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Piano With Jonny
Piano With Jonny 2 months ago

00:00 Intro
00:55 Phrase 1 demonstration
01:22 Mm. 1-2
02:54 Mm. 3-4
04:06 Phrase 2 demonstration
04:17 Mm. 5-6
05:03 Mm. 7-8
06:08 Review
07:37 2nd ending
08:02 Phrase 3 demonstration
08:15 Mm. 10-11
09:20 Mm. 12-13
09:53 Phrase 4 demonstration
10:02 Mm. 14-15
10:34 Mm. 16-17
12:16 Play with backing track
14:26 Conclusion

Mary S
Mary S 2 months ago

Love your videos. I think I will be treating myself to your lessons! 😃

Robert Michalscheck
Robert Michalscheck 2 months ago

Good lesson Jonny.

Robert Michalscheck
Robert Michalscheck 2 months ago

Like this little more advanced chords,thank you.

SugarHill Honey
SugarHill Honey 2 months ago

I just missed your sale! When will you be having another sale?

CB.3 2 months ago

Johnny you are such an amazing person.

Christian van de Pol
Christian van de Pol 2 months ago

Thanks Jonny... since I joined PWJ, I have been able to learn to play as never before. Still on intermediate level, but really progressed since April.

This nice tune in this not too difficult jazzy arrangement is sweet to add to the other holiday songs ... many thanks !!!

Charles McLaughlin
Charles McLaughlin 2 months ago

Cool version and you make is very easy to follow.

johann smith
johann smith 2 months ago

Thanks Jon. I love your videos ❤️❤️

Kenneth Knott
Kenneth Knott 2 months ago

Newbie question: Why are many of the notes listed as sharps in the music, but often referred to as flats when discussed or noted above the keys? I realize they are the same note, but it's a bit confusing to me. I'm curious if there's a reason for it.

Paul Soderquist
Paul Soderquist 2 months ago

Perfect time to learn this! Thanksgiving just ended

Shamanbear Two
Shamanbear Two 2 months ago

You are definitely having an effect on me Johnny. I looked at that sheet music and first thing I thought was, "SHELL CHORDS!!! I recognize those!!" And I only need 2 scales:)) (different video)

kevin m
kevin m 2 months ago

Hi Johnny, where can I download the sheet music for this lovely arrangement?

Dan H
Dan H 2 months ago

When will it be possible again to buy single course instead of a membership subsription?

SONNY ANTHONY Zabala 2 months ago

Really so easy to understand! Looks like I'll be spending money a little early than Christmas this week... 🙂

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 2 months ago

Nice i love jazz

roadchewer PE
roadchewer PE 2 months ago

Thank you for this holiday gift Jonny! Hope yours go well.