Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!


James Charles

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Information Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

Title : Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

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Frames Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

Description Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

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Music videos 2 months ago

Santa exist???

shayla c
shayla c 2 months ago

James trying to imitate corspe low-key lmao😂

Tilda Jokiniemi
Tilda Jokiniemi 2 months ago

Noah is like a big brother to Charli

Ghos1y B1ues
Ghos1y B1ues 2 months ago

Oh my goshhhhh I got your pallet for Chrismas and I'm happy!!!!! :D

Tilda Jokiniemi
Tilda Jokiniemi 2 months ago

The fact that it's the same video as two years ago with the sister Squad, I'm crying it makes me sad to think that they aren't that good of friends anymore.

Maisie Wren
Maisie Wren 2 months ago

Hi James ,
I’ve watched your vids for a long time and I’ve been inspired by your makeup and I wish I could do the same be my mums to poor English and it would mean the world to me if I could have some help with buying makeup or money for my mum ,
Lots of love
Maisie Wren ( big supporter) p.s im 10

Augustine Ghastini
Augustine Ghastini 2 months ago

Love you James you look good

Riti Pani
Riti Pani 2 months ago

What was the price limit!? I’m curious

Harley Broussard
Harley Broussard 2 months ago

Lil huddy-charli

Smriti Scar
Smriti Scar 2 months ago

Bruh ... Noah is soooo sweet❤️🥺🥺🥺omggg

LoveSoap L E
LoveSoap L E 2 months ago

James gave Dixie her gift and Noah was like:

Harley Broussard
Harley Broussard 2 months ago

Merry Christmas sister💕

Bekla E
Bekla E 2 months ago


Leila Latham
Leila Latham 2 months ago

Noah’s gift to charli is so cute

Xdispogi03 2 months ago

James charles real name is :James Charles Dickinson

ASTER AC1D 2 months ago

literally what is wrong with you? you have a cold and you're all hanging out together, without masks or social distancing? does anyone else exist in your world other than you? does anyone else matter to you? you're probably deleting negative comments too. you're a part of the problem, spreading coronavirus around like this while people are fighting for their lives in hospital. be better :/

Les voisin BFF
Les voisin BFF 2 months ago

aww cute video bute..... where are addisson ???

Audrina Fredrickson
Audrina Fredrickson 2 months ago

Awww james is so sweet...he spent so much hard work🥺🥺🥺

soinu foig
soinu foig 2 months ago

OMG I love it so much?

miss Alicya
miss Alicya 2 months ago

Love you gays

Olivia De Win
Olivia De Win 2 months ago

Stranger: How many siblings do u have?
James: 1 brother and 24.9 million sisters

Toshani Das Class - III - E

Bruh I saw Noah kiss Dixie on the head I did not know couple

Sabie Playz
Sabie Playz 2 months ago

My sis hates James Charles and wants to know if ou are a boy or a girl

Zing XO
Zing XO 2 months ago

At 12:35 Noah rolled his eyes loollllll

Gabiella S
Gabiella S 2 months ago

Tbh we already knew they were going to the Bahamas

Osman Cihan
Osman Cihan 2 months ago

omg you guyss you are amazing, i love the team so much but i have question what the name is the squad??? And I think this team should go to the sister spooky horror house ✌🏻

Hamdi Hassan
Hamdi Hassan 2 months ago

Ugh noah my heart hearts lmao

Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy 2 months ago

I can't with Noah's gift for Charli..... It was so sweet.... Awww🥺

Daphne’s channel
Daphne’s channel 2 months ago

I think chase was jealous when Larry’s hugged charli time stamp is

hope mikaelson
hope mikaelson 2 months ago

who’s watching in 2021?

Miriam Feitt
Miriam Feitt 2 months ago

Noah did the most extra gift every and it’s adorable 🥰


I love the gift that charli got for him lol

Al an
Al an 2 months ago

Omg james I love your intro

potter's Situation
potter's Situation 2 months ago

Charli look si shy it's si cute 🥺🥺❤️

jessica lawn
jessica lawn 2 months ago

“A little bit of a cold” 🙄

Hila Styles
Hila Styles 2 months ago

Can you post more about makeup and less about tiktok? Pls :)

Емма Стефанова

Aw noah seems so upset for his gift🥺

Arianna Prosper
Arianna Prosper 2 months ago

Omg Noah was soo sweet

Elisa D
Elisa D 2 months ago

Noah and dixi are soo cutee🥺❤

Stepheny Smith
Stepheny Smith 2 months ago

How do I keep my foundation on

Renata Mendizabal
Renata Mendizabal 2 months ago

Enseña a Charlie hablar en español

Kamron Dumas
Kamron Dumas 2 months ago


Gabby Melancon
Gabby Melancon 2 months ago

Don’t y’all live in California how do you get a cold

Aiden & Ava 21
Aiden & Ava 21 2 months ago

My baby cousin was born today

I ayako
I ayako 2 months ago

Pretty 🥺

caroline R
caroline R 2 months ago

remember when they did this with the sister squad🥺

Famm Art Show
Famm Art Show 2 months ago

is there anyone who want to become my friend!!!!

