Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast



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Information Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast

Title : Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast

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Frames Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast

Description Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast

Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast

Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Gets Surprise From MrBeast

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ayaan mahmood
ayaan mahmood 2 months ago

I mean I love dogs so u will fight one but what he did was brave

wood. exe
wood. exe 2 months ago

get ready for the next round

MJching23 2 months ago

I love MrBeast

Itzel Palafox
Itzel Palafox 2 months ago

POGCHAMP for saving his sister, my guys a real one o7

Komal P
Komal P 2 months ago

u should actually keep the video footage of the saving of the sister

Assassiner 358
Assassiner 358 2 months ago

Imagine if he became a villan

Avery Highlands
Avery Highlands 2 months ago

Mr beast over here just pulling up wit 50k

Sneh Patel
Sneh Patel 2 months ago

Tbh That mark on his chicks never disappoint him it will always make him proud

MavcDoc 2 months ago

That's one brave boiii , even I had come across the same situation but luckily I was old enough to f*** up that dog

Lynea Angeles
Lynea Angeles 2 months ago


Daniel Brunton
Daniel Brunton 2 months ago

Bully: Hah ur face is so ugly LOL
*Avengers Walk In*
Bully: uh, hi friend

Glitch King arliejo
Glitch King arliejo 2 months ago

Tell me how they got in contact with mrbeast tho

joe is pro
joe is pro 2 months ago

me sees mrbs sent a msg for him

Me go to the nearest dog and make him attack my sis then save her

Brandoixz 2 months ago

This kids so much younger than me yet he has done so much more than me, I’d never be brave enough to do this lol, mad respect to this kid.

Snake Attack
Snake Attack 2 months ago

So not beautiful so dumb!

NITRO COOL 2 months ago


Jonathan Chacko
Jonathan Chacko 2 months ago

Nobody talked about how a 5 year old is watching Mr. Beast

InfiniteNoobz 2 months ago

So nice!

steve culshaw
steve culshaw 2 months ago

bless him ❤️

Fernando Valdés Veyán

That kid is a hero

ItzWill_PlayzYT 2 months ago

Your skin is not paper, so don’t cut it

Your neck is not a coat, so don’t hang it

Your body is not a book so don’t judge it

Your life is not a movie, so don’t end it

Suicide doesn’t take away the paint, it just passes away the pain to someone else

Spread this to the world so Suicide stops.

Coconut `
Coconut ` 2 months ago

Guy: Who's your favorite avenger? Spider Man?

Me: Im sorry, what-

Kuromi Warland
Kuromi Warland 2 months ago

Put of all the picutres of mr beast its thst one 😭

Taz Team
Taz Team 2 months ago

This is what a life saver that kid is a life saver

Jason Tawa
Jason Tawa 2 months ago

Enough to make a grown man cry :-;

Fatima Umer
Fatima Umer 2 months ago


shark fex 9 mex
shark fex 9 mex 2 months ago

Im going to get a vicious dog to attack my sister so I can save her

DOODLE MOUSE 2 months ago

That ain't a kid , that's a MAN

Cade Byerly
Cade Byerly 2 months ago

I wish I was half as cool as that six year old man

Ikmal Safuan
Ikmal Safuan 2 months ago

not me crying while watching this🥺

Chiru-kun 2 months ago

Achievements Completed.


RainX18 2 months ago

Woah 8 months then this is in my recommendation. This is a brave boy

Janice Dart
Janice Dart 2 months ago

I'm happy that he boy got to see Mr. Beast but he is a really good kid :D

thefatesmanalive 2 months ago


Phil D.
Phil D. 2 months ago

Yet the avengers movies are not actually kids movies

FromMyAshes RisenRebornRedeemed

Messages ? Pay the kids medical bills and plastic surgery you cheap fakes.....your gonna send him a full size figure....

RoRo C
RoRo C 2 months ago

He is so sweet for his little sis he is a really hero

Raidzz Sealz
Raidzz Sealz 2 months ago


Daud Ahmed
Daud Ahmed 2 months ago

the dog who did that deserves to be put down

Summer Keeling
Summer Keeling 2 months ago


Aarish Sharma
Aarish Sharma 2 months ago

absolute legendary kid

Adam& Katharina
Adam& Katharina 2 months ago

Awwwww sow sweet boy and cute 🥺🥺

JAYLEN DASHER 2 months ago

I’m crying he is a good kid

WI-FI NEŞESİ 2 months ago

So all I need is a dog.

Shadow Crew
Shadow Crew 2 months ago

The bravest kid ever

Chiku Das
Chiku Das 2 months ago

I appriciate and I loved how he is so cute, and that is why I dont like dogs, literally they bit me twice in a single decade, that hurts.

ProBoyreal991 2 months ago

The 4k dislikes are from jealous people.. This is just amazing ❤️

Đào Mon
Đào Mon 2 months ago

He so brave just like Steve Roger jump on a grenade

fan boy
fan boy 2 months ago


Sunny lemon blooms
Sunny lemon blooms 2 months ago

If only everyone’s brothers were like that

Meme Gamer
Meme Gamer 2 months ago

The kid:"cool cool now wheres the money"

issy_busy is weird
issy_busy is weird 2 months ago

That's cute

Siddharth Kumar
Siddharth Kumar 2 months ago

Hats off to this Boy!

