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Shopping in England: Everything you need to know

Shopping in England: Everything you need to know

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PHILLIP GREENE 2 months ago

Oh Miss
I believe
I've something--amiss.
It's in reference to
what exactly I'm doing
to dodge the snog of Fool.
Soooo then
what's it I do
If to make quid at pool
I'd admit impediment
that I'd nicked my Daddy's que?

Gary Craig
Gary Craig 2 months ago

Here in the US ALDI is good stuff cheap. Just not everything can be found there. And some items I refuse to get at ALDI. Customer service? More like “you buyUbag.” 🙄

Ioseb Dzamukashvili
Ioseb Dzamukashvili 2 months ago

I used to pack my stuff at the counter in Lidl and Aldi in Glasgow. I was always super fast 🤣 I agree with you on Sainsbury's. It's super expensive.

Lee Sister
Lee Sister 2 months ago


mehdi tila
mehdi tila 2 months ago


chcdic 2 months ago

I love you Jade, you are so real and lovely.

Milena Popovic
Milena Popovic 2 months ago

Debenhams, I liked that store, when I travelled to London! I still have some clothes I bought there (I'm Brazilian).

Ibraheem Mohammed
Ibraheem Mohammed 2 months ago

It’s 12.40 am and I’m watching this :-)

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 2 months ago

'Taste the difference' (sainsburys) , 'extra special' (tesco) and 'deluxe'(asda) are names given by these supermarkets to a supposedly more elite product range. However, Sainsburys catch phrase in it's ad campaign is 'try something new today', not 'taste the difference' which asu said, is a range of foods within sainsburys.

กิจปกรณ์ พูนศิริ Bartholomew

To my Asian taste buds, Marks and Spencer ready meals are best. Other brands are simply tasteless.

Kent Skywalk
Kent Skywalk 2 months ago

Helpful, Thanks.

Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry 2 months ago

Learned a lot of useful information even if I never go to UK,gratitude to you Jade ❤

Stanley Hongkongers
Stanley Hongkongers 2 months ago

Great to learn all these
Great thanksssssss !
Clear and precise comments

Tracy But
Tracy But 2 months ago

Iceland as well

Trek King Channel
Trek King Channel 2 months ago

Well done Jade !

Boo 2
Boo 2 2 months ago

Funny. The most important shop I would go to is a drugstore. To buy some makeup. You dont have that ?

Willian Chan Rock'In
Willian Chan Rock'In 2 months ago

explain so clearly and nicely. like that accent ! when I was there, I mostly get Tesco as it's close to the University, or Sainbury's, corner shops when I get to town...or the market....nice experiences and miss all that

Andrea Di Marzo
Andrea Di Marzo 2 months ago

England has the best milk in the world, the taste is simply different from the milk in the rest of the Western world, i guess English cows are special

Andrew Pantlin
Andrew Pantlin 2 months ago

Saying England but meaning London all local small shops near me all have car parks. All the supermarkets have a seasonal aisle. Ready meals are always unhealthy and have sugar in it. Ok I can't watch anymore good luck in England with this advice. Best just go to the local market

Carlson 2 months ago

Thanks a lot.

Marie-Christine B.
Marie-Christine B. 2 months ago

What's ATM?

Larry Wong
Larry Wong 2 months ago

Somehow Jade can say things that can really offend people in a charming way. If I said the same thing I'd have got so many arrows shooting at me.

Ronald Hn
Ronald Hn 2 months ago

The “shopping”experience I could remember after 2 decades left England. Back then, I drove to open field where many people drove there too with lots of stuff not needed anymore, and people could exchange the stuff in the age of abundance (result of overly successful capitalism). Wonderful to experience it. Love England.

Ronald Hn
Ronald Hn 2 months ago

Thanks for interesting insight about the “Self Check Out”, and the machine’s saying “unexpected thing in bagging area”. Probably modern AI and camera eg Amazon shop could auto-detect if any item missed the check out scanning step XD. People are trusted and the AI cam. is trusted too :D

Davy Lee
Davy Lee 2 months ago

Great to learn this. Thank you so much!

Yeung Hoi Ting Student

Thanks for your effort. The video is very informative and interesting.

TH Wong
TH Wong 2 months ago

Thanks Jade, i really enjoy this kind of video that introduce English living information, because i just came stay here and don't everything, that really helpful for me.

red serpent
red serpent 2 months ago

Jade is adorable. Love how she gets to the heart of the subject in such a charming and humble way. A joy to the eyes also.