Famm Art Show
Famm Art Show 2 months ago

i had never gotten any gift from my friend...(sad)

Sophia Maier
Sophia Maier 2 months ago

Noah Looks so jealous

Wolfy gacha
Wolfy gacha 2 months ago

Why does James Charles wear make up it embarrasses me

Frankie Rhodes
Frankie Rhodes 2 months ago


Captain creeper
Captain creeper 2 months ago

James are you marshmallow

Alma Clayton
Alma Clayton 2 months ago

why is addison not there

John Ndiege
John Ndiege 2 months ago

I am a big fan and I love your videos

Alexander Sanabria
Alexander Sanabria 2 months ago

Noah’s face when Dixie open Hers 😂

Prxnce_chase 2 months ago

Ahw noah is so sweet tho charli ‘charli means a lot tho me’🥺

Snow_ball 36
Snow_ball 36 2 months ago


emily pierson
emily pierson 2 months ago

not the deleting comments...

Reginas vlogggs
Reginas vlogggs 2 months ago

"Oooo my god"

Danyka Carl
Danyka Carl 2 months ago

I’m sorry but I don’t like that the twins aren’t here.

Venice Brigz
Venice Brigz 2 months ago

I think dixie was a little jely when she saw charlie's gift😂

- PaJaMaS
- PaJaMaS 2 months ago

My moms keep irritating me saying he does make up a boy!!! ? I try to make her understand it OK and he is very talented ! But she never understands ! 😓.
Any ways great work keep doing it !!! 🤩
I know everybody tells this though i wanted tell
Bye !!

Gabrielle LEE
Gabrielle LEE 2 months ago

Wave wave shake love that

Nethania Figueroa
Nethania Figueroa 2 months ago

I can’t stop starting at Noah and Dixie there soo cuteeee together aweeee

typicalmexican OG
typicalmexican OG 2 months ago

" I have a little bit of a cold" so he should be around as many people as possible

Håkan Åstö
Håkan Åstö 2 months ago

Jems its rich jo🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Isla Charles
Isla Charles 2 months ago

Awwwwwwww this is so cute I literally can’t!!!!!

Håkan Åstö
Håkan Åstö 2 months ago

Leave à like like for jems we love you❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺

Isla Charles
Isla Charles 2 months ago

Awwwwww that note to Charli from Noah I mean ❤️🥰🥺

Orbit 4eva
Orbit 4eva 2 months ago

Nice social distancing🤭

Alal Ahmed
Alal Ahmed 2 months ago

Charlie Amelia look so young

Just A Hummingbird
Just A Hummingbird 2 months ago

Idk why but it seems to me that Dixie is the only one who actually like James :D of them

Loryan_ 1000
Loryan_ 1000 2 months ago


maru 2 months ago

dixie on the verge of crying : i wanted these🥺🥺
everyone else : 😀😃😄😁😀

Seraj Swaed
Seraj Swaed 2 months ago

The video is beautiful and funny I loved this 🌚🖐🏼

can i get 1k subcriber with some few videos

i still want an iphone in Christmas butt what i got is moneyyyyyy 😭💗

Sárdi Mária
Sárdi Mária 2 months ago

l Wish a happy new year to every one to your family;)

Bailey Elaine
Bailey Elaine 2 months ago

If I don’t have a friend group like this 🥲

official sasusaku AMV

Outta all of them I like Larry love him always

unicorn_crazy33 !
unicorn_crazy33 ! 2 months ago

Can we talk about how he keeps saying 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮

Marnzies Francis
Marnzies Francis 2 months ago

Noah’s such a sweetheart. He treated Dixie and charli like queens. So cute

Rush_ Tayx Tayx
Rush_ Tayx Tayx 2 months ago

Dixie: I have chase
Charli: LIL HUDDDYYYy????

Katherine :]
Katherine :] 2 months ago

who’s here from all the chase and charli confident edits😭

Adam Kamei
Adam Kamei 2 months ago

All i can hear James saying in his intro is really really very very

Jade Ramirez
Jade Ramirez 2 months ago

This was so sweet but I don't have friends🥲🥲🥲🥲 so I can't do it but it so sweet 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Stella Pilon
Stella Pilon 2 months ago


Xx DaisyxX
Xx DaisyxX 2 months ago

This isn’t even how you do secret Santa
The listen why it’s called secret Santa because it’s should be a secret

Ryleigh Parker
Ryleigh Parker 2 months ago

Whos here from that tiktok just me ok

Carlos M.
Carlos M. 2 months ago

Charlie chase likes you

Michelle Lafoux
Michelle Lafoux 2 months ago

“i have a cold” you can’t take any risks at this time, people are dying, do better.

xmomoring 2 months ago


_8llux 2 months ago

0:17 look at chase

Wendy Kerr
Wendy Kerr 2 months ago

Love you all Happy Holidays sisters 💋

alexa & kyra
alexa & kyra 2 months ago

Has anyone else noticed that in every vid chase and charli are always sitting by each other

Some weird Forensic person

CHOAH chase and Noah

Forrest B
Forrest B 2 months ago


Piper Young
Piper Young 2 months ago

You got the james Charles palet for cristmas ... Then I started crying cuz I waited like 2 years

Andres Arroyo
Andres Arroyo 2 months ago

decent video

Diana Torres
Diana Torres 2 months ago

Feliz año nuevo James

Sophia Moss
Sophia Moss 2 months ago

i’m a fan but he has a cold so he’s hanging out with his friends-