within wedlock, the family, Christianity and free-market societies.

MT Holmes
MT Holmes 2 months ago

When England was a great place to live and look at what it’s become, what a tragedy

Keith Lowe
Keith Lowe 2 months ago

my god Santa looks so scary close up

Bill Sharkey
Bill Sharkey 2 months ago

What in gods name are they doing !!! No masks No social distancing No staying safe !!!! , We are so lucky to live in more enlightend times !!! Stay Alert !!!! 💀💀💀💀

Philip Williams
Philip Williams 2 months ago

.... 0:33 - My GOD! ...... ANOTHER WORLD!! Now you'd be wary of holding a child in That Way; never Mind sitting Them on your knee!
- A year or two older; & the lad would Now have a phone in His hand, providing Him with a 'Window to the World' 🤔🤯 ..... plus God knows what ELSE!!

Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson 2 months ago

The speed that car was going on the icy road!!

Palmtree 2 months ago

Today for most people in England we have more wealth but materialism and consumerism have, i believe, resulted in a selfish and narcissistic society. And also rejecting Christianity. Times seemed so much simpler prior the 80's, the start of the yuppies and 'me' generation

Steven Wrigley
Steven Wrigley 2 months ago

When Christmas was Christmas. Sadly it doesn't feel like Christmas anymore.

Les Elston
Les Elston 2 months ago

My God this country has gone rotten, look at it back then, I know things weren't perfect but it's a million times better than present day GB.

Purple Bottle
Purple Bottle 2 months ago

A beautiful White Christmas ..🟢

Bow Wow
Bow Wow 2 months ago

Beautiful wen you felt the christmas spirit

MrMjp58 2 months ago

I was born in '58. I'm starting to wish it had been '48, or even '38.
Rose tinted? I don't care.

Henry Simpson
Henry Simpson 2 months ago

Freedom. Less controls. Full freedom.

feeltheforce10 2 months ago

Wonderful to watch this - i used to think as a child life would stay like that - sadly as you grow up you see changes happen fast.These glory days will never be seen again - thanks for the memories and uploading.

Phoebe Dinsmore
Phoebe Dinsmore 2 months ago

I grew up in the early 70s, I had books, board games, we went out to play from dusk till dawn and mum didn't know where we were but assumed we were OK. No mobiles, no social media, no body image pressure on kids, innocent TV programmes. There was a fat kid called Tony Stamp who used to pick on us but that was small fry stuff compared to what kids go through today. I'm so glad I grew up without phones and social media 💕

Wrocker Paul
Wrocker Paul 2 months ago

I wish Britain was still like this. I weep for the state of this country.

Jane Willis
Jane Willis 2 months ago

This is making me cry, I would go back to those times in a heartbeat if I could, the world was a much kinder and happier place, people communicated and looked out for each other and everything didn't revolve around money

Simon North
Simon North 2 months ago

The Britain sadly long gone!

John Lavery
John Lavery 2 months ago

I was 10 that year ,and remember the atmosphere of those great days, simple times gone forever......Ireland

lindat2009 2 months ago

Can anyone identify the location of village scenes?

Steph Sancia
Steph Sancia 2 months ago

I look back with fond memories and even though I was born in London in 1954 then for me the 70's was thee BEST decade EVER ...BUT, BIG BUT, I've pondered this question for many years and I'm convinced it's finding that happy childhood again of which means children of 2020 WILL look back in 50 years and say GOODNESS, take me back to 2030 or whatever. Laugh if you may but I see it every day from teens to adults saying, oh, back in the day (1990s) and 80s and even the millennium so as much as you might disagree I'm pretty sure that MOSTLY it's a yearning in older years to find happy childhood memories and times. I mean, my Nan in Hampton London was born in 1910 but could the flower power children ever think of going back to Victorian times, back end or further ? No, it's back in the day REGARDLESS of the year TBH :)) Lot's of hostile crap going on in the 60s and 70s globally but I'd go back TONIGHT !! It's a time that i was my happiest, well actually that was 1973 !! Take me there now !! I hear what you're all saying, the good old days but the good old days is the younger years of ANY generation IMHO. Peace, Warmth and Blessings with a huge Dollop of Longevity to ALL here from the 60s and 70s GLOBALLY ✌️🙏 Life is precious so live every day to the fullest ❤️