Johann Bach
Johann Bach 2 months ago

I've watched this video, and a couple of others she's presented, my observation is that Great Britain and the USA pretty much mirror each other and the only real differences are the brand names on the front of the buildings. I should imagine a person's adjustment to the other country should be very easy. HOWEVER! There is that thing about the Brits driving on the wrong side of the road! (I just know that is going to cause some disagreement , so please forgive me!)

christine Helwig Wirtz.

I’m sorry but you have to perk up your voice Lady and show a bit of enthusiasm! I am British now living in The US and I can not imagine anyone bothering to listening for more than 2minutes!’

Henry Tsui
Henry Tsui 2 months ago

Thank you Jade for such details sharing about England. All the best from Hong Kong. ^_^

Mário Sérgio Sant'Anna Gonçalves

I take my hat off to you

Pilar Martinez
Pilar Martinez 2 months ago

Hi Jade! Very interesting and funny. In the US we have bogo

Adam Meek
Adam Meek 2 months ago

wrong pronunciation of indefinit articl 'a' straighaway.
Jade lacks orthoepy.

Chris Rees
Chris Rees 2 months ago

It works pretty much the same way in the United States

Chris Rees
Chris Rees 2 months ago

You sound like my mother.

Dave A
Dave A 2 months ago

Although in the England "fag" is slang for a cigarette', in the USA "fag" is derogatory slang for a homosexual. I'm from the USA but I lived in England years ago.

rossana castagna
rossana castagna 2 months ago

Oh Jade, what an interesting lesson, so many useful information and advices!

Pawan Meena Rajasthan

Thank you

Fredrik Thylin
Fredrik Thylin 2 months ago

There are self checkouts in Sweden also. But extra checks are random. So once in a while you get a message that the staff will check your items.

Frank McHugh
Frank McHugh 2 months ago

you are great Jade... Sainsbury is good.

Andrew 2 months ago

Can the Brits read? I've noticed they almost noone read the list of ingredients of their products. Happy cancer day!

Andrew 2 months ago

There is almost no decent food in the UK. Majority of food are highly processed, full of poisonous chemicals.

Carlos Bardales
Carlos Bardales 2 months ago

This is very common stuff here .... who is not aware of most of these items? Most of what you said is normal stuff here in The USA. Is your audience from mostly underdeveloped nations.

Fina Sullivan
Fina Sullivan 2 months ago

Oh my goodness..... it takes you forever to say anything !!!!!!

George Vetgon
George Vetgon 2 months ago


Ian Halsall-Fox
Ian Halsall-Fox 2 months ago

You missed out the Co-op!

Fiona GREGORY 2 months ago

Ocado is the snob shop.

Fiona GREGORY 2 months ago

You must buy Co Op beans with 8 sausages. Great and only 99p a tin.

It's OK music corner
It's OK music corner 2 months ago

I was in Birmingham before. I missed the hot food from cafes in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons😋

Fiona GREGORY 2 months ago

You can shop online now. Iceland or even Ocado.

Fiona GREGORY 2 months ago

Co op do great food!

George Vetgon
George Vetgon 2 months ago

Hi Jade! Thanks a bunch for explaining where and how to do shopping in England! Great guidance! Also, thanks a lot for your manner of really natural British English and for speaking, sort of, just straight out of your mind! Not from a script. So, that was coolest experience of English for me ever! You look stunning too! Have a nice day and take care!

