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The Making Of || Downton Abbey Special Features Season 4

The Making Of || Downton Abbey Special Features Season 4

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GleePotter8468 2 months ago

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Lorena Arias
Lorena Arias 2 months ago

I love this! Downton Abbey is the best series I’ve seen.

AAF 2 months ago

I’ve Binged watched all six years in about 2 1/2 weeks but I have seen all six years at least four times, love this show and I noticed something new every time I watch it

Katarina Luna diCamella

The cost of each episode is around £1m😶

Angie L
Angie L 2 months ago

I hate this season, I hate Thomas

Caz Dowd
Caz Dowd 2 months ago

Manchester-born writer, CA MacRae, met with Carolyn Reynolds, Executive Producer of Coronation Street over a script she wrote in 2004. Inspired by Carolyn's positive comments C.A. MacRae began research years later when life enabled her. So if you love Downton Abbey and conspiracy theories, then you will love C.A MacRae's Gemini Complex, The Cabal: After the final demise of the Cathars at Chateau Mount Montségur in the south of France in 1244, a heroic rescue by a Knights Templar took place. Six hundred and fifty-three years later a murder and spate of suspicious deaths of the clergy become linked in the south of France. Flo’s first day (10th November 1918) at Chandringham doesn’t work out quite how she imagined. A bright but humble farm girl finds herself thrust into the upper echelons of society. Rather than being trained in the everyday tasks of a maid, she’s told she needs to leave her old life behind and immerse herself in the life of the aristocracy, as Lady Mary Tavistock. Her world is turned upside down, Flo realises she’s not the person she’s always thought she was, and to make matters worse she finds out her life is endangered. In order to make sense of who she really is and what her purpose in life is, she’s sent to Switzerland to meet others of her kind. The Gemini Complex, The Cabal is the first book of a trilogy. It's going to be released later this year

Lana Mughal
Lana Mughal 2 months ago

English is not my native language, and the differences between British and American English really stand out. I know many obvious differences, but I never realized before Downton Abbey that in Britain a “season” of a show is called “series”. I believe in the US the word “series” applies to the entire show with division to “seasons” of it. Am I correct?
I love this show. Amazing script, wonderful actors. And so many moments when I see time and again the reasons behind each nomination and each received award for this show. Brilliant actors - from principal characters to the characters that appear even for just an episode or two... Brilliant!
Although I found quite a funny name - Dame Kiri Te Kanawa - [kanawa] in my language means “a ditch” on the side of a road, where one could find rain water, some roadside garbage. Looking at a beautiful glamorous singer, knowing who she is per script, made me giggle a bit because of her name... And at the same time I had to look up who she was - and I came across some snippets of her singing - her voice is so beautiful! And I was so glad about her name - sparked my curiosity and now I know of her and her beautiful soprano. I didn’t realize it was her real voice in the show and not someone else signing for the character of Nellie Melba... So ironic! Ashamed to say that I’m a daughter of a professional classic musician and I have never heard of Nellie Melba before - and a silly curiosity helped me learn something new and share it with my mother - who is a pianist and a conductor and she admitted she never heard of Nellie Melba before either... Thought I’d share this with the world :).

johnnyM809 2 months ago

One of the greatest TV shows of all time. Downton Abbey was a masterpiece.

Elizabeth von Witanovski

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sings this beautiful Antonin Dvorak's song with great sensitivity. Lovely!

Sumida Ryogoku
Sumida Ryogoku 2 months ago

Michelle's so beautiful !!

weemouse101 2 months ago

9:04 Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

Shur1kn 2 months ago

So many great and passionate people been working on this. No wonder it is as wonderful as it is. I love it! Downton forever ❤️

Great British Entertainment Ltd

Great to see the painstaking work that goes into a first-class production that is Downton Abbey!

andrewaway 2 months ago

So fantastic.

Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 2 months ago

Mabel Lane Fox had the best dresses

Bobby Da Zlerr
Bobby Da Zlerr 2 months ago

Michelle Dockery is so beautiful. X

PMA Judge
PMA Judge 2 months ago


Achila Jamir
Achila Jamir 2 months ago

really really loved this from NE..

Anita Chequer
Anita Chequer 2 months ago

I follow you on Instagram and i must say i loved it! Great great job