Oneness Seeker
Oneness Seeker 2 months ago

Now the uk is a shit hole

LIL BULLET 2 months ago

A time when people never lived in fear of expressing their pride and love for their own culture less they were Punished for it.

sarah tatham
sarah tatham 2 months ago

This is lovely but this is like a John lewis commercial of it's time they are showing you people of the middling sort take a look at world in action slums in 1950s

L Toupee
L Toupee 2 months ago

Was that the Lygon Arms in Broadway?

Benj P
Benj P 2 months ago

Be banned Xmas soon as it affects the backwards minorities

Ted Jones
Ted Jones 2 months ago

when the world was a much better place none of this i got more than you for xmas people trying to out do every one when news was news not made by bias news channels

Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince 2 months ago

Someone make a time machine.

Kit Bear
Kit Bear 2 months ago

Liberalism, Diversity, Progressiveness and Political Correctness destroyed all of this, just remember that. All of this must be reversed and destroyed to take us back to these times.

Cynthia Stogden
Cynthia Stogden 2 months ago

I was 13 then and although times were hard I would love to have those days back. Now is terrible.

Keith Rose
Keith Rose 2 months ago

Its Christmas all year round now. Good in some ways bad in another.

Alan Rowland
Alan Rowland 2 months ago

The two men walking past the pub on the village front street, where is that, does anybody know? It’s looks like Middleton in teesdale 🙂

A Bhardwaj
A Bhardwaj 2 months ago

How wonderful, I can feel the atmosphere just watching the video .

Marje 2 months ago

It’s like a lost world 😔 glad I saw it though.

Micchael Fearn
Micchael Fearn 2 months ago

I wish I'd been around then Christmas really meant something. 😉

GMC 2 months ago

Sadly many people have come to regard Christmas as a time of stress; be that having to spend enforced time with their family and relatives, financial pressure or having to create the perfect day in terms of food and entertainment.

Steve Ambrose
Steve Ambrose 2 months ago

this is a time when hardly any customer in a shop is buying anything for HIMSELF!

Alasdair Adam
Alasdair Adam 2 months ago

Inspires one to start the revolution and switch off the internet. Life was so much better without it.

REMF 2 months ago

Wow! A caramelized Santa! Looks more like Satan.

susan hill
susan hill 2 months ago

Would they let children sit on Santa's knee now. I think not.

Margaret Hall
Margaret Hall 2 months ago

Think that was a restaurant meal - certainly no ordinary gathering in a domestic home! The national and global population was smaller, travel was limited, there were fewer car owners, fewer motorways, abysmal back to back housing replaced by equally abysmal high-rise blocks of cramped flats, Social Services were nowhere near the standard they are now (!), hearing aids were clumsy boxes worn around the neck if you were lucky enough to get one, spectacles were not free for children ( I know this because my parents had to pay for mine after a preliminary school eye test), plastic was only just becoming available for general and domestic use (remember Tupperware parties?). Let's not get dewy eyed over what we think happened or what the media would have us believe. The 'camera' can and does lie - especially with today's sophisticated editing software. The 50s were the recovery years from WW2, some rationing still existed until 1953, the 60s plunged us into a cold war, some strikes and a deep freeze in 1963. Children were still abused, poverty was rife, schools were disciplined places where corporal punishment still existed and religion was taught as a curriculum subject. Oh yes, and policemen still walked the beat unarmed, usually in twos.

