Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel


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Information Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel

Title : Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel

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Frames Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel

Description Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel

Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel

Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary Preview Special with Candace Cameron Bure | Hallmark Channel

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Manjari Pame
Manjari Pame 2 months ago

love hallamark movies

Vesna Rajic
Vesna Rajic 2 months ago

That living room, on very beginning of the video,.. I love it. It's beautiful. Windows, fireplace, area rug, Christmas tree, gifts,.. all, so beautiful ♥️

Vesna Rajic
Vesna Rajic 2 months ago

I watched all of them 😁👍

Tire Clan
Tire Clan 2 months ago

You should have premiered this.

Rosa Piechota
Rosa Piechota 2 months ago

Je viens de voir votre vidéo je vous adore et je vous regarde dans les films de Noël et j adore Noël je suis en France 🇫🇷😍

Grateful Blessed
Grateful Blessed 2 months ago

Candace Cameron Bure , I watch hallmark because of you , YOU ARE AMAZING 🙏🏻many blessings

Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents

Candice Cameron is a terrible actress. I am tired of seeing her on hallmark movies. I turn the channel. Now.Jodie Sweden is there mucking up the works too. This is terrible. If aunt Becky were t going to Jail she'd be next, but she got her Hallmark show canceled. Whose next full house cast to star on a love story? KIMMY? Comet??. It's far more than enough already. ✋🏽

Roxie Dodson
Roxie Dodson 2 months ago

I love Hallmark Christmas movies!!

water 2 months ago

I just wanted to pass this bye. I have Ben a Hallmark fans for a long time. Especially whistling Calls the Heart. I hope you can resell the backlash the commercial. Personally I would have not gotten into that area and kept it the way you had it so then you wouldn't have had to have this come about and give you a hard time about it I will not stop watching heart Hallmark her for me it's so quiet down and hopefully people or change the thinking of their minds also.

Buck Shot
Buck Shot 2 months ago

💩😠 Pitiful shameful behavior Hallmark, now we're going to see if Candace is honest or just another Hollywood troll.

Ms. Christian
Ms. Christian 2 months ago


Angela Bauer
Angela Bauer 2 months ago

I love candace!

eshu orishas
eshu orishas 2 months ago

Shame on this channel for cancelling the same sex add. Welcome to 2020. You’ll be left behind.

Diane Houston
Diane Houston 2 months ago

I will never watch the Hallmark channel again. You discriminate against the LGBT community. Shame on you.

Krista Brewer
Krista Brewer 2 months ago

I HATE romance movies at Christmas. I've been watching Christmas movies for the last 3 weeks, and in a few of them, there was very little romancing. Examples are, "Christmas Romance"... not sure why it's called Christmas Romance; there is absolutely no romance in the movie at all until the end (and even then, it's only a 10 second kiss). "The Princess Switch".... where a common baker and a soon to be princess are identical and switch places for a few days. There's very little romantic stuff in the movie too (I don't mind a few minutes of romance so long as it doesn't take away from the focus of the movie)! I love "Journey of Christmas" with Candace Cameron; it's one of my favorite movies BECAUSE there was no romance in it (and the storyline too).

I'm just really tired of the commercialism of Christmas (including in movies). I just WISH that they could get back to making movies that tell the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, I've watch probably a half a dozen Christian/Christmas movies and they were good, but most of Christmas movies today are so (NOT GOOD). I can't believe every single one of these movies has stupid romance in them! I love Candace Cameron (there were 3 or 4 of her movies inparticular that I loved, but even this one didn't look that great either. I thought I'd like that one with Jodie Sweetin in it simply because SHE was in it, but I dunno.

To be honest, the only movie that MIGHT be good on this list is "Christmas Memories." That one about Dollywood never really showed a preview so I don't really know about that one

Meg Adhyambo
Meg Adhyambo 2 months ago

Hallmark was the only Safe and Clean family channel for everyone....but why are you now conforming to the ways of the world, WHY SAME SEX MOVIES?

Carol Curtis
Carol Curtis 2 months ago

Love Candace Cameron bure she is a great actress loved her Christmas movies

Marites Sierda
Marites Sierda 2 months ago

Hallmark christmas movies are the best!!! I actually watch it all year round!!! 😍❄🥰

Tegan de Lang
Tegan de Lang 2 months ago

I wish Hallmark came to Australia

GoogleIsScary 2 months ago

I admit it: I'm a romantic sap who loves Hallmark movies. I can binge-watch the heck out of them for days! But ... I gotta mention today's thought: Hallmark is getting WAY more than $1,000 worth of advertising from their "Movie Dream Job" promo. It's all over the media/internet! Well played, Hallmark.

Carlos Alberto Azuero Cervera

You are insane.; !Buy my web site!

