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Ryan mal
Ryan mal 2 months ago

And an average IQ of 59.

UNBrysonable TGA
UNBrysonable TGA 2 months ago

We’re you on the island of EG, or mainland? Or both

Miki Cerise
Miki Cerise 2 months ago

Me encantan los ecuatoguineanos pero no entiendo por qué tienen que sufrir con ese gobierno absurdo, aunque todo hay que decirlo, al menos Obiang no es tan malo como lo fue Nguema, y supongo que después de ese trauma ya todo debe de parecerles poco. :/

Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill 2 months ago

Well the problem is what else do they have but oil?

mattgilmeister 2 months ago

This country is a very dictated country which explains why pretty much only the government is rich. Just selfish bastard dictators that should go to hell

Sheila Dikshit
Sheila Dikshit 2 months ago

If you go to Lagos, what you find, vampires
If you go to Kinshasa, what you find, vampires
If you go to Darfur, what you find, vampires
If you go to Malabo, what you find, vampires
Lies and theft
Guns and debt
Life and death

Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros

En efecto, hay una película española llamada "Palmeras en la Nieve", que trata un poco sobre la colonia española en Guinea Ecautorial.

Devil Warrior
Devil Warrior 2 months ago

How people survive there with these fucking expensive prices

Martin Bravo Bangkok
Martin Bravo Bangkok 2 months ago

La Gente habla. No hablan. In Spanish we use the word "People" as a 3rd person ( he/she/it). In English is different.
Saludos good video!

Gene Whitman
Gene Whitman 2 months ago

700,000 pop. Russian Afghan War-era helicopters along with Israeli and Russian bodyguards protecting the dictator president, U.S. Navy patrolling nearby ...there's much you do not know about Eq Guinea, Mr Drew.

Freddie's Cat
Freddie's Cat 2 months ago

Nunca lo sabia que hay país en áfrica que habla español

Español Filipino
Español Filipino 2 months ago

I'm filipino and i've been learning Spanish because of our History, Culture and my grandmother speaks it. I was surprised by your intro i understand all of it. Spanish is really easy for me because my mother tongue is Tagalog and it has a lot of Spanish words so it's not hard at all. 💙💙

Big Cat
Big Cat 2 months ago

What a lovely place.

Christian Lloyd Comia

Have you ever been in Papua New Guinea in Oceania near rightside of Jayapura Indonesia?

RENEE 2 months ago

Africa is and will always be diverse and the motherland to all nations

Sriharsha C V
Sriharsha C V 2 months ago

No matter how much I despise Saudi's monarchy, at least they distribute some of their wealth to citizens in some form or the other (mostly through sinecure government jobs). Really don't understand how can some people hold so much wealth that they didn't even earn.

Sriharsha C V
Sriharsha C V 2 months ago

"It is that oil that ruins the world"

Robloxxyyy1 D:
Robloxxyyy1 D: 2 months ago

Fun fact: Equatorial new guinea is the richest country in Africa

ArmitronFusion7 2 months ago

That's What I wanna Go

Zackery Peterson
Zackery Peterson 2 months ago

I’m half Hispanic and my father have a lot against black people because I live in the US, and he portray all black people around the world like black people in the USA. If I take him to this country then he will say

Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no

Izzy Vee
Izzy Vee 2 months ago

Same president for a few decades hmmm seems legit 🤔

Darci DC
Darci DC 2 months ago

In Equatorial Guinea, Portuguese is also an official language. From Curitiba Brazil.

andrew 2 months ago

Shame that it's so expensive. I would really like to go there.

Justin Winn The Second

Wow. I never knew there was an African country that speaks primarily Spanish.

La Voz De Los Sin Voz

EG 4 Life

MIKEDOMO 2 months ago

Guinea Ecuatorial me recuerda a Domimicana en tiempos del tirano Trujillo, mucho lujo en la capital y miseria para los demás como represión.

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 2 months ago

The place should be way wealthier. The North Korea of Africa.

Md Simon
Md Simon 2 months ago

first i thought in thumbnail you beaten

Zuri Akindele
Zuri Akindele 2 months ago

Go to Saudi Arabia


No hablo español hablo français

Javier Jiménez
Javier Jiménez 2 months ago

I’m Spanish and their accent is basically the same as in the central part of Spain.

