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Title : The Chop House Review Sevierville Tennessee Tanger Outlets steakhouse

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Description The Chop House Review Sevierville Tennessee Tanger Outlets steakhouse

The Chop House Review Sevierville Tennessee Tanger Outlets steakhouse

The Chop House Review Sevierville Tennessee Tanger Outlets steakhouse

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Toraisa J
Toraisa J 2 months ago

Thank you for this video. My family and I are headed to TN for a family vacation in June.

Diane Nolte
Diane Nolte 2 months ago

Hi Dawn and sorry about your dad

Brooke Schumaker
Brooke Schumaker 2 months ago

How much is the food at Chop House

Michael Walker
Michael Walker 2 months ago

Peddler is the best! If you guys are ever in Knoxville try Ye Ole Steakhouse on Chapman Hwy..

Joey Konyha
Joey Konyha 2 months ago

17 years ago my wife and I were getting married in Gatlinburg. My parents approached The Chop House with a last minute party of 21 (!) and they accommodated us no problem whatsoever and the service was impeccable. Good review or bad, The Chop House will always be a fond memory for us.

Leslie James
Leslie James 2 months ago

Do you think the waitress recognized two are and stepped up the service?

Greg C
Greg C 2 months ago

Yeah I just went to get me one in Lexington Kentucky and they're closed permanently first you to take away my freedom now you take away my pork chop.

Spaceman Dudley
Spaceman Dudley 2 months ago

Why didn't you call out the host on their attitude? I love the Chop House. There is one in my area. The prices seem little higher on somethings, but lunch time has great deals. Much better than the Alamo if in Pigeon Forge.

Dulcelia Belsky
Dulcelia Belsky 2 months ago

Love your channel and you two are such nice and humble people why would the hostess treat you like that! So sorry to hear that but I’m glad you ended having a better experience towards the end.

Mr. Mountain Man
Mr. Mountain Man 2 months ago

Yummy. I always love a good steak. 👌

Melissa Kalber
Melissa Kalber 2 months ago

Best ribeye steak I've ever eaten. Cut like butter. Had the blue butter on top amazing. The chopped salad was amazing an very generous portion

Deb Recalculating
Deb Recalculating 2 months ago

I really like your food reviews, you guys are honest and fair! Thank you

ping chen
ping chen 2 months ago

2 persons for 67 USD , a little bit pricy

Jenny miller
Jenny miller 2 months ago

Hey will and dawn!!!! We love the chop house we eat at the one you did when we go for work. Sorry about that 1st encounter glad it got better tho. I always eat the lamb chops. Very good. My husband of coarse is a steak man lol. Hope you both have a great day.....keep smiling dawn

Joanna Lundberg
Joanna Lundberg 2 months ago

The Chop House is a national chain.

Charming Charlie
Charming Charlie 2 months ago

We have a "Chop House" same brand here in Lexington, Kentucky. I ate there last week and it was awesome! Again, thank you for the review!

Dianne C
Dianne C 2 months ago

I could tell Dawn was upset about something. I thought maybe Will was in trouble with her! Ha Ha


Sorry to hear about your experience of this place started off bad but glad it ended up being better for you guys. My family and I always enjoy y’all’s food reviews. Thanks for sharing💜

Joy Blessed Life
Joy Blessed Life 2 months ago

Great honest review I’m happy the waitress was very good to you, maybe this restaurant needs to have the hostess get more customer service training, we’ve noticed that not everyone who is in public service is right for the job because they lack the love to serve and maybe aren’t anointed for acts of service jobs

Adventures of Scott and Michelle

Great video! Steaks look wonderful! Sad to hear the hostess wasn't friendly.

Iwant2chgmyworld I
Iwant2chgmyworld I 2 months ago

Well Will & Dawn there are many places to eat in the area that are amazing. So if I had to deal with rude at the door I will go to the Ole Mill. Thanks for the review.

Linda Stapleton
Linda Stapleton 2 months ago

Thanks for the review, would like to try it someday, you always give an honest review!

Stacy Richardson
Stacy Richardson 2 months ago

Have you tried the Alamo steak house in Gatlinburg?

Donna Allen
Donna Allen 2 months ago

Maybe another employee recognized you guys and told her so she changed her attitude.🤔

Donn McKinnon
Donn McKinnon 2 months ago

Good review you guys. We enjoy the Chop House for lunch with a more limited menu but cheaper prices. I don’t know why but the one in Kodak next to Bass Pro has better tasting food. Thanks for all you do

Janette Armstrong
Janette Armstrong 2 months ago

The food looked delicious!!

Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez 2 months ago

We’ve been more than three times....always enjoyed the meal there....plan on going back this November....

