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The Gospel of Christ
The Gospel of Christ 2 months ago

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Sierra Chism
Sierra Chism 2 months ago

This mysticism is already In churches…

Barra Mundi
Barra Mundi 2 months ago

I love John. However he's wrong about the timing of the rapture. And one cannot take the mark of the beast and be saved, which he has asserted.

karien slaven
karien slaven 2 months ago

Obama is the anti christ sounds like Obama

Lyndon White
Lyndon White 2 months ago

Why not she

Lyndon White
Lyndon White 2 months ago

You talk of him as he

Lyndon White
Lyndon White 2 months ago

Why is Antichrist a male I no who antichrist as I am Christ

Barry Gaynor
Barry Gaynor 2 months ago

The antichrist mentioned in the Bible (see: First John) refers to a group of Christians who left the congregation for Gnostic teachings. Anyone who takes the time to read this brief epistle should know this. This group of Christians continued to believe in Jesus as the Messiah, but they also embraced Gnostic beliefs about the nature of Christ. First John addresses theological errors of this group and urges them to return to be reunited with the congregation they left. One of the errors of this group was they were not loving others, and they were hating people, which is contrary to (opposite) of the love of God.

Reality Check
Reality Check 2 months ago

CRIME & CLERGY CONNECTION = TRICKLE DOWN IMMORALITY. 99% OF PREACHERS LIKE JOHN MAC DON'T EVEN SUPPORT ALL 10 COMMANDMENTS. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children." Hosea 4:6

Bond James
Bond James 2 months ago

The destruction of the Evil that created this goddamed mess is neccessary...
The Church and it's teachings has been nothing but self serving.
God doesn't give his resume. He gives the manual.
The real God will tell you the answers lie within yourself through your own actions and true feelings...
He won't tell you to follow and praise some guy or you go to Hell.
Wake tfu...

Suvisesh Bharadwaj
Suvisesh Bharadwaj 2 months ago

One cannot but think of Kim Jong-Un and Xi Xinping as we discuss models for antichrists


29:35 "He has no interest in the desire of women" Daniel 11,37
NIV: "He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women"
ESV: "He shall pay no attention to the gods of his fathers, or to the one beloved by women."
KJV: "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women"

Scholars agree that 'The Desire of Women' is a fertility god worshiped by women. Nothing of a homosexual antichrist or heterosexual celibate pope there.

See also Ezekiel 8,14 "women weeping for Tammuz"
Tammuz: ""sprout of life" - a Babylonian god or Phoenician deity or Sumerian deity of food or vegeration. (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible)

I can't help but this time Brother McArtur seems to be far off into assumptions, also with his following those narratives of Hitler's demon worship.

sdvma 2 months ago

palosy, biden, oboma, schumer, newsom, cuomo, deblasio - take your pick
They are demonic


Don't forget how David jeopardized the messianic line by following his desire for Bathseba - he brought a curse on his offspring for all time, Nathan's message that the sword would not depart from his house, and we saw the miserable Absalom, the miserable Salomon, and all the miserable kings down the line, with a few not so miserable ones. All for the lust of a one night stand of a promising king. And I am no better.

Reality Check
Reality Check 2 months ago

John Mac is a modern/NEO Pharisee who mocks, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT since he doesn't even support ALL 10 commandments..especially the one that gets more exposure, in the 4 gospel accounts, than all the other 9 put together.

NEMO 2 months ago

Pastor McArthur, what you are describing is the work of Freemasonry. Under the tutelage of Ignacios LaYolla, who taught 6 otters these practices of the Occult, they taught others who taught others.
99% of American Presidents belong to this order. Keep in mind, Freemasons, come in all shapes, religious beliefs, all genders, and financials standings.

Mike 2 months ago

Your cover picture the guy in the black he is the antichrist

Antoine Duchamp
Antoine Duchamp 2 months ago

You are making the same mistake of every prominent Christian churchman throughout the whole of European history since the time of Christ.... you are pointing to and alluding to person or persons alive and dubbing them the Antichrist - just as everyone in every century past has done to hated figures of their own particular time. You are just repeating history, that is all.

John Minshell
John Minshell 2 months ago

Belief in The Satanic Trinity and it’s Teaching , which most Christians believe , That Jesus is actually God ! That is the Real Antichrist.

