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Rent: Seasons of love (One last time)

Rent: Seasons of love (One last time)

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Sunshine V.
Sunshine V. 2 months ago

Here I am in 2021 listening to the song I remember from childhood. 💗

Eva Grant
Eva Grant 2 months ago

Just LOVE this!!!!!!

spartans race
spartans race 2 months ago

Gwen Stewart truly has shown us how to own a song. The soloist is so Powerful. Sing Gwen

Arunima Chatterjee
Arunima Chatterjee 2 months ago

Is it just me or is anyone else is also looking for Idina Menzel over there???

Chester Lorega
Chester Lorega 2 months ago

A song that makes me smile 😊

Sabriyah Rossini
Sabriyah Rossini 2 months ago

Having lost my mother to AIDS this hits my heart every time.

Steve Grundon
Steve Grundon 2 months ago

Damn! She has a super powerful voice!

Abi Wright
Abi Wright 2 months ago

next time i want to sob my eyes out ill come here

Walter The Musician
Walter The Musician 2 months ago

I can't get enough of this song. It's moving seeing people at the moment they're doing something that's one of the greatest things they'll ever do. Let's hope that we'll get to hear many many wonderful covers of this song!

Marc Tillman
Marc Tillman 2 months ago

THE GUY AT 1:51... smooth vocals and change of flow...

Katharina 2 months ago

1:30 oder 1:50

Thunder love
Thunder love 2 months ago

Lol at my school we gotta sing this one

Gary Talbot
Gary Talbot 2 months ago

Rent os amazing #RentHead

Tehreem 2 months ago


Chaplain Matt Sanders

1:30. What a fantastic singer. Whoa. What’s her name?

Diego Zavala
Diego Zavala 2 months ago


Mackenzie McGuire
Mackenzie McGuire 2 months ago

I'm going into a career in backstage theatre. I just did my last high school show and I was an emotional wreck over the closing of a four day show. My dream is broadway but how will I ever bare a broadway closing night after years? AHHH

Anthony Joseph
Anthony Joseph 2 months ago

Anyone keep rewinding to 2:22 through I'll Cover You???

Meg Cassie
Meg Cassie 2 months ago

Man I'm in the moment in this song, just feeling the energy and living in the moment. Until that last line seasons of love is sung. I feel this accomplishment of johns dream. He's there watching and listening and feeling with all of us💙

Shin 2 months ago

I just went to watch 20 anniversary performance in Tokyo yesterday! It was my first time to watch and amazing performance....

Theresa Bui (705TheBui)

Today is at 4 pm Friday and Saturday is starts at 7pm

Theresa Bui (705TheBui)

Amazing! Today James Logan High School is performing Rent! Thursday Friday and Saturday if anyone is willing to come to California union city

Vitani B Mamba
Vitani B Mamba 2 months ago

When you used to be able to hit that note😍😎😑

Egemen Alsan
Egemen Alsan 2 months ago

Where is Kirsten Lee Kelly?

Yari 124
Yari 124 2 months ago

Chills man 😭😭

Angela Nguyen
Angela Nguyen 2 months ago


Bootypopper237 2 months ago

is that carla from scrubs? anyone?

super anoniem
super anoniem 2 months ago

At the high note I just have to sing along :)) this made me cry so much

Judy Kinne
Judy Kinne 2 months ago

+ Ramy Hussien ~ You are so correct . Rent surpasses continents and oceans that divide people who know : " Love is the answer " . Hoping the film made it to Egypt ~Big Love from America ! And Thanks .

Mikey 2 months ago

Magic !

Heaven Rangel
Heaven Rangel 2 months ago

beautiful song

Delano Steenveldt
Delano Steenveldt 2 months ago

Where is Idina Menzel?

Julian 2 months ago

I Will Play Roger in March😊 so excited!!! It will be my First Time on stage. Can't wait😋

WATERmaster901 2 months ago

The tears wont stop!

Espailocal 2 months ago

Com m'emociona aquesta cançó!

Cory DeStein
Cory DeStein 2 months ago

Where is Adam?

Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie 2 months ago

man this makes me emotional ~ rent is gre

Catherine Rumbarger
Catherine Rumbarger 2 months ago

One day, I swear RENT won't make me cry...

M CH 2 months ago

If I could sing like this, I' be singing instead of speaking!

Melchor Bongato
Melchor Bongato 2 months ago

the feelz

Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson 2 months ago

Wheres Idina at ?

-- 2 months ago

Without a doubt I always get shivers from this performance. 

Diana Berry
Diana Berry 2 months ago

No way! 1:13 It's Michael Swift from the NBC serie Smash! Love Rent and miss so much the Marilyn show!

John L
John L 2 months ago


Patrick Cockman
Patrick Cockman 2 months ago

To pay Rent or not to pay Rent? That is the question!

MrgrooverX 2 months ago

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! (y)

Vampiregigi15522 2 months ago

Such beautiful voices all together :,)

Blue Turtle
Blue Turtle 2 months ago

Not that I have any issues with it,but why is Wilson wearing a kilt?

Christina Tuttle
Christina Tuttle 2 months ago


Rodney Con
Rodney Con 2 months ago

No Taye diggs.

Nicole Reign
Nicole Reign 2 months ago

3:15 he did the Illuminati sign!

T F 2 months ago


cplunajr745 2 months ago

Thank you Ramy for sharing this beautiful video. Please visit New York :')

~Cp, New York City

Tom Fryer
Tom Fryer 2 months ago

AMAZING! absolutly love it. Could someone please tell me the name of the guy with the dreadlocks who sings the solo?

