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Aya 2 months ago

Does is also work when it doesnt have the same valuta?

SOSAXP7 2 months ago

Music so loud at some point it's hard to hear you talk. would have been better you had the music off!!

sri ten
sri ten 2 months ago

Listen at 1.5x speed

Pankaj Das
Pankaj Das 2 months ago

Seriously I am just starting ur face while talking....did someone told u how much beautiful u are❤️

SPECTRUMM - GBR 2 months ago

Why did you add melody 🎶 music in video it's very irritating while examining

Francisco Novoa
Francisco Novoa 2 months ago

Worse video ever

Elizabeth Janine Serna

thanks for this! very helpful :)

Dog lover
Dog lover 2 months ago

The music too loud

Dog lover
Dog lover 2 months ago

How about the process of the payment?

lp sheena sinda
lp sheena sinda 2 months ago

Background music is so disturbing. Anyway thanks for the info.

sunitha manukumar
sunitha manukumar 2 months ago

Thank you so much ❤️❤️

PRATIK 2 months ago

Thanks from bottom of my heart

Anmol 9312
Anmol 9312 2 months ago

Thanks for the video though 💖

Anmol 9312
Anmol 9312 2 months ago

Music is too loud 😩😩😩

Jessica Allego
Jessica Allego 2 months ago

Hi sis do you have idea how much shipping cost pag bag ipadala from US to saudi arabia, Singapore or Europe?

Amuthan Amuthan
Amuthan Amuthan 2 months ago

I'm from India and I want to send Amazon gift to colombia, if it's possible please tell me

sunita kumari Sahu
sunita kumari Sahu 2 months ago

How to make the payment through other currency

solarship 2 months ago

what about the currency?

T k
T k 2 months ago


Claire Canales
Claire Canales 2 months ago

very helpful. thank you for sharing huhu

Rosé and celery
Rosé and celery 2 months ago

what if I want to send something to Chile...which country should I chose?

The Mads of San Diego

Pm ko na ba address ko nak ❤️ this is a good deal from


You dnt have your vlog when you are n Israel🇮🇱😊

SamarPH Tv 2
SamarPH Tv 2 2 months ago

nice tips kapatid

HAILEY TV 2 months ago

salamat sis at naiblog mo to malaking tulong para sa team

Mother Shingoo
Mother Shingoo 2 months ago

full watched mega thanks for sharing this sissy

Mother Shingoo
Mother Shingoo 2 months ago

now watching siskoo

Romcarl channel
Romcarl channel 2 months ago

very informative vlog thank you for sharing

Bryle Corachea
Bryle Corachea 2 months ago

ohh yeaaaaahhh I do that everytime im a different country and use amazon

Lady Rose12
Lady Rose12 2 months ago

Thanks for this informative vid sis

Jenny Ong
Jenny Ong 2 months ago

I miss you. Let’s go to Italy together mwaah

Leslie de Lemos
Leslie de Lemos 2 months ago

ayun oh, sakto e2 vlog mo sis para sa team. tnx for sharing this video.

Amy Divina
Amy Divina 2 months ago

thanks for shriang ur great Idea very helpful

Team Ella
Team Ella 2 months ago

Eto nga ung sinasabi ko so everyone can recieve a gift a real gift.. Galing love the content

Madz Agustin
Madz Agustin 2 months ago

This is a great idea! Save that 💵 for an extra gift 🎁 👏🏻

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