Ben 8282
Ben 8282 2 months ago

A nice video.
A few things worth mentioning.
Marks and Spencer (and to a lesser extent Waitrose) own brand ready meals are in a different class to those sold by the major supermarkets although not of the quality that you would have found 30 years ago. Also unfortunately they tend to cater for more modern tastes and many of the old favourite dishes are gone (I am 60 years old). They also sell more expensive fresh prepared food products, such as fresh prepared lobster, which will not be found in other supermarkets although the top of the range products can be very expensive. I buy food from Marks and Spencer but do not normally buy other household products as a) the range is quite limited b) they sell only their own brand, for example they sell only their own brand of coffee and not my favourite brand and c) they tend to be more expensive.
It is also worth mentioning that in the UK supermarkets sell cigarettes (they don't in some countries) and can be the cheapest place to buy them especially Sainsburys. There is usually a kiosk selling cigarettes, lottery tickets, scratch cards etc.
Personally I like Sainsbury's for general shopping. When mentioning loyalty cards you forgot to mention supermarket credit cards. Sainsburys Mastercard used in Sainsburys in conjunction with a Nectar loyalty card will get you 1.5% value of your purchase in nectar points and will also get you nectar points on tobacco spend at 1% as the credit card doesn't distinguish between different purchases unlike loyalty cards which are not valid for tobacco. Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose all have a credit card to get a loyalty reward on your purchases.
Morrisons are ok. It's true that they were originally a Northern brand but don't forget that they took over Waitrose several years ago and therefore expanded into the south more than before.
Don't like ASDA. Find then cheap and not very nice and would never buy their ready meals. However, they are good for cheaper branded non-food products, such as toilet rolls, which are the same wherever purchased.
Lidl and Aldi don't use. Very downmarket environment.
Not a fan of Tesco but that is more personal preference than any real criticism.
You also did not mention petrol stations which almost always have a corner shop type shop these days but always more expensive. These shops also sell cigarettes and over the counter medical products such as paracetamol which in some other countries they don't.
Beware of T K Maxx. I have bought branded clothing items which were not the same or the same quality as the same branded item bought more expensively in House of Frazer. I am not sure if these products were manufactured for a foreign market or were simply imitation.
I regret the decline of the traditional department store. House of Frazer are very good but can be very expensive and the customer service is not what it once was.
I have a confession to make. I have never ever stolen from a shop but no longer pay for the carrier bags when I use a self service till. I just press no bag. My reason is quite simple. The Government imposed a 5p charge for a branded plastic bag with the logo of the supermarket on, which advertises the supermarket. I reluctantly accepted this. But now some supermarkets are charging as much as 20p for such a bag which I regard as pure profiteering and refuse to pay it. 5p OK, 20p No.

J Chow
J Chow 2 months ago

Thank you.

ama liyadipita
ama liyadipita 2 months ago


Angela Fernandez
Angela Fernandez 2 months ago

There's a big Morrison in Camden.
There are also relatively big MnS in Chalk Farm road and Hampstead!

TheEmpirestrikesback 2 months ago

Being efficient. Being German.

Lovely description of us Deutsche. Bit of cliche, isn't it ?

And Aldi and Lidl are both German retailers. They always were discounters to save money buying necessary grocery and not emotions.

Briana Deacon
Briana Deacon 2 months ago

Lidl is from Germany, yes. We have it in Croatia too

Rajorshi Das
Rajorshi Das 2 months ago

Lass, easy on the bossman😂

SAMurai2K 2 months ago

I go to morrisons quite often and at the self-service checkout it always says "if you have a morrisons more card, please scan it now" but it says it about 50 times its so annoying

Antonio Bruno
Antonio Bruno 2 months ago


Antonio Bruno
Antonio Bruno 2 months ago

Amazing lesson! Thanks a lot!

M Mousfi
M Mousfi 2 months ago

Well done. Very informative.

John Cee
John Cee 2 months ago

Wasn´t Tesco bought by WalMart ? kind of explains their decline. Nice presentation. You forgot the COOP !

Barry Hayes
Barry Hayes 2 months ago

This is no doubt one of the most painful experiences I have had watching a video! Her delivery is so slow and continously broken up while she gathers her thoughts to figure out what the Hell she is going to say's maddening!! She needs to make herself a demo tape to view so she can improve the flow of her delivery and avoid the hesitancy in her remarks, seemingly to decide what she is going to say next and if it's important enough to mention! I also wish she had made a blanket statement that the opinions expressed were hers and hers alone instead of continually reminding us of the same! I also found myself confused (we Americans tend to be easily confused! LOL!) with some of the terminology used. I would imagine there are a lot of people outside the U.K. watching this and need a further explanation of some of these terms. I know this sounds harsh, but I found the video unwatchable despite my desire to be educated on the subject. I see from the previous comments that literally no one agrees with my assessment of this video. I find that strange but could it mean I'm wrong? No, that's impossible! LOL!! Everybody have a good day!

Dick Powell
Dick Powell 2 months ago

Consumed more time than was needed

dutchjohn1952 2 months ago

"Lidl and Aldi are European, not British" ??? So, UK's geographic location is not in Europe? Aren't you confusing Europe with European Union? Or do you feel, as islanders, that UK is a tiny continent?