Vickie Sutherland
Vickie Sutherland 2 months ago

According to the Revelation Rome will be destroyed; do not discount the World leader of the Democracy religion.

Tara Cat
Tara Cat 2 months ago

librrsld are intivhrists

Tara Cat
Tara Cat 2 months ago

Bill Gates is the snti christ

Aaron 11.11
Aaron 11.11 2 months ago

Beware of the pope and his priests.

Anna Pierson
Anna Pierson 2 months ago

No. It's Donald Trump. Jesus told me and he is never wwrong.

sticker shock
sticker shock 2 months ago

No one will be revealed to be the AC/ antichrist. He is not anyone, has ever heard of. The Pope is not from the sea. The beast arises from the sea. That is the first thing said about the dude. He is from the sea.

Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia 2 months ago

15:35 hollow earth society ? the earth is not even hollow jajajaja

Anon Mous
Anon Mous 2 months ago

John MacArthur thinks he would not have a place in God's kingdom if he does not call out the so-called, self-invented Satanism of the Roman Catholicism. So divisive.!Listening to him feels like a curse. There is neither charity nor graciousness in this guy.
All his so'called wisdom is a bloody waste. No wonder the good Lord handed the Kingdom to the little children

Cliff Griffen
Cliff Griffen 2 months ago

C thank you John for your wonderful Ministry may God bless you and reward you

SE Smith
SE Smith 2 months ago

watching this reminds me how lucky I am to be Roman Catholic! praise be!

Josh Benton
Josh Benton 2 months ago

I believe that the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church is the Anti Christ. To any reading this comment: Please note that I have no desire to offend any Jesus loving Catholics out there. As a former Catholic myself, I can tell you that a lot of what's taught in the Catholic Church is contrary to scripture. (This is one of the many reasons why I've left the Catholic Church when I was eighteen years old.) To give you one example of this: It's taught that you need to pray that the soul of a deceased loved one, coworker or whoever you were close to, doesn't have to spend too long in Purgatory to be cleansed of any unrighteousness. So the message taught is, that the sacrifice that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ made by dyeing on the cross for our sins, wasn't good enough. A person still has to face punishment after death, even if he or she has accepted the blood of Jesus and repented of sin. This teaching is just unbiblical and anti Christian. This philosophy comes from a noncanonical book called 2 Maccabees that's included in the Roman Catholic Church's doctrine. It must be noted however, there was a time when the Church of Rome was a good church before Christianity was legalized, in the Pagan Roman Empire in 321 Ad by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. (The early Christian Church was "underground" at this time.) Constantine the Great essentially "merged" Christianity with Roman Paganism and legally changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday to honor a Pagan Sun God worship. (Satan created the counterfeit Sabbath in rebellion toward God.) In 364 Ad, the Pontiff of Rome "Judaized" the Sabbath that the Jews had followed for thousands of years. Then the Pontiff of Rome issued a legal decree, making it legally mandatory for all Christians to work on the Sabbath (Saturday) and to have Sunday as the "rest day". The Roman Catholic Church has been corrupted by many of Pagan Rome's beliefs and traditions for close to two thousand years since Circa 321Ad. The reason why I'm convinced the Papacy of the RCC is the Anti Christ is because for 1,260 years, (538 Ad - 1798) there were many church state unions between the Roman Catholic Church and many European nations. These church state unions allowed authorities on both sides, to seek to track down, go after and brutally persecute anyone that didn't submit to the authority of the church or the pope. The Catholic Church invented all kinds of cruel, barbaric and sadistic ways to literally torture people to death, including what was used during the Spanish Inquisition. A lot of Protestant groups including the Huguenots (French Protestants) as well as the Waldensians, an Italian Protestant group were having death decrees issued against them by the pope, accused of heresy. Many people were simply beheaded with the guillotine. With that, the Catholic Church has shed the innocent blood of 40 million - 50 million people in Europe during the dark ages. (The number one reason I've departed from the Catholic Church.) During that time, there were many woman and children burned at the stake as heretics, accused of witchcraft and sorcery. I personally believe that another church state union will take place in the not so distant future, this time between the United States and the Roman Catholic Church. This is just how I interpret reading about the "two beasts" of Revelation 13 and how the "Mark of the Beast" is going to be enforced. Revelation 13 also describes people refusing to accept the Mark of the Beast, not just severely by being economically sanctioned, but also being brutally persecuted by being beheaded. That I think is going to be why one of the seven last plaques described in the Book of Revelation is, the waters of the earth are going to become blood Rev16:3-6

Relic Hunter
Relic Hunter 2 months ago

We were told this back in the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and into the twenty first century. I’m still waiting and watching. My time is now very limited but I sincerely hope that my saviour comes back before my eyes close for the last time. I hope this is not selfish on my part. I will see Him whatever the time He returns, but, what a sight that will be! Jesus coming back for His own.