Peter Griffey
Peter Griffey 2 months ago

Rude host is a deal breaker for me and my wife.

M LKER 2 months ago

Hello Guys! Just a thought I think the staff change of heart/attitude was because they realizaled who you guys were! Food looked fresh.. we can never tell if Dawn really likes the food when she's eating! Love the faces she gives! My wife says she's savoring the food! Anyways have a great week and thanks for giving us regular visitors options since we been coming down for several years!

grace wise
grace wise 2 months ago

The rudeness is absurd.  Really, I think it's pretty hard to beat Texas Roadhouse, we eat there for two of us it's around 40.00.  I think the high end steakhouse that is really good is The Peddler.  The Outback in PF is great as well.....

Pattio 2 months ago

I’m surprised Dawn that at the end of the video you said the food was good. Watching you eat at the beginning, based on your facial expressions, you looked like you didn’t like the food. That it might have tasted weird. I do enjoy all your comments and appreciate your input. Will your always cause me to chuckle! 😂 keep up the great blogs!

Susan Feltner-Jent
Susan Feltner-Jent 2 months ago

This is a great review from start to finish. I’m also glad you shared all of your experience from beginning to end. I love all of your reviews. You all are alway so thorough from beginning to end!

Taurus Traveler
Taurus Traveler 2 months ago

Oh I miss the Chop House ours closed down.. The best house salad anywhere!!

Tommy White
Tommy White 2 months ago

I think it should have been a little better for that price but always love the reviews. Keep them coming.

Jeri Lett
Jeri Lett 2 months ago

Love the Chop Houses in Knoxville.

Sue Sally
Sue Sally 2 months ago

You guys are making me Hungry 😋

Charming Charlie
Charming Charlie 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the review guys! Be safe!

Brad Wedge
Brad Wedge 2 months ago

Excellent and honest review guys. Will they probaly did the old butter and garlic finish on your steak. Fod bless your patience because at that price point, i would've walked out too. Stay healthy!

Deb1963 2 months ago

Thanks for the restaurant review!!! I will say Peddler is my all time fav. Thanks for sharing!!🙂💜👍

Misty Sissell
Misty Sissell 2 months ago

I would have told the manager about the hostes about how the hostes done.🤠👍

savedonlybygrace32 smo

So glad you did this review. We love Chop House. Love love love the bleu cheese and the salad is great, I love the rib eye, too. Their loaded potatoes are really good, and the creamed spinach is one my favorites. I’m kinda beside myself about that waitress and her nasty little attitude. Not Nice!! Waitress needs to G O !

Minnie Duncan
Minnie Duncan 2 months ago

We love eating at the Chop House after a day of shopping!!! My favorite is the steak medallions, deliciousness!!!! We are headed there in about a month and I am looking forward to it.

Wall Banger
Wall Banger 2 months ago

Chop house salmon is the best around

Patrick Keohane
Patrick Keohane 2 months ago

Pretty pricey, but about what the major steak places in the area run. Looked good though. Will, medium well is not a great way to enjoy a $30 steak. I have a suggestion if you're adverse to eating a steak with pink in it. Go to place that is dark and order your steak medium. You'll noticed a better flavor, but being in a dark place, you won't notice the "pinkness". This is how I found out that I prefer my steak less done - I've since graduated to medium-rare as my preference.

James Catanese
James Catanese 2 months ago

when going watch my video i watch your every time nice video

Carla Dickerson
Carla Dickerson 2 months ago

Will & Dawn, your food looked good and delicious! I like mine well done. The salads really looked delicious! Really enjoyed your video

Chris Fabozzi
Chris Fabozzi 2 months ago

Your videos are very relaxing, but medium well on that poor steak?

WheresTimmy 2 months ago

Always have wanted to try The Chop House but so many great places to eat! May have to do a video on it soon!

Steven Katz
Steven Katz 2 months ago

Hey Will and Dawn. Food looks fantastic. Thank you for the review. Steve and Lisa

Randall Bearden
Randall Bearden 2 months ago

Too expensive and food didnt look any better than any other steakhouses.

Debbie Sandling
Debbie Sandling 2 months ago

One of my favorite places to eat when we visit the Smokies.

Dinah Cordell
Dinah Cordell 2 months ago

Try Trailhead steakhouse in Townsend Tennessee. Make a reservation 1st. Enjoyed the review of Chop House.

