15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go



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Information 15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go

Title : 15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go

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Description 15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go

15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go

15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go

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Jenny Cartwright
Jenny Cartwright 2 months ago

what an annoying voice

Jenny Callaghan
Jenny Callaghan 2 months ago

I can't believe I actually watched this! Who gives a crap? Live your own life!

Jenny Callaghan
Jenny Callaghan 2 months ago

Why should anyone give a flying F about Johnny Depp, especially after he said F the USA and moved to France?!?!

Snow Forest
Snow Forest 2 months ago

900,000 for spousal support I see gold digging women being gold digging women again

JadeFunkyCoffin 2 months ago

The thumbnail is mad disrespectfull

#ĀVREEEVANS 2 months ago


Retro gaming a
Retro gaming a 2 months ago

They didn’t.. They just got older... and that’s the destiny of all of us...

Tau Alpha Beta
Tau Alpha Beta 2 months ago

Because general society is shallow they want something that appease their aesthetic taste, such emphasis on nothing, I don't care if you look like a corpse all I care about is your character.

James Ray
James Ray 2 months ago

Epstein is gone. There is a shortage of children’s blood.

Michelle Hobbs
Michelle Hobbs 2 months ago

It’s called life and aging.

teffy Vargas
teffy Vargas 2 months ago

The only ones looking like crap this days are jaden Smith , McCully, Lindsay ,Justin Bieber , say no to drugs children .

teffy Vargas
teffy Vargas 2 months ago

What’s wrong with Brendan Fraser , there is nothing wrong with putting a few pounds he won’t be looking like George of the jungle forever

The Underground Evolution Of Hip Hop TV

Most in Hollywood have multiple roles and pretend to be other people

The Underground Evolution Of Hip Hop TV

Funnily enough Robert jnr went off the rails while playing the guy in the sopranos

The Underground Evolution Of Hip Hop TV

Don't forget Robert downy jnr wears a mask and plays the guy in the supranos

lynnedear cummings
lynnedear cummings 2 months ago

Johnny Dept is still one cool dude ...no video on the contrary will ever take a speck of shine from him

Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo 2 months ago

So I am a late listener. Loved the loved story. What something hit me when you said that you had your celebration at an Italian restaurant. You did not mention the name, but then you drove from Sylmar to San Diego. Just asking? Was this Italian restaurant on Foothill BLVD?

Sims Life
Sims Life 2 months ago

I love Brendan Fraiser I wish he would get back into acting.

Marley 2 months ago

OMG leave them alone

Able Magawitch
Able Magawitch 2 months ago

Lost a "Stone"? Was that a kidney one or a gallstone?
Ether way I hope passed with as little pain and as quickly as possible.

the super family ost
the super family ost 2 months ago

Brendan has cancer for GS. Why are you being jerks????

jaknife99 2 months ago

900000 in spousal support, for real?

somyod2u 2 months ago

Numbers 1 and 2 are complete nonentities to me , I have never heard of either of them.

Arcane Turbulence
Arcane Turbulence 2 months ago

people look good, get old, look less good, get older, look like prunes, then die... There's nobody "letting themselves go" in this. They're all in their 50's or 60's for Gods sake.

Markus gordon
Markus gordon 2 months ago

God what crap this is

jamie capprotti
jamie capprotti 2 months ago

Brenden Frazier, you don't look 29 anymore, but who does? You look fine to me. I always thought that you are a good looking man. Don't let those pretend people get under your skin. It's not all about just looks, though you look just fine to me.

Eric Cook
Eric Cook 2 months ago

So what happened at the end either she looks exactly the same or you're never showed it

Michael Morbius
Michael Morbius 2 months ago

I'm sorry but that pic of Brendon Frasier at 1:00 looks a bit Photoshopped. As for the times when actors who changed their appearance for film roles is perfectly acceptable and it's not at all fair to label them as "letting themselves go". The kicker tho is the major slam on Lindsey Lohan for labeling her "a junkie" just because as you put it "even tho she's had problems with drugs in past years." Your definition isn't even close to what a 'junkie' is. For that, I gotta give yall a bigtime thumbs down.

Steve Cray
Steve Cray 2 months ago

Brendon if this vlog gets to you somehow, know that a bucket load of people (see below) including myself love what you do and like me get the instinct that your a hell of a nice guy and deserve better than the crap they are feeding you, we love what you do and (for myself) would pay to see more. Tell the dollar vultures to get stuffed.

