A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up


Ted Loring

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Information A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up

Title : A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up

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Frames A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up

Description A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up

A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up

A PS2 Christmas Surprise - 2016 Follow Up

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Blue fox Gamer
Blue fox Gamer 2 months ago

Make a update on it in 2021 it would be awesome

Francis Ptel
Francis Ptel 2 months ago

Black is a good game

Motochain63_46 2 months ago

My but herts

Sujay Datla
Sujay Datla 2 months ago

Ted Loring. Last seen 4 years ago

FadedKlayy 2 months ago

Is your son in prison?

The x-head
The x-head 2 months ago

Please make a new video it’s been so long

Brayden Behn
Brayden Behn 2 months ago

Where is the ps5

Sean Smith
Sean Smith 2 months ago

I wonder how he is know

iielephvnt 2 months ago

I’m worried about this guy, he hadn’t uploaded for 4 years

Eli __WORM
Eli __WORM 2 months ago

He's like 27 now pog

Dominick Goparian
Dominick Goparian 2 months ago

Pls come back to uploading

kam m
kam m 2 months ago

We did see a whole life passes in just minutes of 2 videos

It's like a digital time capsule

『GŁitch Corporationジ』

Never throw that Ps2 Ever

spongebob Squarepants

Rip his son is hella old now and has an job

DTcreeper1229 2 months ago

I am sorry for your loss

BrickBall GGFTC
BrickBall GGFTC 2 months ago

Please come back,your videos are cool.

NRG Clix
NRG Clix 2 months ago

Yeah has been 4 years since you posted pls post more! Mab

Thiago Nunes da Silva

My brother I'm from Brazil so tell me it looks like your son or partner died so if he went to graduate school or he died I really don't want to offend you are your family asking with all my respect.

2kplaymaking sharp
2kplaymaking sharp 2 months ago

nigga the ps5 at ps2 desd

rockpooper1234 2 months ago

Your kid nathan has good animate videos

rockpooper1234 2 months ago

Hey ted you are the best dad for your kid nathan he is a good kid i loved that video of his ps2 for chrismas

Catch_My_Vibe 2 months ago

I watch that 8 years old and I’m seeing this now
Sorry for your lost man.

Quesokilla09 2 months ago

Can I get you and him a PS5 lol

LankyBox#1Fan 2 months ago

U should make more vids, and hope he moves on and has a great future...

edlska 2 months ago

he's now 26 I guess??

Chaos Gamer
Chaos Gamer 2 months ago

Damn you didnt have to diss lego batman like that

Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 2 months ago

Plz come back we need you.😥🙏

WyGuy 2 months ago

Subscribe for Shannon

Itz_Clixzy 2 months ago

man you should make another update on him again now

Void Swiftyy
Void Swiftyy 2 months ago

Happy 2021 everybody!

Carmelo Ramos
Carmelo Ramos 2 months ago

Rip your wife but looks like your son is happy wich makes you happy meaning that you are still happy with out your wife have a happy life hope your son is having fun

Gustavo 2 months ago


Juan Cahuec Canahui
Juan Cahuec Canahui 2 months ago

Ur son in the future well be a great person and be helping others ❤️

Wajai_Bruh 2 months ago

Hallo im in the future 2021
And everything normal

Stop-motion spider
Stop-motion spider 2 months ago

I wonder where this guy is and why he hasn't uploaded in so long

t pose alien
t pose alien 2 months ago

What happens to this guy

CoolChib124 2 months ago

Is he got Coronavirus and died?

Sonic Fan2021
Sonic Fan2021 2 months ago

Im surprised he did not have any Crash Bandicoot game

tutumi 2 months ago

hello (:

Gamer Ghost
Gamer Ghost 2 months ago

For the ps2 on modern TVs there is a thing where it softmods your ps2 aka like you have files on the memory card or for short, fmcb, there is an app called gsm where it will upscale your ps2 to 1080p or 1080i or 720p and it makes that games look beautiful

RedKreation 2 months ago

4 years later

freiza 2 months ago

Jesus Christ is lord repent now and be saved for he is the son of God the almighty our king and lord who got himself crucified for our sins so we can live so repent now to recive free salvation don't be afraid turn to him now before its too late

Love y'all😳😳😳

Anthony 2 months ago

I may be years late on this video but I hope you and your family is doing well. Loved the 2003 video and this one. BTW hows Nathen now a days? These videos really touch me as it reminds me of my childhood when I was young and my mom would suprise me with a game system on Christmas day I'm now 36 how time goes by...

X-gamer Pro-HD
X-gamer Pro-HD 2 months ago

I hate PS.
I used to have a PS2 but I only played it a few times.
I moved to Xbox and PC.

