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Hannah Butler
Hannah Butler 2 months ago

Funny story: I showed this episode to my neice and she told me she thought this pale rendition of Moonface looked like Voldemort.

Dagger Barrera-Walker

I was born in 2006 but I grew up watching these and I suddenly had a nostalgia trip so I searched it up

ItzBonbonTeheXD 2 months ago

Lol I have that story book

Ivan Young
Ivan Young 2 months ago

You probably dont know that their real names were Joe Dick and Fanny lol

abdull aziz sawer
abdull aziz sawer 2 months ago

Who Else Reading The Three In One Book Series 😌

Laura Ireson
Laura Ireson 2 months ago

My family only had a couple of dvds when i was growing up, mostly had vhs. I remember this being repeated on the dvd player on long car rides.

Corey Paterson
Corey Paterson 2 months ago

Who is the voice actor of Joe? 1:01

F. J . S
F. J . S 2 months ago

Nostalgia really hits different

No No
No No 2 months ago

i remember my 2nd grade teacher reading the book to me and my classmates at the times

Hayden Dixon
Hayden Dixon 2 months ago

Will ya be able to upload the rest of the faraway tree episodes. Cause there's one I think when its dying

Abdul Khalik
Abdul Khalik 2 months ago

So glad I found this show, many childhood memories😊💓

Jaems Twee
Jaems Twee 2 months ago

I thought that this was a dream that I had once.

Tsira Tchrikishvili
Tsira Tchrikishvili 2 months ago

its the best i read book too its just so good

Streaky 2 months ago

My sister and I used to watch this all the time

pikadab the frog
pikadab the frog 2 months ago

Moon face doesn't come to the land in the books

pikadab the frog
pikadab the frog 2 months ago


Sky Brown fan vids
Sky Brown fan vids 2 months ago


Kirsten Edwards
Kirsten Edwards 2 months ago

I always remembered the start of this one with the burnt toast. It's funny how much of this episode I actually remembered once it started. Just started reading the book to my 4 year old daughter at bedtime and she is loving it already :)

PixarMan2001 Obscure Children's TV

Part of Treehouse TV's golden age. It was on YTV Jr. before that.

Jamie Newman
Jamie Newman 2 months ago

Ah takes me back to an awesome innocent childhood.

Jackie Rindfleish
Jackie Rindfleish 2 months ago

I would love to go there

Jackie Rindfleish
Jackie Rindfleish 2 months ago

I love this

Lord OfThe Flightless

What a bloody random memory

Lord OfThe Flightless

What a woes random memory

Divija Milind Dalvi
Divija Milind Dalvi 2 months ago

Lol i always search the books i read

Isabel 2 months ago

i remember watching this at my grandparents house! me and my brother used to pretend we went on really cool adventures in their garden 🥺❤️ such a lovely time

Spiral Ghost
Spiral Ghost 2 months ago

What is this xDD I read the book as a child and loved it, there is a show??

Dahlia GMalhas
Dahlia GMalhas 2 months ago

i listened to this in school the day before leaving cause corona but then i said to myself today i wonder if this had an animation and it did yippee i said to myself and i stared to watch it and i just thought this is amazing so totally recommend:)

Emily Lysons
Emily Lysons 2 months ago

where can u find this/any other magic faraway film? netflix? amazon prime? bbc iplayer? someone please inform me!

Hira T
Hira T 2 months ago

My imagination was far better than this but still reminds me of childhood and reading in the corners of the library and sneaking books to home. This just made me feel real old and happy!

ApachePieman 2 months ago

Damn... not gonna lie the intro got the tears out, used to have these on vhs tape and would watch them over and over with my grandma from like 3-6 yrs old. Haven't seen it since then, just googled "magical tree 90s cartoon" off some vague memories. It really hits like a truck sometimes...

Vivian Barths
Vivian Barths 2 months ago

I never knew it had a tv show..I only read the books as a child and it shaped my imagination..I loved it..travelling to different lands and kids will surely be readers

Jason Brockwell
Jason Brockwell 2 months ago

One of The Acters is The same From Budgie The Little Helliecopter and The Wishing Chair Richard Perse is His Name

Big Boi
Big Boi 2 months ago

I used to read the book.

Rathika Pratheepan
Rathika Pratheepan 2 months ago


Victoria Bridge
Victoria Bridge 2 months ago

I used to love reading the book

Qwerty qwerty
Qwerty qwerty 2 months ago

Way too much nostalgia damn

Lampostrami 2 months ago

as wet as pancke

Dyllen-Maine 2 months ago

I knew I wasn't crazy that I remembered watching this back in the 90s! Thank you so much for the upload.

Trixia Medrano
Trixia Medrano 2 months ago

i have a book of this , and it is way far from the story in the book

Briefträger Pat
Briefträger Pat 2 months ago

I can see why they changed the name Fanny to Fran but what was up with Bessie?

Soul_Swimming 2 months ago

Holy shit I thought I made this up...

gamma GIRL
gamma GIRL 2 months ago


o Mcginty
o Mcginty 2 months ago

Imagination and enid blyton

Anne Jagger
Anne Jagger 2 months ago

I Love the video

Emsie 2 months ago

Oh no. I'm gonna cry.

Sarah Foster
Sarah Foster 2 months ago

Aw I remember watching these when I was four in school

Ace Adventura
Ace Adventura 2 months ago

She's so careless with her washing up water 😡

Yashoda lakmini
Yashoda lakmini 2 months ago

my dream now i am 25 old... still i love this cartoons

Grace Slade
Grace Slade 2 months ago

Ha ha, I love saucepan man 😁

Trident MC
Trident MC 2 months ago

The nostalgia though....

Curly Yasmin
Curly Yasmin 2 months ago

Joe sounds mighty gay

BELLA 2 months ago

This was by far the best show

eaglerin 2 months ago

I had a random memory on this and went on like a 20 minute nostalgia search cause I remembered very little. I finally found it omg

Parishey Asif N.
Parishey Asif N. 2 months ago

I have a book : The Enchanted Wood!
Gnid Blyton made it! NOT Enid Blyton
I live in Karachi Pakistan and i bought it from Hyderabad mall! There is Mr.Watzisname,Dame Washalot, An Angry Pixie, 6 or 7 elves, Silky the Fairy,A tall man on roundabout land,Moon-face,The Snowman,The 3 bears and more.... LAST FOR NOT LEAST!!!!!! Joe,Beth and Frannie! Joe is the eldest, Beth is in the middle and Frannie is the youngest! Beth and Frannie are girls and Joe is a boy! This is a DIFFERENT Story! Frannie is a girl! Dame washalot washes alot of clothes! Mr.Watzisname is always sleeping and the Angry Pixie shouts from a window

not emma
not emma 2 months ago

Upload the land of enchantments

Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

I have treasured memories of watching these episodes
on dvd with my two lovely
children.Great stories for
children that I think will stand the test of time,too.

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