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Jaumolia Fumo
Jaumolia Fumo 2 months ago

Wowww it really helpful to me with my school assignment .........thanks and its really nice

Alifiyah abdul
Alifiyah abdul 2 months ago


ranjith baracks
ranjith baracks 2 months ago

How much led can connect in parallel connection

Glendale Villanueva
Glendale Villanueva 2 months ago

Rice Gum?

Red Bank
Red Bank 2 months ago

I don’t have a soddering gun or sodder wire. What shall I do? Is my “soldering iron and solder” ok?

TK Stuehm
TK Stuehm 2 months ago

I like Physics with my neighbor

SUCC69000 _
SUCC69000 _ 2 months ago

very helpful vid

shama jain
shama jain 2 months ago


Patricia Prieto
Patricia Prieto 2 months ago

instead of soldering can you use electrical tape?

Ciber 2 months ago

Yeah, Melissa Reyes, you can use wire nuts if you'd like.

Melissa Reyes
Melissa Reyes 2 months ago

Can wirenuts be used instead of having to use the soldering gun?

Ciber 2 months ago

Yeah, sometimes they do blow out. Try using a 9 volt battery.

NoelleNoodles 2 months ago

Sigh. How in the world are you able to make the parallel without blowing out the bulbs? I keep trying and trying to construct the parallel (even with a 6 volt to get less current!) and the bulbs always blow out! Very frustrating.

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