VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber


Nthabiseng Mathole

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Information VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber

Title : VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber

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Frames VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber

Description VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber

VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber

VLOG: I Got New Lighting, Doing Laundry + New Bath Caddy | South African Youtuber

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Nthabiseng Mathole
Nthabiseng Mathole 2 months ago

Hey guys, the softboxes are from CameraStuff in Randburg for those who may be interested ♥️

Dimpho Maponyane
Dimpho Maponyane 2 months ago

If you used your new lighting on the pictures you took with Rui in your matching gowns then 👌👏👏.

Mosima Manthata
Mosima Manthata 2 months ago

You always give us such amazing content and I really appreciate the effort you put in.... Thank you Nthabiseng!

Christi Cupido
Christi Cupido 2 months ago

Great vlog👌 I'd return the caddy🙈

Koki M
Koki M 2 months ago

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you to bits! Go for 30min if you can 😂😘

Moitshepi Mphole
Moitshepi Mphole 2 months ago

Hey nthaby...again I love your house...eish nor its lonfh it must be adjusted really I can seewhat u going for

Gibraltor Gumede
Gibraltor Gumede 2 months ago

Great content as always 👌❤the caddy is not too bad,I feel you though its frustrating when you give current measurements and they dont do as requested. Iam loving it though and its aesthetically pleasing 👌

Kgabyane 2 months ago

The way u so sweet! 🤗😍😍😍I just loooove u❤️

Charity Matlala
Charity Matlala 2 months ago

We love a Marian Keyes Book

Charity Matlala
Charity Matlala 2 months ago

I say get the proper size. You should get what you pay off.

sydwell maake
sydwell maake 2 months ago

The bath caddy e pasitse😍 ngwaneso... And what I can say is that eat what you want. 😜

Grace Buyisamathemba
Grace Buyisamathemba 2 months ago

Hey Nthabi! I doubted the bath caddy when it was still in the plastic but changed my mind after you unwrapped it. So I definitely vouch for keeping it 💜 enjoyed the vlog mama!

Nthabiseng Mthimkulu
Nthabiseng Mthimkulu 2 months ago

Bona Nthabi don't worry about people who are here ka di red pens... Rona we love you and your content. Regarding the bath caddy please take it back for adjustment.. It's beautiful Yes... are you happy with it NO... Let her adjust it for you before it's too late....

Lindelwa Ngozo
Lindelwa Ngozo 2 months ago

I love the caddy and the colours thereof, it’s beautiful. But I think it overlaps and I would personally get it resized because in the long run it might frustrate you.

Sending you love mommy❤️❤️❤️

Precious Khalo
Precious Khalo 2 months ago

Congrats on ur new equipment mami 👏🏾👏🏾🥰🥰❤️💃💃🔥🔥🎉 ur content is fire 🔥🔥🔥

Neilwe K
Neilwe K 2 months ago

That caddy looks so good. Enjoyed this vlog😅💛

Irene Leburu
Irene Leburu 2 months ago

I love you 💛

Noxolo Nokwanda
Noxolo Nokwanda 2 months ago


Landiwe Khanyile
Landiwe Khanyile 2 months ago

lol 😂 people easily confuse plant based and Vegan. Awusemuhle 😘

Cindy Masemola
Cindy Masemola 2 months ago

The caddy looks fine I love it

Thobi Rose
Thobi Rose 2 months ago

Enjoyed this Nthabiiii - people must google about things yhuuuu hai lol

Kekana Charlotte
Kekana Charlotte 2 months ago


rethabile fume
rethabile fume 2 months ago

"Ke nna Nthabiseng Mathole" ekae? 😭 😭 😭 😭 a.a Wang hurt

Anyway thank you so much 🥰

Vuyo Gqola
Vuyo Gqola 2 months ago

🙂Ausi, thank you for introducing me to BLOOM. I needed to listen to new podcasts. The Workplace Revolution is my favorite podacast🙂

Jackie Ramasodi
Jackie Ramasodi 2 months ago

Check out Dr Vanita Rattan,she provides science based advice for skin of colour

Pride Direko Morajane

Ok i am already living this vlog 😍😍😍

hope Ramohlale
hope Ramohlale 2 months ago


My Life With PR Styling

I don't see anything wrong with you returning the caddy for the right size. It's very beautiful but you offered the right measurements. You might also find your self getting irritable with the length as time goes. Your makeup is so beautiful, so clean. 👌🏽

Bathobile Cele
Bathobile Cele 2 months ago

Definitely checking out that podcast,the way you were feeling it. .Already sold
Lovely chilled vlog ❤

njabulo alfred
njabulo alfred 2 months ago

Who wants to make mama rui angry now....😂 anyway sme comments are nt worth entertaining....great content nthabi

Boss Babe
Boss Babe 2 months ago

Wow guys we owe it to Mrs Mathole to really watch the Ads aswell bcos she invested in getting equipments to give us PROPER Content✨

