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Christmas Magic Video

Christmas Magic Video

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Best Dream
Best Dream 2 months ago


Maria da Glória de Andrade


Iken 61
Iken 61 2 months ago

Esta música me recuerda FANTASIA , pelicula de Walt Disney 🤗😘dic 2020

Leendert Cordemans
Leendert Cordemans 2 months ago

That's a very old electric e-mail postcard. I have him I think somewhere on my harddisk between my mails.

Elisabeth Sauvé
Elisabeth Sauvé 2 months ago

Trop beau!

Vernon Chadwick
Vernon Chadwick 2 months ago

Brilliant thanks Vernon 🤗

Lucy Hughes
Lucy Hughes 2 months ago

My professor just sent me this

Eulália Varandas
Eulália Varandas 2 months ago


Sangmanena Toraya
Sangmanena Toraya 2 months ago


Estela Dobelli
Estela Dobelli 2 months ago

Bellísimo. Muchas gracias...💖😘🌺

Ollie Stanley
Ollie Stanley 2 months ago

Is the background music from "Swan Lake?"

HOLLY KELLEY 2 months ago


Elaine Duker.
Elaine Duker. 2 months ago

It's. thumbs down, from me music is all wrong, would have been ok if it was Christmas inspired, all i can think about is the cadburys ad for fruit & nut chocolate!

Marsha Florom
Marsha Florom 2 months ago

Lovely! Marsha

Arjuna Delhy
Arjuna Delhy 2 months ago

No one saw Santa Sleeve

Cecilia Da silva
Cecilia Da silva 2 months ago

C’est magique et très beau. Merci et bonnes fêtes à tout le monde 😁

Thanmai Thanmai
Thanmai Thanmai 2 months ago

Nice video tq

Cristiana Oliveira
Cristiana Oliveira 2 months ago

Gostei muito

鈴木洋子 2 months ago


Лилия Кирьянова - Иванова

Чудеса пришли)!!!!!!!!С наступающим Вас 2020))))С новым годом!Спасибо за веселый новогодний проект!

1Schnellbach 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Mary Betz
Mary Betz 2 months ago

Beautiful. Love ❤️ it

The Visual EDM Archive Project - Music, Re-Imagined

💝🎄💖 Beautifully Constructed. Thank you Everyone at bluemountainecards! Congrats on the over 10M views! (coming soon 😉) - Adonimus. 🎧💖🎄

Leo Kuschnaroff
Leo Kuschnaroff 2 months ago

Aos queridos parentes e amigos nossos votos de feliz natal , Chanuka e Ano Novo repletos de paz,alegria e saude .

Anna Lisa Campo
Anna Lisa Campo 2 months ago


carmen merida
carmen merida 2 months ago

Campanita hiciste mágico el video
Waauu Que Liiiindo ☆☆☆☆☆ .
Te doy 5 estrellitas de FELICIDAD.

박종근 2 months ago


fenne stet
fenne stet 2 months ago


Somnath Adhikary
Somnath Adhikary 2 months ago


Sunitee Mohan
Sunitee Mohan 2 months ago

Thank you...Beautiful magical

Aida Cerdeira
Aida Cerdeira 2 months ago

Agora sim, chegou e está lindo.Parabéns. Beijinhos. Também adoramos o dia de ontem.

Teddy Georgieva
Teddy Georgieva 2 months ago

Thank You ❤😘

Ange Dewdney
Ange Dewdney 2 months ago

Beautiful. Gabrielle. Looking forward to seeing you xxxx

TheGamer BR
TheGamer BR 2 months ago

Aplausos... muito lindo... show...

Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 2 months ago

Merry Christmas from effulgent Tokyo in Japan .
Jesus is watching the people of this world blessing Jesus,s birth with Maria while smiling .

Marie Cruickshank
Marie Cruickshank 2 months ago

This is beautiful I love Christmas scence.

bvk55 2 months ago




RAFTHELSA VLOGS 2 months ago

Hi I'm your new subscribers and I'm watching your videos please do subscribe also to My YouTube Tutorial Channel THANKS

Silva Lamot
Silva Lamot 2 months ago


Marjorie Lanka
Marjorie Lanka 2 months ago

Oh how nice! Nutcracker Suite!

시아루 2 months ago


Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 2 months ago

This is a VERY BEAUTIFUL talent and video... do you have more videos ? Btw... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE !

carol hankins
carol hankins 2 months ago

I'm going to show this to my grandson. He would love this and I think it's an adorable lil video.

elderly poodle
elderly poodle 2 months ago

I sent this to my friends and told them to pretend This was the Christmas card I sent to them haha

Bibiana Montoya
Bibiana Montoya 2 months ago

bonita mucica gracias por compartir tu vídeo muy bonito

Regina Thomas
Regina Thomas 2 months ago

Thank you...a little joy in my day!❤

I. Wichmann
I. Wichmann 2 months ago


Jyotika 2 months ago

Which music is this I heard this in tom n Jerry I guess...

Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 months ago

🙏🎀💗🎄 merry Christmas to everyone watching in 2018 🎄💗🎀🙏

QCCALLI PFIIVRR 2 months ago

Just beautiful....adore fairies w/ wands...

myriam janssens
myriam janssens 2 months ago

Superbes chansons de Noël

marco barabuffi
marco barabuffi 2 months ago

che spettacolo di bellezza...<3

BRU LEE 2 months ago

A bit of magic...

brijesh kumar pandey
brijesh kumar pandey 2 months ago

good nigh of Merry crismas

Satish Dethe
Satish Dethe 2 months ago

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma 2 months ago

wish u MERRY CHRISTMAS all my friends

Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma 2 months ago

reall it's magical soooooo beautiful

Vengatesan Govindan
Vengatesan Govindan 2 months ago

Wish you a happy merry Christmas

Mijango Malenka
Mijango Malenka 2 months ago

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Emily G Davis
Emily G Davis 2 months ago


Paige XOXO
Paige XOXO 2 months ago

thumbs up x

GeniusK 2 months ago

This is the Best xmas wish for give your boyfriend - (only for girls) -

AllaboutMyDog 2 months ago 🎁🎄🐺

Sunny Brenner
Sunny Brenner 2 months ago

Kann mir jemand helfen? Ich suche ein bestimmtes Video wo eine Elfe in den Wald fliegt. Es ist ein Weihnachts animation. Ich weiß den Titel nicht mehr. Irgendwas mit wood, aber so genau weiß ich das nicht.Danke

عالم مباشر
عالم مباشر 2 months ago

Thank you beautiful what the name of the program

Raman Bains
Raman Bains 2 months ago

it is magical

Joyce Reissner
Joyce Reissner 2 months ago

Beautiful video. Thanks Dianne

Kathrin Jahr
Kathrin Jahr 2 months ago

schöne Weihnachten Euch allen

Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 2 months ago

happy christmas

Liza Liza
Liza Liza 2 months ago

happy christmas for everone

Rahul Kashyap
Rahul Kashyap 2 months ago


Lady Of The Light
Lady Of The Light 2 months ago

How could anyone even think of giving this video a thumbs down ?
It's so tragic that grim people, bent on sharing their gloom, even exist
the only thing i would change about this charming video is to make it longer

Ingrid Riko
Ingrid Riko 2 months ago


Luz Marina Muriel
Luz Marina Muriel 2 months ago

Me encanta todo lo que sea de alegria

Vicki Hansford
Vicki Hansford 2 months ago

It is Magical... It would be fun to be able to personalize, especially when sending to young children... It would be all that more special !!


Magical !  Love it !  Wish it was longer.  Big thanks for posting! 
                               Merry Christmas 2013 !