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Classy Cocktail Outfits

Classy Cocktail Outfits

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kanwal Mckinnon
kanwal Mckinnon 2 months ago

Where is your pencil skirt from x

Anna NTK
Anna NTK 2 months ago

Thanks this is helpful

Allie 2 months ago

Those are pantyhose..

Jessica Palen
Jessica Palen 2 months ago

Where did you get the white top with the matching shorts?

Ritu Rani
Ritu Rani 2 months ago

I am just going crazy about your outfit ideas ...all ideas are awesome.... mind blowing ...

Trini Gyul
Trini Gyul 2 months ago

1:19 was my fave...I went out and got one and my hubby loved it ;)

Elma naviana
Elma naviana 2 months ago

Omg ..You look amazing 😍

sreetama chakraborty
sreetama chakraborty 2 months ago

I am going to go and buy ALL of the things you have shown in this video. These clothes are sexy but not very revealing and also classy. And also i love the color match that you have done. Minimal, not very dressy neither very underdressed.
This is the first video I have seen of yours. And here you have another new subscriber...😊❤

Josephiline D'souza
Josephiline D'souza 2 months ago

Wow! Thnx

Flor Figueroa
Flor Figueroa 2 months ago

My friend using half of these to work

Nam Vo
Nam Vo 2 months ago


Maria Olt
Maria Olt 2 months ago

How tall are you?

Oscar Santos
Oscar Santos 2 months ago

Hola tiff hermosa sin lugar a duda eres la mejor m efacinas bsos

Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis 2 months ago

no sparkles! but still very beautiful xxx

krysalious 2 months ago

You have such a nice pear shape. Thats my favorite body type and I'm suuper envious everything looks great in with that type

Yue Lu
Yue Lu 2 months ago

most beautiful and hottest!!!

Daniel Barrera
Daniel Barrera 2 months ago


frodon sake
frodon sake 2 months ago

So gorgeous. it's incredible

Fiorella Lopez
Fiorella Lopez 2 months ago

Love them!! Thank you!!

pere mos
pere mos 2 months ago

0:31 i love that kind of skirt

Ranim Rania
Ranim Rania 2 months ago

i wang like this pencil skirt

Leximus Maximus
Leximus Maximus 2 months ago

I'll post it again and see if it's deleted, this is stretch of the word classy.

Leximus Maximus
Leximus Maximus 2 months ago

So Tiffany, you're deleting comments now are you?

Tung Pu
Tung Pu 2 months ago

Thanks for inspiring are appreciated!💝

David Perez
David Perez 2 months ago


Alexangelica 2 months ago

Love it!

Tech D Garage
Tech D Garage 2 months ago

Love the black hosiery!!

Kelcy Kawal
Kelcy Kawal 2 months ago

First on is all I wanted to see cuz that the one I wanted to wear... Thank babes

Hadi winarto channel
Hadi winarto channel 2 months ago

Very beutifull

Hadi winarto channel
Hadi winarto channel 2 months ago

Hi my friend how are you i came from indonesia visiting to you always give you support success

White Wolf
White Wolf 2 months ago

Beautiful ....

Derrick 112
Derrick 112 2 months ago

Those are really nice classy outfits

Will Anjo
Will Anjo 2 months ago

I do not speaking english rsrsrs I undestand algunas cosas. You is am angel.

Tedy B
Tedy B 2 months ago

Dreamy beautiful yet ravishing attire. Appealing hoisery. Elegant sexy heels. One stunning beauty.

Maritsa Darmandzhyan
Maritsa Darmandzhyan 2 months ago

You look great and the outfits really fit well on you.

José Alosasac
José Alosasac 2 months ago

Con blusa color blanco y falda color negro te ves bonita

marcos gomes
marcos gomes 2 months ago


giaretta sebastien
giaretta sebastien 2 months ago

Humm sexy

Stephen Sharratt
Stephen Sharratt 2 months ago

Hi huni can I ask can you drive 👍

Leah Lugo
Leah Lugo 2 months ago

Velocidad 1.75 y todo perfecto😀

Jim Marquez-Medina
Jim Marquez-Medina 2 months ago

Wish I looked great in 1 thing. You look great in everything. 💯

Numble Mumble
Numble Mumble 2 months ago

These are “wannabe” classy looks

cjeelde 2 months ago

Looooove your channel!! You're always so classy and good style ❤️❤️❤️ and I love the newer way of Try On that many youtubers are doing: dress on-off-on-off-on you know, this gives a good idea of how easy or hard it is to put items on and off. And it's a new trend to make videos like this 💖💖

I really look forward to all your future videos. You're an amazing YouTuber and one of the best fashion girls. Love love looooove you!! 😘😘

shaheer shujaat
shaheer shujaat 2 months ago

Wow Tiffany you are looking very nice beautiful in all of the outfits as well as your hair body makeup nailpolish eyelashes lipstick skin eyes smile earrings shoes purses are quite pretty amazing and fantastic video well done 😊😊❤️❤️

Manfred Bismark
Manfred Bismark 2 months ago


Juan gomez
Juan gomez 2 months ago

TIF you look amazing 😍

Info Wars turned me gay

Gawd I just hate how insanely hot she is

Mag G
Mag G 2 months ago

I always wear dress in every formal events because i don't know what other clothes can look good enough formal hahaha but the next time i'm gonna try some of this options. Thanks!