Maluwa 2 months ago

So funny to see a Televangelist in the likes of John MacArthur who lives like a king and flies in a private Jet by robbing his vulnerable followers out of their life savings by giving them false hope by using God's name attacking the pope as the Anti-Christ. Its more like the pot calling the kettle black. All you Clergymen are crooks who are using the name of Jesus in order to become rich and gain power.

Chris H
Chris H 2 months ago

The sad part of this is that most of the world still puts their faith in one created that knows nothing of the future other that what he can deduce from current events and God’s Word. Why anyone would follow Satan, who’s not omniscient, omnipresence, nor omnipotent, causes one to wonder. Satan has yet to realize that he is but an actor on God’s prophetic stage. Just as I was typing this now I remembered how I was before I accepted the gift my Savior offered and I too was a stiff necked, rebellious, arrogant, know it all with no concept of who God was, or is. Praise You Father, for I will have eternity to plumb the depths of Your love, mercy, power, knowledge, wisdom and creativity.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 2 months ago

Time, times, and half a time... 3 1/2 years?? How long was Jesus' ministry?? "bout 3 1/2 years... He that shall be first shall be last, and the last first. Get it?? In other words, the one who was to come last, the Anti-Christ, but he came first, that being Jesus who is the Anti- Christ... So now I gotta go Anti-Anti-Christ!! He already did come... "Surely I come quckly" even so, come Lord Jesus... You are "due loss" John McArthur and Paul Washer... DOULOS. P.S. a heterosexual "sell a butt"??

Juan Aquino
Juan Aquino 2 months ago

Islam is the biggest Antichrist


Strange how so many talk about the antichrist yet no one mentions the MANY ANTI CHRISTS that KILLED THE CHRIST because he taught people to fight against the unbelieving Jews and thier rulership of powers, against their rulership of the darkness of this world, against thier spiritual wickedness in high places.
1Jn_2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, EVEN NOW are their MANY ANTICRISTS; whereby we know that it is the last time.
Joh_7:1 After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry, because the (MANY) JEWS sought to kill him.
Act_9:23 And after that many days were fulfilled, the (MANY) JEWS took counsel to kill him
Act_10:39 And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the LAND OF THE JEWS (MANY), and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree:
Act_14:2 But the (MANY) UNBELIEVING JEWS stirred up the Gentiles and MADE THIER MINDS EVIL affected against the Christians. (JUST LIKE TODAY)
The antichrist is not one man it is one group that all have one mind as one man.
Rom_1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave THEM (MANY) over to a REPROBATE MIND,(one mind) to do those things which are not convenient;
Tit_1:15 Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto (MANY) them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.
Rev_17:13 THESE (MANY) HAVE ONE MIND, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
The one antichrist is the one mind of many.

EmperorMato 2 months ago

The book The Morning of the Magicians seems like one of the finest examples of conspiracy theories, furthermore related to esoterics, new age etc. I dont understand, how could he count it as a source for presentation concerning nacism.
Other thing I dont understand is why are we making the same mistake as jews did expecting Christ to be a political leader. Similar antichrist could be operating on much deeper levels than politics imo.
Other question - what could be signs of pope being antichrist others than his celibate?
And the last thing - I recommend a short story by Vladimir Soloviev Tale of the antichrist for yet another perspective on this topic - very beautiful "christian scifi/fantasy", philosophical book.
Thank you for prospective answers.

Democrat Pro
Democrat Pro 2 months ago

The post mill guys have a way stronger case than preterists. I believe 666 was nero and most of this stuff took place in the 1st century. Gary Demar has almost got me 100% certain...the Scriptures make so much more sense in the post mill view.

Doug Wilson is another great post-miller

Saltwater 2 months ago

scary stuff Thank God I wont be here. But I i will be back.