Zeliakof_ 2 months ago

A bloody legend I would probably be scared and be frozen there

Harsh Painkra
Harsh Painkra 2 months ago

That boy doesn't care how many wounds can be in my body but he thinks to safe there sister

Growing Tomatoes
Growing Tomatoes 2 months ago

Ima get bit by a dog to get talked by celebritys

jordain huynh
jordain huynh 2 months ago

Parents be like "bro no money?"

Ralph rosales Dulu
Ralph rosales Dulu 2 months ago

oh yes owen is here i think was that owen from jurassic world ??😕

Blue 4lifeblue
Blue 4lifeblue 2 months ago

Has his birthday passed yet?

Sick Clips Ya
Sick Clips Ya 2 months ago

Give me 10000 dollars to live

l brown
l brown 2 months ago


QxinnYT 2 months ago proud of that little guy. He did something no other little kid would do. Round of a plause for this kid!

Godshowgun 2 months ago

He saved his sister

Gerald StAmour
Gerald StAmour 2 months ago

All I can say is "John 15:13"

Shatter Master12
Shatter Master12 2 months ago

That dog was truly an Avengers level threat

Ik I'm late don't say anything about it

SplatoonKitty101 2 months ago

oh my god im tearing up-

Sophia A
Sophia A 2 months ago

Robert is the best I love him

Yo Fxlcon
Yo Fxlcon 2 months ago

The kid got the shield before Sam, he should be the next Captain America

You love Youtube too??

Any video with Mr beast gets millions of views

Toyolad 2 months ago

Its impossible to watch this and not smile

Rysty Cunts
Rysty Cunts 2 months ago


SilverSpitz88 2 months ago

This boy is gonna be a big celeb when he’s older

TrumanTheTurtle 2 months ago

Dude is gonna be the most popular kid in his school and the raddest scar to brag about and the stories about when he met some of the most famous people

Kristopher Angelo Adiaton

That's the true hero

the gaming brozz
the gaming brozz 2 months ago

That kid doesn't talk that much why ? ? ?

Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes 2 months ago

this is the stuff we need on youtube

Great Vibes
Great Vibes 2 months ago

Neil armstrong went to the moon to find this kids footprint

c4 lemon
c4 lemon 2 months ago

Who tf disliked this?

R.Sakthi Prakash
R.Sakthi Prakash 2 months ago

Can't believe this vedio has dislikes

Zia Mohammed
Zia Mohammed 2 months ago

i love mr beast

trulysxphie 2 months ago


Glowing Daisy
Glowing Daisy 2 months ago

This kid warms my heart

Mantis Ghostly
Mantis Ghostly 2 months ago


Mantis Ghostly
Mantis Ghostly 2 months ago


HS Inferno
HS Inferno 2 months ago

Can someone tell me where I can go to get more context of the story thx

Roblaxiancookie 2 months ago

The thing is many people done way more brave sacrifices some even died and this boy gets all the credit

Chris OMG THE GAMER 2 months ago


Nicholas Valencia
Nicholas Valencia 2 months ago

anyone who dislikes this video is stupid

Eiad Amr
Eiad Amr 2 months ago

Your right

sliq AU
sliq AU 2 months ago

uhhhhh pls dont kill me kid

Tanner Austin
Tanner Austin 2 months ago

now THIS is someone who deserves success in life

Liam Reisch
Liam Reisch 2 months ago

poor kid I'm 9 and if that was me I would be very Shakey and scared

Toronto Latino
Toronto Latino 2 months ago


Kristin Berardi
Kristin Berardi 2 months ago

My heart was melting every minute of the video 😭❤️🤗

Some guy
Some guy 2 months ago

So, I guess i'm a little older, 11 to be exact, and one time I was almost kidnapped. I am a big advocate for self defense, and the laws on firearms are terrible if you are a kid, so of course, I carry a knife, if It was legal I would carry a gun though. Basically I was out by the road with my friends, someone pulls up and says they are looking for a dog, and that if we get in the car and help them find it that they will let us pet it. Red flag immediately, so I tell my friends what is going on. I didn't want to cause trouble though, so I just went "That's terrible, I hope you find your lost dog, but I can't help look, I have to go eat dinner. (it was like 4:00 pm) They said "Well, we will give each of you 100 dollars if you come in the car." Now I was certain of what they were doing, as nobody in their right mind would spend 300 dollars on kids just to help look for their dog. Me and my friends started to walk away, both of them were younger than me, one by 1 year and the other 2 years. The passenger got out of the car, and started to go for us, and I guess some kind of adrenaline release happened, because I got between him and my friends, and told him to back off. He started advancing faster, and so I drew the knife, (cold steel srk sk-5, 10 inches long) and presented it fully, in hopes it would scare him off. Sadly it didn't, or maybe he didn't see it, so I went in for the attack, and stabbed him in the forearm, and a good one in the chest, and I think he realized what happened, and turned away and ran. Police still haven't found the guy. I don't want to shame the police though, as I barely had any info on the guy, all I could say was that he was white, about 6 foot, and had a black hoodie and black sweatpants, and there are like millions of people that fit that description. I wish I got the kind of honor that this kid does, but I don't. At least there are some kids, like this one, that get the fame and support that they deserve.

Ronan Vankempen
Ronan Vankempen 2 months ago

I feel bad

AT VI•Mr• 2 months ago

Noice captain

AT VI•Mr• 2 months ago


LuAnn Lafontsee
LuAnn Lafontsee 2 months ago

It’s so wholesome

Izzy Hightower
Izzy Hightower 2 months ago

I heard about this ages ago but didn't know that Jimmy (MrBeast) surprised him too. Saw this and clicked instantly.