Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)


Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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Information Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)

Title : Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)

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Frames Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)

Description Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve (Full Album)

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Losaru 2 months ago

Finally! So happy I found you guys released this on your channel. It's my fav Christmas album

Sonny Edney
Sonny Edney 2 months ago

Is it just me or does the vocals on track two sound like Iron Maiden?

Ethan Theut
Ethan Theut 2 months ago

best orchestra ever nun compares

Charles Ryan
Charles Ryan 2 months ago

i won da quitar my first time :>

george george
george george 2 months ago


Stelios F
Stelios F 2 months ago

Chris, we never forget you! Your spirit lives on through Savatage and TSO.
R.I.P Brother!

Chris Kat
Chris Kat 2 months ago

Love this. Worth exploring further

aNyOnE 2 months ago

I bought this album years ago, it’s great!

Mihaela Mironescu
Mihaela Mironescu 2 months ago

thanks man!

LilyMar 2 months ago

I can't even begin to express how glad that I am to be able to listen to this on my phone wherever I am. Its such incredibly awesome music!! I love, love LOVE TSO!! 😍😍😍
MERRY CHRISTMASES ALL!!❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜

Yannick Duhaime
Yannick Duhaime 2 months ago

Perfect harmony...guitar is so energik👍

Jason-Marc Labban
Jason-Marc Labban 2 months ago

Love this~ Play it every Christmas time~

Marissa Trevino
Marissa Trevino 2 months ago

Christmas Morning 2020. Keeping our Christmas music the same as every other year is about the only tradition we kept alive. I hope everyone stays healthy, happy, and safe into the new year of unknowns!

Sunlandpark Frontdesk

It Christmas time! Merry Christmas to all.

sara george
sara george 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄❤!

M 2 months ago

Such perfect music. I am in awe. Merry Christmas everyone

Magus 101
Magus 101 2 months ago

Pfft, tell me you’re not here Christmas Eve 2020.

TheFinnmacool 2 months ago

"Remember", what a very beautiful song! Thx!

Lisa White
Lisa White 2 months ago

We went to our first TSO concert in 2004, and have been every year since then. I'm so glad they streamed last week--the tradition continues.

Terry Waddell
Terry Waddell 2 months ago

My first time hearing them they are fantastic.

Doug Erskine
Doug Erskine 2 months ago

If this doesn't put tears in your eyes, something's wrong with you

mmhillard81 2 months ago


Steve Bailey
Steve Bailey 2 months ago

We saw them twice and they were more than fantastic!!! Would recommend them to anyone.

Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller 2 months ago

The only Christmas music I ever listen to.

Korgon2013 2 months ago

I saw them a few years ago, what a show! Make the effort once the ‘Rona is over.

Tina Marie Chavez
Tina Marie Chavez 2 months ago

My youngest son brought me to this group/music..I love it sounds wonderful and so relaxing for me. Im enjoying the music of the TSO. Thanks Son.

Orioles Fan
Orioles Fan 2 months ago

TSO and Mannheim Steamroller, the BEST of Christmas music anywhere. Have all their music and seen both in concert.

Lois R
Lois R 2 months ago

Woobhoo live event tonight can't 🤘🤘🤘🎁 wait!!!!!

P.G.G. Music
P.G.G. Music 2 months ago

Back To A Reason (Part II) is my favorite song on this album.

Leslie O'Brien
Leslie O'Brien 2 months ago

Why haven’t I thought to listen to TSO on my iPad during my workday?! This is so much more satisfying than only hearing them occasionally on my TSO Pandora channel! Just had this epiphany this morning! Makes sense, I binge-listen to my other music favorites on You Tube! Happy! 🎄🎄🎄

chad darrow
chad darrow 2 months ago

fantastic... time proven

Harley Souza
Harley Souza 2 months ago

Criss Oliva REMEBERED with his rose wrapped Charvel guitar in the art!!Thumbs down should be deleted!

Carol Evans Lehman
Carol Evans Lehman 2 months ago

This year brings a stop to my 15 year Christmas tradition of seeing TSO in Concert. Hopefully, next year!!!

king Jui
king Jui 2 months ago

feel the christmas spirit

Baron Capron
Baron Capron 2 months ago

holy fucking adds every 5 fucking seconds

BJ Goodrich
BJ Goodrich 2 months ago

I feel like I am ice skating or doing ballet when I hear these songs! 😻🎄😻

Judy Ridley-Kennedy
Judy Ridley-Kennedy 2 months ago

Love your music. Sorry I can’t see you live this year. Hopefully next year. Bless you all.

Marco Ba
Marco Ba 2 months ago

2570 LIKE is mine! :)

Cat 2 months ago

O come all ye faithful. Very touching. The emotion, the voice, done Right!

Synthia Seidel
Synthia Seidel 2 months ago

The performance and range in, "What is Christmas" is absolutely exquisite. chef's kiss I've always loved it. It was a bit underwhelming when I saw it in concert but it was still really funny/good!

DaPoodieDoodie 2 months ago

Subscribe to my channel

james lujack
james lujack 2 months ago

Just seen them..we had front row seats and got them to Auto my albums . ... they do a lot for the LGBT community..their trans.....also the Siberianse...who do they look to for entertainment..they get tired of petting their huskies..