Slasher 2 months ago

Hello sir mabye you should get a av to hdmi adapter i have it i have a n64 and it upscales it to 1080p witch looks very good i also have a monitor thats quite expensive its called a benq mabye youd be interested in that as well if not it should still look pretty good on the TV you have

Griselda Barraza
Griselda Barraza 2 months ago

Love Xbox One s

YoungHxartz 2 months ago

nathan was a great kid congrats to him

Nocturnal Dog
Nocturnal Dog 2 months ago

When I heard that his step mom wasn’t with them anymore I got a Mini heart attack that’s so sad she isn’t there anymore with them😭😭😭😭

Chroden ‘
Chroden ‘ 2 months ago

Do a update

Skater Life
Skater Life 2 months ago

How is he now after 8 years

Hartwell Heisenberg117

Geez, I'm sorry for your loss. 😔 I know what it's like to lose a person you cared about, I just want you and your son to keep all the great things you remembered her by deep inside your hearts...

Rellim 101
Rellim 101 2 months ago

Any new vids I want a check up

Cxntors 2 months ago

Oof its been 5 years

Zodiac Clan
Zodiac Clan 2 months ago


Zodiac Clan
Zodiac Clan 2 months ago

Pls reply

WaterishDog 2 months ago

I'm telling you, the PS2 is not only the most sold console EVER. It was one of the strongest and most reliable. When I got it, I dropped it like every second and it works great to this DAY.

Yuri Omg
Yuri Omg 2 months ago

You alive???…

Earth 2 months ago

Wait he moved to XBOX!!

Rasmus Karlsson
Rasmus Karlsson 2 months ago

You seems like such a good person. Take care you two.

Wheexlz X
Wheexlz X 2 months ago

I highly recommend monster jam maximum destruction. Its a very nostalgic game for people who plays/ knows about the monster jam series.

It’s basically a game with monster jam trucks but with guns. Its very fun highly recommend and i got a ps2 last year for Christmas. Honestly really loved it. Got Gran tursimo 3 and 4 along with several other games and monster jam maximum destruction.

Marku 2 months ago

How is your son doing now?

DOPE MAYKOL :D 2 months ago

Yo nunca tuve una Playstation 😔

NinjaManTask 2 months ago

Hes 27 years old I'm pretty sure

NinjaManTask 2 months ago

Lol I have the Lego bat man on my wii

OfficialCMix 2 months ago

I’m just coming across this and would love an update to the update lol

Fox McFog
Fox McFog 2 months ago

Your son's looking great man and that art looks awesome, he has a pretty distinct style I think. Sorry for your loss but I'm glad you have memories to look back on, that helped me to grieve for my gran. Hope you're both doing well.

Levin Martinez
Levin Martinez 2 months ago

NO DUDE IM CRYING 😖 i saw the video of ur son opening the ps2 and i loved both the kids and moms reaction 😖😖😖

king kronos 99
king kronos 99 2 months ago

You need to make some more vids

Perez Rodriques
Perez Rodriques 2 months ago

I’ve seen that guy somewhere

Common sense is not common

Sorry mate

Salahuddin Mansour
Salahuddin Mansour 2 months ago

Guys he’s 26-7 now

Lowkey Pluto
Lowkey Pluto 2 months ago

Plz tell us u aren’t dead

thecommunistcat 2 months ago


Pog Champ
Pog Champ 2 months ago

Nathan looking like a chad ngl

Förbjudet Innehåll Jk

I just want to thank you This 2 videos made me feel like living and also made me think about life You will die i will die we all will die but we will meet in afterlife hopefully in heaven

Milano_boy 2 months ago

why xbox a ps4 is better

Sammy 2 months ago

I hope you achieve all your dreams, Nate. And thanks dad for the update video.

Xotix fn
Xotix fn 2 months ago

0:35 that hit me bad sorry for your loss 😔

daumountainfilms 2 months ago

I'm sorry for your loss, even though I'm late.

ツbeastboyツ 2 months ago

God bless you

Ant_legend 42
Ant_legend 42 2 months ago

Hay when are u posting again

ragestar123 2 months ago

Come back

Dylan Ψ
Dylan Ψ 2 months ago

do a vid on the ps5

Wavy Damon
Wavy Damon 2 months ago

Can you give us another follow up 😭?

Supreme Dog ツ
Supreme Dog ツ 2 months ago

Please come back 😞

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson 2 months ago

Well done keep up the great work!

Griselda Barraza
Griselda Barraza 2 months ago

2020 ps5

Unknown 2 months ago

Hope you are doing well after 4 years

Zenkoy 2 months ago

He is now 26 or 27. How is he doing now Ted?

pl4yboi. taha
pl4yboi. taha 2 months ago

Are you alright?

Chris 2 months ago

Sorry man just pray I’ll do it now oh father god please help this man god for anything that is happening to him amen

Gabriel Poloczek
Gabriel Poloczek 2 months ago

Why is he such a big fan of ps2

fallen chai
fallen chai 2 months ago

Pls upload more video

Traxsh Boy
Traxsh Boy 2 months ago

New update

sharklesv2 2 months ago


That_ guy
That_ guy 2 months ago


Samy_ mslb
Samy_ mslb 2 months ago

Ps 5

Samy_ mslb
Samy_ mslb 2 months ago

Ps 4

IgotlockedoutIDKhow 2 months ago

I know I'm late but sorry for your loss... But yeah... I'm LATE