I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

I love Christmas Scavenger Hunt,Picture a perfect Christmas.

Bojana Josipovic
Bojana Josipovic 2 months ago

I love Picture a perfect Christmas.I m excited to see Check In To Christmas.

iloveperfume 2 months ago

So many cozy Christmas sweaters, I just can't deal, I want them all!! Especially the white one at 6:50. Never mind that I live in New Zealand, where it's Summer at Christmas!

Julia Julia
Julia Julia 2 months ago

I Love

Zenobia Beckley
Zenobia Beckley 2 months ago

Check out my YouTube channel for some wonderful Christmas videos 🎄☃️🎅🏻 Thank you🙏

Bojana Josipovic
Bojana Josipovic 2 months ago

I m most excited for Check In To Christmas and Pictures a Perfect Christmas.

Melani Udumalagala
Melani Udumalagala 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing .This is my favorite time to watch Christmas movies.Best Wishes from Sri.Lanka.

brejnhardt 2 months ago

Andrew Walker damn he is one sexy, hot and f'**kable guy...

TheBeccajb 2 months ago

If I subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now will I be able to get the Christmas Countdown movies?

Wendy Wilson
Wendy Wilson 2 months ago


Sarah Milner
Sarah Milner 2 months ago

What a fake person she is. Turns my stomach thank god she's gone from the view

Karla Hernandex
Karla Hernandex 2 months ago

I wish there was a app we can download and pay a monthly fee to watch this movies

CynTheLasVegasGirl13 2 months ago

I wish these Christmas movies played all year long

Sonia Medrano
Sonia Medrano 2 months ago

Beautiful movies 🎥
But don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season ❤️🎄

June Alexander
June Alexander 2 months ago

Love to cook watching this channel.🙂

madge555 2 months ago

Haha Candace Cameron said four twenty

Tamera Jacobs
Tamera Jacobs 2 months ago

I like to see a movie that is, girl's mom dies, girl's rest of the family rejects her, girl moves to new town, girl meets new pack of friends, girl relizes this the real family she been looking for in time for christmas. No love interest

Tatiana Ragland
Tatiana Ragland 2 months ago

1. They need to STOP with the love movies! Especially the straight love holiday movies! Stop the BS! Most of this generation are SINGLE AF and the holidays can emotional effect us the worst due to this.
2. Secondly, why is every couple straight in these movies? Can we a gay couple or something different already? DAMN!
3. Third, ENOUGH with the full white cast members! They all look the SAME and it’s boring AF! Can we have a black cast? A mixed couple cast? A Asian cast? Etc.

long story short GIVE SOME REALISTIC SHIT! None of these hallmark movies are real and doesn’t give off the vibe that you guys care enough to make people truly feel attached to each movie and every character in these films.

Vicki Hale
Vicki Hale 2 months ago

I like the contemporary romcom Christmas movies, but they need to make more Christmas movies with various historical settings. Period dramas.

The New Girl
The New Girl 2 months ago

Wish this app was available for Canada!!!!!! 😫

Madeleine Ciaa
Madeleine Ciaa 2 months ago

I really really love love hallmark.. the vibes is everything!!!
Let the streaming app fully use international please ...
the only way I can enjoy hallmarks only from YouTube ...

Compassion_for_all 2 months ago

I will watch any Hallmark movie with Lacey Chabert. She is so adorable.

Grace Tran
Grace Tran 2 months ago

Yay can’t wait to see Autumn Reeser, Torrey Devitto, Jodie, Elizabeth (Agents of Shield)

Stephen Short
Stephen Short 2 months ago

The newest Christmas In Evergreen movie is a Hallmark Channel's movielovers dream. An all-star cast indeed. Real nice to see Brittany Bristow starring in a Hallmark Channel movie.

Ively Creations
Ively Creations 2 months ago

That's right, Candace! It's never, EVER too early!!! 🎄🎁❄

Irene Pappadimatos
Irene Pappadimatos 2 months ago

Love this hallmark movies thank you

Roy Elsworth
Roy Elsworth 2 months ago

doesn't wnetwork also play these shows

Kim de Rose
Kim de Rose 2 months ago

My wish for christmas is Hallmark channel in Europe.

Helen Albiston
Helen Albiston 2 months ago

Hallmark movies are literally almost the same, but I still enjoy them. They are very predictable, but so fun to watch. There’s a girl, there’s a boy, boy meets girl, they start to fall in love, there is conflict in between them, and finally, they find each other again.

Deneise Thomas
Deneise Thomas 2 months ago

Can't wait to see them all

Stef A
Stef A 2 months ago

Hallmark needs to make it easier for Canadians to get this channel. They need a streaming service I mean I would pay a monthly fee to see unlimited hallmark movies.