Stephen Saunders
Stephen Saunders 2 months ago

1958 was my first Christmas. Those were the days; whooping cough, poverty, rickets and an early death because medical science was still quite basic. Not to mention smoking everywhere, rampant alcoholism and a diet of lard. Child abuse swept under the carpet, petty crime everywhere and unsafe roads. But we were happy.

bridget ryan
bridget ryan 2 months ago

Xmas is not xmas anymore just to money grabbing basterds the shops

bridget ryan
bridget ryan 2 months ago

We use to go to our uncles xmas morning and he and his wife allways had mistletoe in the house happy days

bridget ryan
bridget ryan 2 months ago

Oh my l really wish those days would come back is all me and my sisters had was a selection box l had a puppet we all had games which was second hand but we all sat around xmas night playing our games l was born in the 60s we did not know any different the kids today dont know they are born unless something does not cost more than hundred pounds they dont want to know l blame the parents there again it's a different era now god knows what they would of done if they lived in a back to back house like me happy days

Susie Lowe
Susie Lowe 2 months ago

i blame technology ....

Elisa 2 months ago

Before it became Americanized.

Liz Mckenzie
Liz Mckenzie 2 months ago

I miss those days, now it’s just a rush & spending lots money!

tigressnsnow 2 months ago

I’m so thankful I was a child of the ‘50’s a baby boomer.

Will 2 months ago

When you hear a 20-30 year old gripe about all the social aspects that "are better now" they're just delusional. All the same negatives that existed in the 50s haven't really changed much. And shopping and travel were FUN back then, not like the nightmare they are today, If you sent something in the mail it arrived, People weren't obsessed with being noticed and cared about how they looked and behaved toward others. And the phones of the day.....a pad and pencil always got you your important messages and people took communication seriously, unlike today. So long as people can TRANSMIT today is all that matters, as if everything you have to say is important.

Rory TV
Rory TV 2 months ago

omg i remember aged about 6 or 7 in early 60s going to Selfridges with my big brother to see Father christmas and uncle holly (who is Uncle Holly I always wondered)

Paul aRa
Paul aRa 2 months ago


voltarol 2 months ago

Ah, yes, I remember it well: two genders and ethnic homogeneity - what luxuries!

Michael D. Purvis
Michael D. Purvis 2 months ago

Fascinating. Liked, shared and subscribed. :)

boomer21 2 months ago

When everything used to be once so good compared to nowadays which became so bad, almost like it was just a dream.

Reality 081
Reality 081 2 months ago

It’s actually looks like Britain before they opened the floodgates

Edward Paton
Edward Paton 2 months ago

I wish i had a time machine I'll go back there and stay there

John c Leatherbarrow
John c Leatherbarrow 2 months ago

I was 7 then and every Christmas remember my mom and dad taking me and my sister to see father Christmas ay Lewis,s in Birmingham town centre. Quing up the stairs for a couple of hours. Brilliant times.

Chloe wilson
Chloe wilson 2 months ago

When Xmas meant something. Look how well behaved those children are. We don't see that much anymore.

Liam Hicks
Liam Hicks 2 months ago

where did it all go wrong...

John Bradley
John Bradley 2 months ago

It says it was a time of innocence, yet wasnt it around this time Jimmy Saville was at his horniest?

Stevie Stjames
Stevie Stjames 2 months ago

Some of the comments on here are idiotic. You're coming together to celebrate the birth of a Jewish Middle Eastern baby, and yet banging on about immigrants and how England is no longer English. Dearie me. Exactly WHO is made to feel guilty about celebrating Christmas?!! My (English) children go to school with other
Kids of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds. The majority of the non-Christian parents enter into the spirit of the season.

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson 2 months ago

Such nostalgia! I am afraid my memories are not so good. Parents always rowed; dinner would never had arrived if my Dad hadn’t taken over. One year Mum decided it was all too much (there were only 3 of us!) and decided that we should go to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner! They did do a good meal, but I couldn’t wait to escape and go round to the home of friends, where we had a lovely time. Things might have been simpler, but I much prefer the happy times we share now - myself, my wife, our two children and spouses, who each have two children - our four lovely grandchildren: a great time for the ten of us. Missed it last year, but we managed to have a six-some an Christmas Day and another six-some on Boxing Day. Looking forward to our Easter get-together and to next Christmas.