Kea Moale
Kea Moale 2 months ago

I think return the caddy and get what you desire✨🤞🏽

Vince Dinaala
Vince Dinaala 2 months ago

The Caddy looks beautiful but I think you need to take it back so adjustment so it fits perfectly

Slee Kheswa
Slee Kheswa 2 months ago

Its always the content for me🥺❤️

Mrs Mpho Ngwenya
Mrs Mpho Ngwenya 2 months ago

The lighting is proper. Also you are looking so good 😊

Lynn Rutendo
Lynn Rutendo 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this vlog and cnt wait to watch more❤️❤️

Wendy Sibiya
Wendy Sibiya 2 months ago

That bath caddy is beautiful and different 😻😻😻 now I want to change mine😭😩

Flauntwithavuya 2 months ago

A smoothie with an AVO???🙆‍♀️

You once did say that you eat avo with EVERYTHING 😂😂

Nana California Obotseng

love the video ❤ thanks for bringing us good content

Lusanda Matyeni
Lusanda Matyeni 2 months ago

I hope u decided to get it resized babe. I would. My OCD can't deal

Rosetta Kungoane
Rosetta Kungoane 2 months ago

Hi ausi I suggest you take it back since you provided measurements when purchasing, in order for you not to regret later on just return it for the proper fitting one but it looks stunning❤️

Refilwe Mthethwa
Refilwe Mthethwa 2 months ago

Marking the register 🙂. You paid for the caddy so it must be perfect 👌🏾 to your satisfaction.

Constance Maluleka
Constance Maluleka 2 months ago

The bath caddy is nice and stylish but long, I am not for it's not too bad, get a perfect fit.

Constance Maluleka
Constance Maluleka 2 months ago

Lol as for this is not the Nthabiseng you want to take out there.... I like that Nthabiseng you took out... Sometimes people can be people 😂

Kimberleigh Katz
Kimberleigh Katz 2 months ago

I absolutely enjoyed this vlog so much. From the aesthetics, to the transitions and background music. Just so calming to watch.

ClassyNtombazana 2 months ago

The caddy is perfect keep it 😍

Afro Sizimmer
Afro Sizimmer 2 months ago

How beautiful is Nthabi at the beginning of the video 😍🥺

Junior Malefetse
Junior Malefetse 2 months ago

Hi Nthabiseng. Love your content hle You are really an inspiration. As for the caddy, i think you must return it. You gave them measurements so they must redo it.💕💕

TEBOGO TSHOSE 2 months ago

Loved the bath caddy 😍😍.. I don’t think it’s bad but I read the comments and what people are saying about why you should get it resized makes sense.

BluBlu 2 months ago

Keep the caddy, Nthabi.☺️ It’s not bad at all

Pea Maps
Pea Maps 2 months ago

I love the Caddy as is , it's perfect because you have that black thing on the side of your tub

Phindile Innocentia Mazindo

The glow on your face ‼️... wow, you are gorgeous. I love the short hair 🌹

Tlotlo Lekone
Tlotlo Lekone 2 months ago

Yes please do the cook with me videos and food content 😍🥺♥️ and how your typical day of intermittent fasting looks like 😍

Al 2 months ago

This is not the nthabiseng I like to show... but yet u being so sweet man. love u girl dnt let anyone get to u😂😍🤩😘😘

Moraba Heritance
Moraba Heritance 2 months ago

10:23 for me,i was getting mad for not hearing the "ke nna Nthabiseng Mathole" part🤣🥰🥰

Bongie Ncube
Bongie Ncube 2 months ago

The bath caddy looks great. I would get it resized so it’s a perfect fit.

I love love Marian Keyes books, her humour 😊. I am not sure if you have read Jane Green’s books, their style of writing is similar. If not, give her a try.

Gala Nakedi
Gala Nakedi 2 months ago

Hi love the caddy is lovely return it coz u wanted it to sit on the tub only.and on another note babes get a laundry carry basket to use for clothes to carry to go hang on the line so u don't use the laundry basket.then to spice up wear an apron when u do your meals the last time u looked gorgeous in the kitchen.thank u I really enjoyed

Puseletso Kutumela
Puseletso Kutumela 2 months ago

I always like before watching 🤣🤣🤣

Mpho Molefe
Mpho Molefe 2 months ago

The bath caddy looks fine 😍love the content

Thandeka Mkhuma
Thandeka Mkhuma 2 months ago

As for the clap back 👏🏽yassssss queen 😄 don't worry much about the break out on you face, most people with sensitive skin get those due to the wearing of mask... You're still beautiful 😍 even with that tiny breakout💖

Matodzi Thandavhathu
Matodzi Thandavhathu 2 months ago

Bloom is such a good podcast.

Kgomotsang Thobejane
Kgomotsang Thobejane 2 months ago

Hey, love the content ❤. Regarding the "what I eat in a day" you honestly don't have to explain yourself cause you explicitly stated that you are not vegan in your previous video and we understood. So for people to come at you is honestly unnecessary.