Maria wilcox
Maria wilcox 2 months ago

I'm STILL in love with my Brandon 🙏❤❤❤❤🙏

Brenda Breslin
Brenda Breslin 2 months ago

They're human , just like the rest of Us.

Catherine Montalbano-Harris

Brendan Frasier looks as if he’s ill. This isn’t just “letting himself go”.

Andrea Horan
Andrea Horan 2 months ago

Irritating voice

JMG 4:20
JMG 4:20 2 months ago


Kenneth Hall
Kenneth Hall 2 months ago

Beauty fades

Bob Sowa
Bob Sowa 2 months ago

don't subscribe. the content is interesting but the advertisements are annoyingly frequent.

Bill Michael
Bill Michael 2 months ago

At 0:58, I have liked Brendan Fraser since I first saw him in "Encino Man". My gosh, it has been 30 years since then. Cannot expect him to be "Tarzan" forever. Plus, from the picture above in the video, I am worried he is sick. I hope he is okay. He is still a sweetheart in my book. 💝💝💝

Mereden Joy Garduce
Mereden Joy Garduce 2 months ago

Most celebs mentioned here just put on some weight after decades of restricting their food intake and excessive exercise. Just some, though

Elephant man
Elephant man 2 months ago

9:04, should just be glad he got past all the other drugs, let alone Heroin

simon turner
simon turner 2 months ago

Why the stupid voice?

Gabriel Thorn
Gabriel Thorn 2 months ago

This channel is so immature and toxic in a childish way.

Paul Hayden
Paul Hayden 2 months ago

The title doesn't make no damn sense some of these people are that way because of a movie and some people looks great

Vick LeCar
Vick LeCar 2 months ago

A group of vultures is called a kettle, committee or wake.

boogiebabe67 2 months ago

The narrator's voice makes me want to gouge out my eardrum!

MJ Santiso
MJ Santiso 2 months ago

La n°1 está bien. No le veo el defecto 🤔

Not Sharing
Not Sharing 2 months ago

Yasmin bleeth is #1 but you show no current footage or pics! Right!!

Chavacano 2 months ago

dude your tone of voice made me do a poo, thanks ive been constipated for too long until you started talking sht......

MR6TREDEX 2 months ago

It’s call getting old 🤔

KittyLoves8265 2 months ago

It's not called "letting themselves go", it's called "getting older". Our bodies change. This isn't fair for a famous to be compared to the height of their career to now comparison, it happens to the majority of us. the #2 culprit, media. media disgusts me. And the pressures they put on the famous are under are so very NOT ideal. :(

Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 2 months ago

Stupid video

Estate Jules
Estate Jules 2 months ago

now see, this is Exactly why I don't want to be famous until I'm old 🤣😅

jerry thomas
jerry thomas 2 months ago

stress of X wife

BSK Ind.
BSK Ind. 2 months ago

Freaking crazy that ALL the judgment seems to be about appearance, nothing about performance or change in character etc.

Fabulous Woman
Fabulous Woman 2 months ago

I had to lol when I saw the "after" Brenden Frasier picture. I've never seen such bad photo shopping.

Catherine 2 months ago

Brendan broke that many bones doing his own stunts which impacted his ability to exercise. How cruel can you be.

Mrs.Benny Henn
Mrs.Benny Henn 2 months ago

Really great on film but reseach there secret on how they spent thousands to look that good

Glenn Masters
Glenn Masters 2 months ago

Who died and made you a god of mankind.?

John Connick
John Connick 2 months ago

People love mocking people when they are down on there luck and these people are disgusting.

Chris Walden
Chris Walden 2 months ago

Culkin looks fine in 2021 this whole list is trash, try be accurate click bait.

John Laslett
John Laslett 2 months ago

Could I have a signed copy of your book on how to be perfect?

Dieudonne Dongmo
Dieudonne Dongmo 2 months ago

Black lives matter! Where are the black celebs 😅😅😅

Rujee Style
Rujee Style 2 months ago

Always love Brendan Fraser,❤️❤️wondering where or he’s movies gone to, just realized is now, feel sad to hear that’s that it to much have to paid for he’s even have mush movies, what is left for to live on 💔💔

Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen 2 months ago

Disliked for hating on my boy in the thumbnail.

Elaine Burnett
Elaine Burnett 2 months ago

That is unnecessary and cruel.....

Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 2 months ago

Jaden Shit

koolkat 2 months ago

Very shallow factsopedia. Very shallow.

Carlos bahena
Carlos bahena 2 months ago

Holly weird

Tarzana Man
Tarzana Man 2 months ago

Why they got Brendan looking like beetle juice.! I like his movies.

John Campbell
John Campbell 2 months ago

Beauty fades, but dumb is forever!

MsBizzyGurl 2 months ago

What the hell happened to Brendon Fraser? Dang!

Dr. Fill
Dr. Fill 2 months ago

Leonardo D was such a huge reach

Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine 2 months ago

Just regular ppl like the rest of us. Only difference is their stardom and bank account. Mental health for all 2021⚘✊

Joe Tlawmte
Joe Tlawmte 2 months ago

I think the word you are looking for here is 'Ageing'!!

ThexBorg 2 months ago

Another youtube channel trashing peoples lives for advertising revenue...

emelio estavez
emelio estavez 2 months ago

Hah I love how he has the quick recovery on russel Crowe. Russel Crowe punched my grandmother and kicked my little sister then made me buy him a fosters .smart move

Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson 2 months ago

They got old. They didn't let themselves go. Wait till you get old. Shame on you

Harry Styles
Harry Styles 2 months ago

This is a deceptive crappy video. Thumbs Way Down.

Diana Cluck
Diana Cluck 2 months ago

15 %? is that all? If any of my daughters were starz they would be paying also. The amount? Depends on what I thought was appropriate!

erin lewis
erin lewis 2 months ago

Good for McCauley. No one should let their parents steal from them

Angela Parrish
Angela Parrish 2 months ago

People dont get any younger js

Toni Olson
Toni Olson 2 months ago

Hitting a button is just a tracking device. You Tube alread know's I'm watching your video.

City Of Angels Candle Studio


City Of Angels Candle Studio

getting old is not letting yourself go.

Razor Blue
Razor Blue 2 months ago

Without God your life can go down quick.

Jeff P
Jeff P 2 months ago

Is that a top 40 radio station voice you got going on there?

James007HungerZone 2 months ago

I want to see what the person who runs this channel looks like, since you enjoy making fun of celebs' appearances.

Untgrade 2 months ago

Pure clickbait this. The celebrities mentioned, most of them, are not that bad. And a guy like Fraser did not have it easy. I thought I was going to see something unexpected. But this is a rehash of the same celebrities everyone else makes fun of too. I feel ashamed having clicked and watched this video for more than half of it. Celebrities are people, some good, some bad, some had it easy, some had it hard. But this is just a cheap video, made by cheap people, to draw people like me in, and yes I know that reflects bad on me too. I hate myself for having watched this. I do hope the pople making this video put some brains in their videos. Apart from that, the makers are most likely virgins living in a basement somewhere.

Color Light
Color Light 2 months ago

Ohh no ....who say let yourself go

JOHN MUDD 2 months ago

Photoshop clickbait thumbnail shite

Jennifer Garfield
Jennifer Garfield 2 months ago

that photo of Brandon. Is Fake.

Frances Slubik
Frances Slubik 2 months ago

What a smarmy show. Taking advantage of people when they are most vulnerable. Disgusting. Turned it off.

Brainticket 2 months ago

Narrator has the most appalling accent ever.

Sheila Olson
Sheila Olson 2 months ago

I love seeing the human side of these people. It makes me feel normal too.

colin glen
colin glen 2 months ago

The narrators voice is very annoying.

Wen creation Wenefil
Wen creation Wenefil 2 months ago

No matter how much money you have you are just like the rest of us, human beings, here today and gone tomorrow! glory be to God💯

Ruby R.
Ruby R. 2 months ago

Wow... We don't know there personal story's, I'm watching coz I'm curious, just on how they look now, but I don't really care about how they look

Andre Alexandre
Andre Alexandre 2 months ago

Some of the people look even better than before 👍🏼

Viejo Donaldo señor cabeza de papa Ravioli

I agree with Pam, these people are hard-working and often full of issues, as in the case of one of those mentioned, bi-polar, Fact is, they're just people. And almost all, victims of Hollywood.

Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 2 months ago

Others r gonna hate when one stands hurts their pathetic brain.

benjamin holden
benjamin holden 2 months ago

Just seems to be pointing out people for getting older comparing them from when there a kid to when there in there 50's