Craig Foye
Craig Foye 2 months ago

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🎄🎅🎁☃️🌨❄️😇❤️💯

Marilyn J Edson Gates

It is so nice to be able to sit and listen to these uplifting Christmas Albums, etc.

Jonathon Pettit
Jonathon Pettit 2 months ago

These Christmas albums ought to brighten up anyone’s livelihood during these desperate times.

Wallam Sohphoh
Wallam Sohphoh 2 months ago

I need... I need.... Backing trackkkk!!!!

Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas 2 months ago

PS: My favorite TSO song is Ornament from Christmas Eve And Other Stories. What a banger of a solo from Mr Al Pitrelli. It gives me goosebumps EVERYTIME I blast that song to a billion.

Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas 2 months ago

Trans Siberian Orchestra and Savatage's music compliment each other very well. These guy's have been doing TSO since '96. They DON'T GET ENOUGH CREDIT for their contributions to the music industry. HIGHLY UNDERRATED. I can listen to Al Pitrelli and Chris Caffery's guitars ALL DAY. MY TWO FAVORITE musicians in music. Jeff Plate IS A BETTER DRUMMER THAN LARS ULRICH. Johnny Lee Middleton IS A BETTER BASS PLAYER THAN Jason Newsted. You heard it here folks! I applaud them for reaching young people with heavy Christmas metal. These guy's love to play music. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Beethoven's Last Night IS AN UTTER MASTERPIECE. That tour featured the best pyrotechnics I HAVE EVER SEEN. May their music live forever.

Judy Meyer
Judy Meyer 2 months ago

I share every year all the albums. Awesome band..great shows. Saw them all live, one at a time.

Savitha Doddaiah
Savitha Doddaiah 2 months ago

I absolutely love the Siberian orchestra it is so energy filling

Roger Wright
Roger Wright 2 months ago

Tomorrow is a big day; a vote for a Democrat will end this music forever; let's not let that happen...

Roger Wright
Roger Wright 2 months ago

Magnificent, as always...

Uto P.I.A. D'Elica
Uto P.I.A. D'Elica 2 months ago


Τσαν 2 months ago


Ryan Bearse
Ryan Bearse 2 months ago


JM Cruz
JM Cruz 2 months ago

One of the best Christmas albums ever created.... Actually ALL TSO albums are damn epic.



Tim Yassa
Tim Yassa 2 months ago

Great album. Been seeing them live for years, but too many YouTube ads in this video

Ted Roberts
Ted Roberts 2 months ago

I just saw them in Birmingham, Alabama and it was soooo fun

pusheen buttercup
pusheen buttercup 2 months ago

I would love to see so many people in concert... but I have a problem with strobe lights. :< beautiful music though, this is my all time favorite Christmas music!!

Joe Hammond
Joe Hammond 2 months ago

I love that they honored Criss Oliva with his rose wrapped Charvel in the art. And the guitar work is always done in his memory🤘🏻❤️😊

Electric John
Electric John 2 months ago


Jayce Neal Productions


uberwayz 2 months ago

When your e joying the music and then the vocals come in 😩

Tara Plummer
Tara Plummer 2 months ago

Saw them on my birthday 11/22 Best birthday ever 🎂

Boba Foot
Boba Foot 2 months ago

Best Christmas album ever.

James Hrabchak
James Hrabchak 2 months ago

Just saw them in absolutely incredible show! Every TSO fan should experience them live, at least twice in their life!!

John Walter
John Walter 2 months ago

I got this as a Gift the year it came out. And it will always be the only Christmas music I LOVE the rest I could live without :)

Samuel Howe
Samuel Howe 2 months ago

Been my favorite album since I was three. And look at me now, ordering 29 tickets to a concert.

Carolina Cowgirl
Carolina Cowgirl 2 months ago

I'm going to marry joel

Carolina Cowgirl
Carolina Cowgirl 2 months ago

I'm in love with joel

Carolina Cowgirl
Carolina Cowgirl 2 months ago

I love Joel he's my boy friend

Deb InUSA 2 months ago

Who could give this thumbs down!?!?!??

Savox 2 months ago

Great now make it available to stream in the UK again. Dick move taking it off before Christmas.

Laura Winkle
Laura Winkle 2 months ago

just love this !!!

Kristan M
Kristan M 2 months ago

What Child IS This.....the best track on this album!

Tigerguy 101
Tigerguy 101 2 months ago

I hope this channel gets 3 billion dollars because I just got a 30 minute add

Fabien L'amour
Fabien L'amour 2 months ago

Excellent arrangements...

deathclock9 2 months ago

Canyou hear? It sounds just like testament! And i can play it for my mom during a fancy family dinner.

Jørn Øer
Jørn Øer 2 months ago

After a days listening to Christmas music in the radio, theres nothing better than put on the earmuffs and listen to Siberian.

jsco77 2 months ago


amangogna68 2 months ago

Really beautiful CD that I have with amazing Christmas favorites!

Audio Electronics
Audio Electronics 2 months ago

I love it!!!!

Tarron Hiatt
Tarron Hiatt 2 months ago

Love you're vids

london phillips
london phillips 2 months ago

Cool, thanks. I love all string instruments.

Andreia Luízas
Andreia Luízas 2 months ago