J Mason
J Mason 2 months ago

Truly singular expression of Love. I'd heard about it yet only got to see the film with a sweet woman I was dating. She had to bring her vet Dad at the last minute. When Angel & Jesse kissed he was like ".... Umm..what's going on here??? It's ok Dad, I'll explain later.". Seasons is SUCH a wonderful song! It brackets the film version -- and Angel is the Hero!! Thanks so much for posting. Hotep Ramses III!

Ilaria Guadagno
Ilaria Guadagno 2 months ago

this brought tears of joy to my eyes.. seeing them all together singing this song is just so overwhelmingly touching.

Miss Rayne
Miss Rayne 2 months ago

7 months ago, I didnt know that. I am now better educated of the cast and all that good stuff. Thanks for trying to tell off a then 13 year old though. Surely I appreciate it ;)

Daniela Figueroa M
Daniela Figueroa M 2 months ago

are u kidding right? idina and adam are in RENT since the very beggining

Just Here
Just Here 2 months ago

1:50 I love his smile!

John Acquavella
John Acquavella 2 months ago

Do you seriously think Trayvon Martin or Zimmerman would have given a shit about RENT. Neither one of them were/are smart enough to hear the message of the play.

risingaudience 2 months ago

*is freaking out because of the original broadway cast* *and above all is freaking out because of WILSON AND JESSE!!!* MY ANGEL AND COLLINS ARE THERE!! All dashing and handsome.. :')

Peggy Knecht
Peggy Knecht 2 months ago

I also have Marfans, and had an Aortic Aneurism. I almost died of it. I met Al Larson at a Marfan conference, and told him how much the show meant to me. I can totally relate to the characters. I said that my favorite lyric is "To people living with, living with, living with, living with, not dying from disease." Because, I'm living with Marfan Syndrome, not dying from it. He told me that his favorite song is No Day But Today.

Queenofwheels 2 months ago

Is this everybody that had ever been in it?

Broadway_For_Good 2 months ago

Adam and Idina couldn't make it :(

Broadway_For_Good 2 months ago

I can't wait to see it on tour when it comes down to AZ

Austin Skylar Atiles
Austin Skylar Atiles 2 months ago

He had Marfans's and died of a heart issue. Very Sad. This is my favorite song from the show, but I hated this version because of the different key. I always enjoy hearing the nice big high C :-)

Loryn Craig
Loryn Craig 2 months ago

Jonathan Larson the writer of Rent passed away the morning the show was to premiere. It created a show for the ages and will forever be missed. Thank you Jonathan for your gift!

jsc240 2 months ago

Just a note: Marcus Paul James is amazing.

Calypso 2 months ago

He's in the cast... Watch the entire show

jtminecraft100 2 months ago


jtminecraft100 2 months ago

That was so beautiful

Ste ven
Ste ven 2 months ago

There is a movie documentary of this last performance of Rent for anyone who wants to get it. My library had a copy and its interesting to see as they filmed the entire live performance

Steph G
Steph G 2 months ago

Where's Adam Pascal? :(

Brandon Gross
Brandon Gross 2 months ago

Tracie Thoms was on stage because she was Joanne for the last performance of RENT.

Michael 2 months ago

The only 2 people in the movie that were not in the stage show was Rosario Dawson ( Mimi ) & Tracie Thoms ( Joanne ). Everyone else who was in the movie was the OBC of Rent!

Brittany Broberg
Brittany Broberg 2 months ago

I cried :(

havanese2107 2 months ago

I heard that Adam gave his tickets to a fan and Idina was busy recording something so she couldn't come, something along those lines.

Cameron Norris
Cameron Norris 2 months ago

They were in the original cast. Look up "Rent - Seasons of Love - Democratic Convention"

Miss Rayne
Miss Rayne 2 months ago

They weren't in the Broadway musical, they might have been in it at one point, but not in the final performance. I think they were only in the movie version.

Cameron Norris
Cameron Norris 2 months ago

Where's Adam and Idina?

sortylife 2 months ago


KevWebsz 2 months ago

measure your life in loWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

tsuki 2 months ago

I'm singing it in chorus!!!:))

princess osorio
princess osorio 2 months ago

love itttttttttttttttttttttttttt.......................... justttttttttttt loveeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttt.....

balzachero22 2 months ago

Gave me chills - he nailed it. So much emotion...

sortylife 2 months ago

looooooooveeeee for world!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Berridge
Chloe Berridge 2 months ago

i feel so sorry that Jonathan Larson never got the opportunity to see this incredible musical with his very own eyes. i'm sure he is looking down on every single performance of this and smiling from ear to ear with pride

firebaby359 2 months ago


Matthew Higgins
Matthew Higgins 2 months ago

i agree completely. when i first saw this and the original cast came out, my jaw dropped

matsusaxplayer 2 months ago

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will cry by impression. A tear does not stop. Human is beautiful too.

Alison Saunders
Alison Saunders 2 months ago

this show will live forever

RagingRaven88 2 months ago

Thank God it's back on Broadway so everyone can now experience this amazing story.

DamonJeVon 2 months ago

1:48 - 2:05 ....damn...

Leontien Laval
Leontien Laval 2 months ago


jenniferfeliciano66 2 months ago

This is the theme song of everything and anything coming to an "end". "But the story never ends lets celebrate remember a year in the life of friends"

Kat 2 months ago

In the original production and movie, Adam Pascal. In this rendition, Will Chase.

Shelbyrebecca95 2 months ago

who plays roger?

blue crane
blue crane 2 months ago

seriously moving...

WingsOfASong 2 months ago

This. I cried because it is the final farewell. The final curtain to something so beautiful. I recently was in RENT as a coat vendor and a chorus memeber and I still miss it to this day.

Shanemain1991 2 months ago

I'm a guy. A manly man. But I love rent. This song is amazing. I WISH I could sing like this.