Remoneilwe Lephogole
Remoneilwe Lephogole 2 months ago

Who nthabiseng? a fave that one 😩

Zintle Magengenene
Zintle Magengenene 2 months ago

Keep the caddy

Khataza Mbhombhi
Khataza Mbhombhi 2 months ago

i like the bath caddy and the short weave is very stunning

Tinyiko Mokale
Tinyiko Mokale 2 months ago


Mapula Mali
Mapula Mali 2 months ago

No take it back because every time you go into your bathroom you gonna see it first and it will annoy you more but it is so beautiful though

Nozipho Nyawo
Nozipho Nyawo 2 months ago

Keep the caddy Nthabi, it looks beautiful and it fits perfectly with all the aesthetics added. Even when overlapping, the slab covers it nicely and makes it look seamless 👌🏽👌🏽

Lehlogonolo Sathekge
Lehlogonolo Sathekge 2 months ago

The caddy looks fine. I like that the dark brown part of it ends on your granite finishing. It works..

Nthabiseng Muoe
Nthabiseng Muoe 2 months ago

My favorite ❤❤❤

Dimakatso Tladi
Dimakatso Tladi 2 months ago

The bath cuddy is not too bad I think you should keep it

Pearl Chabalala
Pearl Chabalala 2 months ago

The bath caddy is so beautiful 🌹

Ncedisa Mlwandle
Ncedisa Mlwandle 2 months ago

Great content ❤️

Pearl Chabalala
Pearl Chabalala 2 months ago

This is not the Nthabiseng I like to show out there😭..I LOVE YOU 🥰

Miss Neo
Miss Neo 2 months ago

Just return it babes it's too long but it's stunning though.

Nomathemba Ndongeni
Nomathemba Ndongeni 2 months ago

Hey Nthabiseng, beautiful beautiful content. When it come to the caddy I say keep it. Cause you sent them your bath tub measurements and they still made it in that size, secondly you waited at the parking for them to put it together. I'm sure you don't need run arounds from them and it suits your bath

Pearl Chabalala
Pearl Chabalala 2 months ago

Beautiful content 🥰

Nellie Sikhosana
Nellie Sikhosana 2 months ago

Stunning bath caddy.

Matlholwa Johanna Mojela

the caddy 😍😍😍 it's lovely!

Thandi G
Thandi G 2 months ago

Get it resized girl....💕

Connie Mohlokonya
Connie Mohlokonya 2 months ago

Love your content

Ciskie Lekama
Ciskie Lekama 2 months ago

Nice one as always :-)

Lesego Mogale
Lesego Mogale 2 months ago

In terms of the caddy, if it was a generic one from Mr P home etc I would say keep it but because you paid and gave exact measurements (customisation costs are probably included) you should return it and have it customised to your bath akere that’s the service they offer. It’s stunning 🤍

Nellie Sikhosana
Nellie Sikhosana 2 months ago

Congrats on investing in great lighting. video quality is now 👌. Great content I must add.

talent muleya
talent muleya 2 months ago

Consistency 👏👏👏👏🥰🥰

Kgakgamatso Riet
Kgakgamatso Riet 2 months ago

I enjoy watching your vlogs. Dankie mama Rui😎

LK Home
LK Home 2 months ago

I don't think you're being pedantic. Get it resized.

Talent lnSouthAfrica
Talent lnSouthAfrica 2 months ago

It's not toooo bad but its very understandable if you took it back for resizing

Larinda Fumo
Larinda Fumo 2 months ago

The bath caddy is so beautiful ♥️🌺.. Look fabulous 👌

Letlotlo Miffi
Letlotlo Miffi 2 months ago

Hello Hi.... The bath caddy looks beautiful, but think it should be shortened a bit to fit the tub as per your initial request. It still looks good, mara it would look cuter with it ending before the dark concrete.

Talent lnSouthAfrica
Talent lnSouthAfrica 2 months ago

Ke motswana and I looooove Sesotho sa gago esp "kenna Nthabiseng Mathole"😍

Mpho Songo
Mpho Songo 2 months ago

Hi sis. I think you should keep the bath cuddy, it actually looks stunning. Congratulations on the new equipment the lighting is perfect, stay blessed.😗

Lucy Achieng
Lucy Achieng 2 months ago

You are so beautiful and have subscribed

Christina Masilela
Christina Masilela 2 months ago

Notification gang #roadto20k 💃💃💃

thoko sarah tshabangu


Tuna World
Tuna World 2 months ago

Agh loveee this content 😭❤🇳🇦

sharon ntsemi
sharon ntsemi 2 months ago

I also bought the same caddy from them and encountered the same problem but honestly it’s not too bad I’ve managed to make it work though, it’s just disappointing especially when you gave them measurements

Babalwa Luyaba
Babalwa Luyaba 2 months ago

Nthabi 😍😍

Nonhlanhla Ngwenya
Nonhlanhla Ngwenya 2 months ago

love the bath canddy

Granny Tsepane
Granny Tsepane 2 months ago

M within. I love this channel :-)