Anthony Vespa
Anthony Vespa 2 months ago

Lots of Catholic bashing here. Jesus loves that. When a bunch of his followers cat fight about the interpretation of Christ’s words he loves that
Why do you fundamentalists think Jesus taught by allegories ?

Anthony Vespa
Anthony Vespa 2 months ago

Seems like a whole bunch of Catholic Bashing going on here. I just love when a bunch of holier then thou types scratch each other’s eyes out because they have the only way

Wade Smith
Wade Smith 2 months ago

"Christians" falsely accuse everyone of being the "Anti-christ". People have been falsely prophesying the anti-christ and the return of Jesus for....well...2000 years. Remember the "Great Disappointment" with all these false prophet "christians" prophesying the end of time? It's still going on. YOU are falsely prophesying th eend of time and the anti-christ.

There is no Anti-christ because there is no christ.

THE TRUE CREATOR does not need a "christ" to save anybody from their sin, and even if he did, he woudlnt' tell you that. the Prophet in th eBible said if God was HUNGRY he wouldn't tell you.

There are countless quadrillions of intelligent species throughout the Universe, and you think God is going to destroy the entire world and the entire universe because of whatever evil humans commit? No. That's BLASPHEMY.

the Man Jesus didn't realize how big the Universe was, and he falsley prophesied to people knowing they didn't know th edifference either, but now we know the difference. The real God is NOT going to destroy all of reality as REvelation claims, just because most or maybe even all Humans deserve to be destroyed. Not happening. That's an outright LIE and a FALSE PROPHESY by both Jesus and his disciples.



Joe Gogo
Joe Gogo 2 months ago

What hogwash!

Kevin Greaux
Kevin Greaux 2 months ago

God will kill the beast , the anti Christ and the false prophet and all their followers with the breath of His mouth and the appearance of His coming

Bob Pratt
Bob Pratt 2 months ago

even so LORD come. please get to know and trust in him . get saved dont go through eternity without HIM please

Samuhel Tompkins
Samuhel Tompkins 2 months ago got Genesis 6 wrong. That is not how it went down.

Tommie Smith
Tommie Smith 2 months ago

More fear mongering.
Without it these guys would be out of a job.
And if that would happen then that would truly be a blessing.
This is just nonsense.
"The first great commandment is,

1122stardust 2 months ago

The end times were meant for the days the letters were written 2000'years ago. Why would god have a letter written to people 2000 years yet it is meant for us today! Makes no sense for those people 2000 years ago. Stupid.

Laurie Swanson
Laurie Swanson 2 months ago

His wife is only married to Trump’s money not out of love

Laurie Swanson
Laurie Swanson 2 months ago

No way not mic Author. Donald Trump’s Junior is the lawless one. Trump is the anti-Christ he is a monster not caring for no one but himself. Trump will push the red bottom to end it all. Trump is the Lawless one it s alive and well in Trump. He has many fallers and people who will do what ever he wants and he has many that are,deceived buy him

Bill Cichoke
Bill Cichoke 2 months ago

I'm afraid this gentleman is looking the wrong direction when he talks about the antiChrist. After all, who tries to show 'signs and wonders' more than anti-Catholic protestant preachers like Hinn and Copeland? Who imitates the dark one more than those who quote scripture but will not be baptized, obey God, or hear His ONE TRUE CHURCH?

As Jesus said, if people deny the apostles authority, they deny HIM. Not anyone who says 'Lord, Lord,' but the apostles and their annointed successors. That would be priests, not anyone with a bible and their own interpretation.

Gerry Hagen
Gerry Hagen 2 months ago

Catholic extra version of Genesis One ;; In the beginning was Mary ; she gave birth to God ; and God continues to obey her.
Catholics await her second coming. Amen.

Rubytuby 2 months ago

The description of the antichrist sounds more like a type of person, than a single person.

Rosie Girl
Rosie Girl 2 months ago

May our Lord, Jesus Christ have mercy on the soul of John MacArthur's soul for teaching a religion of hate, against His Church!
The devil is always at work!

God's Will
God's Will 2 months ago

Fear is a LIE created by satan , and it’s one of his greatest weapons. By using fear, he has destroyed entire families and even, entire nations. Fear is a evil spirit, and it’s only through spiritual warfare and prayer that we will conquer.
FEAR is built on a foundation of falsehoods.