Alan Trowbridge
Alan Trowbridge 2 months ago

‘It doesn’t usually snow on the Great Day’.....some things don’t change

Susan Wright
Susan Wright 2 months ago

How lovely.

Glenn Toplis
Glenn Toplis 2 months ago

I wasn’t born till 1964 but would love to go back to those days, there’s lots I can’t stand about the way life is today , lovely film, oh well back to reality.

Contact 360
Contact 360 2 months ago

How lovely♥😊
Thank you for sharing!
From England.

David Smith
David Smith 2 months ago

1.40 a Christmas card scene😃.

Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver 2 months ago

I was 4 months old, my mum and dad are passed away would have been in the prime of their lives. Beautiful footage of a bygone era.

scoobydoop 2 months ago

Another video showing how the toffs lived in the past...again...great.
TV now has enough it already, thanks.

cumbria cam
cumbria cam 2 months ago

Year of my birth

Paul Paul
Paul Paul 2 months ago

Better times

David Hayes
David Hayes 2 months ago

Nostalgia is not what it used to be .......

starshiptrouper 2 months ago

Kids today know the price of everything and the value of nothing...

Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson 2 months ago

I was born November 1958

Graham McGregor
Graham McGregor 2 months ago

The best of the year; after collecting money for, “penny for the guy”. We went straight into singing carols, door to door, all the monies we collected was put towards our Christmas Presents... Helping Father Christmas, with our presents on Christmas Day. Oh I am so glad that I lived in this period of History. :-)

Iain Cathro
Iain Cathro 2 months ago

Sad we’ve gone for this to the Police harassing Christians in the street for signing Christmas Carols.

I L J 2 months ago

Crazy to think it was only a decade ago when the high streets would be absolutely packed with people doing the last minute Christmas shop, this most recent Xmas it was completely empty. And we still managed to spend of our money 😂😂

Gary Dunn
Gary Dunn 2 months ago

I was born in 1958 and life was hard, no indoor toilet or bathroom. But life was
simpler and people were more neighbourly. People these days are too selfish,
and only look after number one. We have lived on the same street for 33 years
now, and only one neighbour has shown any interest in us and gave us help when
we needed it. Everyone else just hide behind closed doors. Just a sign of the
times we now live in.

Stewart Rood
Stewart Rood 2 months ago

Yes, we always had two chefs around our table at Xmas.................................. I think their names were mum and grandma! Don't remember having a black pig's head though.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 months ago

When the UK , and the world in general was a more socially friendly and simpler time ,... when people had time for each other to stop and chat , everyone seem to rush around in their own insular worlds with a mobile phone their only friends .....

rob 2 months ago

Back in the days when snow would turn up on Christmas morning regular as clockwork.

Steve Twinsticks
Steve Twinsticks 2 months ago

If only we could go back in time

Leanne Mayor
Leanne Mayor 2 months ago

Christmas of yester year when we were all so innocent and had no idea what rich or poor meant . I’m an Aussie so no snow for Christmas but I always wanted a white Christmas with a fire place and the dream of Santa coming down the Chimney .thanks

YllaStar 95970
YllaStar 95970 2 months ago

Crikey! A bygone era, where men and women, looked like errrh....Men and women.
And Santa was still referred to as Father Christmas.
Yep! I think l have had the best of what this world has to offer, being born in 1968.

hivebrain 2 months ago

Things were so much better whenever it was that I happened to be young. What a coincidence.

Portcullis 2 months ago

They just don't make rose-tinted spectacles like they used to.

San Nyan
San Nyan 2 months ago

Holy fucking cow this is so aesthetically pleasing think imma cry reminds me of my childhood

CB 2 months ago

2:34 asbestos fingers

Jayjay Simmons
Jayjay Simmons 2 months ago

The year I was born!

Malcolm Marshall
Malcolm Marshall 2 months ago

This is the year I was born

peaky steve
peaky steve 2 months ago

Look at oxford st then and look at it now and see what you are losing wokes take note