Jose Maria
Jose Maria 2 months ago

Hi preciosa hermosa

DrumMan423 2 months ago

You look great Tiffany!! You are very sexy, and classy, all in one package. Do you have a full website?

blue birds
blue birds 2 months ago

yes more tights and miniskirts sweater dresses pls!

Leo Asdf
Leo Asdf 2 months ago

You are so hot

Anna B80
Anna B80 2 months ago

Cool vid Tiffany. Some great choices this week. My personal faves - the blazer dress and the white bodysuit - gorgeous x

Mark Hill
Mark Hill 2 months ago

Are we still going to have Dinner or what? Ha,,,,, 🌈🌼✌️

E DV 2 months ago

Absolutely stunning please take this ⚘

JeffTheWinner 2 months ago

I like girls in tights so now am really turned on after watching this.

Lauren Riley
Lauren Riley 2 months ago

Awesome outfits. I love classy looks. I should wear the style more often.

anees iqbal
anees iqbal 2 months ago

Missed this vlog as the notification didn't pop up. Saw it today and loved it. It was classy and worth watching.

zuker54 2 months ago

You look amazing as always. My favorite outfit is the dress and black pantyhose. Great choice:) please do more outfits with pantyhose please:)

S Robinson
S Robinson 2 months ago

Love the second dress you had on;)

Wajid Hussain
Wajid Hussain 2 months ago

3:34 the ßest

威Tommy 2 months ago


Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 2 months ago

boots looks good, sandals suck

Jordi 2 months ago

Beauty Tiffany 💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹

suyog bonde
suyog bonde 2 months ago

Hi Tiffany...
Extremely classy.. 👌👌👌

Arriva Rental
Arriva Rental 2 months ago

Would you do a sheer nude and black tights and shoes try on videos

J Steele
J Steele 2 months ago

fuck, you are so sexy


Your channel is growing! Keep up the good work!

Edit: please do a video on how to keep your skin glowing young!

lever archie
lever archie 2 months ago

yay for tights! :P

Shakerhood69 2 months ago

1sf outfit was really nice, loved the heels too.

MadeWell 2 months ago

I’d like to see more of you in tights. Maybe a tights try on video?

Lewis 2 months ago

You look insanely hot

Andrey 2 months ago

You are beautiful and delightful!!! Excellent publication!

Allan Wright
Allan Wright 2 months ago

Nice outfits Tiffany

Shireknight 2 months ago

Black skirt looked nice but the Black trousers at the end were the knockout item in this video, they suited you so well.

Marcin Mar
Marcin Mar 2 months ago

Uuu hot last one


yzma 2 months ago

What denier of tights are those?

Frank Brookfield
Frank Brookfield 2 months ago

Why did you have to cut short the moment you put the tights on?? It's the best part!!!

nestor ortega
nestor ortega 2 months ago

!!!! seriously you have a lot of style I loves👍👏😘😍 !!! You should get a little more to the camera to appreciate your beauty Never a bit far

Antonio Fred dos Santos

Beautiful, beautiful! It´s everything what I can say!

ethan 2 months ago

1:12 the black dress is my fav, lovely

Ricardo Ramirez.
Ricardo Ramirez. 2 months ago

You should do a video about of lingerie

Prashant 2 months ago

We want bikini try on...

AmAn dEEp
AmAn dEEp 2 months ago

you r looking so well hot pretty and today all dresses nice and last dress in hot 👌🏼❤❤❤

Miguel Luis Sucuquiej

You are the most beautiful woman I have seen in the whole world every day, I bleed more of you, I always watched your videos everything you wear gives you my love perfect

kiruba Kumar
kiruba Kumar 2 months ago

Sexy and stylish babe 😍😍😍

tlas mendez
tlas mendez 2 months ago

you look beautiful with dress and stockings, i love you.

Merkdo Negro
Merkdo Negro 2 months ago

Todo Te Queda Perfecto 😍

Víctor Cortés Cisneros


anvil8478 2 months ago

The glasses are a must wear for a video, need to see the “hot librarian” look.

greyroom85 2 months ago

I love all your outfits

maze 2 months ago

Goddess ❤️❤️❤️

Daedalus 2 months ago

We love you too Tiffany ;)

David Joseph
David Joseph 2 months ago


ryan jean- baptiste- de champion of mount olympus

U are so beautiful they could cast you in as a princess in a movie!!

heartless hyeana
heartless hyeana 2 months ago

Hey Tiff I love you in open toe 😘 shoes

ZENON KOBYLEC 2 months ago

Ooutfit 3 and 4 my fav Tiff.

CS 2 months ago

please by some wolfords you are a goddess no i love you so much lol

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