Lili 2 months ago

The education system in this country has failed badly if people believe this nonsense about Gods and Devils, Heaven and Hell, there is no God and there is no Devil, you are being controlled by religious fanatics whose sole object is to get you to part with your money and give it to them.

Raymond Anderson
Raymond Anderson 2 months ago

Pope fountain pen, the ink is dispensed from the pointy part of his hat!

sergio sturino
sergio sturino 2 months ago

brother/sister in christ please pray for me. I have finished my chemotherapy for cancer. While undergoing treatment my two daughters moved out suddenly, my mother died, and my wife almost died due to covid. I suffer from anxiety attacks and depression. I suddenly have become an empty nester. I have been crying every day since February 27th the day my eldest daughter left. I am anxious about my situation and feel like i'm not needed anymore. Feel like a senior in an old folks home just waiting for death or the rapture. I'm expected back at work on August 3rd and I am fearful of going back. I have 2.5years before I can get a full pension. Am in debt for$26,000. My sisters are fighting for money from my mothers house. And call me often to complain. Like Elijah, I have prayed to the Lord to take my life. Please pray for me

John Greene
John Greene 2 months ago

Another church who has it all figured out....more judgment....when only allegedly ur God does this

David Chinna
David Chinna 2 months ago

Surely not the pope
Judas reincarnated is the likely one
The son of pedition!

michael stello
michael stello 2 months ago

john macArthur is the antichrist

Harold Cale
Harold Cale 2 months ago

Day of the Lord is coming soon. Will you be ready to meet Jesus in the air? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

joe martinez
joe martinez 2 months ago

Love the sermon, hate the tie.

michael stello
michael stello 2 months ago

john macArthur is the anti christ a bigot a clown a nobody is he infallible? i absolutely cant stand the man

Brett Mciver
Brett Mciver 2 months ago

There are 2 anti Christ's one is a man and the other is a teaching prevalent in Christianity, the trinity is this teaching for it teaches that Jesus did not come in the same flesh as man has and that is anti christ.
1Jn 4:3 KJ2000 And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, of which you have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
So the roman Catholic system and many of her "daughters" are anti christ, that's one of the reasons it is going to be destroyed.

offdacorner 2 months ago

I lived on this earth for 49 years and did not truly understand that God was my Father. I used the term and heard the term but never had the relationship with Him that a child should have with their father. Today I find great satisfaction in honoring and obeying God. I understand now that to love Him is not all that is required, but that I should put my Father first before all things and all others. Honor and obedience. Love and reverence. I truly love my Father in Heaven and I am humbled by His everlasting love for me.

SUPERJAM144 2 months ago

Will he make nero and nimrod look like school boys? Bring him on, let him suffer in hell with the rest of the angels who left heaven. Bring it on! Jesus conquered death, the game has already been won. Forgive us Father. Allow us into your kingdom. Let us come to the tree of life. Please remove our transgressions.

Ronnie Dudley
Ronnie Dudley 2 months ago

Are you teaching... THE _KING _JAMES _BIBLE? For it is the TRUTH of GOD. All others are deceiving in wording.

William Roberts
William Roberts 2 months ago

MacArthur is great but he is inaccurate on this one. Also people are so stupid now a day's and he has to feed them the A Hitler story eventhough there have been many more murderous leaders through history. Even the good preacher has to lie a little.

Frederick Machila
Frederick Machila 2 months ago

the book of Daniel and revelation go hand in hand they explain themselves and the man of sin has a number which is 666 the same title of the pope why change the topic when the only one who sits in Gods position is the pope

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

Lawlessness and destruction ... sounds like Joe Biden.

David R. Stone
David R. Stone 2 months ago

⛪️The Catholic parish where President Joe Biden regularly attends when in Washington, DC, will not deny Communion to those approaching to receive. “Holy Trinity Catholic Church will not deny the Eucharist to persons presenting themselves to receive it,” the parish council said in a statement. You can bet the directive came from Cardinal Wheaton Gregory the liberal spineless disgraceful Cardinal appointed by Pope Francis to Washington DC diocesan. Shame on Biden the evil baby killing abortion supporter and spineless Cardinal Wheaton Gregory both heretic Catholics 👎🏻

Bradley Murray
Bradley Murray 2 months ago

More Catholic bashing. So someone not interested in women must be Catholic? There is more pedophilia in our public schools than the church. The Antichrist is a school teacher or janitor. Stop preaching judgment over other faiths and stick to yours John.