Adriana Williams
Adriana Williams 2 months ago

I just hate when the greetings are rude😠 but I'm happy all changed after that for you. Food looks good, but for us it's pricey specially if you didn't have alcoholic drinks. Review good as always👌🏻

Inok Monk
Inok Monk 2 months ago

Спасибо за ваши видео. Я не знал, что можно вот так публично показывать поглощение еды. Я думал, что наше поглощение еды дело интимное. А сейчас после вашего видео я уже не стесняюсь жевать на улице булку с котлетой. Вы, ребята простые и мне это нравится. I love Gatlingburg. Greeting from Florida!

Ryan Avery
Ryan Avery 2 months ago

Great food

gunlover067 2 months ago

I really enjoyed the porterhouse steak at the Alamo steakhouse in Pigeon Forge the best steak I've had in years . when i come back up from Florida i will Dine there again. Thanks guys for your honest opinion on the food and the hospitality at those restaurants. 👍👍

Quincy Marie
Quincy Marie 2 months ago

First off I would have walked out the door with that hostess. Second I feel like the unpopular opinion here that I thought it was a great price for the food😄, the salads looked delicious!

J Smith
J Smith 2 months ago

Thanks friends . but the cost is just way to high for my family. me wife and grandson. if you could make a video of loe cost
places to eat over 4 days in the smokies, that would be nice also make it family friendly .aplace with out the booze. thanks again.
as im being called to fix everything from people that just can t repair them for now god bless.

BodymanFlan 2 months ago

Good one guys. We are getting close to being there ourselves with my wifes parents at the end of October. This will be a monumental trip for us.

alia Perez
alia Perez 2 months ago

I got almost the exact same dinner at cracker barrel except instead of steak I ordered the roast beef.

Linda Kurman
Linda Kurman 2 months ago

Always wanted to try it. Now we will thanks will n dawn

Rhonda Skipper
Rhonda Skipper 2 months ago

That's not good at first for you all but at least it got resolved

Rhonda Skipper
Rhonda Skipper 2 months ago

The 🍞 looks good

Danny the camper
Danny the camper 2 months ago

Nice video, so let's go hiking 😀 😄

studebaker Larry
studebaker Larry 2 months ago

The food looked good .

Myra Mccraw
Myra Mccraw 2 months ago

Y'all are my go-to to relax at night. Y'all make me feel like I'm there

Momof2 Harris
Momof2 Harris 2 months ago

That meat looks good, both of them. Hope y'all enjoyed it. I'm sorry about the hostess, you never know what someone has had going on, maybe next time she will be nicer at least the rest of the experience was good. How was the dressings since they are made in house? And where y'all eating lunch or dinner (because of pricing)?

Kimberly Shalaby
Kimberly Shalaby 2 months ago

Will, Dawn, I love these reviews. I want to point out, this restaurant wasn't paying you to give a review. That is sad, you have such good things to say, but your review left me with the freedom to choose any place to eat, since they are compared to others at the same level. They claim to be the best, that title belongs to you, Will & Dawn. I think in your own little way without realizing it, you just insulted them via you tube. Kudos to you! I'll never patronize them.

todd fry
todd fry 2 months ago

It would be hard to beat the steak at the Peddler.

Ann Coley
Ann Coley 2 months ago

My husband and I really enjoyed the Chop House a few years back. I plan to go our next trip while visiting one of my favorite shops, Bass Pro. I know, a older woman loving Bass Pro is a bit odd but it does score brownie points with my Sweetheart of 38 years. And I love hiking and guns. lol Great review and it shows your and Dawn's level of maturity. Great job!

Jackie Brooks
Jackie Brooks 2 months ago

Food looked really good! Will have to try it next time we come.

Day Dreamer Mable
Day Dreamer Mable 2 months ago

I love a good steak. 🥩

Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 2 months ago

Can you please do one for Monster Mash Burgers?

Brian Kirby
Brian Kirby 2 months ago

Cherokee grill. Gatlinburg best steaks.

wwejason 2 months ago

Save a few dollars and get your steak at Feasters.

Trevor Cothran
Trevor Cothran 2 months ago

Good to see yall

Trevor Cothran
Trevor Cothran 2 months ago

Really good place to eat

Tom Longbeard
Tom Longbeard 2 months ago

Excellent review! We agree with your conclusion. This is a good example of how dependent a restaurant is on their front staff. One bad employee can ruin a restaurant’s reputation. We thought the Chop House in Kodak had a little friendlier staff than Tanger. So, you didn’t tell us who you think is number 1 in the area.

Roxanne Uphold
Roxanne Uphold 2 months ago

Which is your top 3 steakhouses ? ....