Joe Anthony
Joe Anthony 2 months ago

I need to visit this Country looks awesome

Nesty 2 months ago

primera vez que escucho sobre este pais ,se ve precioso y unico i was tryin to compare it with othr country but none come to mind yet,is like it have parts from the caribean and others like africa or the canaries

Jaimé and me
Jaimé and me 2 months ago

French have robbed their colonies to the bone

Xerobyte 2 months ago

very cool👍

zubair faisal
zubair faisal 2 months ago

Imagine calling Drew Binsky, Andrew Binsky

Sjoerd!!! 2 months ago

But there is also a very angry dictator

Lilly 2 months ago

Such a big lair! Did you just say so modern! Wow!

The New Spanish Academy

great video! many people don't know that they speak Spanish in Equatorial Guinea! Make sure to start learning it a couple months ahead of your trip so you feel confident in your skills!

Arturo Latouche Araya

"It is the most expensive place to visit"

Costa Rica: I dont want to talk about it. (a decent hotel room is 400$ !!)

Zane Teal
Zane Teal 2 months ago

I understand you're just a casual tourist and you're not doing political documentaries, but goddamn, do you come across completely out of touch sometimes. EG has possibly the most corrupt and thuggish government in the world. Black Beach Prison in Malabo regularly ranks at or near the top of the world's worst. People are routinely jailed and tortured without being charged. It's great that you speak the local language and all, but this reminds me of when you said the worst part of Myanmar was the traffic. Seriously.

Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 2 months ago

Pais hermano 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

Gia Dew
Gia Dew 2 months ago

this was cool! only Spanish speaking country in Africa

Ramiro Ndong Mba
Ramiro Ndong Mba 2 months ago

Fact: I am in bata, equatorial guinea

MaxSnowDude 2 months ago

“There are very few poor countries” Micheal Parenti

MaxSnowDude 2 months ago

Shout out to the one opposition MP! LOOL

vijayan vijay
vijayan vijay 2 months ago

Very informative

Monica Chuidian-Rivera Calderon

Nice country

Yahya Oa
Yahya Oa 2 months ago

One word: imperialism

CJ Ruffalo
CJ Ruffalo 2 months ago

Much ❤ to our African Brother's & Sisters ✊🏽🇵🇷❤✊🏿🇬🇶 Te amo mi Gente

C L 2 months ago

Our long lost African-Spanish cousins

ancent 2 months ago

Hablan español como si no fueran nativos del español

Pierre-Alain Ruiz
Pierre-Alain Ruiz 2 months ago

I can't see the fairytale part.

Lily Black
Lily Black 2 months ago

They speak Spanish in n Africa who knew ! 😳

Mr_cookies _YT
Mr_cookies _YT 2 months ago

Hmm this is the ONLY country in Africa that speaks Spanish.? BUT!!! In morroco there’s a small part up north that belongs in Spain so there’s 2 country’s that might speak it??! Hmmmmm😂

Jorge Alvarado
Jorge Alvarado 2 months ago

You should see Palmeras en la nieve ❄️ a beautiful movie.

Andre Jones
Andre Jones 2 months ago

I low key want to be with him


Hola me encantan tus video saludos desde españa!

Banana army290yt
Banana army290yt 2 months ago

Love equatorial Guinea from United States I can't find the equatorial Guinea flag sorry

ܫܠܐܡܐ ܫ̰ܶܫ̰ܳܦ̇ܐܰ

Moral of the story: the poor former Spanish colonies are better infrastructure than poor former British colonies

Chill Hot Boy
Chill Hot Boy 2 months ago

This video contain Ñ

DANIEL mota 2 months ago

Very $$$$ and people poor SHAME on the leaders

Lekan Munoz
Lekan Munoz 2 months ago

Jesus, they speak Spanish incredibly good like our European cousins, even better than us South Americans 😯

Dr. Javier Chagolla
Dr. Javier Chagolla 2 months ago

Guinea Ecuatorial, gran cultura y gente hermosa en el pulmón de África.. Saludos desde Michoacán México

lumapas 2 months ago

ANGOLA speaks Portuguese 😤

On Your Face
On Your Face 2 months ago

That country won't last another 50 years.