Hurley West
Hurley West 2 months ago

You have bought the Jesuit Lie of Futurism, there will be no end time boogie man coming, no 7 year Tribulation, no deal with any Jews, no fraudulent Rapture, no useless 3rd Temple, he is already here and it can only be one man, no one else even comes close. The Jesuits have corrupted almost all churches with this last day boogie man. It is so easy and obvious who "he" is, remove the Evil Jesuit Teaching's and you will know exactly who ANTICHRIST is.

Ad Astra
Ad Astra 2 months ago

Israel is the anti-christ, and the Catholic Church is the false prophet

The culmination of the anti-christian Israel will be ruled by a man… and that man has just been placed in control after Netanyahu…it is Nafti Bennet…keep your eye on him…he appears to be a peace maker, but his true self will emerge within 18 months…and he will wipe out the Palestinians, and declare war on Iran…bringing the entire world into a nuclear nightmare over religion, commerce and oil.
Meanwhile, the Catholic Church which is the false prophet led by the current Pope will finish up the false Christian indoctrination of billions

We are 24 months away from the end of a major chapter

Ad Astra
Ad Astra 2 months ago

Catholic Church is the False Prophet…the Anti-Christ is Israel

Acoustic Motorbike
Acoustic Motorbike 2 months ago

The antichrist will be a false copy of Christ. He will be a Jew. He will bring all faiths together. They will converge on his validity. Muslims Christians, Buddhists. Hindus will all see him as the anointed one.

diego charlin
diego charlin 2 months ago


SuperEROQ 2 months ago

Will come from Islam

Trent Evenson
Trent Evenson 2 months ago

Christ did make a 7 year covenant with the jews, when he started his ministry. 3.5 years until his death on the cross then 3.5 years until their probation ended . So christ made the Covenant with the jews and 3.5 years later they killed him. Then 3.5 years later their probation, and the 490 year prophecy ended, and and Christians are the new vindressers. But the corporate ones are all following antichrist. When the beast power doesn't like women it means religion, not homosexuality. This guy is wrong on everything that has to do with prophecy.

Trent Evenson
Trent Evenson 2 months ago

Understand the 490 year prophecy. Understand what christ was saying when he told his followers to girlie 7x70 times which is 490. Understsnd the parable of the wicked vindressers. It is telling us that the jews would be replaced by the faithful; Christians. The false prophet in the Bible are the protestant churches who have all joined the antichrist but think you will see it. The small horn among the ten has been here and received its fatal headwound. The headwound the sunday Christians will heal. This antichrist is a power. It gas sways been the leader of Babylon and is now the vatican who's wound you false prophets will heal by giving its power back. And its mark will be the sunday law the false churches help establish on the earth.

Trent Evenson
Trent Evenson 2 months ago

Do you understand the 10 toes of the statue in Daniel? No. Obviously. The toes are made of clay and iron. This is rome. Hitler was trying to create a unified Rome, which God said would not happen. So the world wars are about rebuilding and uniting the statue of Daniel. To prove God wrong

MARTEL D 2 months ago

An Antichrist is soneone that believes God “predestined” certain people to Hell before the creation of the world.

Ring a bell Johnny?

Mile Goranovic
Mile Goranovic 2 months ago

Antochrist will be jewish

Philippines Troppoholic

The problem with this channel is that no-one can comment on many of the sermons. This pastor is very good but some feel that certain aspects of his theology are a tad wrong. As examples, I refer to THE STATE OF THE DEAD, ETERNAL EVERLASTING HELL, THE RAPTURE, and especially the prophecies of DANIEL & REVELATION., and worshiping on the Catholic Sunday and not the 7th Day Sabbath. Most of these topics are as plain as the nose on your face but he gets them totally wrong and I cannot understand why. Just as a simple ex, the Bible clearly states that “the dead know not anything” but this preacher thinks they go to ‘glory’ or ‘hell’ on death. That’s not correct

Jackie Hites
Jackie Hites 2 months ago

Although we live in the world but not of the world; I accept Jesus Christ as my savior! Thank You God for your grace, mercy and love.

Michael Carr
Michael Carr 2 months ago

Sorry, your understanding of this is false. We don't have to look forward to any personal antichrist.