Beverly Anne
Beverly Anne 2 months ago

You do need more varied actors and actresses. And your formula of the scripts is far too "formatted" predictable. We all like the friendliness of it, but there is no depth of character or story development. A couple that were writen close to interesting could have had a second part, but you missed that opportunity to hook the audience. You cannot rely on your same old cheese and stagnation. You probably have not gained any new audiences in years. Change your writing formula. You need better writers and fresh actors with tantalizing natural hootspa, none of these bleach bondes and barbie kens, or lumber jack wanna be's. Ugh! Dude really.. stereotypes really do not work at fooling anyone. When you film on location, maybe try recruiting local talent. Just a thought. Fresh faces.

emmabago 2 months ago

I am pleased that the story lines are slightly different and the actors are also

V Orvat
V Orvat 2 months ago

Candace Cameron is so cheesy

LA Fenn
LA Fenn 2 months ago

Wish you could get Hallmark outside the USA

Adela Huete
Adela Huete 2 months ago

I watch Hallmarks Christmas movies all year and I love because it gives me so much joy. ♥️🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼☃️

Athandile Qwaqwa
Athandile Qwaqwa 2 months ago

Finally get to watch brittany bestow as a lead so happy

Trisha Lynn
Trisha Lynn 2 months ago

My one goal this holiday season is to find a way to watch Picture a Perfect Christmas... Jon was a few years ahead of me in high school so I love watching anything he’s in

MADEE’s Vidz
MADEE’s Vidz 2 months ago

Hopping for part 2 of Christmas Getaway pls 🙏🙏🙏 starring Bridget Regan ❤️Travis Van Winkle 🙏🙏🙏 and also part 2 of Royal Matchmaker 🙏🙏🙏🙏

rita rabaa
rita rabaa 2 months ago


logan castleman
logan castleman 2 months ago

Candace I want cookies too I love Christmas cookies

Lauren D. Tamayo
Lauren D. Tamayo 2 months ago

Same actors over and over again and cookie cutter movies. I miss the movies from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Would he nice to have more mature characters and not all characters around the same age.

Chantel Thivierge
Chantel Thivierge 2 months ago

That app is not a available in Canada🤣🤣

Mary Regan
Mary Regan 2 months ago

I enjoy hallmarks Christmas shows

Lucas Galvan
Lucas Galvan 2 months ago

Enjoy. Looking forward to Evergreen. Mostly because of Ashley Williams. My favorite Christmas actress.

LaDolcevita 2 months ago

I love the adoption pit bulls section if this! DONT SHOP, ADOPT!!! Avoid breeders!

LaDolcevita 2 months ago

But where the heck is Alison Sweeney’s Christmas movie?

Debbie Dewberry
Debbie Dewberry 2 months ago

I just love what Hallmark is doing. You all help make my holidays great. Can't wait to see these new Christmas movies. Oh! How l love Hallmark Christmas Countdown. And l have been flipping it from channel to channel to channel to channel already watching this and that Christmas Movie. Thank You Hallmark for keeping my year bright. 3 channels and l just love it. Plus Lifetime Christmas Movies channel. Wow! I am excited!

Shalom Verghese
Shalom Verghese 2 months ago

I have no idea why I'm even watching this. I live in Australia.

knickknackkat 2 months ago

PLEASE, make your streaming service available internationally. I would gladly pay the subscription fee to help support your content, but since I live in Poland this special is the closest I will probably ever get to actually experiencing any of it. PLEASE!

Jade-Monet Calleija
Jade-Monet Calleija 2 months ago

I am so glad you released this on YouTube I can’t get hallmark in Australia but I love your movies and who doesn’t love lovely Candace 🥰

I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

The scene from Check in to Christmas is the best from this clip.

I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

I want to see Christmas Scavenger Hunt,Picture a perfect Christmas,Christmas at the Plaza,Check in to Christmas,Holiday Date and Christmas in Rome.

Flower gal Power
Flower gal Power 2 months ago

I luv all the hallmark movies - Christmas ones are my fav.

dolores pendre
dolores pendre 2 months ago

I love hallmark movies especially hallmark christmas movies.

TheBeccajb 2 months ago

I don't have a TV. How can I watch the countdown to Christmas on computer?

Anna Oof
Anna Oof 2 months ago


Jessica Raymond
Jessica Raymond 2 months ago

Can't wait for Christmas Scavenger Hunt!!!

oum Dhiab
oum Dhiab 2 months ago

Its not christmas without all the hallmark movies i love watching this movies even if im not christian but i feel something magical in this movies so thank you for this wonderful feeling 💐💐💐💐💐💐

jihan saif
jihan saif 2 months ago

I actually can't feel Christmas without my family hallmark chanel
Love u .u give me the family that me that don't have have