Sherry Dunn
Sherry Dunn 2 months ago

Hi y'all I watch and enjoy your videos I also wanted to say I know what its like to lose a pet a member of your family its hurtful and hard but I also believe all animals go to Heaven So we rejoice in that. I do think maybe if you have room in your heart for another you could go to pound and adopt and make a new pet's day. I'm also writing to you about Crazy Bob and pet goose George I don't know if you know but he's going thru a tough patch right now if you go to his channel he explains everything. He has a go fund me page on Facebook I thought maybe you could give a shout out to your listener's and maybe they may want to help as well. I've heard him mention y'all on his channel and I've heard you mention him God Bless

Dan the Mountain Man
Dan the Mountain Man 2 months ago

I thought about eating at the Chop House but I have heard others say they gotten bad service there. Rude Hostess is never a good start to eating at a restaurant.

Coffey Outdoors
Coffey Outdoors 2 months ago

looked like some great food we will be there 2 weeks from today

MT 2 months ago

Was the steak better than that place in Gatlinburg by the river ? Forget the name. You ate there with your friends...

Tam Mull
Tam Mull 2 months ago

Looks delicious

MBohnerASBTWH 2 months ago

Well that means the cooks are great

MBohnerASBTWH 2 months ago

Rude waitress

James Curle
James Curle 2 months ago

Me and my wife went there 8 years ago and had a bad experience there and we walked out and we will never go back there

Jerry Dreiman
Jerry Dreiman 2 months ago

Eat at the Alamo

kitterkat007 2 months ago

Hard to believe the hostess was rude. You should have mentioned her by name. Her boss should know. Who wants to drop $70 to be treated like that by some unskilled worker.

Angel Star
Angel Star 2 months ago

Hi Will and Dawn. Looks so yummy! Loaf of bread looks delicious along with that salad. Ribeye and prime rib look so good. Wish that restaurant was here. Great review and thanks for sharing 👍❤️

Janet Chaffin
Janet Chaffin 2 months ago

Will and Dawn, thanks for another review. This question isn't related to the review. Was it busy at Tanger? Are folks wearing masks there? I noticed the cooks in the restaurant weren't wearing masks and there didn't seem to be any social distancing. As to the Tanger shops, are customers allowed to try on clothes prior to purchasing? We went to our local mall today for the first time and none of the stores' fitting rooms were open.

The N.D.T. Show
The N.D.T. Show 2 months ago

Nice review i never been to chop house great looking place cool tour showing us around will and dawn take care

Cathi Fowler
Cathi Fowler 2 months ago

That steak look delicious. I don’t eat mine that done but that one looked juicy. Now I have to check them out. Thanks y’all!

JeffJones757 2 months ago

Medium well steak? 😑🤦🏻‍♂️

Bellamore 2 months ago

Great review Will and Dawn! Wish we would have tried this restaurant while there. We do have one in Ohio though. Thanks for sharing!

Aliza Bol
Aliza Bol 2 months ago

Always enjoy your restaurant reviews. Appreciate viewing the menu and honest opinion during taste testing and thorough review back in the jeep. Keep up the great work.

NOLA Gent 2 months ago

Those prices would let you eat at the best and most upscale restaurants in New Orleans! I would take an educated guess and also say the New Orleans food would also be much better as I have usually had less than good food at most chains at this price point but I might be a bit opinionated in that matter :)

Ruth's Chris and Houston's are two chains that really do consistently great food although I have had one bad experience at a Ruth's Chris. Never eaten at a Chop House though so I will try to keep an open mind about it...

Looks like it might be a rainy weekend for my Gatlinburg Oktoberfest visit this weekend too :(

Jo Anne Collier
Jo Anne Collier 2 months ago

Glad to see a review of this place, always wondered about it but have never been. I probably would’ve left at the initial rudeness of the hostess.
Food looked good, but I can just never justify spending that much money for dinner, when I can go right up the road and eat at my favorite Cracker Barrel for about $35.00 less, and I’m always satisfied.

Patricia Bussard
Patricia Bussard 2 months ago

Will & Dawn I really appreciate you guys doing a review at The Chop House. We visit the Smokies a couple of times a year & that’s one restaurant we’ve never tried even thou we shop at the Tanger Outlets all the time. Thanks for the Great Review! Sorry for the rudeness you experienced. May God Bless!!🙏😀👍

Beulah Oline
Beulah Oline 2 months ago

I saw your food was steaming when you held it up. I have a hard time getting hot food when we went out to eat. I always had to send my food back to the kitchen to be heated. There were a couple of restaurants that I was satisfied with the warmth of my food. It was ashamed that your hostess was rude to you. That impression can kill a good time. When you go out to eat, you are looking to have a good time. We had a few waitresses who should have stayed home that day because of their rudeness, but you get all kinds of service and that is the reason there is a manager. Thanks for sharing your experience!!