Michael Carr
Michael Carr 2 months ago

It is the last hour. 2000 years ago. This is not for now.

John Roberts
John Roberts 2 months ago

John MacArthur is foolish if he thinks "the" Antichrist is Rome or the Pope. Ezekiel 38-39, as he notes, describes the battle of Armageddon, as does Zechariah 12-14, as does Revelation 11/16. Why doesn't he tell us where Rome will get the very large army Gog still lead? And why haven't world events begun to move in the directions he believes? How will the Pope place his image in the temple in Jerusalem?

Ezekiel 39:5-6 tells us the nations that will be in the Antichrist's coalition. They are made up of all the Muslim nations surrounding Israel. How will the papacy garner such influence over the Muslims? And who are the two prophets that John tells us of, who will stand against the Antichrist?

Also, Adolf Hitler did not have designs on the entire world. He never thought he would rule the Americas, China, Africa and others. He also says Hitler was demonically possessed, which very well may be true; however, Hitler did not do what he did because of demons. He did it willingly and of His own volition.

John MacA did not even once mention the Muslim nations or the hatred the Palestinians and other Muslims have for the Jews. Why? Instead, he flashes a photo of the Pope on and implies he could be the Pope.

The Pope has about as much to do with the little horn, Gog and "the prince" as he has with Douglas MacArthur! He can give a whole sermon on the Antichrist and not even mention Muhammad, who said, "The day of resurrection will not come except the Muslims shall go to war with the Jews and kill them." Hmmm. War with the Jews, eh? And he flashes the picture of the Pope!

John tells of those who speak for Christ but was not sent by Christ. We need to follow his views carefully and especially those dealing with Gog. 🔹🌞🌛🌠


Richard Salzer
Richard Salzer 2 months ago

There is no such thing as an Anti'Christ. It's anti-christ plural, and the scriptures were about the 1st century. And you are a liar, sir. MacArthur is a scam artist.

adriana Israel
adriana Israel 2 months ago

The pope does not deny Christ

Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere 2 months ago

I disagree on the the conclusion that the anti Christ points to the Pope based on celibacy. Celibacy isn't disrespect or anti women. I still strongly believe Muslims are anti Christ in all respects.

Yon Slash
Yon Slash 2 months ago

Is it so hard to know the anti-christ ?

He who denied the Father and the Son.
Who teach opposite of Christ's love message.
Who turned differently majority of biblical teachings and prophets.
Came in sheep appearance but actually a wolf.
Man of sin and destruction.

Maaannn we had that 'teaching' in the world for 1400 years already! Less people care to acknowledge it, or just in denial becoz of political correctness...

P4K 2 months ago

This is old fashioned 16th century Protestant theology by an old fashioned Protestant preacher. So simplistic! For example he condemns celibacy yet he forgets that Christ Himself and St. Paul were celibates. He insinuates that the Pope is the anti-Christ yet the Pope confesses the Lordship of Christ and endorses the incarnation of Christ. Mr. Macarthur is simply an old fashioned bigot twisting the Bible for the expression of his own old fashioned bigotry and hatred.

C 2
C 2 2 months ago

Buddy... You do not know what destruction is. You will see the One that invented it.

David leonel
David leonel 2 months ago

Is it possible to conclude that judas was therefore acting most righteously and imbued with the holy spirit as he was pivotal in facilitating the crucifixion? Seeing as peter was inspired by the antichrist from trying to keep Christ from the cross? Honest question. Many thanks for any opinions on this in advance .

gary gullikson
gary gullikson 2 months ago

Is this video implying that the pope is the AC?

michael aldrich
michael aldrich 2 months ago

The pope is the son of hell.

Ad Astra
Ad Astra 2 months ago

The Pope is the false prophet not the anti-Christ…the anti Christ will be the man Israel is waiting for that will come from their own ranks…he is here: Nafti Bennett. Bennett will replace Netanyahu in a few weeks and he is perhaps one of the smoothest darkest men in the planet…and he hates Iran and will expel all Palestinians on day 1

WW3 will be between Israel Iran inviting in China Russia Europe United States

This is less than 4 years away

Bennet comes from silicon valley, made millions in tech, served as a top military soldier for Israel, and has dual citizenship: Israel/US

Ward Scott
Ward Scott 2 months ago