Clara Hernández
Clara Hernández 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for such interesting information!!
I've learnt quite a lot of things. 💜🌷

Abubaker Ahmed
Abubaker Ahmed 2 months ago

I’m from London I really really love you how u talking sweetheart

whoiskevinjones 2 months ago

If aliens ever invade earth, I vote for Jade to explain how we live!!

Warden Black
Warden Black 2 months ago

This is also the case outside England, in the wider United Kingdom, on a British scale, where the same stores and shopping routines exist, just as described for England. This video has use on a wider basis throughout the British Isles.

Jalal Busri
Jalal Busri 2 months ago

I should watch this posting before going to England last time....explain everything..

Sven Haile
Sven Haile 2 months ago

I know many Europeans and Germans who do not frequent Aldi, Lidl and Tesco, not even in the UK. These are affluent people. In the UK, they prefer Waitrose and small speciality shops, delis and farmers markets. In their view, the middle ground would be Sainsbury's and M&S.

Earl Dela Rosa Flores

Thank you so much Jade. The fact that you made this lesson for us, international students of English, is proof that you want us to learn English culture. And for that, you have become my favorite ESL teacher. Keep doing what you're doing. You deserve more students and a lot more subscribers!

Anonymous 2 months ago

❤️ my fav

veceroy mfx
veceroy mfx 2 months ago

Very informative video! Thank you!

Robert Maceanruig
Robert Maceanruig 2 months ago

Add on, when was State Side, has a Brit I got on very well Yes very well good. Tha People and did some states, the USA is so big it’s world in is self.😇🇬🇧Take care

Robert Maceanruig
Robert Maceanruig 2 months ago

I was in US Over 40 years ago, supermarkets US was big but only a starter in the uk. Today I find then well to big walking around, sometimes to many people in there, at today Tuesday 6th July 2021, mind you me younger Brother has a car,

AGMtagious 2 months ago

Hello jade, im born and raised in London
This video was quiet informative and well summarised for the learning viewers

Mr Sh1t Fingers
Mr Sh1t Fingers 2 months ago


Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor 2 months ago

I love the way Jade always starts her videos by jumping from screen left with a wave xxx

KPEC3arrival 2 months ago

Publix is hot in America lately. They charge a bit more but the stores are new, clean and organized. I guess these things are worth paying more money. I know where everything is in Kroger stores, so I don't mind Kroger.

Serik Kozhabekov
Serik Kozhabekov 2 months ago

A very pretty woman! I only look at Jade because I like her appearance and the way she moves. Of course, I also study English at the same time! I also like old lady Jill from Engwid

fidandan 2 months ago

Cash back could be added to the list. I was confused when I was asked, "would you like any cash back?"

Ahmed El Araby
Ahmed El Araby 2 months ago


Homeschool Readers
Homeschool Readers 2 months ago

How on Earth I dint find you or see you on YouTube 😭

Homeschool Readers
Homeschool Readers 2 months ago


Hassane Chetouane
Hassane Chetouane 2 months ago

Finally, a family member cited; your mum. Oh, Jade, I hope you a good girl taking care of her. It is said paradise is under the foot of our mothers.

Hans Richter
Hans Richter 2 months ago

Pretty anti-German. Please update your stereotypes.

Augusto Indi
Augusto Indi 2 months ago

Thanks for the lesson.

Govind Singh
Govind Singh 2 months ago

1 3 2

Govind Singh
Govind Singh 2 months ago

Mm I miss you

Mithun Chakraborty
Mithun Chakraborty 2 months ago

Hi jade can make a tutorial on british pronunciation in detail

Saad Kamel
Saad Kamel 2 months ago

I like your body language. Go on

richard 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for your explanations Jade,they are very helpful to have a clear idea where to buy when people travel to England,I remember when I was to London some years ago in Christmas festivities that I used to buy in Sainsbury's because some of them were located in the north of
London where I was staying spending my vacations.I remember that I found there a great variety of beverages...Lidl is in spain as well in almost everywhere......Thanks again and have a great day.

Golden Student
Golden Student 2 months ago

Thank you so much Jade. You explain all of shopping with so many details and history.

Ruman Mulla
Ruman Mulla 2 months ago

Watch at 1.5x

Govind Singh
Govind Singh 2 months ago

Je made me
I love you

Mhmd Amin
Mhmd Amin 2 months ago

Thank you so much