OfficialBisila 2 months ago

But thank you for making a video about my country

OfficialBisila 2 months ago

I’m here from tiktok 🤣

OfficialBisila 2 months ago

Ayyy my country 🇬🇶🇬🇶🇬🇶 but I’m from the island of Bioko

TEDDY's SOLACE 2 months ago

Where's the money going ???
That's the sad story or question in Africa ... Wicked leaders makes it a "Position takes it all" Game

Colombian Flag
Colombian Flag 2 months ago

Wow I was surprised to khow that they speak Spanish.. en un African country.

Sauce Spicy
Sauce Spicy 2 months ago

It is the only Speaking country in the African continent but not the only territory to do so, They also speak Spanish in the former Northern Protectorates of Morocco and in Western Sahara although it is not a recognised country

fybo. 2 months ago



Abu Hamza
Abu Hamza 2 months ago

Wow!! 😮😮😮 Africa in spain???

La Jerga Negra
La Jerga Negra 2 months ago

Excellent video. Thanks for making this video.

MRB 2 months ago

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Star Wars Đalzvert
Star Wars Đalzvert 2 months ago

They are not the only spanish speaking country in Africa, the other is Sahara Occidental

MRB 2 months ago

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Jonathan Levitt
Jonathan Levitt 2 months ago

I learned very little from this video Drew

JAB Initials
JAB Initials 2 months ago

That's what happens when your country is taken over by imperialists and their cronies. You essentially lose your country, with all of its natural wealth and resources, handed over to a few rich capitalists.

Sound I see
Sound I see 2 months ago

But hey I really did like the video keep it up 👍🏽, 95/100 of what you said was true , but I will love you to visit more the country and stuff

Sound I see
Sound I see 2 months ago

That’s a lie , you can freely take videos and photos in Ecuatorial guinea , I’m from there

Abu jay Jabbie
Abu jay Jabbie 2 months ago

A very sad story

HALIL NIGER 2 months ago

Me to, I've been wondering, how can a country be very big with oil, and so remain in poor!

2 months ago

So sad that a country with so much potential is run like that. 75% in poverty with a 54 mansion complex empty? Come on now, that’s depressing

GoofyRyan2020 2 months ago

Why does one of the mansions have a UAE flag

July 2 months ago

No mamess soy mexicano y no Sabia esto jajaj

russell phillips
russell phillips 2 months ago

Thanks Man! Good information

SuperMiedo16 2 months ago


Maria Belenbrown
Maria Belenbrown 2 months ago

The first video about my country which is really true

Sai's Dance
Sai's Dance 2 months ago

Alex Fuentes
Alex Fuentes 2 months ago

Shut the fuk off. I thought this was a spanish speaking equatorial guinea video. I wasted my time on this dumbass video.

Philip Kb
Philip Kb 2 months ago

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ram moi
ram moi 2 months ago

I was there year 2013-2015 working at Ventage. I miss the place. How I wish i could go back there and enjoy. I miss the Place.. from Philippines.

Rodolfo Vera
Rodolfo Vera 2 months ago

Wow this just a version of Mexico in the East. With the same language and corruption. I want to go now

msbrando 2 months ago

Como llego a Guinea Equatorial? I was looking in expedia, but I dont have a result

TheFloorBoardGuy 2 months ago

1:17 did you see the dust come off that phone and bed!

Kraulain 2 months ago

The mountain at 2:05 is actually in neighbouring Cameroon. it is the tallest peak in central africa. I have been to it's summit 3 times and from there at night you have a beautiful view of Malabo where drew is filming from 🙂

GoofyRyan2020 2 months ago

I saw the UAE flag on one of the mansions

Isaack Newton
Isaack Newton 2 months ago

Very biased if you ask me; this guy needs to travel more to other africans countries and expand his horizons; i almost chocked when he applauded the roads as the best in africa. Unbelievable; take a walk through east africa and revisit your conclusions.

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